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in the next week. It is now time for Click that works


luck -- that looks like an Ever get the feeling you are not


alone? This week, Click meets the hackers to break into your system


with your permission. A after the big video console


announcements last week, we check out the smaller alternatives hoping


to level the playing field. And we seek out the detective's


both -- spotting the Photoshop fakes.


All that plus the latest techniques and a network for any parent


striving to get the right amount of technology into your children's


Welcome to Quit. If you have been hacked... You can go now. Just my


personal haka. If you have been hacked, it generally means that


someone uninvited is watching your computer's every move. There is


another side to hacking, where companies actually invite people to


test their differences. It is called penetrance and testing. We


have been to stop, and London to -- Stockholm and London to take a


closer look at the people being paid to hack.


Hacking, often illustrated by anonymous, lingering typing shots


like these. Scaremongering stories abound of just how easy it is to


tap into your precious information. Hacking doesn't necessarily just


mean the bad guys, though. Other hackers try to defend our data. So,


what actually happens during the Battle beneath that the weather's


trickle surface? I have come to Stockholm to need a company who


This is a grand old building, certainly not the place I would


expect to find lots of gadgets. Now this is what I imagined an ethical


hacking company's headquarters would look like. Welcome to the


security operation centre. This company looks out for over 70


clients, monitoring the website for potential attacks. Each screen


shows different data, from attack rates in the last day or so to a


visualised world map where each circle represents the region of a


potential attack. Operators handle around 1,700 alerts daily and


attempted invasions can come from anyone. You have Brendon kids on


the internet. They are not usually skilled, but they will find the


most obvious form abilities -- vulnerabilities. Then we will have


slightly more experienced people. That is when you cross into


hacktivists. They might dislike your company or they will put in


more effort to try and make you look bad or still your data. Then


we have the category of competitors wanting to steal your data. With


all these threats it is to pinning -- tending to think that ethical


hacking companies and the monitor and defending sides. There is


another side. Organisers ask them to have a go at stealing their data.


A lot of companies that compromised from within. You have rogue traders


in the bank's. They start trading for and a fake authorisation from


their bosses. They are harder to mitigate against because all it


takes is a fake e-mail. Working out how attackers might breach a system


means penetration testers need to think like the malicious hackers


they try to stop. Consequently, they know the tricks of the trade.


I asked Bjorn to show me. I found a web for mobility on this side that


I can use to inject code into the side. I can add a malicious applet


to the site that you can view later on. Do worry, this site has been


specially built for the demo. He into some innocent tax on and


online forum, but tax am not so innocent code onto the end. It


exploits a vulnerability on the side. When his terminal tells him I


am there, he can look through my files, turn on the microphone or


even at divide the webcam. In short, he can do anything remotely that I


can do for my keyboard. You can combat the sort of attack by making


sure you are using the latest version of your browser and keep


your Java plug-in updated. Of course, running up-to-date anti-


Now, you are unlikely to give your PIN number out to just anyone in


real life or on the Web, but malicious hackers use something


called social engineering to extract our data that way. Testers


also use this technique to discover if the company they are


investigating is vulnerable to it. I need some help of. I am trying to


log into error would nail application and I cannot seem to


get this to work. It sounds brutal believable. It works by relying on


a very human trade to want to help someone in need. Very often, this


persuasive approach is used in conjunction with technology to


create an almost irresistible urge to collect. You will probably have


received something like this before. An e-mail designed to get you to


click on a link and if you do it could compromise your computer's


security. It is called a phishing e-mail. To be honest, you'll have


your suspicions about quitting this one. Here at Trustwave, a central


London company, this man showed me a much subtler phishing technique


which works even if you have a fully patch computer. I am used


ding -- using software called before. We can track the victim to


enter their credentials. Essentially it is the programme


that does the social engineering. Fake details go straight to the


hacker's desktop. If you're not sure about a short mink, a website


link them are like longurl.org can trade -- can tell you where it is


headed by extending it for you. Think about having one password for


social site and another fort site which access sensitive data. Most


people in the industry are keen to point out that attempting and or


achieving systems access without permission is generally against the


law, but assuming consent has been given, what happens if, and more


likely when, testers breach companies' defences? There has been


some very surprised people at the other end of the phone. When you


were doing a test of the internet, there is sometimes an expectation


that he will only get surface deeper. Quite often it is the case


that they might be a Web server at the prominent -- promoter. As part


of the process we will punch a hole further down into the corporate


network by chaining different vulnerabilities and exploits


together. Eventually we will find ourselves with the keys to the


kingdom. A can a company ever guarantee the security of our data


if we can access it in the outside world? Balancing the need to deny


impersonators with the genuine users' need for access is where the


battle continues. Of course, the main message in all


of this is if you're not entirely sure about what you're clicking on,


don't click on it. Next up is this week's attack news.


