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been designated a national day of prayer. More on the website. Also


more on the storms affecting the UK. Now on BBC News, it's time for


Click. Copying music is so last decade.


I've copied the music player and I think I have the scale of wrong.


I've copied the music player and I think I have the scale of wrong ``


of it. This week on Click, copy anything,


any time. We weighed into the battle over how to protect objects from the


3D printing pirates. Pick a card, any card, but we will get our hands


on the one card Mac that wants to replace them all. And if you are


Christmas shopping and thinking of buying a tablet, we will provide all


you need to know. Plus, the latest tech news and some of the most


mouthwatering web fodder we have seen to date.


Welcome to Click. And welcome to London's West End, where, if you


hadn't noticed, it's Christmas! And it has been its mid`November. Down


these streets, every designer goods you could ever want and almost


afford. But what if you wanted your giant bottle of perfume but you


didn't want to pay for it? What if instead you could wander into the


store, take a few photos of it and use them to create your own copy for


absolutely nothing? This expensive designer bottle will


be much easier to replicate. Those 3D printing is we have been talking


about print out ornaments. Earlier this year, we showed you how to take


photos of the subject and turn them into a 3D CAD file which can be


manipulated or 3D entered which means, in theory, designer goods can


be copied to millimetre precision. And who's to stop you?


Certainly not this guy. Cody Wilson rose to notoriety when he designed


and 3D printing his own gun and then fired it. He was then named by wired


back magazine as 15 of the most dangerous people in the world, as he


made those plans available online. `` Wire magazine. I wasn't


interested in the technology but I was interested in doing that. If


it's going to be revolutionary, let's see you do something. But this


comes from maybe even a generational dissatisfaction with the state of


thing. `` things. We thought, could we get to even think we could do it?


It was stupid to think we could do it but we did it. Cody has moved on


to developing software to further an honour might bitcoin transactions to


what he calls dark wallet. He is also working on a project called


death CAD which puts 3D CAD files online to search and download for


free. A kind of Pirate Bay and 3D free. A kind of Pirate Bay and 3D


printing. People will provide the files you demand. Just like in


Pirate Bay, people will leave comments, this is a good file. There


will be services that validate files for you. Unqualified, yes. The music


and movie industries have been fighting online piracy for years


with limited success. Decisions like Metallica are famously campaigning


against copyright infringement. But Cody can't see who would fight such


a battle against the 3D thinking pirates. What's that Metallica


moment? Who will sue us for using parts? I don't see an aggressive


prosecution happening for people sharing such files. It's less


narrow. I don't see there being as unified front for people attacking


it. Companies can now printing multiple materials to make objects


like this one piece camera. 3D systems launched two new printers


this week, showcasing this technology. Exciting times for


companies and consumers. The era were many `` the time when we can


print out even collocated products at home is not far away. And as this


technology becomes more available, companies are already exploring ways


to fight those 3D pilots. `` pirates. An iTunes Store or treaties


designs, this company has found a way to make that happen. The CEO


showed us Sendshapes, its new product for transferring files. We


found this Spotify for 3D printing. It allows you to get the design in a


way that is protected but it allows you to use the printer in any other


way you see fit. We won't stop you from is `` anything else. Senders


select the design file, and to the recipient's e`mail address and then


start the transfer. In our case, recipient's e`mail address and then


start the transfer. In our case, that file is then shared with the


person who print any more. It's uploaded to our service and we


prepare it for the print on our servers and then we sent that


design, literally line by line, into the printer. That way, the user


never receives the image of the design, all he sees is a progress


bar. And at the end, the Finnish `` finished product. Currently, these


are the closest thing to 3D marketplaces. The idea of printing


anything you want is mind`boggling. But the reality doesn't quite live


up to the hype. There are plenty of 3D files for trinkets but not a lot


of useful objects. With the exception of the miniature Titus. ``


tartis. Most of us want to print more than bunny figurines but many


designers are reluctant to release their designs into the wild.


Just as pirated movies pop up on a torrent, so good prior treat 3D


design. A 3D scan it could be used to duplicate the copyrighted


object. If you think about what happens with videos right now, you


Tube videos are generally organised. `` YouTube. You have a small pixel


that changes colour. You can do something similar in 3D printing.


Apply a watermark to the finished object that cannot be reversed.


Experts say that could be a challenge. How do you in bed


verification codes in the process that allow for the end user to


verify things are correct, even though they have passed through the


hands of people, you may have an incentive to switch things out or do


things in a not correct way? It's just a lot of encryption map. If you


do it well, I don't think it's impossible but it's a novel problem.


