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Click goes behind the technology that helped to organise the riots in the UK. How much were social media sites to blame for the trouble ? And is it possible to silence them?

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officers. Now it is time for Click. Mobile phones can be tracked. The


internet can be monitored. So why can't be predicted a riot? -- Why


Can't We predict a right? We will look at the technology behind this


week's riots. Just how much blame can we place on BlackBerry, Twitter


or Facebook. We take you on a journey into sound. All the latest


tech news and webscape. Over the last week, England has seen the


worst riots in living memory. What started as a protest at a police


shooting of a young man in London quickly escalated into several


nights of chaos. Shops were ransacked, police were attacked and


buildings burned. Unlike previous disturbances and demonstrations


this was not just one large mass of people moving through a city. Mops


appeared to spring from the way before disappearing again only for


a different group to so bring up someone else. How did they know a


way to meet and why did the police knocked me that? This is not the


first time that mobile phones and social networks have been used to


organise large crowds. We explained how Facebook had been used to build


a groundswell of support for uprisings in North Africa and the


Middle East and how Twitter had been used to disseminate


instructions to protesters in London after they had begun. Any


one, including the police, can monitor the chapter, as long as


they are looking in the right place. This time the rioters used a more


private way to get in message out, one which a boy did the days of the


authorities. -- avoided the view of the authorities. BlackBerry is the


most popular phone among young people in the UK. That is partly


down to the BlackBerry Messenger service. Only those invited to the


group can read them. That makes it difficult for police to see what is


being organised and spot clues as to where trouble might happen next.


Messages are encrypted before they leave the handset and the data is


transmitted to BlackBerry service in Canada before being sent on to


the recipient devices over the mobile phone networks. One of the


ways that have been communicating is by a BlackBerry Messenger


because it cannot be traced and is difficult for the police to track.


If it is technically possible I would like to see BlackBerry


Messenger disabled from 6pm at night to 6am in the morning to stop


the people co-ordinating these things from organising in the way


they have been. In the UK we have something called the Regulation of


investigatory Powers Act, Regulation of Investigatory Powers


Act, which allows police to monitor communications in some


circumstances. It is not a licence to sit through everyone's


Communications. -- sift through. The maker of BlackBerry, RIM said:.


We complied with the Regulation of investigatory Powers Act and co-


operate fully with police forces. They will already want to know his


records they want to see. -- whose records. In right situation, on


dark nights with covered faces, surely it should be possible to use


technology to trace those involved. One lawyer, a former advisor to the


government on covert policing, says it is far more difficult than you


might think. They are no doubt it responsible commercial entity that


will want to with this the police. It is questionable inveigled hands


whether they can offer that. It may be a breach of the Data Protection


Act. The Mutual Assistance Agreement is engaged and it becomes


more bureaucratic, time consuming and problematic. In the next few


weeks we will find out it ANA chronic evidence helps the police


to track down those responsible for scenes like these. -- electronic


evidence. The government has promised to look into whether it


would be right to stop people communicating by social media if


they know it there are putting social disruption. This is not


simply a demonstration of how social media can wreak havoc. As


events quickly unfolded local forums and services like Twitter


helped to keep some Londoners aware of rioting in their area. One


social media experts used his skills to post an inner piloting


the trouble spots. I started to put some of the riots on a Google Maps


and work out what they were. Quickly it became apparent the were


riots in different parts of London. So will I thought that we needed to


add this to work out that people could share with other people and


work out what was actually a right and what was a remark. Discounting


and sit in fact from online fiction almost requires the skills they did


it will detected. Some people were reporting that tanks were coming


into London. That was a message about tanks in Egypt from four


months ago. The difficulty is that you do not know whether something


is true or false. I was involved in making sure that established news


organisations were reporting on the same thing. I checked local


newspapers and saw what people wrote in their own blocks. And


seeing whether lots of different people were talking about the same


thing in different ways. The police have also turned to


social media hoping to identify rioters and looters. They posted


CCTV images on their website and Flickr. In a matter of a was the


Riot Clean Up bit her at her amassed $30,000. -- tweeter. A lot


of kids were not local. Twitter has brought more people here this


morning and writers last night. A thing that sends a very powerful


message. With me is the editor up of a take block, Mike Butcher.


