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From Swedish self-driving cars to internet in the Amazon rainforest, Click takes a look back at some of 2012's biggest tech stories.

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From Swedish self driving cars it has to be Click, which takes a look


back at some of 2012's biggest tax stories.


Hello? I am still in here. Welcome to the best of Click 2012.


This is the BBC TV Centre in London, an icon of broadcasting for decades.


Take a good look at the place. The time is coming to an end. We have


moved out and the place is pretty much been shut down. As we wrap up


be fitting to from the programme here last time.


We will look back at some of the coolest mobile technology that we


have picked up in the last year. We will revisit some of the places


where technology is playing a life- saving role.


The air is also a few glimpses of the future. And we have the best


websites of the year. It is to be, to hold it and it has


failed to keep up with the advances in technology. Not this place. We


started the year by asking if another old favourite reached the


end of the road. With smart phones and tablets


finally had its day. Something ably demonstrated by this rather


laboured metaphor. You were sure to you again anyway. -- we will show


Gaming is now pretty big business. This is a prototype device called


Project Fiona. At its heart is a processor that has two analogue


control sticks that act as handles. It is a PC disguised as a tablet.


Supercharged processes in tablets and smart phones is something of a


theme. Improved processing power allows the machines to do more,


faster. Tablets can be used as controllers for televisions and


games. Gestures and movements control the action. Overlain


graphics on to the real world, or augmented reality, appeared in


several forms. This included games that bring toys to life. Or


was also offers phones with more buttons and keys.


All of this is made possible by the more powerful chips at the heart of


the devices. The Science Museum is always


looking to push the envelope when it comes to innovation. The latest


move is to develop an Android and iPhone smartphone application that


can enhance the visitor experience. It uses augmented reality, that


overlays review of the world. In this case we have done it with a


person. It looks very realistic. You take your phone and point it at


a particular market. The mark true then brings up a mayor to rise to a


version of James May. It is a truly revolutionary piece of machinery.


Just launched, it is called James May signed stories.


weird. It is really being photographed, but being


photographed signed more painlessly many differ many differ


amphitheatre of cameras. They capture various different


expressions. Once they have taken that of the view, they have you. In


the early days of photography, people used to think that the


picture took your soul. It is a bit like that. They can do anything


with you. The processing in the mobile devices is so powerful they


are now actually capable of rendering three-dimensional


graphics. It allows you to move in, out and shake it all about. I am


being driven around the headquarters just outside of


called LTE called LTE tting speeds of up to 1,000 megabits per


second. This is only a trial. We will not see this for a couple of


years. There are some base stations literally just right by the car.


What they are doing is combining bent wits at different frequencies


and putting back together unbelievable speeds. But it is not


4G can reach. We're inside the Arctic Circle, visiting Europe's


newest computer Mac town. -- computer Mac. It extends well


just how far. A ride into the wide world and this would prove a point.


Imagine streaming high-definition movies out here. In the middle of


nowhere. Unfortunately, we had to. I have got so over not found. --


server. It seems that no matter how fast you hot spots get, there will


always be some very cold spots in between.


Some of the Some of the occasionally icy mobile technology.


Talking of cool, I have to say, this place even if it is a few


years old and it is more than half empty, it still looks cool. This is


the newsroom. This is where the information comes in. A large part


of the world does not have access to the highest technology or the


fastest devices. Of four people in the developing world, technology


place a simpler, but often much more vital role.


At centres like this, people all over India are registering for a


biometric data that is captured and ended in the system. The process


begins here. First a photograph is taken. Then fingerprints are


scanned. This biometric data forms the basis of that idea. While the


technology is simple and robust, there are still a lot of problems


creating an accurate data base that accounts for a population as large


as India's. A number of people in this country are agricultural


labourers. They do not drive that many tractors. These people twirl


in the fields. Many of them, their fingerprints are coming off.


Most women from poorer areas where Mary lives never see a health


professional during their pregnancy. The usually deliver at home. They


often have no option to walk miles to the nearest clinic. Every year,


over 6,000 women in women in to pregnancy related complications.


Every few weeks for the past few months, these automated calls have


track to health as her unborn baby develops. She is a woman taking


part in a trial called baby monitor. It develops an accurate, automated


screening system that can identify potential problems remotely.


All of us are bargain hunters at heart. But is it worth buying


something just because it is going cheap? Gadget hunters in Bangalore


head to the national market. An oasis of unbranded electronics. On


closer examination, there is a new Hunter in town. Cabs. Not just Top


End, but bargain basement. Tablets are supposed to stand out from the


crowd. To be successful in any market place, especially when the


competition is stiff, you need to have more than the shop next door.


There is a couple of ways of doing this. Like adding features. This is


a Intel Studybook out next month end of the Indian market. There is


a rubber band inside, protecting it from dusty conditions. It has got


all of the features you would expect. But it is not cheap. It


costs around the same as the desktop computer. The other way is


to go for value for money. For half the price of the Intel Studybook,


this comes in a box. The price is due to cutting back on those


features. As well as a capacity of screen,


this tablet should run three to four times faster than the first


one. They will also make a commercial version. This programme


is an example of the government's eagerness to prioritise education.


But is it the best way to reach out to rural areas? This is one of the


mos remote place as I have ever visited.


If you look behind every there, you can see that the shore line is ten


kilometres away. It is also it, just behind me. It is one of the


largest obituaries to the Amazon river. Two masts have been put up.