Authentise will have to out an over its condition. Layer by Layer By


Layer launched an online store where designers can sell their 3D where's


securely, although again the items are more fun than functional. ``


Layer By Layer. This site aims to secure users but users must secure a


hardware site. It might hinge on partnerships with the right


companies. Hardware, parts and toy stores come to mind. If it are


conscious that, it may even help the shift towards more localised


manufacturing. Got Lego loving kids? Then you know how panic sets in when


a crucial block, like this one, goes missing. But if you can buy a 3D


file of this precious purple piece from the manufacturing and printed


at home, you can have a replacement in one hour, instead of waiting


days. Technology that prevents toddler tantrums? I'll take it. A


broken dispenser can render a dishwasher useless but this plastic


part would easily be 3D printing. And that's just the start. The


killer 3D printing application might be the one we have yet to dream up.


Imagining a 3D future that is changing very rapidly. Talking of


which, time to take a look at this week's tech news.


More than 2 million passwords, used for sites like Facebook and Yahoo,


have been stolen and posted online. It is believed a criminal gang


harvested the material online but no one knows how all the passwords are


and security experts have again reminded people to use different


passwords for different sites and change them regularly. The world's


first E Ink jewel screen smartphone has been launched by `` in Russia.


The phone has one conventional LCD display and a second E Ink screen,


allowing users to see the information they want without having


to wait the phone up. Experts say it should significantly improve battery


life. A British company has shown off a prototype machine of stopping


cars and other vehicles using electromagnetic waves. The device


uses radiofrequency pulses to confuse the vehicle's electronic


systems, cutting its engine. The manufacturer says the system could


be used by the military or police. Amazon Instant it wants to replace


the friendly post it with these octocopters, which would deliver


your orders from above. `` postie. That was announced in one of the


biggest `` busiest shopping days of the year. But it has captured the


imagination of Google, which has acquired several robotics companies


in the last few months. One is Industrial Perception, outfitted to


hide this robot. I wonder if it could get a job as an airport


baggage hammer! `` baggage hammer. Christmas is boom


time for the shops and the great card companies, because many of us


will buy at least some of our presence using this. Maybe actually


I'll use this one. No, maxed out. All I could ditch the pocket of


cards and use just one of these instead. It's bizarrely a card


called Coin. A new kind of payment system that stores all of your


plastic cards in one. I'm going to expensive on the business card. I


just tap this button to select the right card and that's it. Your


current cards can be registered on the service by using the accompanied


scanner to Pool B details into it at. But isn't it essentially owning


a credit card? `` Pool B details. And what's to stop someone else from


pinching your card and putting it? I put that to the fount of Coin. ``


and cloning it. They entered their card into the system and we verified


information. It doesn't allow anyone else to take information using Coin.


It's actually better lock down in the US than a traditional piece of


plastic. Other banks giving you your blessing to do this? Any new


technology, when it comes out, it somewhat in the grey area. The rules


haven't been Britain for something like Coin. Those conversations will


now occur early to mid` next year, to make sure the partnerships are


solid. In fact, Coin has several security features. If the card moves


out of range of your Bluetooth smartphone, it deactivate and sound


an alarm on your handset. When it is out of your range, out of your


reach, and someone decides to skim your information, a Coin will have a


skim alarm. If it detects fraudulent activity, it will tell you. It can't


prevent it but it can detect it OK. Final question, why didn't you call


it Card? I like the name Coin because coins have been around for


ages and, to me, a representative of city. That was the call of the


company. Simplify our user's lives. I cannot wait for the day when I do


not even have to carry around one credit card. Once you saw is how you


are going to pay for your Christmas presents, next, you will need some


Christmas presents. We will be going through the tech choices for the


special people in your life, and we start with tablets.


Right now the marketplace is flooded with a number of different machines


representing different operating systems. ROM Apple, we have iOS and


its iPad, Google has its Android, which are manufactured by a whole


host of different companies, and from Microsoft, there is Windows


eight, and Windows macro `` Windows eight IT. This is the iPad Air. It


has got a 9.7 inch screen, it has gone on a bit of a diet. It weighs


less and it is slightly thinner than the machine it replaces. It comes in


two colours and four flavours. Under the skin, it has an A764 processor,


making the iPad Air is something of a portable computing powerhouse. It


is very fast for a tablet, but he still managed to get about ten hours


of juice from the batteries, which is a reasonable amount of time to go


between charges. It enjoys the best App Store. This means the most


popular apps can be found here. As it is an iPad, there are only two


ways that you can plug other things into it, one is by the headphones


socket, and the other is through the lightening port. It is also how you


charge it. If you want to use things such as ST cards, you will have to


get a fourth party per referral. That is the biggest problem it has


is price. Oligarchs will regard it as being cheap. That becomes even


more of a problem when it is compare it to some of the current crop of


ten inch Android tablets. If price is a concern, this is the huddle, a


cost`conscious Android tablet that is world spent. It does not bear the


name of a giant consumer and electronics company, but actually


comes courtesy of a store that you would normally purchase your


groceries in. Available in a range of bright colours, its soft plastic


case houses a seven inch screen, it is bright, clear and has a prewired


viewing angle as well. It comes with 16 gigs of storage as standard, and


there is a micro` ST slot. It has a quad core processor, but if you give


it too much to do, it will struggle slightly. But if you do not have too


many applications open, it is fine. You will get nine hours of the


batteries. The Google Play store is almost as jampacked as its Apple


counterpart. Tesco has made an addition to the normal experience,


with a T Buckton. It provides direct access to the supermarket's online


services. It is not the fastest tablets out there, but it is a solid


and reliable option. Our final tablet uses the Windows eight arty


operating system. It is produced by a recent Microsoft acquisition,


Nokia. It is the snappily named Lumia 2520. Nokia's take features a


full HD, 10.1 inch screen. It is a bit lighter than the other Windows


RT device to surface from Microsoft. They are more like laptops that have


had their keyboards taken away. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It


