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Scams and webcams - when flirtation turns to blackmail. We report on the online honeytrap that can have devastating consequences. And does the iPhone 5 live up to the hype?

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been held in Cardiff and Glasgow. Now on BBC News, it is time for


Click. Millions of people look for a laugh


on the internet every day, but this has led to hundreds now being


blackmailed in a new scam. This week on Click, scams and web


cameras. When flotation terms to blackmail. We will report on the


arm line honey trap that can have devastating consequences. -- online.


The fine-tuning signs that goes into refining the world's largest


search engine. We are will get our hands all over the new iPhone 5


that. Fancy your phone giving you a


history lesson? We will show you how in Webscape.


Welcome to Click. If like many others, you go online to look for


love, there may beasts a serious need for caution. -- there may be.


When does an online heart to heart turns nasty and flirtation turns to


blackmail? There has been a spate of such incidents in France with


sometimes tragic consequences. The number of online chat and


dating sites has exploded in recent years, supply keeping up with the


perceived inexhaustible demand for intimacy, love, or online sex. Many


of the sites may be OK, but some are being used by criminals,


completely are interested in looking for love, they are out to


cheat people out of serious money and possibly even destroyed their


lives in the process. The French reputation management company, a


Reputation Squad, has received an alarming number of panic calls from


lonely hearts, who had become very lonely indeed as they find


themselves victims of serious blackmail and fraud. When people


get in touch with us, they were on some dating website or some social


network, and they meet somebody. They need somebody online, and the


person asked them to go on MSN or Skype, to chat with them, after a


few minutes, or hours of tatin, they ask for more, which basically


is getting naked. After a few minutes, the tone changes. What was


an amorous meeting has suddenly becomes a classic black male. --


blackmail. I have captured the images of you are undressing and


then I'm going to send it to all your friends. Visit this chat site


and you will find warning of a scam, and advised from -- against leaving


the site to Luca via Web cam. We spoke to a man who met somebody on


this, his words are spoken by an actor. She sent me a message and I


was happy. Normally Gelston not take the first step. We were


chatting on MSN. She was a very beautiful girl, a very pretty. She


asked me if I was interested in getting further. She wanted to see


my body, everything. She put on another video and started to


undress. I was completely taking in and I did not know it was a video.


After five minutes she said, look at this video taken of you, send me


money or I will put it on you to be. On the same page, our victims saw


many similar pictures of victims in trapped in this way. The blackmail


wanted 500 euros. They wanted it wide to Abidjan, the victim's video


was captured with his name and a false allegation that he was


performing a sexual act in front of a young girl. The French police


have received a spate of reports of blackmail attempts, beating a


similar description. TRANSLATION: At the moment, we are persuaded


that there are several blackmailer Thames committed every day. Not


everyone who finds themselves victims of this crime is coming


forward to be police, because they are so intimate. The blackmailer's


craft is to pray on human vulnerable, set a trap and then


trade on the victim's shame. They estimate that the victims were not


come forward to the authorities because they had too much to lose,


and they may believe the police will believed the allegations of


paedophilia. It is something very serious in France. This is a 28-


year-old who is doing it in front of a seven-year-old girl. He should


be in prison. That is why that rather than reporting the scams,


many end up calling companies like Reputation Squad. Most of the time


the people are really panicked and they do not know what to do. They


are really afraid that it is going to ruin their entire life. They


come to us in despair. They never say, I met somebody on the internet


and I went naked, they always tried to hide the shame that they feel.


