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in Pakistani. -- Pakistan. It is not from Click.


Gambling, gaming and grooming. Isn't it about time that you ask your


children about the dangers of the Too much, too young and too worried


about what their parents will say when they tell them about it. This


week, Click takes a look at what bothers children online.


London gets its chance to join the maker movement as we explore what


geeks can do with a bit of time on their hands.


And we will meet the man who believes his video games are worth


every penny. How many pennies is after you. -- is up to you. Also,


the most memorable day of your life from every conceivable angle.


Welcome to click . Ask any parent and they will be fixated on


shielding their children from the Congress of the Internet. Just as


much as children are focused on immersing themselves online. We


assume that children do not have the first clue on what is safe online.


But do they? We have been looking at some groundbreaking research that is


asking the kids would bothers them online.


If the Internet were a babysitter, you would not let it anywhere near


your house, let alone your kids. And yet we parked our children online


where they can end up enduring pop up pornography and violence.


Recently, headlines have been dominated by the availability of


images of child abuse. Feeding the fantasies of those who have gone on


to commit acts of abuse. We have got to get the volume of the images


down. We have got to get the number of people accessing them down. We


will never do it through conventional police methods. We need


better measures. Project on by the government, British Internet service


providers plan to block images of abuse. Some cite Google are donating


cash to organisations and developers tackling illegal content. These are


real, concrete measures. The emphasis on images of child abuse,


stranger danger, is obscuring other child online safety issues.


Researchers at the London School of Economics hit on the idea of asking


kids themselves what bothered them online. The survey 9-16 -year-olds


across 25 European countries. the things we asked was to tell us


in their own words what upset report that about what they saw the


Internet. Pornography was absolutely the number one concern. Quite


closely followed by violent content. The research does make difficult


reading. Children's innocent playtime intruded by very adult


content. But the news is not all bad. Childnet, which gives training


in online safety, sent me off to Willingdon Boys School. I sat in on


an IT course. The kids here have had a lot of help in how to negotiate


difficulties on the net. They know what they like and what to do when


they find something they do not. There are teacher is careful to


point out that they are never far away from something that they


perhaps do not want to see. They understand that terminology of just


two clicks away from seeing something unsuitable. That could be


anything. It could be nudity, a website that is to alter them. There


is gambling, dating websites. There should not be exposed to them.


are some technical fixes. In the end, however, it is really hard to


rein in a curious mind. Sometimes they are looking for something a bit


edgy, a bit experimental. And they find more than they bargained for.


Even if teenagers are looking for something, it does not mean they are


ready for what they find. To who should kids turn? Parents, friends?


I just close the window and tell my parents. If it is something like a


rude message that comes up to me in my e-mail, I just talk to them.


does not really affect me mentally. We just ignore it and do not think


about it. My mum and dad are getting stricter and stricter. Sometimes


when I want to go on Facebook, it says that the pages blocked. I tend


to just ignore it. We teach them to tell a trusted adult. That could be


myself as a teacher, it could be another teacher. It could be a


parent or a friend. Whoever their trust. Some people do not want to


speak to their mother or father about it, because it is


embarrassing. They want to speak to someone who will understand and not


whether top instantly. If they feel that the parent is going to


overreact, they will protect their privacy. They want to protect their


communication space. But they want somebody. Most say they would like


to be a parent or sibling. Anything that parents can do to make it a


non- judgemental conversation is going to be a benefit. Challenging


content bothers younger children, inappropriate contact upsets older


kids. But the value in the research is that underlining parents will be


hard to ban things online, but people can talk about it.


Now it is over to you. We would like to hear from parents and children


alike. What concerns you more? Content or contact? You can e-mail


us. Next up, this week's tech news. Yuan has launched its own national


e-mail service. Requiring each adult citizen with a postcode to sign up.


Many users are worried that the service will give the government


easy access to the data and increase its stranglehold on the Internet. In


won has attempted to block international e-mail providers and


other digital services in the past. It imposes one of the world 's most


strict international filters. The co-founder of Pirate Bay is planning


a totally secure a rival to a message. Hemlis, which means a


secret in Swedish, will use encrypted messaging. He says he is


making it in response to the government spying on user data.


However, Apple and WhatsApp say that users are already fully encrypted.