certainly has an abundance of ports and plugs. The battery is good for


ten hours as well. The tablet itself has a pre` good screen, which is


really, really bright. It is a fast and responsive device and it comes


fully loaded with Windows offers. Windows RT is not full fat. It is


not compatible with old school Windows software, which has not been


designed to work with the new style of interface. There are nearly


130,000 apps in the Windows install and new ones are on the way all the


time. It is a good tablets but it has a limited number of applications


compared to its rivals. But it is reasonably powerful and has so many


connectivity options that you can stick more things into it than a


pincushion. Next week, we will be looking at


smartphone accessories. What are the advantages of doing your Christmas


shopping in online stores. Parking is really simple. It is you're so


far. But if you are one of these crazy types, that likes to visit


real shops, you may find this handy. It is an app that helps you


find a parking space. Since we first looked at this project in April, it


has undergone rigourous testing and it is now ready to be rolled out


across much of London's west end. Once downloaded to your smart phone


or tablet, it works of data from sensors in the road, that allow you


to see where space is available. sensors in the road, that allow you


to see where space is available You can see what type of space it is and


then pay for your parking through your phone. It looks like the days


of driving around for hours on end, eyeballing fellow drivers, may


finally be over. If only somebody would actually get me a car. Of all


the online phenomena, YouTube has to be one of the most remarkable. The


figures speak for themselves. It is less than ten years old but it gets


over 1 billion visitors every month, and 100 hours of BDO are


uploaded every minute. Steve Cgeb and Chad Hurley are the guys behind


the idea. Now they have come up with a brand`new one to add to your


collection. The guys behind YouTube know their


online video. Their latest venture, a free video recording, editing and


sharing app for iPhone and Android, is no exception. It is the social


twist in the tale that sets this apart from the crowd a little. You


might have noticed that there are quite a lot of video editors around


right now, Vine, Instagram is even getting in on the action, but where


this app is different, it lets users remixed and add two videos made by


other users, so that over time, the film get a clear grows with views


from everybody's spec did. Each clip is limited to 16 seconds, but you


can record them in a string, and once shared, they can be mixed again


and stitched together. They can be up to an hour while long. To see the


full clip, I have posted it in our social streams. FIFA is not just


about the World Cup every four gears. On Friday, the draw for the


World Cup finals in Brazil took pace. To mark the occasion, the


official FIFA app was made available, free on iOS and Android.


You can now track and follow all the key moments, customising your feed


to show the results that matter to you. FIFA say it will unlock


hundreds of competitions, thousands of goals, and over 1 million minutes


of football every single week through the competition. With the


festive season now well under way, the Lambrini bodyguard app launched


this week. Use the unit counter to keep track of your booze levels,


this week. Use the unit counter to keep track of your booze levels to


keep track of your booze levels, to drink responsibly, and UK users can


tap into the get me home feature, which has information about the best


route home, including the last train or bus schedules. You can even use


it to send a message to your friends when you are leaving the party and


when you get home, just in case you have had too much fun to type it in


yourself. Now it is time to learn how to do


the perfect steak. It will change the way that you cook steak for


ever. That is just one of the tasty treat served up by TV chef Jamie


Oliver in this free channel stuffed full of great cooking videos. It is


hard not to get caught up by Jamie's outright enthusiasm for


food. The films may be free, but they are not calorie free. Be


warned. If you are feeling peckish when you sit down to watch, the stew


see irresistible dishes will have you reaching for the biscuit tin for


a quick snack. As well as delicious recipes, he reveals all of these


tastiest tips for perfect preparation and juicy joints. Let's


see what is happening on the inside. Have a look at that.


Makes me hungry just thinking about it. If you have missed any of those


links, you will find them on our website. If you would like to get in


touch about anything, email us. Things are turning a bit milder For


most of us, the weekend will be dry the cloudy. It will be added rather


drab affair but it will not be as cold or stormy as it has been over


the past 48 hours. The low pressure is well away from the UK. We had


this warm front moving in across the UK. It has brought warm air. We


still have the cold air across much of the screen north`east. The


bridges are minus in Shetland. It is still pretty cold as `` the moment.


Also the risk of icy conditions as parts of northern England and


Scotland. Still a bit of snow to come in the extreme north`east


during Saturday morning, but most places will simply be great. They


will be a


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