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by the late television presenter. Two other women have now come


forward. That is all for now. Now it is time for Click. Are you


sitting comfortably? Then we'll They may be portable and convenient


but these things can still be a pain, a real pain. This week Click


assesses the damage that mobile tech could be doing to our bodies


and we give you some tips on how to avoid it. It is not a golf buggy,


it is a new electric car. We Checkout the smart vehicle that can


give its location and availability to feature passengers. And we have


I just the sight for you in Webscape. Welcome to Click. I am


Spencer Kelly. Every time my osteopath told me into and performs


a move that looks like she is about to tee ah mac head from my


shoulders, she reminds me that sitting at a desk and using a


keyboard and mouse is bad for your body. You may have seen me using


ergonomic devices designed to prevent repetitive strain injury.


Have you stopped to wonder if your mobile devices are any better for


you? Lara Lewington looks at whether there are any ways to enjoy


tech without the twinges. Back in the days when we all read books and


newspapers and played music on the wireless, our bodies were put


through a reasonable range of movements. As we are increasingly


using tablets and smart phones for, well, pretty much everything, we're


spending a lot of time both typing and brooding on them and using a


few specific actions many times. -- and reading. There are a number of


issues to do with sitting at a computer for too long, not sitting


comfortably and not taking train brakes. Tablets and smart phones


have not been as long for so long. -- taking screen breaks. We have to


get to grips with how to enjoy them comfortably. Using these devices


puts our muscles and joints at a mechanical disadvantage. We work


harder, expend more energy. People describe a range of problems. These


range from pain and ageing through to tingling, pins and needles,


numbness, swelling, headaches. There is a range of things. The


head, neck, shoulders, hands and wrists. Of recent survey by the


Chartered Society of physiotherapists suggest that


people spend a further 2.5 hours on mobile devices after getting home


from work. It is no surprise repetitive strain injury is


becoming a bigger issue. Hands are a very complex system of tendons


and pulleys. They become inflamed and thickened. You can end up with


carpal tunnel, tendons running up and down the wrists and the nerves


get trapped. Patients wake up in the middle of the night with


tingling in their fingers, shaking their hands. It is what we call the


property. There is no instant treatment for it. -- neuropathy.


has been a few years since the concept of BlackBerry thumb emerged.


It is a condition triggered by repetitive use of the thumb with


little involvement of other fingers. For some, like Mandy Saunders, the


consequences have been serious. was surprised that, just by using


my phone, I ended up in a position where I had surgery and was in a


cast for six weeks afterwards. I went to see the doctor and they did


diagnose repetitive strain injury initially. The tablets and things


that they gave me bird not working, they sent me for physiotherapy and


the physiotherapist said, straight away, that it was more serious than


a bit of medium physiotherapy and they thought I had done some proper


damage. After more investigation and an MRI scan, the tendon in my


thumb had snapped. I was using my time on the train commuting in and


out of London for sending e-mails. I had been given this gadget that I


thought was brilliant. You don't realise that something that you


thought was such a gift can actually end up being a curse.


conditions like these so-called iPad shoulder or iPad hand, which


could equally present themselves with any brand of Talbott, are


issues. The I. -- these devices are not heavy but if you hold them for


long enough, you can feel the strain. IPad shoulder is because it


is a hand-held device. For maximum visualisation, we tend to sit up


with the pad down at waist level. It is not the right way to do it.


It is not the shoulder that is affected, it is the neck. The neck


becomes really flexed. It pulls on the now at the top of the shoulder


and redevelop this terrible aching pain. It is what we call


periscapular pain. The postural issues are similar to those posed


by tablets for phones. Manufacturers realise we need to be


careful. Anyone who actually reads the manual has been warned. After


Raul, expected usage is not put down to chance. The ergonomics of


devices are closely monitored before they make it into the hands


of consumers. And I think people probably did expect sums to be used.