The investment target has been met through crowd funding in just two


days. An application has been provided that can alert patients to


infection before it becomes a problem. The nappies change colour


when they become soiled. Once scanned, they can provide data that


can whatever you're an infection is looming. The couple behind the


invention are attempting to raise $20-$50000.


The Duke of York is the first member of the Royal family to have a


Twitter account. It has been verified. A long-time embrace of


technology, according to a spokesperson, the prince hopes it


will let people know what he is doing.


A lot has been made recently of the new videogame consoles. And the big


budget titles that are set to push the graphics to the limit. These


games could cost upwards of �20 million to develop. It is no


surprise the players are sometimes charged �40 for a copy. But not all


games need to cost a fortune to make. Small, independent stooges can


sometimes come up with innovative new games at a fraction of the cost.


The question is, how much would you pay?


Flashback ten years and you could be forgiven for thinking that


Blockbuster gaming was the future. But with the rise of the smartphone,


everyone has now got an indie games console in their pocket. As a


result, the indie games market has exploded. It's like Minecraft are


challenging the big boys. Maybe there could be something to this


business after all. One company that is flying the flag in the games


developers everywhere is Humble Indie Bundle. They let you pick your


price for collections of indie games. You have got to put in at


least a penny, but if you pay more than average you get extra perks to


an end. -- thrown in. You can also choose how your money is to be


dubbed. -- divvied up. In contrast to the studios, almost all the games


have no copy protection. They are a DRM-free. With over $30 million in


sales so far, it is looking like a what you want could possibly be onto


something. I caught up with the guys behind it. One of the things that


always strikes me with these pay what you want ideas, something that


red had tried a furious ago, a lot of people are going to pay the


minimum. Do you find that? One of the big distinctions of what we do


is that we have a minimum. It changes the consumer's press pack.


The first decision is, am I willing to pay or not? If they are, they are


trying to encourage to feel good about what they are paying. The


charity is an intrinsic part of that. As a human being, you will see


what other people are paying and are influenced like that. ' or are


provided without digital protection. Why did you decide to do that?


mentality was that if you are not willing to pay a penny for the game,


you're not willing to pay the game. I was pretty excited about playing


in the soft title. I did not have my account. As a paying customer, I was


not able to play the game. That is the crux of what we were trying to


avoid. When you started including the big titles, the older titles, I


am sure the houses that developed those really reacted against any


kind of copy protection. That was a bit of a fight. It was the first


time we had anything with DRM. into resting for the retailers.


You're asking people what they think it is worth. I can best always


surprises us with their generosity. -- are a fan base. Good luck with


it. Continue being humble. If you make something into resting


and unconventional, chances are it will be shown. And so-called maker


affairs have been popping up around the world to give people a chance to


sell us their stock. We have been to the first minute to make a fairer.


Maker Faire is more than a group of people showing off home-grown


technology, it has become an international technology. Seven


years after its inception in San Francisco, where else, it is time


for London to hold this quirky take on a county fair. London's many


Maker Faire is less of an exhibition and more offered international


experience. For example, I cannot get in before I make my own name


badge. I'd better get to work. Not exactly cutting edge but the great


illustration of the ethos behind the culture. It is and more about


attitude. Also, I willingness to give it a try. 1000 attendees of all


ages and pocket size, the business is booming. I asked one man to


explain the appeal. As consumers, we buy products that people have solved


all the problems for. Sometimes it does not do everything you want. If


online. There are amazing online communities for this stuff. There is


a definite correlation between making things and making noise. From


renovated kids toys rigged up to make what can only be described as


contemporary music to the vegetable synthesiser. This uses something


called a Makey Makey device, crocodile clips at each end, but one


end to the board and the other end to anything even slightly


conductive. It uses a programming language Scratch to make the noises.