Microsoft has made a dramatic U- turn over its decision to impose


restrictions on brio and gains on its new Xbox One console. On a not


-- in an online statement, the company said the new console will


now not need to connect to Microsoft's service for


authentication every 24-hour and that physical copies of games,


whether they be second-hand or brand new, will play on any a Xbox


One if that against this is in the machine's drain. The move comes


after Microsoft came under increasing pressure from press and


fans concerned about digital rights management.


It is time for another world's finessed smartphone. This time from


Huawei. The Ascend P6 is just over six millimetres thick. It features


a higher resolution than normal five megapixel forward-facing


camera. A feature called Instant Beauty support is supposed to


reduce wrinkles and blends skin tones to create a more flattering


picture. Something that could be achieved with a low-quality camera.


Finally, if you are sick of being stuck in traffic on your daily


commute, why not take to the sky? Dubbed the Paravelo, this British


bike down aircraft works by combining an everyday folding


bicycle with a trailer fitted with a very powerful fan and a Paris


sale. It is not quite as easy as riding a bike, but the inventor's


insisted is in -- it is portable enough to take apart and carrying


two and Office. Capable of reaching 4,000 feet at the speed of 25mph it


is truly a hair-raising experience. Last week we were at the E3 video


games conference in LA, where the source Sony, Microsoft and


Nintendo's flooded out in the next generation console war. -- Nintendo


are slugging it out. These days the battle lines are not as clear as


they used to be because there are other contenders to be gaining


ground. Welcome to the new playing-field in


gaming. This, for example, is a $99 Android Micra console. It is


designed to get you playing smartphone like games in your


living room. The logic is simple - take on the likes of Sony,


Microsoft and Nintendo by luring into the home of the fast


multiplying new breed of game as, once weaned on far cheaper, but of


the compelling titles. The big question, will enough cash will


gain this want to play the more basic fodder on their 42 inch


television? Another salvo on the interview --


living room is the PC in a box brigade. It will sit in your living


room and walked up to the big screen. Due for launch later this


year, they will be running high- spec PC games. They are potentially


easily upgrade double. -- upgrade doubled.


There are even devices that can combine both of those ideas. This


is a consort with two main purposes. The first is to act as a gaming


system on a controller. It is a five inch high-definition screen.


At the moment it is running Android. You have access to all of your


normal applications, but a quick press a button and it takes you to


its core purpose, which is to play games. Gaming is what this device


is all about. It is being powered underneath the controller by a big


graphics processor which has been specifically optimised for gaming


in a way that your normal smartphone or tablet simply


wouldn't be. And you get details like lighting and shadows, which


make for a visually richer experience. Its other purpose in


life is to stream games directly from your PC. The company has


traditionally made hardware that lie in a computer. What if you want


to onto the yourself from that and play those games in a different


room? Over wi-fi you can simply string those games using the


graphical grant of your PC onto the screen here. If you are in your


living room you can stream directly out of here on to your flat-screen


TV. The biggest feature about this kind of device is that it is truly


portable. You have an entry experience on the bus and train


which isn't just on your smart find. $350, it is not cheap. It is more


expect -- more expensive than the PlayStation data, but gains will be


a lot cheaper. Maybe from $1 upwards. One thing is clear, this


is just the first in a new breed of devices that will help create a


much richer, more varied landscape Do you think the hybrid model will


appeal? Let us know. Week still place incredible faith


in photographs to prove that what we say happens happens. The irony


being that it has never been easier to Dr an image digitally. But


technology has a habit of catching up with even the most audacious


tricksters. We have been meeting those who investigate whether


photographs are a fact or fiction. On show in Geneva, the false Fakes


Exhibition of photographs that are not what they seem. They Michael


Clarke documents of our time, but they are staged, manipulated,


doctored. If I told to the camera does not quite, I would be fibbing.


