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Now it is time for Click. Do you think playing video games as Meiji


more aggressive as a person? -- has Welcome to Click. Welcome to Los


Angeles, warm to the world's biggest video games show. It is


going to be a monster this year, you can count on that. We have the


XBox One Andy PlayStation 4, two consoles bowled slogging it out at


S3. It is time to get all the explosive details on the two next-


generation games machines that want to take over your living room.


Which one made the biggest bank here at the show? Which you games


are about to set them alight with high-definition mayhem. We bring


you the big announcements from Apple's big event in San Francisco.


And, a safe place to keep your important files in Webscape. So,


here we are, in the middle of S3. This is the south wall of the LA


Convention Centre. All around, people are cloying to get a look at


everything that is being announced that the show. The two biggest


thing I these guys. Look, they have put them right next door to each


other. Both companies firing their opening salvoes in exactly the same


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the console wars. A little bit much you


think? The Los Angeles Convention Centre


is the battleground for an epic confrontation between Sony with its


new Playstation 4 and Microsoft with the Xbox One. There is also a


third faction in this battle for gaming supremacy, Nintendo with its


Wii U, which is currently being outsold by the Xbox 360, the PS3


and the old Wii. Which clearly isn't good news for the house of


Mario and Zelda. Nintendo's hasn't bothered with its usual flashy E3


press conference, instead leaving press event preening to Microsoft


and Sony, who, after all, have brand new consoles to show off. And


first out of the gate was Microsoft. At its launch event last month,


Microsoft waxed lyrical about the Xbox One's credentials as a


multimedia device. But here at E3, far more attention was paid to


slaying barbarians in a kind of Saving Centurion Ryan manner in


third person actioner Ryse:Son of Rome, and engaging in martial arts


mayhem with rebooted blast from the past Killer Instinct, and of course


shooting lots and lots of guns in first person shooter Battle field 4.


Games and more games was the order of the day. And driving franchise


Forza rumbles on with this fifth instalment, adding cloud computing


to its racing repertoire. The game can learn its players driving style


using it to provide the AI for computer controlled opponents. It


means the game can play by itself without the users input wracking up


in game credits for its user. Quite how much fun getting a console to


play a game for you is, well that's debatable, but Microsoft are


confident that the cloud and consoles are a match made in


computing heaven. Being connected to the cloud is going to allow


creators to make worlds that are alive. They are gonna have


communities you are going to be able to interact with your friends


they are gonna be rich changing vibrant real time. And Microsoft


raised eyebrows by announcing the Xbox One will cost $499 when it's


released in November. Xbox One will launch this November in 21 markets


around the world at $499 in the US and 499 euros in European markets.


Over at Sony's press event later the same day the covers finally


came of the PS4. Ladies and gentlemen, I am thrilled to


introduce, the Playstation 4. the world's press caught a first


glimpse of, well, a rather anonymous black rectangle, but an


anonymous black rectangle with a few surprises in store. Under that


black plastic skin, can be found essentially similar hardware to the


Xbox One. Both machines are basically PCs in a box, however the


PS4's price is $399, significantly cheaper than its rival. But when


exactly did Sony arrive at this Xbox box spoiling price point?


would say that we have not taken the decision lightly and it's been


built into the holistic view of the business plan. I would say pretty


much from the start. A concerted counter attack from Sony then.


There were of course plenty of games on show, from gameplay of


Halo creators Bungie's much anticipated first person


mulitplayer sci-fi epic Destiny, to third person teenager with super


powers adventure, Infamous: Second Son. Around the announcement of


these next generation consoles, something unusual has happened.


What started as a minor online skirmish has erupted, into a major


conflict. A conflict centred around how next gen machines will deal


with pre-owned or second hand games. And how often they need to be


connected to the internet. Microsoft has publicly stated that


it won't charge gamers an additional fee to play second hand


games on its new console, it's leaving that decision up to games


publishers, it's also said the Xbox one will need to connect the


internet once every twenty four hours in order for single player


games to work. Well look the world, it has changed from offline devices


to online devices, if you think about how your tablet works, how


your computer works, having an internet connection allows it to


stay current allows it to stay vibrant and plug in to that


community. Delivering a devastating body blow to its rival Sony


announced it had very different plans for its machine. When a gamer


buys a PS4 disc they have the rights to use that copy of the game,


they can trade in the game at retail, sell it to another person,


lend it to a friend, keep it forever. PS4 won't require you to


check in online. We feel that it's not necessary to provide a degree


of consumer enjoyment for the machine and at worse it runs the


risk of being somewhat obtrusive. Finally Nintendo invited


journalists to a low key briefing, outlining plans for a turnaround of


the WiiU's fortunes, a state of affairs that Nintendo seems to be


in confessional mood about. Well we all know that software sells


hardware, and we just unfortunately haven't been able to deliver a


strong enough software line-up to really drive sales for launch,


however the good news is that we are showcasing today an amazing


line up of amazing software that you can only play on Wii-U. Ninty's


strategy for success seems to involve launching fans favourite


titles such as Mario Kart 8 and Donkey Kong tropical freeze for


WiiU later this year. So all of the major players now their cards on


the table, however in the battle for home console dominance it's


still not completely clear which company will emerge victorious. All


the big announcements from this you's S3. Someone who has been


following developments as avidly is Chris Grant, a gaming editor.


It a very much sounds like, or the two giant, Sony has won this one


hands-down. It is not necessarily what they will do long term, but in


terms of performance, the theatre of the press conference, hands down.


