Episode 5 Later... with Jools Holland

Episode 5

Joining Jools are veteran Canadian singer-songwriter Feist, Wisconsin's Bon Iver, metal band Mastodon, Frenchman Ben L'Oncle Soul, lounge lizard Buddy Greco, and Lianne La Havas.

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Oh, yes! I'm delighted to be here for one more toast surrounded by


amazing musicians. We start with # A writ into the night came


# My horse had worked the fields # When I walk inside the dark


# We waste time on blame # And stop looking


# You carry on as if I don't love you


# And so we find the way to lie


# To cover hard I have a doubt


# The room's full eyes are empty


# Like your letters never sent me


# Your words are like a lasso


# You're an instrumental tune


# Whoa whoa whoa oh


# Whoa whoa whoa oh


# Whoa whoa whoa oh


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Wonderful sound of Feist. We'll be hearing more from Feist later in


the show. But I'm delighted to say there are a myriad of extraordinary


and amazing guests in this room tonight. From Atlanta, we welcome


Mastodon! From Philadelphia the amazing Buddy Greco! From Wisconsin,


Bon Ivor. From London, Lianne La Havas. And we'll be talking to the


incredible Pauline Black. From France, the soulful sound of Ben


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


# Mais je sais qu'en vrai # J'ai pas l'humour


# J'ai pas la science infuse # J'ai pas la chance


# Plusieurs cordes a mon arc # Mais je sais qu'en vrai


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The lovely voice and beautiful manoeuvres of Ben L'Oncle Soul, the


French sound of soul. The next artist, last time he was here, he


was just here with a guitar. Now it's a vast musical unit. We


# What a mischief you would bring # When you're up for it


# I'd a tore your hair out # When you're filling out


# Can you tell that it's just ceremony?


# Now you've added up to what you're from


# Whoah oh oh ahh


# Tear the reins out from your fingers


# Break the sailor's table


# On your sacrum


# Fought the fiercest fables


# I'm with Fagin


# For the love comes the burning young


# From the liver sweating through your tongue


# Well you're standing on my sternum


# Don't you climb down darling


# Oh the sermons are the first to rest


# Smoke on Sundays when you're drunk and dressed


# Out the hollows where the swallow nests


# Whoooh ohhh oooh oooh. #






Bon Ivor!


Bon Ivor! We'll


Bon Ivor! We'll be hearing more from that wonderful man later. Now,


a man at the piano, who is an amazing pianist, who is an amazing


singer. He is a legend. A man who was one of the original Rat Pack,


Mr Buddy Greco! Good to see you. Good to see you. Now, you've got


this record out here at the Sands and it is live, what year due


record this record? I made this in 1967, the week after Frank Sinatra


did his with Basie. Half of that band is on that album. It was an


absolute joy. For the people in the audience, they can't see it,


there's a photograph for you here with Frank Sinatra, cuddling you.


You were part... To my cheek. Martin. You were the Rat Pack with


them. They were good friends of mine. Any time they would be


working in the same hotel I was working in, I would get a call from


Mr Sinatra and he would ask me to join them. There's Benny Goodman.


You started off as pianist and arranger with him. That's right.


That's an amaigz start to get. started out as a classical pianist.


When Benny Goodman asked me to join him, it was terrific. What year


were you with Benny Goodman? 1948, 49 and 50. I was 11! Exactly. You


have a lovely picture here of you and Marilyn Monroe. Yes. Were you


great friends? Very good friends. Cuddling you there. A little bit.


That was taken when I was, to the right of her was Frank Sinatra


reading a book or something. It was a wonderful day. Sammy Davis Junior


does the sleeve note. Yes, he did. We have footage here, let's have a


look and see when it is. # The more I see you


# The more I want you # Somehow this feeling just grows


and grows # With every summer, I just become


more mad about you # Because without you and so I goes


# I'm lost without you and so it goes


# Baby, baby baby, baby, can you imagine, how much I love you?


# I love you # APPLAUSE


Absolutely great. You notice that's when I had black hair. My hair was


very dark. You have just celebrated your 85th birthday. You're playing


better than ever. You're looking like a man of 50, what's the key to


it? Can I tell them? It's really booze, brauds... No, I can't do


that. Trying to be very happy with yourself and get very involved in


your music and try to be a nice person and create as much as you


can really. You're touring with a big band soon around Britain as


well. Right now I've been working with the quartet. I want to start,


like I originally started, working with a big band. We're doing that,


I think, in Streatham, November 24 and 25. Thank you for mentioning


that. I hope we'll come and hear you. You're doing Lady Is A Tramp


in a moment. A lot of people are aware, we know he's a lovely voice.