I do not think they realised how extensively they would be used. --


thumbs. We are not used to using them to intensively. You end up


with a crooked angle. If you are stretching them across the screen,


it is quite unnatural and they are over-used. If you love to text or


use your phone, you thumb is constantly in movement. Using


devices this month -- a much also moons hours off-screen gazing. This


is not expected to cause long-term eye damage. People can get dry and


eyes because the blink rate goes right down. People will not blink


very frequently and the eye can dry quite severely. If this is not


enough to put you off, experts advise taking reasonable breaks and


making sure you are sitting comfortably. Make sure you are


sitting with the back of the chair on the small of your law back,


Misha your shoulders are back and generic is not flexed but is


centred above your head. -- Make sure. Bring you devise close-up to


eye-level so you do not flex your head and Tyra these muscles. This


will reduce the chance of fakes and pains. Then there are the stretches.


Stretch out and hold it and slowly it comes back in and that


strengthens the muscles. If you do the opposite with a ball, it will


strengthen the muscles over the front. Right the way filly to one


side. Law on to the shoulder. Put the left arm down hanging loose and


the right arm on to the head and stretch your head down. Remember


the 1980s, will walk like an Egyptian. Lean forwards and lean


backwards. Put your right arm over the inside of your fingers and


stretch it back like that and hold it in that position. And there is


the tech that can save you from the dangers of the tech. The iArm hopes


to prevent iArm and Judy's and give you something to eat your dinner


off. Or, you could get the Porsche version of the elastic band.


Lara Lewington with some handy tips to protect the tips of your hands


or fingers. I think that works. Tech news is next. A woman that


used skier where to trick victims into thinking their computer was


infect you with malicious software has been fined �100 million in the


unit estate. Kristy Ross used an operation which used a Popple


window to suggest a scam was taking place in your computer which would


report threats. Users where charge $40-64 their computers to be fixed.


It is believed more than one million missions were targeted.


Apple's newest product is very small. A compact version of the


iPad could be released as early as middle October. What may be called


the iPad Mini will have a screen just short of eight inches, into


the realm of Amazon's Kindle Fire. The Samsung Galaxy S III is also


expected to shrink, with the Polish version anticipated. Not so small


footsteps of the iPhone 5. The UK is playing catch-up with the mobile


broadband world by bringing forward the release of 4G services. Ofcom


had said that high-speed data services should launch six months


earlier this land previously planned, and 2013. Or two and


Vodafone have dropped their legal action against Everything


Everywhere. The UK has somewhere to go. South Korea a god 4G in 2006,


the US in 2008 and Angola, Azerbaijan and use Pakistan are


already deploying it. Universities of Sheffield and Sussex are a hive


of activity as researcher's work on their new product, bee brains. The


way that bees smell and see is being looked at to help develop new


flying robots which can navigate into difficult places. These were


chosen because they always find their way home. I guess they are


not using iOS 6. Whether you own a car or depend on public transport,


getting to your destination on time can be a pain, especially in a big


city. Queuing for petrol, bad traffic, train delays, you name it,


I have used it as an excuse. One San Francisco start-up has


developed a tick ology which aims to eliminate those hassles. We


asked our reporter to take a look. What it getting to point A 2 point


B was effortless and require a zero for thought? Plenty of companies


are competing to be the next big thing in motoring. Now there are


some new appeals on the block and their like nothing you've ever seen


before. -- New deals. It looks like a dim but he crossed with a golf


cart, right? It is a light speed vehicle that is street Legal up to


55kph. It was built by Local Motion, a Californian start-up comprised of


five engineers and software programmers seeking a solution for


all those short jaunts that added to a whole lot of gas guzzling.


