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urgent action. Now on BBC News, it is time for


Click. Sounds like they are just through


there. They are really, really close. I can see them. So close


Welcome to Click. Welcome to one of the most vibrant places on earth.


It is colourful, it is conflicted and it's believed to be the cradle


of humanity. The place we all came from. This is Kenya. This week, we


are hitting the road to hunt down the country's latest tech


innovations. We will look at the simple yet vibrant services helping


to save lives. And we go off-road to go up close and personal with


these guys. But how can satellite technology stop them getting too


close to anyone else? All that plus the very latest Tech News and the


best of the word in Webscape. -- the Web.


Straddling the equator on the east coast of Africa. Kenya is 580,000


square kilometres of land and it is our destination for the next seven


days. Time to board this 80s throwback transportation and munch


away through 7,000 kilometres of airspace. This is a country with


some hi-tech credentials. Nairobi is home to a booming tech community,


bursting with ideas. So much so that some refer to the city as the


Silicon Savannah. Nearly three- quarters of Kenya's 14 million


people own a mobile phone. And many of those used one to go online. --


40 million. But not far from the high and shopping streets are a


dramatic changes happening. 0 most -- almost a quarter live on less


than $1 a day and many without access to healthcare access. And


this is where basic technology can make a real difference. That is why


we have come here, to Ruiru, about 20 kilometres north-east of Nairobi.


A typical Kenyan town. What is not typical is what Neri, who lives


here, is about to do. --. Neri. In the midday heat, she takes the half


hour phone-call sitting down. After all, she is pregnant. For the past


six months, these calls have tracked her health as her unborn


baby develops. She is one of 90 women taking part in the trial


called Baby Monitor, the aim of which is to develop an automated


screening system that can identify Most women are from poor areas like


this Mohi estate never see a health professional during their pregnancy


and they usually deliver at home. Those who do want help often have


no help but to walk miles to the nearest clinic. Another reason why


many choose not to visit at all and why every year around 6,000 women


in Kenya have died due to pregnancy related complications. As part of


the trial, she comes to the Jacaranda Health Clinic for regular


check-ups. And crucially for Baby Monitor, the nurse asks the same


questions posed by the automated phone calls. The two sets of


answers will be compared to each other and the nurse's physical


assessment, to determine whether Baby Monitor is asking the right


questions. That means in the future, the algorithm can be tweaked to


more sex fully diagnosed problems without human back-up. -- war


successfully. We can give you out who needs more attention. -- figure


out. It is not only the community health workers who are in high


demand. The World Health Organisation estimates there is


only one doctor for every 10,000 people in the country. A small


village may not even have a local physician, which means pregnant or


not getting a professional diagnosis for even a simple Eilidh


is difficult. -- ailment. This is where a mobile mac like MedAfrica


can help. The founder has ambitions to create a huge medical database


that can provide medical are loads and help find the new list of


doctors. That assumes that you or somebody you know it owns the


smartphone. In every village, there is somebody who uses the phone for


Jess Ennis or uses Facebook. -- SMS. In one village or one hopes that,


somebody has made Africa. If your grandmother has an issue, you can


give her the right information that she requires. -- MedAfrica.


even if you can get to see a doctor and get a good diagnosis, there are


yet more hurdles to overcome. Around 30% of drugs in circulation


in Kenya are fake, containing none acted for even poisonous substances.


This is the device that was lured to Kenyan officials by Brandon mac,


one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, to tackle


the problem. -- Brandon mac. It can chemically analyse a drug through


its packaging and confirm its authenticity but it is clearly not


a device that ordinary Kenyans can get their hands on. A small outfit


of Ghana is pushing to give every pack of medicine a unique code.


Texting the code to the phone number of will tell you whether it


is genuine or not. And because each code can only be texting once, this


should stop drug counterfeiters from bulk copying a genuine code.


