08/09/2012 Click


The team visit IFA in Berlin and are hypnotised by the latest TVs on display at Europe's largest technology trade show. Plus, hands-on reviews of Windows 8.

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That is it from me. Now it is time for Click.


Come on, let's go and look at the latest CDs. No? How about we look


at the latest tablets in here. -- TVs. All right. You can have a


Welcome to Click. I in Spencer Kelly and welcome to Berlin. This


is the enormous exhibition centre. It is where we will spend the next


few days as we explore IFA 2012, Europe's largest technology show.


We are living and breathing tech. We have a triumphant array of


televisual displays. They are began they are clever. Also, hands-on


with Windows 8 and the flexible kit willing to bend over backwards for


us. Making notes and making notes but can you really be a genius on a


tiny screen? All that plus the latest tech news and how to be


cooler than your friends by listing to music known's ever heard off


You are really there. OK. We begin with TV's. Despite fierce


competition from tablets and phones come up the television remains the


centre of the home. TV manufacturers make sure we never


forget that fact that shows like this with these tremendous displays.


Our correspondent has been on the trail of the small screen that


keeps getting bigger and smarter and more transparent.


We are surrounded by screens, pulling our eyeballs in every


direction. Families are becoming atomised, Eija was lost in the


video game-playing, PC using, tablet watching bubbles.


Do you get parents seeing "why don't we do stuff like a family any


more like watching TV?" TV is seen as the centre of home entertainment.


Many manufacturers are concerned. Everything else means that -- are


devices and us. Smart phones and other devices can get content to


and from the TV thanks to Wi-Fi. It is what TV makers mean by smart.


Panasonic's Panasonic Viera allows you to take content to and from the


television. It is not just devices. Haier has been trying to do away


with the remote control to hand gestures and brain waves. They have


teamed up with Tobii, a Swedish outfit who are the technology --


who are specialists in eye-tracking technology.


It was developed for disabled people. It has been used in an


innovative way inside the television.


You can imagine that eye-tracking technology gets easier depending on


the size of the strain. That is the direction we are heading in. This


is the largest television in the world, the OLED TV made by LG.


These are slimmer because there is no need for a back light. Each cell


makes its own light. What we have been able to do with OLED TV is get


it to a very large size. We have a couple of 55 inch models on display.


We have got it to a realistic price point. It is still expensive, just


under $10,000. That is a far cry from, we had a 50 inch one that was


$15,000. The joke doing the rounds is that you are in trouble if you


TV is bigger than your bookshelf, culturally. Some of us will need to


buy some books, and some pretty dense books at that. These


televisions are getting bigger. They are cramming in the pixels.


Phil HD is 2.1 mega pixels. This 84 inch ultra-high definition screen


is calling itself 4K. It means 8.3 million pixels. That is not the


last word. Panasonic is exhibiting in 8K, 32.2 mega pixels.


As the televisions have got thinner, the old CRT says, we have LCD,


plasma. We have gone bigger and bigger and bigger. Really, if we


want to all bidders still, wheat to improve resolution otherwise the


pictures will look trainee -- grainy and not clear and much


sharper. You will see the first jump to 4K resolution in a few


years' time. If you want to see a 145 and screen like we have seen at


IFA today, you will lead to go to 8K resolutions. 4K is already been


used for surgical applications. You will have to wait until 2020 and


tell 8K is on the market. -- Until. Another direction and some


manufacturers are going in his were 3D TV. The adage in the glasses.


With some of them, you have to look at sweet spots while the picture


unravels. This picture is meant to work regardless of your point of


view. As an interested observer, you do get a three-dimensional


effect with the system. They also see making make two-dimensional


pictures three-dimensional. -- say they can make. We add it to the


device. Eventually, we will have phones and tablets and laptops all


using this technology. A couple of manufacturers have come


out with transparent screens. Samsung's are very impressive. One


idea is you can put it on a shop front. They are trying to do away


with energy burning back lights, using natural light instead. TV's


are getting smarter and clearer. If the idea is to make us feel


inadequate about our current That was David Reed, glued to the


screens as ever. Now, a look at this week's other big take news


stories. A slew of new smart phones has been


announced by some of the biggest players in the industry who are


keen to get the jump on Apple he will launch its new iPhone in the


next few days. Nokia showed off the linear 920 which features wireless


charging and runs a Windows 8 operating system. It has a curved


touch screen which can be used while wearing gloves. Nokia is open


to claw back the market share after Samsung over ticket as the biggest


phone maker in the world. Fenland has extended its free streaming


service to users in America. It downloads tunes and mixes to the


device. Motorola has launched its first and said since it was


acquired by giggle in May. Most notable is the RAZR M, the smallest


phone in the 4G capable line-up which boasts an edge to edge screen


in his super-thin chassis. The Droid RAZR Maxx HD can last 21


hours of phone calling or 13 hours of video viewing. It is not just


before and space that is hotting up. Amazon has sparked interest in two


new high-definition versions of its Kindle fires a. The seven-inch


version will be released in the US. The 8.9 inch version will give


Apple a run for its money. It is slashing prices and introducing a


new higher resolution version which makes it more readable and darker


conditions. Sweden turn said to be the best country in the world for


making the Web work for its citizens, beating the US and UK to


the top spot. A new index plunged by the Web Foundation, which is led


by the inventor of the Web itself, analyse 61 countries to evaluate


how useful the Web is for content, censorship and political and


economic impact. The high cost of access was the biggest barrier for


most people, according to the report. It is hoped that countries


and citizens will think again about how the Internet is operated where


they are. If you keep missing Click, iPhone and iPad users have a new


option from this week. You can watch whatever you want, even


without a connection. I player has updated its mobile app with an


option to download programmes and watch them within 30 days. You have


got one week to get to the end credits after you start watching


the for the programme deletes For the last few years, most of the


excitement at trade shows has revolved around tablets and smart


phones. But this year, the focus has shifted back towards the PC.