If you don't like vegetables? Try a banana. This is where the seemingly


frivolous becomes relevant. The technology becomes the basis for a


customised experience. The perfect example of this is the 3D printing


revolution. It is tailor made. This 3-D printer is hooked up to


Minecraft, the popular game. With the help of an Esker, we're going to


build something. -- an expert. We take the BBC local and print it out


from Minecraft world into the real world. Alyssa is quite a bit better


at Minecraft than I am. Once the design is built, pressing a button


inside the world sends it to the printer. Six or seven minutes later,


the finished version. Downstairs sees the rise of the machines


courtesy of the RepRap community. They use the 3-D printers to make


other 3D printing is. Those lime green bits have been printed. They


also make other things. Today marks her second attempt to 3D printing


bust of computer legend Alan Turing by the end of the day. We have had


one attempt. We are doing a lot better today. The fact is, they can


print whatever they want down here. But enough printers material, the


culture fits making something to your requirements. The potential to


make custom things. Everything can be one. No one needs to have


something that is the same. It is amazing for applications like


medicine. No two people are the same. If you need to hip


replacement, your clipboard be the same as someone else's. With 3D


printing is, you can get a custom hip. If you fancy organising your


own Maker Faire, you can -- organising your own Maker Faire, you


can get in touch. I wanted to make sure that we had a Maker Faire here.


I did not know how to start. I e-mailed a few people that might be


interested. It is learning something new. I never used to be able to do


electronics or engineering or anything like that. My skill set


comes from a creative perspective. lot of the trends on display here


are home-made. You can see the innovation and are behaviour around


it when you look past the DIY. We are capable of shaping our own


future. If she can make it they are, she can make it anywhere. Onto web


Skip know. If you have ever been married, if you still are, you will


know that your wedding day is the most photographed the off your life.


If you can't afford the often expensive wedding photographer, what


some of my friends have done in the past is to make an album out of the


best snaps that their guests have taken. The problem is getting hold


of all those photos from all those different people can be just like


herding cats. Kate Russell has an application for that. Not herding


cats, collecting wedding pictures! Brides always look beautiful, but


often it is the informal photos that capture the really precious moments.


At the back pics .com, you can make your own private space to invite


wedding guests to share all their photos from the day so that you can


make sure you save the very best of them to create the perfect album to


share. -- at Wedpics.com. Guests with an iPhone or Android handset


can download the application and get access to a real-time sharing are


commentating network during the special day. Not ideal for everyone


to be tapping away on their phones throughout the ceremony but a great


way to make sure you can share in any chitchat at the woods. Those


that the smart phone can upload their photos and view the album


through your browser. You can download and print invitation cards


and posters with instructions free of charge. But some high-quality


options available if you want to pay. -- printed options. For a


totally different perspective on life, Google Earth is hard to match.


Plan of attack .com have been experimenting with ways to play with


this amazing 3-D model of the four years and have a stunning collection


of toys to shore for their efforts. -- Planetinaction.com. From mapping


the tides in the oceans, what this company does mapping together other


people 's immense collections of data is truly mind blowing and


really quite beautiful. -- from crossing the mountains. I found the


shipping sim little sketchy to control and instructions are scant


to say the least but this application to visualise the tidal


flows around the world using data collected by NASA's perpetual ocean


study last year is fascinating and beautiful in equal measure. A free


Android app, don't touch, takes a novel approach to security by making


a large alarm noise when the handset is disturbed. -- Don't Touch My


Droid! It has a set of abrasive alarms which are set off if your


phone is disturbed by anyone. As well as being a great security


feature, you can use this application to keep your friends in


check on a fun night out. You know the type, you leave your phone on


the table, go to the bathroom and come back and find they have text is


your boss or set your interface language to Japanese. You can also


use it for extra security in old Eldon by propping your up against


the door at night or placed under your phone at dinner, it could let


you someone is trying to steal it. It easy to deactivate at it is an


instant deterrent is someone who was not expecting your phone to start


shouting at them. It could just do the trick. YouSendIt Is changing its


name to Hightail to reflect a move away from a simple file transfer


service to more complete client operating with signature features


for some customers. It has 43 million users and has been announces


2004. For the time being, you can still find it at YouSendIt .com. And


another intriguing automation for your Android was released this week.


Snap cat is an add-on to the IM app we looked at a few weeks ago. It is


a dancing. On your screen to encourage cats to tap it and take a


self photograph. I don't know of my cats are camera shy or just a bit


dim but I did not have much joy getting them to play. Maybe he is


just getting ready for his close-up. Thank you, Kate. Kate Russell's web


skip. Those links are on the website along with everything else you have


seen today and our entire archive. If you would like to comment on


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