Should we be blaming the technology you? You can use it to make good


phone calls or bad for an calls. It is a power using the technology to


amplify an existing situation. At the same time social media and the


BlackBerry can be used to bring the community together. How realistic


is it that BlackBerry Messenger could be shut down at particular


flashpoints like riots or protests Kris -- --? Obviously it is cutting


off a said this. But in extreme circumstances like terrorist


attacks the mobile phone network you shut down for various reasons.


The BlackBerry Messenger service is run by Research In Motion. The


BlackBerry network would take those SIM parts of the network. -- SIM


hearts. People could switch to other replications. They do not


necessarily only carried one handset. It is not just about


taking one type of service up the network. People will find other


means. I am sure you will have views on this but please get in


touch with us. The latest Tablet launch has not


gone to plan. A German court has granted Apple an injunction


stopping the Gallop seat have leapt from being sold anywhere in the EU


except for the Netherlands. -- Alexei have. They said they would


act immediately to defend their intellectual property rights.


Facebook has launched its own Messenger this week. It works


across different platforms to both iPhone and Android phones. Uses


will also be able to send SMS messages to mobiles. It comes among


the head of Apple's release which also includes an integrated


messenger. 22 fate apple stores have been discovered in China.


Earlier this month we discovered five baked apple shops in the same


city. The retail watchdog has said that a hot line for people to


report them. We all none at least one of them.


You may very well be one of them. I am talking about audio files,


people who spend a disproportionate amount of time and money in the


pursuit of sound perfection. Have you wondered whether these people


are wasting their money? There are small things anyone can do to


improve the quality of their sound system without blowing get that


balance. We have been looking at the evolution of home audio. The


breathtaking sounds of a live orchestra. Everyone is aiming for


one thing. The hairs on the back of unit. A bunch of musicians in your


living room may be impractical, but that is the idea when you listen to


a recording of the BBC Philharmonic. And her wit his record it is the


first state of high quality sound reproduction. The equipment is


formidable. The thing in the middle records the whole orchestra. Other


microphones report each individual instrument in case it needs a boost.


We have a sound maestro who has the best years in the business. All the


microphones are patched into imports in the floor. They are


converted into digital signals. The whole thing is digitised and then


we arrived at the centre of the studio, which is these sound desk.


When setting up your system, if the speakers are not pointing to your


ears, you name is the top notes. The speakers are designed for the


person sitting at the desk. Even at the back of the control room miss a


lot of those high frequencies. I asked them to come over here and it


These days there are many soundbox. But there is a special kind of


audiophile bat spends above and beyond most of us. Welcome to high-


end audio. You are looking at around �10,000 worth of speakers


being made. High Speed Two coats each ranging different speaker


frequencies. there are projections of how loudspeakers may behave


before even building them. That is his and a colleague or echoless


chamber - -- chamber. He still has to spend a lot of time testing


prototypes. The more we can spend on it, materials and construction


and research and development, the closer we can get the idea of this


perfect Speaker with a beautifully flat frequency response, without


any Cabinet coloration. He is trying to get better stereo imaging.


But the biggest obstacle is space which this acoustic professor is


all too aware of. You do not get the true sound of the orchestra


because the living room you have to put the sound through is nothing


like a concert hall and you cannot take that out of the equation. It


will bounce off the walls and you will hear the effects and


reflections. So you have an augmentation of the sound that


would never happen in a real concert hall. So it always sounds


different are the real space. You can get rid of those imperfections


by putting in the could mean. Or perhaps scatter the sound. So put


things that would make the sound bounced off in different directions.


That can be specialist material or things like bookcases. That makes


the groom appeared eager. Because your living room is too small and


the reflections arrive early. If they arrive early, you can get them


to bat in different directions are we to Piers bigger. There is more


take on the way. These people think it is worth going back in time to


search for the sound of the future. One idea that has been around since


the 70s is a wave field synthesis system. A circle of a one UN -- of


a number of deer hide speakers that creates a surround-sound blanket.


In this case, it is a cafe. Listeners inside feel they can


point directly at a source. It laughs in the face of me a stereo.


Stereo at home is very simply... It relies on the feeling that


something is moving in the sound field. Stereo also depends on this


idea of experience in the sound desk between the speakers. We have


a large sound -- large space where people can experience that feeling.