That is because of the imminent release of Microsoft's Windows 8.


We have asked in the past whether the desktop PC has had its day.


Even laptops are decreasing in sales. It is the tablet market that


is growing, and its touch screens gained popularity. The windows way


of doing things is starting to look a bit irrelevant. So Microsoft has


come up with the Windows eight. It will go on sale on October 26th. It


is not quite finished yet. But this is what windows it will look like.


It has got two very distinct looks. The first is the desktop look that


everyone is familiar with. The second book, which is the one


everyone is excited about is this. Every application installed on PC


has a separate touch a friendly launch button. It may take a little


while before every application works perfectly with Windows 8. The


eventual aim is for all software to look and behave slightly


differently, depending on which mode you were in. Although some


apps have a metro version, many third-party applications kick us


straight back to the desktop mode. It would be up to the makers to


make sure their software has a side that is ready for it touch friendly


experience. Expect a lot of apps after the launch of Windows eight.


But the arrival of this operating system with a split personality has


also prompted hardware makers to come up with portable devices that


can be used in either mode. For example, this is the Lenovo Yoga.


You can have it in a standard laptop mode, or if you want a


tablet, you do that. There we go. Sony's version has a screen on a


hinged stand. The Toshiba satellite laptop becomes a tablet by folding


the screen down. Meanwhile, over at Dell, this one employs a design


first used in the Inspiron range. This is Samsung's smart PC. Some


would say this is the ideal factor. None of these designs are


particularly new. But they are certainly more relevant. One of the


problems that Windows eight addresses is this idea that touch


screens are fine for consuming stuff, but not so good for making


stop. LJ Rich has been giving it a The joy of touch-screen tablets,


although sadly those lovely screens do not look quite as good when they


get obscured by an on-screen keyboard. Anyone familiar with that


creative urge knows you have got to get your ideas down as quickly as


possible. A newly announced it had what comes with a stylus that gives


you the note already. -- tablet. Sometimes you fingers just do not


practical enough to do detailed work. That is why the stylus is


pressure sensitive. It can be saved as a number of files. But there are


no applications outside Samsung's ecosystem as yet. It reminds me of


the old PDA. Samsung is also showing the Galaxy camera. On the


back it looks kind of familiar, because it is an Android operating


system. That means you can connect it. That means you can show you


pictures and download applications to play with. For example, there is


Instagram. It is not the only camera with it and wrote on the


back. -- Android. Finally, welcome to the most creative device.


Proposing on a portable tablet is not ideal. -- composing. This is my


work around. However, I found it use a separate accessory, you can


plug the whole contraption into your eye-patch. It will work with


all kinds of applications, including GarageBand. The first


keyboard has been launched that is designed to plug directly into the


iPad. There is also a socket that will


allow us to put a foot pedal in. That will allow us to sustain and


things like that. It is lovely when you are writing on the run. I have


just had an idea. You have created a masterpiece, the


next thing you need to do is find yourself an audience. Kate


Russell's first website could help you do just that.


We looked at a playlist generator for you to the last week, but if


you want to music a little more underground, this website is a


great little broadcaster for soundtracks. Just register and you


can start building a channel based on genre, tracks and the spoken


word. You can invite people to listen with you. Switch to crowned


you if you want to interact with Europe listeners. -- crowd view.


This is another great way for a fence to start building a following.


SoundCloud is where all the cool kids hang out. The free version


lets you queue up to 24 hours of tracks. You can stretch that up to


72 in a worse by pain. -- hours. There is a nice simple way to


listen to SoundCloud life. I am always happy to learn about


good accessibility tools. When one of my followers told me about a


screen reader for Twitter, I got on the case. The queue this free to


download and once installed, you load up a Twitter session. -- Cuba.


With a session running in the background, you will get audio


prompts each time a new tweed comes in. You can also operate all the


standard functions. You will definitely need to go through the


Readme file, as the shortcuts are vital. There are loads of them. The


vision impaired are more familiar with using keyboard commands. If


this lets you do everything you would expect from a Twitter tour.


If you find yourself stuck in a major city in need of a last-minute


hotel, you can find some spectacular deals with Hotel


Tonight. A free application for iPhone and Android, it offers a


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with Manchester coming later. This could be just the excuse to have


been waiting for. As always, the links up on the


website. Along with all of our antics. If you would like to get in


The team visit IFA in Berlin and are hypnotised by the latest TVs on display at Europe's largest technology trade show. Plus, hands-on reviews of Windows 8 and the flexible kit ready to bend over backwards for it.

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