About one-third of all trips in the US are under five miles. That is


about a trillion miles a year travelled. This vehicle is designed


to be low-cost but very efficient. But as a small battery pack and it


is allied vehicles. It uses the The initial plan was to sell fleets


of vehicles. Specifically to campers and moments for students


and staff to share, creating a social driving experience. To Max


up the efficiency of each vehicle, the company develops and online


booking application. The software fills and deceits by helping uses


participate in a hi-tech form of hitch-hiking. If you beat it away


meeting the re- two ways to get a ride. We can book online, reduce


what a vehicle approaching, it can see if the seat is available. It'll


be a few years before you see these light-speed vehicle is lined up in


front of the campus. Watching a car company is risky business. Local


Motion's founders tried to raise funding and quickly learnt about


hardware is a hard sell. majority of venture-capital lists


do not want to invest in the electric -- electric car


manufacture. Katie Fehrenbacher has covered the industry for the past


six years. It is becoming clear that companies are taking a lot


longer to scale. They are taking a lot more money. Cue the business


and moral pivot. After too many rejections, they got out of the


car-making game and focused on retro-fitting existing vehicles. A


pilot programme has just launched add Google. Google does take the


time and invest that bit of money into experimenting with new


products. They can offer a proving ground on the campus and they can


validate the technology. Google declined our interview request but


together they have taken a liking to lay a few features. They used


company badges to tap and go. Do with a dashboard indicator that


tells uses it the car is free. As Local Motion revise his application


it could integrate the tall right into: The programmes. It will block


the vehicle immediately. It followed by people way you're going.


They enjoy the ride up to four people. You are collaborating from


the moment to get in the car. ultimate goal is for the app tour


anticipate transportation needs. the gain information about how


people move around on these dense areas we can write that into the


algorithms. We can predict where cars were made to be. You can walk


up the front door and there will be a car waiting for you. Clairvoyant


cars? You thought it was strange when search-based ads started


appearing on Facebook. The convenience of a car that waits on


you hand and foot may make QA convert. A side perk of using Local


Motion on a campus be that vehicles can sell diagnostic information to


a central computer which can work out when and where to shed or a


repair. Time for Webscape. We start on the subject of the apse. When it


comes to pass you will have noticed that all smartphones are not


created equal. If you run and I phoned you get apse first. We did


not force developers to release across all platforms simultaneously,


but you can keep track of when they arrive. It is annoying, what your


friends are talking about the latest up, but as a Windows user it


is not available to you. Hopefully developers will bring it across


eventually. You do not need to do a daily trawl through the marketplace


looking for them. This site can keep a higher on things for you. --


an eye on things for you. There are costs involved in every Coding and


up for a new Professor Mark von Itzstein platform. -- for a new


platform. It is nice to have a place to check up to see when they


arrive for your handset. Just name what she wants to attract -- name


what you want to follow. The Apple will then search if there is


anything similar. You can upgrade to premium it is not one to look at


If you have a busy life you probably treasure your spare time


and want to make the most of it. Find staff to do is the perfect


cohort. It reveals the best things going on around June including


restaurants, live music, exhibitions and comedy. Add a


location and time frame and it will show you what is going on. The


services browser based there there is a free iPhone version seek and


find things to do. It is like having a friend with you who always


knows what they call was the stuff to do in town is. If you use this,


you could be that call friend. -- cool friend. Over time it will


learn more about of preferences, bring more relevant content to the


top. It takes into account the weather when recommending outdoor


activities. One a quick call reveal further details and a leg to buy


tickets or to share with social networks. Low-cost alternatives to


traditional holidays are popping up all over the internet. This is the


latest bars in peer-to-peer home rental. You sign up to rent out of


bought into a room in somebody's home. The process requires some


trusts, which is built on the website before boarding, through


ratings and reviews of guests and hosts. They have been some horror


stories about less than care for guests causing damage in people's


homes. The side responded by providing substantial insurance in


the cost of the booking fee. Make sure you read the terms and


conditions to be sure what is and isn't covered. If you're offering a


room in a property that you were renting make sure you know your


rights. You may be breaking the terms of your lease. If you clearly


hurdles as a host it can be a good way to make some extra money.


Guests can book a room in the 25,000 cities. You're not


guaranteed hotel quality accommodation, these are people's


homes, it can make for a cheap and a different way to spend a break.


YouTube has launched another feature that allows you to add


interactive questions to your videos. You need to activate the


feature and then questions can be added in the video editor. Great


for educators. Just lost cleverly this week is a smartphone location


up the place to discover what is going on around Duke and helps you


remember the places you want to visit by adding an sharing real


world bookmarks. Also just launched, this applets you form proximity


groups instantly. You can socialise with people you meet but do not


want to give them your personal details. It is not much use until


other people around you are using it to. The European Directory of


Health what has an annual report this week. A directory that


contains reviews of 200 health oriented apse. They recommended by


patience and health organisations. To Dubbo the PDF go to the website.


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