With all this photograph of bakery going on, you would think by now we


would be able to tell the difference. The problem is, we are


being played. We cannot tell the difference. TRANSLATION: I asked


for so hop from one of the exhibition curators. He suggested


that if someone is spent on deceiving us, they will probably


succeed. TRANSLATION: What is complicated is when a big company


sets out to manipulate us. They employ complicated strategies that


are hard for us to fix, even if we are educated. We might expect


images in a gallery to be manipulated. But with programmes,


anyone can distort reality. Much to the dismay of insurance companies


dealing with claims based on photographic evidence. So what can


you do? You can go to certain companies in the US to -- for


Europe. They can tell if an image has been tampered with or


completely transformed. We have a number of mathematical and


computational methods which analyse pixel values in digital photographs


or videos. We can search for some kind of inconsistency in them. This


way, we're able to highlight if some part of the photograph or a


video has been tampered with. us say you wanted to change a birth


certificate. The most famous is the US President. Recently sent out by


the White House to stop the controversy. It is easy enough to


alter ripped so the President appears to have been born in


Nairobi. But this highlights the dodgy area. This is the original


one and this is the photograph. software examines the data and


shows a week compression of the original. There are some periodic


artifacts, some holes. Doctoring photographs has a long and glorious


history. Here are some from the archives. You know what it is like


to invite to her friends and which some of them have not turned up. He


is Chairman Mao and his diminishing entourage, Mussolini looking more


heroic and more recently, Nicholas Sarkozy doing away with his muffin


top. This is real, isn't it? Here are internet parodies of Iran's


missile launch. It is a growing field, with applications for


anybody who needs to know if an image is true. Cameras can lie, but


now there is a lie detector. The false Fakes Exhibition is on


back to Geneva's Centre of photography until 28th July.


According to a recent survey, children start using the internet


on average at the age of three. As the parents of a three-year old, I


find that truly terrifying. If you are in a similar situation, you


need to check out a social network dedicated to parenting in the


digital age. It cannot be easy being a parents


in a world where everything seems to be connected to the internet and


needs charging up overnight. You're a kid's batteries never run out.


Curious parents can get some support at a new social platform


where you can talk to experts and other concerned parents about the


risks and opportunities presented by technology today. I get sent a


lot of new and amazing social platforms to consider for review.


Most of which offered nothing new and are not particularly amazing.


If you want it to succeed, it has to have something different.


Otherwise, what is the point? For me, this one has hit the nail on


the head with its focus on parenting in the digital age.


Clipping tools are an essential part of an organised online life.


This might be interesting to people, it is a dedicated food application.


It lets you explore a feast of delicious content. If you have ever


found yourself at a random restaurant that happens to serve


the best spicy chicken wings you have ever tasted, but cannot


remember where it was, this is for you. Take a picture, use the


location had end when you're in the Lots of people share their


photographs online. But are you giving away the rights your


creativity. Make sure you're i P his coverage and earn some extra


cash by putting your images on this website. A new co-operative.


Photography, where people can buy and sell high-quality images they


nicely presented market place. The problem with this kind of website


is that they are usually pretty stingy. We have looked at some in


the past. Not so with this one. If your photograph is sold, you get


50% of the standard licence-fee and the extended licences for 100% to


the photographer. Not only that, registered artists get a share with


the company profits. It is a trickle whopper to. Your work is


going to have to be of the pretty high standard to get listed. But


you never know until you try. -- it is a true co-operative.


Dave Prins new music discovery application launched this week that


last year which are friends or those you follow are listening to


right now. It is free for iPhone an Road. You can also set the data for


the local area. Assuming you are connected to people with good taste,


this could be the new revolution in music discovery.


Wimbledon 2013 starts on Monday. BBC Sport will be acing the digital


coverage this year with the most comprehensive line-up of life and


on-demand content. Up to 10 streams will be served through the Web,


connected televisions, tablets, a new mobile site and connected


applications. You could never miss another ball. Sadly, we cannot


guarantee Andy Murray will make the final.


Thank you. If you would like to suggest a website for future


application, please e-mail us. You'll also find us on Twitter and


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