Finding genuine drugs can be a real challenge. But an even more


pressing challenge, especially for poorer areas, is finding clean


students from Oxford University come in. They are bringing in


something that they hope will save lives. The river to the village of


Kyuso, 100 centre kilometres north of Nairobi, only flows for two once


each year. For the rest of the time, this is the only source of clean


water. If the hand pump breaks, it can be days before they can get a


mechanic. In the meantime, it is back to a bucket, a book and a call


in the ground. Something that is slow and unhygienic. -- a rope and


a hole in the ground. Patrick Thompson and his team are adding a


small device to the pub, which should get the work of a breakage


out much quicker. -- Park. Like a lot of kit we have seen, what is


inside an essential device is very simple. A mobile SIM card that can


send a text to the District Water opposite the pub is not working.


How does it know if it is broken? There are no complicated


Diagnostics, just a simple movement sensor. If the pub has not moved in


a while, they fit it is probably broken. And it is this kind of


thinking, simple solutions using low key technology, that is being


used to bring the world's biggest tech names in two Kenyan's con --


Kenyan homes. Just after the Tech News. The Chinese telecoms firm


Juawei and ZTE are a threat to national security, according to a


national report. The US congressional committee said the


companies were not independent from the influence of the Chinese


government, having the means and motive to it inspired the US.


Australia has backlist of the company. Canada and the UK are


investigating. The global infrastructure manufacturers say


they are being held hostage over a whole the political fears of the


side they espionage. Skype is advising users to update their


software, after it emerged it was used by criminals to download the


software. They ask if it is your new profile peak, for example, and


Scott uses up and walk out of their PCs and told to pay $200 to gain


access. Some of the world's biggest telecom firms have joined forces


with the UK Government to fund a new five g Research Centre. A


facility to be based in Surrey would offer her testing facilities


for those keen to develop a mobile standard that uses less energy and


develops -- provides faster speeds. They say the new technology could


be ready within the decade. And finally, Microsoft is showing off a


prototype of a watt light sensor. - - watch-like. It could answer a


mobile phone in a handbag. It incorporates a movement sensor that


could remove the need from motion detecting cameras.


If you want your technology project to work in the developing world,


you have to think about mobile phones. That is how everybody


communicates here and increasingly how people access the internet.


There are a few. One or two smartphones that are popular here


in Africa. For example, this low cost, low grade, simple, android


smartphone. But many people still views feature phones like this. If


you have a word service and you wanted to be popular in Africa,


somehow you have to make it work on one of these. It is something that


start-up forget-me-not has managed to infiltrate the area. Instead of


waiting for smartphone and tablets to become more popular, Google,


Emerson and others have agreed to help use it to help grow its


Google also offers an Gmail in the same way in Ghana, Nigeria and


tenor -- Kenya. You can receive messages as text for nothing and


they cost the same as a standard SLRs. This cheap, unconjugated


technology is all around you. Take this mobile payment system that is


only a couple of years old and used by 70 million people. With simple


text, you can pay for almost anything. -- 17 million. You can


even buy a can of drink. This road leads all the way to the


Indian Ocean. We are travelling just over half that distance. Five


others from the capital like the two national parks. An area as


large as the state of Israel. Our final stop on this Kenyan adventure


will take us into the wilderness. These parks are invaluable to


Kenya's economy. One-quarter of its national income comes from wildlife


tourism, as many flocked to see the animals in their natural habitat.


But behind the controlled safari tours, there is a conflict that has


We have come to one village located between the two parks. As such,


Africa and thoroughfare for the How much damage does an elephant do


in one time? One time, they came in and clear 10


acres of land. John's family has lived here for


generations. He says trying to protect his crops from elephants is


very dangerous. 20 years ago, his mother came out to scare some of


them away. What happened next was a brutal reminder of an elephant's


power and stay -- strength. As she tried to run, she fell down and the


elephant picked her up. Her stomach was opened. She died on the spot.


She was pregnant. Whenever I have been lucky enough


to get close to wild animals, it has always been exhilarating. These


people have to live side by side with them every day. While putting


up at a fence around the entire national park is so expensive it is


impractical, the Kenya Wildlife Service is trying to use technology


to understand relevant behaviour and to prevent this kind of


conflict. The Kenya Wildlife Service can


deploy Rangers to keep the elephants away from nearby villages


but because Tsavo National Park has the largest population of elephants


in Kenya spread over 21,000 square kilometres, they have got to know


where they are first. As a result, it has partnered with the


International Fund for Animal to at least one animal per heard.