So they tell stories such as my computer has been hacked, my former


girlfriend has been putting pictures of me online. That kind of


thing. But actually, 95% of the time, it is just web camera


blackmail. If initial attempts to extort payment fail, the tactics


changed. They made contact, supported by a forged documents,


they now pose as the Ivorian police. The blackmailers also oppose the


beer on a false website, aborting to be that of Interpol all the


local police. At the same time, day email false documents which


indicate to the person that they have created acts of


paedopornography, and to bring an end to the affair, they will have


to pay a fine. A man called me up and he said he was from the Ivorian


police. I said I was poor. I did not scenting anything. It does not


always end OK. The worst is not the victim paying up all be out of


pocket 1,000 euros, while putting the story together, I spoke to a


woman whose ex-husband paid out something in the range of 3,500


euros to keep these blackmailers at bay and to keep his worst fears of


the internet. I was speaking to her rather than him, because a week


after the first demand for money, he killed himself. It seems his


blackmailers were right that this and he could see no end in sight to


his ordeal. -- were relent less. is terrible. I had been in touch


with people who never thought they would be a victim of this sort of


thing. We can say what end idiot for a undressing in front of a web


cam, but our society is a society of solitude. We can imagine


somebody who has got an undressed, excited about the encounter, and


then they are up scant like this. For a person that is already alone,


that is already enormously destructive. Often these are people


who are alone and it can be very dramatic. If you are very young, it


can be devastating. Victims are frustrated by the official response


to online blackmail. There are French and Ivorian websites for


reporting online crime, but the current mechanisms for


international co-operation is limited. Until the distances and


differences that separate the different law enforcements are a


breached easily, we will continue with victims in one country,


perpetrators in another, and little that we can do about it.


A look at this week's taken use. There has been a mixed reaction to


the launch of Apple's iPhone 5, hopes of a wholesale redesign and


features like NFC capabilities were dashed. It is a faster, slightly


bigger, lighter and thinner version of the 4S. It also supports 4G


high-speed mobile data. Some frustration that after nine years,


Apple has changed the connector in the -- and the existing accessories


need an adaptor. ITunes has been upgrade it to work better with a


mobile devices, and Apple has killed off its music social network,


peeing. A new line-up of iPods was also announced. The most noticeable


difference is that the Nano's lie Jeatt touch-screen has support for


video. A network has been born that will take advantage of the new 4G


ground. T-Mobile and Orange in most to create the company Everything


Everywhere, and it has now launched ear mac, the first for D network. -


- EE. In some cases it is faster than home broadband. New capable


handsets will be needed, six is expected at launch.


Finally, the US military has been showing off its latest piece of


canine inspired hardware, a four Leggatt robot, called AlphaDog. It


can carry up to �400 of equipment over a distance of 20 miles.


AlphaDog receives its instructions from a boring old touch screen


device. As we have just heard, Apple has


finally released its new iPhone, the one that everybody else in the


world has been talking about four months. We went along to take a


closer look at it. The first thing that you notice


about the iPhone fired his its weight. The peak it up, and it


really makes a difference. It is like most other France on the


market, whereas the older model had the extra weight. You also notice


that although it is a similar design, it is slightly longer.


Apple has made it the same size across, but it is a longer scream,


a four inch screen rather than a 3.5 inch. The processor is twice as


fast, and you can see that in the way that certain applications work.


We are going into maps. We can actually rotate around, this is Big


Ben in London. This is photo- realistic as we moved across the


city. It is very impressive, especially with the fast processor


under the accord. The other thing they had introduced, is IOS six. It


is going to be big if you have got pretty much iPhone -- any iPhone


from 3D as up words. One of the extra things that they have put up


-- put in it, about 200 new things, this is caught passbook. Sometimes


you do not know where all your coupons are all your tickets, this


is a very useful place to put them all. Faced time is better quality


with the camera on the front of the phone, and he now works with the


cellular network. Overall it is pretty impressive. It supports 4G,


which has now become common around the world, the UK has just


introduced it with D, the circuit will be supported on E.ON. -- EE.


There was speculation that it would include NFC, any field


communication, that is not inside this handset, and there is a new


conductor, taking up much less An impressive handset from Apple


and it needed to be with other manufacturers bringing out some


equally innovative handsets this year. But one question remains,


when you look at that operating system, it is the same ones more or


less that came out five years ago, certainly in looks. Increasingly


more and more people asking, what Ever since the Web became big


business providers of online services have become highly


competitive. How quickly your search returns a result, how focus


to the information is, how well the algorithm gives you exactly what


you want. These are elements that help you decide whether you use one


website or apps over another. We asked Sumi Das to find out how


these elements are fine-tuned in the case of one particular company


and it is a company that started almost with a blank page. When


Google first launched it drew users because it was fast and return


results that were relevant, over a decade later the goal of making


products that function accurately and quickly remains, one way the


company does that is by thoroughly testing products in usability


laboratories. So what exactly are we going to be improving today?


will observe you completing some searches on a Samsung Galaxy Tab


10.0 and we will use a new device that will help to kick to give us


feedback. Please follow me in. Google uses an assortment of


research tools. We used Cody and SMI trackers, dashed through the.


We use Dell as well. -- Group B. the 20 Laboratory is worldwide this


one is the only one with a tracking device. For it to follow my gaze my


eye movement has to be calibrated, so when instructed I am looking at


the numbers on a metal plate in front of me. We will start with one,


hit A2, and when you're looking at it I will hit a button. When you


see green on the side that means your eyes are in the optimal area.