But you're like a great -- you are one of the greatest peenists. Can


APPLAUSE The beautiful voice, the beautiful


piano of Buddy Greco! It's a show of beautiful contrasts as well. Now


from Atlanta, one of the great # I sealed them


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


# She gets too hungry # Hates the theatre


# She never bothers with people she hates


# That's why that's why the lady is a tramp


# Don't got to crap games with barons and earl


# Won't go to Harlem in ermine and pearls


# Why she won't dish the dirt with the rest of the girls


# That's why the lady is a tramp


# She loves the free, fresh


# Wind in her hair


# Life with no care


# She's broke, it's oke


# She hates California


# Cold and damp


# That's why the lady is a tramp


# Tramp tramp tramp


# She gets massages and she cries and she moans


# Tell Richard Simmons just to leave her alone


# She's not so hot but her shape is her own


# That's why the lady is a tramp


# You know what? The food in my motel is great no doubt


# But she doesn't understand what my motel room's about


# Puts in a dime and some ice comes out


# That's why the lady is a tramp


# She loves the free, fresh


# Wind in her face


# Diamonds and lace


# Don't got, so what?


# For Jools Holland she whistles and stamps


# That's why the lady is a tramp


# She doesn't know the reason for cocktails at five


# She don't like flying but I'm glad I'm alive


# I crave affection baby but not when I drive... #


# That's why the lady is a tramp


# I missed the wedding Liz didn't mind


# She won't play Scarlet in Gone with the Wine


# It's got to rhyme


# That's why the lady is a tramp


# I like to hang her hat


# Wherever I please


# Fly with the breeze


# No dough, hi-ho


# She thinks Sugar Ray Leonard is a great big champ


# That's why the lady is a tramp... #


Come on, Jools!


# ..She goes down to Coney she thinks the beach is divine


# Goes to the ball games and thinks the Yankees are fine


# She reads The Star, The Globe, The Enquirer - every line


# That's why the lady is a tramp


# She likes to go rowing down Central Park Lake


# Likes a prize fight that isn't a fake


# She even goes to the opera while awake


# That's why the lady is a tramp


# I like the green grass


# Under my shoes


# What can I lose She's flat, forget it


# All alone when I lower my lamp


# That's why the lady that's why the lady


# That's why the lady is a tramp yeah... #








The fantastic


The fantastic Buddy


The fantastic Buddy Greco! Wherever you see him, it is absolutely


lovely. Now we welcome a marvellous brand new artist into this room.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


# Would that be Before that we enjoyed the


sensational new talent of Lianne La Havas. Now, everybody feeling good


there? Yes. Good. Nice silently nodding of heads. There will be


silently nodding of heads at home, when we welcome back from Canada,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


# Telephone # Just what our feelings


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


# Both of us singing # And it seems


# Bittersweet melodies # A seven nation army


# Taking their time # Back and forth through my mind


# And the message coming from # Every single one's


# From the Queen of England # And if I catch it


# And that ain't # And a feeling coming from my bones


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Help him to recovery. Ben L'Oncle Soul! The marvellous French sound


of soul. Before that we enjoyed Feist. Now I'm joined by Pauline


Black. Lovely to see you. Lovely to see you, my darling. Welcome to our


show and our worldment -- world. Now you've got this design -- black


by design, your autobiography, marvellous book. I was moved by


some of the things I started to see. Why did you decide toe write a book


of your life now? I think basically because it was one of those things


where I've always wanted to look at what identity means and


particularly what identity meant to me at a time when multiculturalism


is a thing being talked about. I was a mixed race child. I was


brought up when Britain still had colonies in a white family. I kind


of saw things from the other way round. My parents really brought me


up as a little white girl N a way, I designed myself black. When Two


Tone came along, the black and white image, playing music together,


it was a perfect fit for me. And I just felt that was a story that was,


I wanted to write and I wanted to see where it led. Was it enjoyable


writing a book? Surprisingly, yes it was, very enjoyable. It led to


having a bit of a renaissance and writing an album as well. Which is


very G you were the queen of Two Tone. Who were the people you were


listening to that you wanted to sound like when you first aware of


music? Probably Milly Small when she brought out My Boy Lollipop.


