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What will the 'internet of things' mean to us? Plus, how the world famous new year ball in New York gets brighter and more efficient every year. Includes tech news and web reviews.

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widespread anger. Much of the money is needed to pay insurance claims


for storm damage times. Those are the latest headlines. Now


on BBC News it is time for Click. It seems like everyone is online


these days. Oh, I know. This week on Click will would get hold of the


everyday objects which are hooking up to the internet to look after us


and each other. We will look at the phone with twice as much to say it.


We will switch on the board that electrify as the New York New Year.


-- electrifies. We also have the latest tech news and a very healthy


way to start 2013 in Webscape. Welcome to Click. Can I be


officially the last to welcome you to 2013. It is customary to start


each year to looking ahead to technology that may be trending in


the next 12 months. Some are saying that the next big thing could be


things. Or rather, the internet of things, this concept that objects


are not even technology get hooked up to the net. What does it means


for us? We dropped into a conference in Paris to find out


more. The internet is the world's largest


printing press. People exchange information and data across


continents. Maybe, expect while we were not watching, the Web has


become much more. They are calling it the internet of things. It is


the connected devices that measure and tell us about the real world,


sensors and that. Right now I'm carrying my own personal electronic


device, it is a good amateur that makes me aware of how I am walking.


The most interesting thing is making things visible in the world


that were previously invisible, and having this knowledge changes our


behaviour. Days where I did not have enough steps, I will get up


and I will walk about a bit more, keep more active and it is helping


Smart phones are the internet and other things. They have allowed for


lots of data transferred to happen. The thing so that we already use


today her now enabled with cellphone con activity to be able


to do all kinds of things. Nest is an internet of thing device.


Controllable at a distance with your smartphone. It also learnt


that the pattern of your life from how you have adjusted it in the


past. It does not toast your furniture while you are out at work.


We have all these senses. All this stuff happening. How do we keep the


data to make action? You do not just go to a doctor every day. We


do that because there are certain things we require. Why do not out


cars and tell us this? You break starts squeaking - that is the


symptom - we're not doing more than that. Cars can tell you when


they're sick. You can pullover and park online. What I'm going to do


is pay for parking. I had pulled up and a parking meter. I drop this


arrow into the apple. I put in mind number plate and I am now part.


it could bind to the coins in your pocket? -- could buy. It has been


on the rise for many years. Now it has been put in the palm of every


person's can. Every fund will have this capability. One of the reasons


why people do not want to give up hard currency is due to privacy. We


are also seeing an increase in what companies are doing with the


information is not as bad as once people thought - it is not an


Orwellian Big Brother sort of well. It is more - I am and reached by


having companies know what might purchasing is. It might become a


more pointed issue with an automated life. Did tell threatened


to obscure the bigger picture - how much control could run to the heart


of our relationship with technology. Once you get to the internet of


things, they have a lot of devices sending information automatically.


It becomes more of a challenge. You do not want to overload the user.


Yet, you cannot just share everything all the time either. I


think that is going to be one of the things that we will have to


figure out. And the internet of things may need to be organised


differently if and benefit from the input of a human hand. A curatorial


tool in which you and the community rather than an algorithm organise


internet content. Rather like a librarian might organise books in


different subjects. What we're doing is let you manipulate contact


and remove and manipulate content. Exactly as if this content was an


object. You organise the way you organise a room - you know where it


is. The next big frontier for the internet is democratising the


organisation of the internet itself. Not allowing one group of people


organise and make sense of things for you. It has gone from


information and data to controlling devices and much, much more. It has


been said he cannot Malin and nail on internet but perhaps we should


not be too sure. -- hammer in a nail. A look at the Big Tech News


stories. China's new year resolution may have been to reduce


its huge carbon for print as well as investing $56 billion to clear


up its guise, the government is starting to upload hourly update on


air pollution levels in 74 of its biggest cities. Greenpeace reports


air pollution in China is to four times above health standards. L G a


stake -- are so taking orders for the largest television on the


market - �6,000. The energy- efficient technology which allows


for thinness Greens, better clarity, colour and contrast has only been


available in telephones and tablets. We expect to see more next week


when we travel to Las Vegas for the world's largest Tayte show - SES. A


new camera from to Shiva - the breakthrough is in shrinking the


size of an already existing technology that allows you to


adjust the focus of the shot after it has been taken. The camera as


half a million tiny lenses which take snaps at different focal


lengths. The information can then be used to focus of the shot later.