That red dot ping-pong across the screen represents my eye movement.


I may look shifty 8 but he said it is normal for the eyes to dart


around. As cameras capture my reactions and expressions from a


number of angles I am assigned by first Test, to find out how old


Lady Gaga is. I think I would enter in Lady Gaga and age and then hit


go. Best best guess is 25 years. She is 25. Not every surge is so


simple. What if you wanted to see a recent Lady Gaga hairstyle, how


would you find those? I find snapshots of her gravity-defying


dus but then Boyd asked me to narrow the results to narrow images.


-- dos. How do you find it? button on the right hand side.


me that button seemed buried. was a clear issue in that you


looked on the left-hand side of the page. Could not find the rage?


you were used to the typical Barton and that is what you look for, that


is where an issue where we have set expectations and we are not


matching them in this version. That is not a issue with you, it is an


issue with Google. Even billion- dollar businesses have issues.


These are the kind of he cuts Google wants to fix. We want to


make sure that there are no failures, we want to know how it


works and we hope that people complete tasks quickly and


successfully. Not every Google product is a runaway success.


Remember Wave? No? Obviously it did not make much of a splash. Testing


products on a handful of people in the Usability Labs does not


guarantee universal delight among users, but it may give Google a


nudge in the right direction. Sumi Das reporting from California. Now


you know that here on Click we are lucky enough to be able to travel


to all sorts of places and experience all sorts of different


cultures around the world. But even if you don't or you can't travel


that far there's a world of history to discover in your own backyard as


long as you know where to look, as Kate Russell has been finding out


with the latest smartphone technology. Here's Webscape. I love


treasure hunts! Solving clues to progress through a map, picking up


bonuses on the way, and in the case of A hunt, a free app for Andrew


Parr and iPhone, I'm picking up local knowledge as well. -- Android.


Evade game has been made in your area you can tap through to the map


and start hunting down treasure chests. Some gains are free, others


you will have to pay for, they are even some tours created for


historic venues by their caretakers. Hunt is made by people using the


app and you can make one with a few simple tax as you wander through


the area. This could be at a child's birthday party, hiding


treats and toys around the garden, or if you have some local knowledge,


why not make a tour of the historic sites around you? Creators can


choose to share their map privately with friends or submit to the


website's servers for public sharing. It's up to you if you want


to charge, you get a profit share if you do it. I loved the concept


and I really enjoyed the hunts that I have downloaded. Let's hope lots


more people get on board making maps for it soon. There are so many


great resources online to really bring the classroom alive, I hope


any teachers watching realise that they are not alone as there are


dozens of fantastic sharing communities to give you support and


help plan your lessons. Skype in the classroom is another such


community, set up to connect classrooms with interesting people


who can deliver meaningful lessons remotely through a skylight and


video called. Whether it is an explorer at Everest base camp or a


park ranger, or perhaps another class of hits from the other side


of the world, when you give a topic such tangible context it can have a


really powerful effect on the learning experience. -- kids.


is what you would see in Taiwan. With London Fashion Week upon us


again we wanted a way to get stylish in the Click office. Maybe


not. Luckily a couple of Click viewers have launched a bold new


fashion blocking and recommendation platform, where users up load a


photograph of themselves to the look block style collection writing


a review of their own out for it. You will find it at my fashion


Review .co.uk. -- outfit. I like the idea here. The developers say


think trip adviser for fashion and beauty products. It will take a


while to build up a meaningful number of users but I hope it takes


off because it makes a nice change to see real people wearing the


high-street labels instead of those catwalk models. Let's face it, who


are we more likely to resemble when we have got the outfit on? In the


week Apple unveils the new iPhone Google has released a stand-alone


app that will replace the Stock YouTube at that will be removed in


i O S six. -- YouTube Ratko Mladic. It does just what you would expect


it to do including integrated social sharing and it can be


downloaded free from the app store. If you're curious about what face


that knows computational search book engine will from Alfa Lodge is


a mutual that breaks down your face that activity in 60 different


charts, graphs and other analysis tools. Care to the home page and


look for Facebook report to learn more. -- head to. -- Facebook


activity. Kate Russell. And if you missed anything from today's


programme it is all up online at the website. While you're there you


can also click through to Click's radio programme, that's a lot of


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