This was further on, probably only a couple of years before the Two


Tone thing got together, I saw Polystyrene on Top of the Pops and


thinking "I want to be her!" We've got something of Selecta here now


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Yes, marvellous! And having written your book, if you could, if you had


met the ten-year-old you, and were going to give yourself some advice,


what would you tell yourself to do? I would tell myself to do pretty


much the same that I did. I don't really regret anything I did. It's


been a learning process. It's all kind of carrying on in that way.


I'm just pleased to be alive and be in a studio like this with other


musicians, still doing those kind of things. Just seeing where it


goes. You have also are an award winning actress. Is it something


you've enjoyed? Do you enjoy that as much as music? I always enjoyed


being an actress, particularly the Billy Holiday I won an award for.


You get past a certain age, ladies of a certain age, I'm a lady of a


certain age these days, the parts aren't as many as they are. For


black actresses in this country of a certain age, there are less and


less parts. Can you only play people's mothers so many times. I


like music. I've always liked music. Are Selecta still performing?


are indeed. This is the new album. This is as rare as hen's teeth, a


considered made in Britain. And a tour next year as well in March.


That will be in a record show, that's as rare as hen's teeth as


well. Thanks very much for joining us, Pauline Black, thank you. Black


By Design is in the shops. Let's enjoy the wonderful talent of a


superb new artist, whom we enjoyed # I kinda know this other guy


# Not a coincidence he left me # Was ready to love me


# So is it such a problem # As long as he does


# I'm glad that it's just my heart that he stole


# And left my dignity alone


# When in Rome we landed our first kiss


# I slurred my words but he pretended not to notice


# And then he sat down to play


# My heart sang a symphony!


# So far so swimmingly


# I'm glad I got out to find my fish in that sea


# We've come so far


# So who gives a damn about the ages we are?!


# Ooh oooh oooh


# So is it such a problem if he's old?


# As long as he does whatever he's told!


# I'm glad that it's just my heart that he stole


# And left my dignity alone


# So is it such a problem if he's old?


# As long as he does whatever he's told!


# I know that I'm gonna survive the December cold


# With somebody to retrieve my long lost soul.


# With somebody to retrieve my long lost soul. #






What an


What an enchanting


What an enchanting song. From her EP, Lost and Found. We can now


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


# You pinned me # You know


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


# But there's really nothing # Swollen orange


# Your one piece swimmer # Oh the demons come


# He tried to reason with # But it didn't matter


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


# I cut through the pine Thank you Mastodon. A lot of people


what Burl is, it's the part of the, what is the curl of the burl, it's


the wood yeah? Yeah. It's the wood. We end with a beautiful song about


trees from Mastodon. APPLAUSE


I love a tree. I've loved our guests this evening: Lianne La


Havas, touring with his big band, Buddy Greco, delighted to have back


in this room Bon Ivor. We look forward to reading her book Pauline


Black. The sensation of the whole band of mood and beautiful time and


the voice of Ben L'Oncle Soul. Next week we have Coldplay, the


Water Boys and so much more. Are you ready for that?


APPLAUSE Now we finish where we started with


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


the wonderful sound from Canada, we # We had the same feelings


# A good man and a good woman can bring out the worst in each other,


# Now the neon river is the same as the moon


# When a good man, when a good woman can't find the good in each


other # Then a good woman and a good


woman # Bring out the worst in the other


Jools welcomes back the mercurial Canadian singer-songwriter Feist, originally from Nova Scotia and now based in Toronto, with songs from her fourth solo album Metals. Wisconsin's Bon Iver returns with his ambitious and haunting self-titled second album.

Debuting in the 'oval of excellence' are metal band Mastodon, brutalising and astonishing with songs from their fifth studio album The Hunter.

There's also the good time old school soul of Frenchman Ben L'Oncle Soul and his band, offering their retro soul revue. Lounge lizard Buddy Greco, who was a key member of The Rat Pack in the 1960s, chats to Jools and plays the odd standard or two as he releases a live album from the 60s which was recorded at the Sands in Las Vegas. And 21-year-old singer-songwriter from London, Lianne La Havas, makes her TV debut armed with her electric guitar, sweet harmonies and an incredibly soulful voice.

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