The TEC was pioneered by Stanford University but fell to go


mainstream due to its size and price. A born to is to be made


available allowing them to act as a PC when a dog to a monitor. The new


version will be available as a file down lope to replace and roads. It


is hoped telephones with a pre- installed version will go on sale


later this year. One of the biggest problems that Smartphones


manufacturers have these days is trying to differentiate from their


rivals. One Russian company thinks Some of the organisers have phones


built in. This one is a bit different. It has a touch-screen


display on the front. It is using the latest version of Android,


Jelly bean. It uses electronic ink technology. It injects different


ink into the display to display what you are seeing. It does not


use any energy until it changes the display to update information.


Incredibly low power. What is the thinking behind this phone? I am


joined by the man from the Russian start-up behind this. What were you


thinking when you made this phone? It is fascinating. We came up with


this idea two years ago. We try to come up with some ideas as to how


people use smart phones. We look at the industry and realise that there


were more major manufacturers' focusing on tech and batteries, not


experience. The sort of experience is not so good for the user.


Drowning out the battery, things like that. This is because the


electronic display canted the image as long as you need without


considering power and trading your battery. -- can keep. It is always


in front of you and reminds you you have something important. Until you


do something with this, it stays on the electronic paper display. It


completely changes the way you can send data. Does that not make it


more distracting as a user experience? If the phone always as


information. The phone is off. It is always black. It is the fear


that something important is happening at you are not aware.


Talk me through some of these scenarios were due envisage people


using the second display. I am in London and I do not know how to get


from. A to point B grade back. I opened Google maps and start using


the smart phone. I can see the battery is at 1%. I can make one


gesture and put this image of the map on the electronic display. It


will last longer and I can still use Google Months. The image will


stay there and I can still use the image. I can use the direction as


to the point of destination. As you can not as, a little bit of Kerr.


It is slightly wedge shaped. We get it on purpose because we would like


for people to put it on the Flat. It means they can get all of these


notifications. Also, this is the first three de Coeur of display


covered by Guerrilla Glass. -- 3D mac her. So when you are putting it


down, it is not going to scratch. The big handset makers have


hundreds of millions of dollars devoted to research and development.


Surely there must have thought of this concept. Why has it not have


been introduced? I work for big companies and I saw how different


interesting ideas compete with each other to get funding. It makes it


very difficult to be fast enough to respond to the market. It has been


a pleasure and it is a very And the good old incandescent light


load has been with us since the 1870s, but it is a remarkably


inefficient way of generating light. That is why it is being phased out


around the world, and replaced with new low-technology is such as LED.


The reduction in the US was delayed, but that has not stopped some of


New York's iconic structures coming up with some bright ideas on how to


This was the midnight moment on New Year's Eve, the descending ball was


cheered on by a crowd of over one million. Every year, the event was


arguably the single biggest advertisement for LED technology in


the US, with media outlets reporting on its efficiency and


annual upgrade. The ball has shed its halogen and incandescent


history. Back then, most people had never even seen an LED light load,


and the biggest challenge for the ball's owners was to ensure that


none of the legendary sparkle, created by the combination Crystal


and light, was lost with a new transformation. Philips and


Waterford were essential in creating this. When you see a


crystal chandelier and fill it with an incandescent light bulb, it is


the same with the crystal ball. When you look at the models, and


there are a lot of mirrors a with reflectivity, it reflects with the


crystal. In 2007, the new boy showed energy efficiency savings of


90%. It was double the brightness. One year later, the brightest and


doubled again. It is so energy efficient that it can be kept lit


up day and night, 365 days of the Year at top Times Square. That


certainly was not the case with incandescent light bulbs or halogen


light bulbs. The famous numerals which are also lit every day of the


year also get an annual upgrade. The box for 2013 a 30% lighter than


one year ago. Meanwhile, the Empire State Building has just unveiled


its new LED lighting system, which can being 16 million colours. The


old way of changing colours, 1,400 feet above midtown Manhattan, in


bold circles of gel with a range of colours. 10 colours at most. It was


done this way for decades. Clearly the new technology is much easier


from a maintenance perspective. What used to take 9-10 people a


whole day to change out, now can be done with a push of a button. The


opportunity to highlight the facade of the Empire State Building was a


completely different type of colour technology will be four. What light


of manufacturers ultimately want is to sell more of their LED products.