Currently, this system could set you back about �200,000. But this


kid only cost one-tenth of that and is running on a household PC. This


step closer to home. But assuming you do not have time or space for


128 because, how about just 14? Another all be but goody has been


given a modern twist. With six speakers at the height, and four on


the ceiling and four on the floor, sound can be placed anywhere. This


demonstration used as a connect Controller to help you move it


around. We are looking at have been 5.1 surround-sound. In the future


you might want three-dimensional sound. So we are looking at the


only a new level of experience into the mix. In this set-up, the


computer works out how to direct the sound once you tell it where


the speakers are. This is still some years from mass-production.


But the sound processing programmes can be down that -- downloaded. It


can be used with only one speaker as well. It is a great example of


how the quest for perfect sound reproduction always comes back to


individual preference. Of course, everybody hears the world Evenley


but one thing experts agree on is how to buy a ticket. Try it and if


you like it, buy it. Just do not get our reporter


started on commerce. It will be there all day.


Here on Click, we are always receding links. You suggest them on


e-mail or post them online. The problem is, we never know were


there a link is safe to click on. If it comes from an unknown source,


the best thing to do is pass it on to Kate Russell who can take it out


for you. A good rule of thumb for the


internet is be careful where you put your mouse pointer. You never


know what might be lurking behind that harmless looking URL. Viruses


are always a potential risk if you do not recognise the sender of the


link. Even your friends can send you something nasty if they have


been infected with the virus themselves. That is why you might


want to bookmark this link. Feed this website a URL and it will spit


out a report that you can rely on. It is free and easy to use which is


great when you consider how much heartache it can save you. Some PC


security programmes Oprah this feature as well but if yours does


not, this is a good free alternative. -- offer. So feel you


need never suffer from viruses again.


I showed you an online contact card last month and now I will go one


better with a free business card up for your smartphone that led to


share contact instantly. Set up and leading your social account is very


easy and then you are ready to share. If you have somehow been


transported back in time and the person you are trying to connect


with does not have a mobile or at least the application installed,


you can also e-mail it straight from your hand said. And it gives


your meetings contexts, saving a GPS marker with a business card to


remind you where you met. This information is also stalled on the


dashboard along with any notes on meetings you want to add. It can be


very handy with the terrible memory I have. It isn't everything but


sometimes it is good to know how small something years, especially


when it comes to mobile technology. This website is not particularly


sophisticated but when you tell it the size of your monitor, it will


display items in their real size. If you are feeling generous, you


can help build the database by adding the size. My head is not


that be, you know. -- beak. While the UK is preoccupied with news


about the looting, it is worth remembering there are other


important stories as well. Like the crisis unfolding in East Africa.


Social media can be powerful in these cases to. As shown at


good.byideas.co.uk. They ask for fundraising ideas developed by


volunteers. Come up with a good solution and posted on the site. It


is a good use of the internet. If you would like to suggest a site


or app for a future Webscape, send it across to ask. Or you can tweet


us. All of the Links Trust this week's programme are a available at


our website. The address you need. You may also like to click across


to Click on the radio. More on the riots in England and


also, how roadblocks are learning new skills by being piloted by real


people over the internet. That's it for Click on TV today. Thank you


ball-watching. Good morning. It may not be the


forecast you want at this time of year but we lose the bulk of the


wet weather and it is a slow improvement this weekend. After a


disappointing start, it may Brighton today. Bright rather than


sunny. There may be some rain Deraa -- towards the south-east. It will


be a mild start to our weekend across the UK, particularly across


central and eastern areas. It will be another warm and humid feel want


the news that rain to the south- east corner. Already we can see the


improvement along the Dorset coast and through the Isle of Wight. To


London at 9am, it will be cloudy, grey and wet. The same for East


Anglia. There will be an improvement eventually. Glimpses of


sunshine to the east of the Pennines. The cloud and rain that


is clearing from the Northern Isles. A wet start. A few showers across


western Scotland. A better morning in Northern Ireland but it will be


cloudy. 13 degrees expected with a light breeze. Cloud for Wales. It


will be a rainy morning. We are optimistic the crowd will tend to


live and bright and somewhat in one or two places as the rain eases.


Some sunny spells. With some sunshine coming through, it will


feel humid in the south-eastern corner. Temperatures around 21-23


degrees. Further west, stubborn thicker cloud resulting in lower


temperatures. There may be drizzly showers but on the whole, not a bad


affair. Taking a look at Saturday, the Kent coast baby affected with


drizzly weather. But we are hopeful of sunshine coming through on


Click goes behind the technology that helped to organise this week's riots in the UK. How much were social media sites to blame for the trouble ? And is it possible to silence them?

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