They're covering about 45-50 kilometres length of the river. And


the communities that live each side. They are carrying both voice and


data. The villagers have something to celebrate. It is not just our


connected to the internet through a wi-fi rata, which connects to the


new mobile network. It of us several computers to access basic


information for study and for a play. They are running an operating


system that runs applications on service for running the entire


system over the data network means that the set-up needs to be


reliable. The masts are suited with solar annals. Each of the


communities covered by the signal will use it in a different way.


This man walks the -- is woman circus. TRANSLATION: We can now


take pictures and vi circus and show others what we do.


We will be able to ask people what we need. More resources to expand.


There are still challenges here. Wages are low and if this project


is to expand, it will need affordable data.


Here on the 4th for is our old home. This is Click's old edit suite. To


give you one example of how technology marches on, we used to


need all of this equipment appear. As well as saying how technology


can change lives in the developing world, we are lucky enough to see


some of the most advanced research on the planet. Some of the stuff


still years away from being ready. Even smartphone Scandi Kunduz and


if you want to do anything that requires more than one hand. --


cash left over can wear goggles fitted with the GPS sensors to show


speed, and position. Innovega is an wearable


wearable displays. They have developed a contact lens, you can


focus on two things at once. Light from the surrounding environment


goes through the outer portion of the pupil. They Redknapp receives


each image in focus at the same time. -- the retina. The only real


thing about this are my eyes. In the future the cameras will combine


the thing into one photographic moving image of my face. It will be


more flattering. The very height of ocular fashion. This is another


device that relies on your eyes. You are holding on with one hand,


trying to use your tablet with the other. This is a device controlled


by simply looking at it. At the bottom of the Tatler there are two


sensors monitoring by movement. -- tablet. The pointer follows my eye


movements. The browser opens. We have got arrows on the screen. I


can scroll up and scroll down. Left and right just by looking at it.


Each of these things sheets contains 500,000 transistors


printed onto every day plastic. They are combined with a layer of


e-ink, becoming a flexible display. This will be production ready at


from black-and-white to colour displays, the electronic Kinglake


is one way to take advantage of flexible electronics. -- e-ink. It


is sending images to Aith free- standing display. Tiny text becomes


more readable on a larger screen. In the future we may not have to


backs to charge them. Some of the biggest car manufacturers are


for third-party GPS systems. It is outside the car where Wi-Fi


charging could prove the real game changer. This electric car is


its charger. That would be embedded in the garage or parking space.


This system by CoreCom means you do not have to be that precise. What


is unique about this system is its tolerance to dodgy parking. You can


stick the wheels on the white lines and fees two pads will still


transfer energy. That freedom to no longer have to be directly over the


charging point opens up other possibilities as well. This is just


a dream at the moment. CoreCom says there is no reason why hundreds of


charging points could not be embedded in roads, each one sending


without without eve without eveg. This is a


running for the last three years. A convoy that allows the driver to


take their fate of the pedals and their hands of the wheel. It is


cruise control. Cars travel six metres apart and in perfect


synchronisation. It is as though the truck throws out a --


breadcrumbs. How does it feel to go hand free at 60kph? Is it OK to


take my hands off? I do not want to. There we go. I have got to say,


this is a really odd experience. Just turning around to told EU


feels unfamiliar. A part of me is going, keep your eye on the road. -


- to talk to you. Can you please pass me my laptop? Thank you. You


could do anything. LJ Rich performing the world's first 60mph


panpipe solo. Faces Gene Hunt's of Audi Quattro. It has electric


Windows. Every week Kate Russell treats us to a small selection of


enrich enrich all of our lives. These are


Kate Russell's favourite websites of the year: With buttons to push


and levers to pull, the Science Museum is one of the most


Thank you to Chrome web lab, you do not need also fitting -- your sofa


to enjoy it. You will have to wait for your turn in the queue to


interact live. Now that I have told everyone about it, that weight will


take a bit longer. Luckily, there are virtual options for all of the


your turn. My favourite is the Sketchbot, you will need a web


camera to take a photo. The app does not lecture upload a picture


from your hard drive. If you are strapped for cash but need the help


of a professional Getlunched is an lets you invite people to make up


for a coffee or a bite to eat in return for advice. Using location


data it will scour your lens and contacts and their own registered


users looking for a suitable expo. If you see someone useful, say for


example an account -- accountant, you can offer to take them to lunch.


You can split it 50-50, you can also suggest they pay, but that


could be a little cheeky if the one verifies. It is a... -- if you want


their advice. How many times have you clicked I agree button without


reading the terms and conditions? It is called the biggest lie on the


internet. TOS aims to put a stop to this cavalier attitude to out


receive. It highlights the good, bad and the downright cheeky. It


applies a rating so you can see in an instant if you should be blindly


clicking agree. If you had to choose one song that reflects your


life right now, what would it be? That is the idea behind this is my


chance. It delivers a different take on the modern player list. --


This Is My Jam. The website will also recommend people to follow who


have liked similar tracks to you. There are popular jams to choose


from. This creates a wonderfully eclectic playlist accessed through


the home screen. Science experiments always have the power


to amaze, mainly because this is than being an illusion designed to


trick our eyes. This YouTube channel shows what is in front of


your nose. The addition of a compilation showing highlights is a


great idea. It is worth watching the longer version to see exactly


how science has created the illusion. Kate Russell's favourite


website of the past 12 months. That's it for the best of Click


2012, Part 1. If it has tended you to watch any of our features again


in full, there are links at our website: Next week, more of our


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