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The second part of Click's most memorable gadgets and tech from 2012. Featuring lifesaving Robots, filmmaking on your phone and kitchens of the future.

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Where is my seat? Where is the seat? I guess I am standing.


Welcome to part two of the best of Click 2012. Last week we said a


fond farewell to the BBC Television Centre, and this week, as we rocket


towards the new year, I thought I would formally introduce you to


Click's new home, New Broadcasting House. Shiny, isn't it? And we had


some shiny tech to show you as well, as we look back at the Droids, the


cameras and a time of our that tag which has caught our eye. We will


mobiles are seeing. -- Singh.


Many science-fiction fans have long dreamed of a future where machines


themselves. themselves. This year, we will tell


what may happen if computers did gain a body, a mind or a soul. At


what may happen if we then let them loose.


The Japanese have a unique affinity with the robot. It plays a very


special part in their culture. It is 59 feet tall, a homage to


stationary tribute to a television Technology, students and professors


robotic research. This professor created his first robot based on a


state in 1972. His lab has continued to refine their robots.


The latest version has been designed to use in disaster zones,


to help humans locate others natural world can perform --


imitating mental aspirations is a more difficult function. They have


created a robot called SOINN, or Self-Organizing Incremental Neural


Network, a robot which will eventually have the power to learn


for itself. With Microsoft Kinect for a head, which acts as a


distance sensing I am a microphone, placedects


placed in front of it. -- sensing I. A special teacup is placed in front


of the robot. The robot then performs a performs a its search


across the Web to try to match the object to existing images. --


internet search. She again make a guess about how to use it. It is


making a cup of tea. This old opera house is host to be building is, a


combined art exhibition and game, which uses 19 computers to give us


the impression the building is swings.


swings. The building's mood changes the painting to -- on what people


do, as all the installations are connected, and action in one room


can change what happens in another. The hidden beating heart, complete


with proximity sensors, awaits the gentle touch of an Angry Jester. I


had to put my arms inside this strings inside. While this


exhibition is clearly about art, objects in forming humans of their


state gives us a glimpse of a future where everything is


connected to end up being -- everything else.


This is EMILY, the emergency Integrator and lifesaving Laing Art.


From this summer, it will be zipping out to swimmers in trouble.


The Life Guards asked me if I wanted to see EMILY in action. I


That is cold! The Life Guards had said that the water is about 16


things things to y things to y suck


the air out of your body. It gives you a problem if you tried to fight


a very strong current. Within 20 seconds, EMILY was with me. As long


as the swimmer is still conscious, it can be a real lifesaver. It will


either towe either toweson back to shore, or it will simply give them


a break until human help arrives. There is a lot of backstage


effect. The performer and the image on the right can see and hear each


other, allowing the on state artist to interact with the projected one.


-- on stage. I can see where I am. I can see where Lucinda is. To get


right up close, you may need to ditch the avatar and take the form


of a robot instead. This firm puts you inside of one, giving you a


physical presence in the room, and looking ahead, other things apart


from your image may be communicated as well. Finally, something much


more unnerving. It is designed to test our trust in technology. Will


we ever reach a point where we meet -- led a robot to drive us about.


How easy will it be to give over- physical control to a machine. I am


have much choice about where I want it to go. This frightening looking


beast is caught compass, and there has the ability to spin you around


if you do not like the what -- if it does not like the way you are


headed. It would not let you walk into the rectangles. It is guided


by a small magnetic field running under the carpet. It gets its talk


by spinning heavy weights in the opposite direction. This is kind of


awesome but also it is not very nice. Compass is really insistent


on where it wants me to go. It is really strong bus stop it is very


difficult to resist when it may feel like. What a very strange


day that was. The rise of the machines may be a little way off,


but there are some industries which technology. The multi-purpose


smartphone is challenging many industries which makes single


so than the camera and video camera This is the bubble pigs for the


iPhone. It comes with its own sleeve. -- BubblePix. It reveals a


360 degrees defence underneath. You fire up the app when you are ready


photo. The stork on the BubbleScope sphere recall. It bounces the catch


it image straight into the phones lanes, it also acts a bit like a


allowing the user to simply swipe around the Panorama. This is the


seventh time that France has held its mobile film festival. Although


the films themselves are only a minute long, and the cameras can be


tiny, the pomp is full size. Organisers say that this yet they


have received more entries than add up. 300 are 80 films have been


submitted. -- 380. Lives can turn on one minute, all one minute and


revealed the lifetime leading up to Malkin Simone one best film through


this one. -- Malkin's a mine. In a brief exchange about a dress that


she should wear that night, gives us a brief glimpse of a couple in


crisis. The film industry is notoriously difficult to get into,


but the incredible array of inventiveness on show reveals that


the industry could do a lot worse than tapping into the scene of


emerging talent. But we won it just how good a movie you can make on a


smartphone. -- won it. We decided to make one. I am looking around


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 63 seconds


Target is why it, attack, attack, attack. Let's try a bit of Droid on


Remember last week I showed you the old News Room at Television Centre?


This is the new one. It is full of the latest news-gathering


technology. We have seen our fair a


a look at these. You are in the living Room, you


want to watch the football, but do you do? Probably had a blazing row.