The aim can discern phase-out means a consumers will have to upgrade.


Despite incandescent. As lighting heads into a new era, the switch it


certainly looks futuristic, like most LEDs, its life span is rated


25 years, which makes the higher upfront cost easier to bear. But


what makes this different is its silicon interior, for better


cooling. We are filling a lightbulb in -- with a liquid. We also killed


what we call the wet head, the glass globe that has the LED chips


in and the fluid. We put a backed him on the glass globe, and then


let the flu would rush in to fill the vacuum. Another interesting


development is personal why fire lighting. The ability to put wi-fi


enabled phones into existing lack finches and then control them from


a tablet or smartphone. The entire set-up can be pre-programmed by


time of day and mood, or individual bulbs can be manually controlled


with an on-screen colour palate. Or even photographed as a reference.


After decades of essentially the same kind of lighting, 2013 could


be the industry's most illuminating year to date.


With the new year comes a fresh perspective, and hopefully a change


of diet as well. Kate Russell wants to help you cook up a healthy storm


with her first app suggestion. Having spent the holidays


completely over eating, it is time to get back to a healthy lifestyle


with the help of the BBC's Good Food app on Apple and android. It


is stuffed with tips and advice and all the trimmings, plenty of free


content and more to buy. My older brother has always been the best


chef in our family, but with this app, I may stand a chance of


competing with him. My little brother is the theatrical one, and


with him I had suggestions that bring Shakespeare's classics are


right up to bait -- date. Cambridge University Press have released apps


4 weir Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth, with voices from a listless. -- a


list celebrities. They are not cheap, but they certainly pack a


literary punch. You can read the play or choose how much interaction


you want. The apps used 30 years of academic notes to update it


learning experience. The Web is a great place for sharing ideas, but


he can be hard finding the best way to present them. Mural.ly is a new


service that lets you say text, images and video on a mural style


noticeboard, organising visual ideas into an attractive layout


that is really easy to share and work on together. It is hard not to


draw a comparison with interest mac, but with added features and a more


effects that are more akin to Presley, you can either make


presentations out of your content from within the mural Board, which


is useful when it comes to finalising your work and pitching


your ideas to others. Real-time collaboration makes this a great


platform for expanding on creative ideas with a team.


If you are thinking of sending a greetings card, why not make it a


bit more personal would be simple told that lets you create your own


South Park style cartoon characters. Pick a background and customise


your character before adding some text and saving to your computer.


This can be a great way to save cash and still share a bit of


festive cheer. Let's face it, it is a lot more meaningful to receive a


greeting that has been customised for you personally rather than just


a generics now we sing. You can put out your card orders even now it


over and the thing will cost you nothing. If you are feeling really


adventurous, you can even save several versions of your character


to make a comic strip, or an animated gif if you have the know-


how, and I will be revealing some tools to help you do that in the


coming weeks. One notable rallies over the Christmas break was


YouTube capture, and I was out which make shooting and shelling


videos easier than ever. With automatic stabilisation and posting


to your main social strains, eating also edit and put freak background


music and captions. It will also remind you to rotate your phone to


avoid the vertical video syndrome. Oddly, Google have not made this


available on their native android platform yet. This app competes


directly with you to's biggest rival, Vimeo, who released and app


took include easy shooting and sharing. -- to include. Again, no


android update for the same beaches yet. -- features. As usual, if you


missed any of those things you will find them on our website. If you


missed anything from this week's programme, you can watch the whole


thing again through iPlayer. Excitingly, from next week, you


will have one more chance to catch Click every week as we take up a


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