Unarguable. Soni one. Standing ovations. The most brutal thrashing


I've just seen in a decade. In the hours after Microsoft's press


conference, Sony thought that the you put the problems were to


address and they would kick them when they were down. I cannot


imagine them being that nimble. That is impossible to imagine.


of the other big talking points was the price of the consoles. We now


there will that the XBox One is $100 cheaper -- $100 to do.


Nintendo traditionally sells a chipper device. Are any of these


consuls too highly priced? For new console lunches, they are all


within normal prices. They got down in time. They are already


subsidised. Microsoft and Sony are paying more to build it. You get in


a subsidised box. With Sony, the PlayStation 4 comes with the


PlayStation 4. In XBox One, it comes to the Kinect. 1 Wii U, it is


a current generation console. Sony does not have any of these


peripheral. You get the controller and the box and that is it. That


means they can ride this line of $400. Do you think the Wii U really


is dead in the water? There is a rule about Nintendo, never count


them out. They also have the Virtual Boy. Maybe you can count


that out. We talk about these big manufacturers, Soni, Microsoft and


Nintendo, but there are other platforms coming out based on


Android. Should we be thinking about the wider range? That is


where Microsoft is looking. It is about things like apple TV and the


stripping boxes hooked up to your television. -- Apple TB. --


streaming. What will be do with television? Will it be a gaming


console? We are seeing a lot of Android-powered consul devices. It


remains to be seen if they will have any consumer power. They need


games and the need killer apps. Once they get them, it is


attractive. You can get a lot of games you don't see other consoles.


They can be cheaper. At the moment, there is no problem with console


gaming. That you for your time and your thoughts. What have you seen


that has caught your interest? The big consols of the smaller players?


Get in touch. Next up, the other It follows leaks suggesting the US


government is looking on communications networks. Meanwhile


some of the biggest names are pressuring Washington to reveal


more about its request for users' information, with Google insisting


that security services have no back door to its surveyors was top


Facebook is to start making hashtags clickable.


It follows other services that allows users to add a hash tag in


front of words to make it easier for you to other users to find


similar comments. Results in Facebook will include those outside


a social circle. Finally, Samsung is about to start


selling a smartphone with a powerful ten times optical zoom


lens. The Galaxy S four can magnify whatever users set their sights on


without losing any of its 60 mega pixel resolution.


-- 16. Welcome back to the expo in Los


Angeles. As we mentioned earlier, E3 is not the only technology event


making headlines. By coincidence, Apple has scheduled its worldwide


development conference for exactly the same time. It is a few hundred


miles north in San Francisco. More details on Apple'sUp and look.


First up, a software overhaul. Design guru Jony Ive gave us a


sneak peak of iOS 7, the new operating system for Apple's mobile


devices. It sports a more transparent design complete with


eyebending parallax effects to give the illusion of depth when you tilt


your phone. As well as looking all layer-y, the revamp included some


Android-esque touches. Like a fresh way to multi-task with a swipe to


switch between apps and a swipe up Control Center for quick access to


settings. Siri, Apple's voice activated digital assistant...


what can I do for you? ..can now tell you what your friends have


been saying on Twitter, access Wikipedia and search through


Microsoft's Bing. Disruptive news came in the form of iTunes Radio.


This free app streams playlists inspired by genres or bands. You


can even make them yourself. It joins a raft of music services


released this year. Think Pandora or Spotify with a Quickfire route


to purchasing tracks in iTunes. And in a triumphant "it's not a bug,


it's a feature" fanfare, apps finally update to the latest


version automatically. Also, the app store's become location-aware,


suggesting the popular apps that might be useful where you are.


While a test version of iOS 7 is now available for developers,


everyone else will get access this autumn. As well as mobile devices,


laptops and desktops got a software refresh with OS Ten Mavericks. For


those wondering, it's not a cat like the others, it's the name of a


beach. Updates include better task management to get more out of the


processor. Also there are now tabs in the finder window, making it


easier to cut and paste between folders and disks. Plus, files can


be tagged with keywords as well. Great for Getting Things Done


enthusiasts! Onto the hardware. The new MacBook Air packed in more


graphics capability and for once the outer design wasn't thinner or


lighter, it looks pretty much like the last model. Not so for the


revolutionary design of the new Mac Pro computer. It was revealed in an


ad reminiscent of the auto industry. Boasting ports galore on the back,


potentially 12 processing cores inside this machine, it's squarely


or should that be roundly aimed at the power user. Speed was the


buzzword, with talk of twice the processing power of the last model


and solid state storage instead of those outdated spinning hard drives.


Its design is certainly bold, prompting comparisons to Darth


Vader and...a bin. Whilst the Pro enjoyed positive attention from the


web this week, initial reactions to the iPhone's makeover were mixed,


with some noting similarities with rival Android's OS.


Also this declaration that the company has not lost its edge.


Cannot innovate any more, my ass. It is clear that Apple is keeping


at least one eye on the competition. What you think of the new look?


Drop us a line. Meanwhile back at E3, a reminder from Disney that not


all video games are about guns, zombies and exploding vets. A


reminder that not all technology revolves around video games, as we


go to Webscape. Most people have trouble


remembering where they left important paperwork, especially if


they have put it away somewhere very safe. But what if you have a


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documents from any connected device makes it very convenient if an


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insurance policy details. Security wise, it seems as tight as any


other good cloud servers, and meets UK data protection standards. But


like many other aspects of life, there is never a total guarantee of


security. It can also remind you when a policy is up for renewal,


and there is a quick comparison tool for UK residents, although you


are not committed to using it, and the service is open to people all


over the world if you only want to store policies.


There are enough if it distracting apps out there to fill several


courts, but what if you are looking specifically to train for a


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That's it from Click at E3, but it has been the world's biggest video


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