Using these, they can spot the animals before they wanted to close


to a village. The scientist monitors the information the


collars sent back. Here is the factory. We have the software in


built in this column. You would have to be an elephant to be able


to carry this! It looks like in Nicholas! -- a


necklace! First thing the next morning, we set out to see the


problem for ourselves. We have identified a herd of elephants that


has made close to a nearby village. But it is a two-hour drive to the


last recorded satellite position and by the time we arrive, the


animals have moved on. To track them from here, we used an older


type of technology, following the signal from the VHF transmitter.


Finally, a trained pair of eyes. As we arrive, the herd of elephants is


just disappearing. We get one fleeting glimpse of the Koller


before its owner vanishes. -- collar. We're right on the edge of


Kenya. Just over there is Tanzania. There is a lake between us. The


herd of elephants are in does Rees having a drink from the lake. The


problem is that when they come out, they are likely to go straight


through the village that is only a couple of hundred metres and for


there. -- over there. That is exactly what they did. You can see


how an intimidating they are by humans and how close they came to


the buildings. -- how are afraid they are of humans. Using these


collars, we will know which areas to fence off. They can move from


one area to the other. Once they move, they leave that Eliot to


recover. We can assume that they will one day return to this area.


So we cannot block it off. When an elephant becomes a nuisance,


destroying property and crops, people often ask authorities to


kill the animal. Sometimes, villagers do it themselves, using


poison Spears. The African elephant is now categorised as a vulnerable


species so the data collected by the scholars at giving scientists


valuable insight into their behaviour, which could reduce


future confrontation. What an amazing place this is. As


for the weather... That is better than in the UK as well.


Kate Russell is about to open a window on the world of weather.


Looking out of your window when the weather is rubbish can be


depressing but not if you look out of one of these windows instead.


Download the free application, install the plug-in or jump onto


the Facebook page to turn the weather report into an


international -- interactive experience. There are only a few


cities set up as examples. You will have to personalise the settings


for your own specific location. And when you are installing it, make


sure that you deselect the AVG installation box if you do not want


it. I hate it when they do that. As the day unfolds, the sun will rise


and fall and the weather will be represented in real time, complete


with a swaying plants to show the wind speed. You can check out the


next ten days of the forecast as well. There are worse ways to find


out that it is going to rain. Things are easier to learn when


presented in an engaging way. At this website, they celebrate the


best of UK lessons through a community of teaching professionals


and students. Classes are submitted in video form for everyone to see.


Some of these are worth watching even if you are not in education.


There are definitely some adults who could learn a thing or two. I


know that I did! Teachers and students can upload a


film but publication on the site is moderate have to make sure that


they are accurate and appropriate to the curriculum. -- moderated.


There is also an iPhone app, making it easy to upload content.


There are even awards to be one for the best rate of lesson of the week.


-- best rated. I have a couple of interesting


social add-ons to get to. This is a great idea that turns your Twitter


stream into an ebook which can be downloaded to your Kindle to browse


at your leisure. This is good if you follow a lot of people and


don't want to miss a thing. You only get 100 tweets to look at her


day if you do not want to upgrade to be paid version. -- per day.


This next website is a brilliant idea if you are hosting a party or


event. All you do is set up your hashtag


and anyone who tweets using that same hashtag will have their


message appear on the screen. Comments cannot be moderated.


These Elisha will display tweets and pictures. It took 20 seconds


for a message to pop up once I sent it but that will do care on a lot


of variables on the day. This is a great gizmo if you want visitors at


an event to interact with each other. It could be a good way to


create some good memories as well. If you are having trouble being


understood, Gmail has added more than 100 virtual keyboards to help


users communicate in 75 languages. Quite an improvement on the five it


supported before. Enable input tours in language


settings and choose the ones you want. -- tools. One month after


Facebook reopened the dollars of its actual gift for friends store,


Twitter has thrust a virtual version on an answer spending --


unsuspecting public. You can expect to see cute butts and surprisingly


enough -- naff -- you can expect to see cute but unsurprising we now


have boxers on your computer screen soon.


We have more information on our website.


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