Episode 8 Later... with Jools Holland

Episode 8

Joining Jools in the studio are Metallica and Lou Reed, performing tracks from their album Lulu. Also featuring Steve Earle, Various Cruelties, Nile Rodgers and Aaron Neville.

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Yes, an evening filled with joy. An evening filled with beautiful music.


Live and direct from Shepherd's Bush.


I'm delighted to start off with Lou # If the effort's too high


# You can't catch the moon, # Now, me,


# To make life cold # But the proud piece of ice


# If I can't trap a butterfly # If I can't keep my heart


# If no matter how much soul and heart I put to the wood


# If a flaming heart is not that good


# Iced honey


# Iced honey


# Iced honey


# If you can't put a butterfly # Poured on a piece of


# If it's all mixed up # If your final gasp


# And instead of hello # And people wonder what


# The story of love gives them all a start


# And me, I've always been this way


# Not by choice, just this way


# I can't put my honey pot in a jar


# Or a heart or a fist of some young boy


# If you can't put a butterfly in a jar


# No wonder


# No need to wonder where you are


# It might seem like hell The River Styx


# Your affection never sticks no matter what you say


# No matter what you do


# A butterfly heart flies right past you


# There's nothing to say Nothing to do


# See if the ice will melt for you


# See if the ice will melt for you


# See if the ice will melt for you


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Unique and amazing live on television, Lou Reed and Metallica.


What a treat from their new album. Also tonight a woman full of legend


from New Orleans, from Leeds and London, Various Cruelties. Also


from New Orleans this band and Steve Earle and The Dukes and


Duchesses. Now we welcome from Shepherd's Bush, the wonderful


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# It has been so long since I've # Hold your hand


# It has been so long since I've been home


# I've been missing you How are you feeling over there?


# It has been so long # It couldn't have been so wrong


Yes! The lovely sound of Hollie Cook.


From her new album, Hollie Cook. We are delighted to welcome the


great poet of American music, Steve Earle and the Dukes and the


# I grew up in a military town # Wonderin' what to do


# Lookin' back # To sing about livin'


# Chicken Little # Spent a lonely lifetime


# Never once crossed # Come upon an ocean


# Walkin' on the water # Searchin' for the Holy Grail,


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# Been across the oceans # Now I'm sitting


# Singin' a song about a red-headed girl


# Was a time I would have said them days was gone


# But I'm givin' it another whirl


# Didn't know that I was gonna live this long


# Now I'm sittin' on top of the world


# Sittin' on top of the world, y'all


# Sittin' on top of the world


# Eyes wide open till the messenger calls


# Sittin' on top of the world. #






From his


From his marvellous


From his marvellous album I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive,


Steve Earle. Let's go over to this corner here


because we have a true legend. He is one of the greatest record


producers in the world and has produced the lot and produced a


fantastic biography, we welcome Nile Rodgers. Welcome to the show,


Nile. Good to see you. What was the best thing about


writing your your autobiography? When I was doing t my heart put me


in that direction, when I did it, it was like a handbook of how to


succeed, fail, succeed, fail and hopefully succeed again.


And what tips - you have produced records for everybody, madonna and


Diana Ross. What's your tip for success and what do we do to avoid


failure? You can't avoid failure if you are going to have success. For


me, it is about passion. I love what I do. I work, I work hard at


it. As it says here in the book I I just keep at it and because I'm


passionate about it, ultimately, you will succeed. It is not about


the money, it is about the love of doing it.


It is a history of music because where does music start for you once


you are playing it? I started with Sesame Street when I got out of


High School, when I left High School, I got hired by Sesame


Street and was there and I went from Sesame Street to the Apollo


Theatre. And then producing the world?


Everybody in the world except for Squeeze.


This book covers a history really. As well as your store European


Commission it is the story of music in the last 30 years. It is


fantastic to have you here. Nile Rodgers, ladies and gentlemen.


APPLAUSE Now, I'm pleased to say we have two


great legends, one real legend of New Orleans music. Please give it


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up in the biggest possible way, # Travel the world


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# Some of them The Soul Rebels Brass Band.


You can see them at the London Jazz Festival on 16th November.


How marvellous, The Soul Rebels Brass Band. Let's here it it for


them. # The universe


# We'll spin around the planets # Mercury is rushing through


# The universe is gonna throw it # To get it back


# Put your faith # Release it, watch it burn up


# You know it doesn't have to be a mystery


# Ohh-ohhh-ohh oh oh-ohh-ohh oh


# To get it back All we need is let it go


# Ohh-ohhh-ohh oh oh-ohh-ohh oh


# Put your faith Put your trust in the chemicals


# If it's meant to be


# Ohh ohh-ohh ohh ohh-ohh


# Ohh ohh-ohh ohh ohh-ohh


# Ohh ohh-ohh ohh ohh-ohh


# The universe # The universe


# To get it back # Put your faith


# To get it back # Put your faith


# Put your faith Put your trust in the chemicals. #






Thank you,


Thank you, Various


Thank you, Various Cruelties. From brand-new artists to a great


legend of New Orleans music. Music. He has a fabulous album out. We're


# Travelling through # I've got a home built


# I've got a mother, # Who have gone on now


# And I am determined to go and see them, good Lord


# And to live with them for evermore


# And I go down to the River of Jordan


# Just to bathe my, my weary soul


# If I can but touch the hem of his garment, good Lord


# That is how I know he'll make me whole


# And when he lays me down for the last time


# With his hard hand resting on my breast


# And I don't want all that weeping and crying over me


# Cos you know that I've gone to rest


# I am a pilgrim and a stranger


# Travelling through this, this wearisome land


# And I've got a home in that yonder city, good Lord


# And it's not, not made by hand. #






Thank you.


Thank you. The


The wonderful,


The wonderful, the


The wonderful, the heavenly


The wonderful, the heavenly voice of Aaron Neville.


Thank you to all of our guests. On Friday and Saturday you can see


so much more. Now, unique and live on British television, a blend of


# White light # Don't you know


# Lord, have mercy # Ooooh, don't you know


Joining Jools in the studio is a true rock and roll double act: rock legend Metallica have joined forces with Velvet Underground member and musical icon Lou Reed after performing together at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They perform tracks from the album they have made together, entitled Lulu, along with one or two Velvet Underground classics.

Also in the room is American singer-songwriter, political activist and author Steve Earle with songs from his new album I'll Never Get Out Of This World, which is named after a Hank Williams song. He is joined by his current band The Duke (and Duchesses) and wife Alison Moorer.

London-based group Various Cruelties make their TV debut with their infection motown-y love pop songs, and legendary disco and dance pioneer and member of Chic, Nile Rodgers, talks about his life and music.

New Orleans soul and R&B singer Aaron Neville joins Jools at the piano. Plus, more artists to be announced.

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