Not if you had two view television. It is displaying both images. It


looks like it is an unholy mess, until you put on some special


spectacles. You can watch the half can weep into her hanky. In


terms of sound, there are a couple of speeches to take care of that.


but will you be wearing a pair of spectacles while you will be


These appliances can talk to each other but I usually controlled


directly by directly byoid device. can download recipes on your phone


and then send them to your smartphone. It will start reheating


for you. It is because you do not need to be there. Another example,


the wash and dry up. You can loaded up at any time but remains the


Perfect if you would like to have the washing machine stopped just as


you arrive home at work, so you can hang up the damp items before they


start smelling. When smart kitchens were first thought of, the


television was pitched as the ideal control Harb, but now the tablet


and smartphone had taken over that role for obvious reasons. Panasonic


is hoping that every household will one day run its appliances using


home-made energy. They envisage a future where every piece of


equipment in the House can communicate with power sources both


inside and outside. You can generate your electricity


using a hydrogen fuel-cell. If you make more than you are currently


using, you can stick it away for lay up.


We want to make sure that the entire grid and the entire system


works more efficiently and smarter as well. There is that word again,


and again... and again. Smart was the buzzword for it televisions in


2011. This year it has been applied to a whole to a whole household


products. The word itself is likely to be abused by marketing


Sometimes we fill our most vulnerable at night. It is dark,


you do not know who is behind you. Flicking through your phone to find


the alarm button may not be ideal. You may want to have something


closer to hand. There is no shortage of hardly to keep track of


your movements. This bracelet will set you back nearly 180 quid but


aims to look like a simple fashion accessory. It has a built in panic


button, activated by pulling at the bracelet, and sinks with your phone,


where all your movements attract an emergency response can be triggered.


This key fob is in fact a GPS device that can track location and


act as a panic button. And when it comes to being sure way your kids


or, but recovered to VAT -- colour devices like this watch offer at


extras like safe Jones, areas where your child should stay, created


alert if they go outside of it all if the what is removed. -- safe


zones. Ensue of living in front of a video game, you use a Controller


to record objects in three- dimensional space, turning it into


a 3D scanner. If I throw you these objects on the table, I point the


connect at them and for lowly paid in like this and it creates a full


3D model of the objects on the table. -- and slowly. As long as


the objects stay still, you can scan it. I will scan me now. As the


device move device movetes more data, building a more accurate


3D model. In a few seconds, a full model of myself appears on the


screen. What a handsome chap! thanks.


He was not talking to me that I will take it.


One of the most popular parts of Click is our weekly trawl through


the Web to find out how the best of sight and apps for your mobile. --


to find the best. Kate Russell is looking at her favourite apps. If


you stall nothing else, installed this.


-- installed. One of the greatest things about


modern smartphone technology is enhanced personal security. You GPS


data can tell people where you are, even if you can't. Safe Mike grabs


this idea with both hands to provide a paid at with your safety


at its core. With so many apps and services like dating websites


encourage it asked to step out of the online world and knead in 3D


should not open the door to complacency. But it on that one


quiteuld quite literally be a life-saver. To


thating that can be identified, like a


licence plate, street sign or a barmaid we will meet someone. It is


stored on a secured database, paired with your unique ID, time,


date and the GPS location. If something does go wrong, you'll


nominated contacts can request that this information gets passed to the


police, saving vital time tracking you down in an emergency.


If you could use a little extra cash in your pocket, focus is


selling your smartphone photos for use in commercial projects at $10 a


time and you will have to split that 50/50. The Act is free for


iPhone with an android version in register and start uploading images


you are happy to sell. You can increase your chances of making a


sale by taking out the pages where buyers have posted requests for a


We carry these around with us everywhere everywhere take


a pretty good picture. Citizen journalism is a growing trend


across the world, mainly because of the speed and ease with which we


can upload videos. Another app launched recently does a similar


thing but does -- concentrates more on breaking news stories. Scoop


shot allows it to upload photos, sit in your own price and terms.


They also tip-off app uses in a to fret -- geographical area if they


request for a photo of a breaking news story. You will share any


profit you make with the scoop shop different photo filled the app. It


roadand road and Windows Phone 7. You can


take photos, and filters and share them deal social networks. Nothing


new there. But the context tagging, saying what you were doing when he


took the photo as well as where you were, makes it possible to compile


themed collections around a This is a great feature if you


follow a sp follow a sp cultural event. The app has been around for about


one year but was recently completely redesigned for and road


and I West. There is a new version taking better advantage of social


discovery and location aware aspects. -- android and iOS. It


does everything you would expect from a social photo tool and it


learns what you like by the photos you snap and will push similar


images from other users to your stream, along with posts in your


for getting a different perspective. Kate Russell.


That is pre That is preook back at 2012. Except for one more


thing. Because technology is not always the most exciting thing to


put on TV, after all a lot of it happens inside small inanimate


boxes, you may notice we dress the subject up a little. Possibly none


more so than this final item. All we wanted was a report on the


stand-off between various competing video game consoles. But this is


what happens when you give our reporter a bit much -- a bit too


It used to be the meanest console. He dominated this town for two


stranger in town. But over the space of a few short years, he


built up a power base that challenge and then overtook his


rival. -- challenged. Now both have consols with the Xbox 360 and the


PS3 that are getting along. But who will draw first? Who will bring a


replace the respective consols which have become all the time has?


Of course, Nintendo and Microsoft to the draw. They


will be the first company to have next generation console in the


mac. Of course we will see how we mac


shapes up to Sony and Microsoft's next-generation games consoles in


the coming months because that is the meantime, if you have been


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