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following a regatta in Antiqua. At two o'clock, a full bulletin. But


now it is time to Click. Time to meet the gun but asks


questions first and shoots later. This week on Click, we will find out


why there is so much controversy over this, the smart gun that only


lets its own fire it. Imagine being able to print your own


body parts? We meet the closest to 3D printing people.


Can this teach us better bedside manner?


And some healthy options that we can all make use of.


Welcome to Click. Many of the products that we use every day


acquire the time smart thanks to the addition of new technology from


smart fabrics that reacts to the environment to smartphones that our


pocket computers. But adding the word smart to firearms is bound to


cause controversy. We have travelled to Germany to discover the smart


gun. The iP1 is a tutu calibre handgun,


which differs in a major way from other firearms. This is a


21st`century handgun. It contains 21st century technology. Inside it


is a Radio`frequency identification chip. That communicates with this


watch. The watch is more than 40 centimetres away from the gun, begun


simply will not fire. This has been designed by German company Armatix


as a safety feature. First of all, only the owner is able to use the


gun. If the gun is lost or stolen, nobody else can use the gun. Or in


case of the policemen getting involved in a fistfight and takes


away your gun, this particular bad guy can aim at the policemen, but


will not be able to shoot at the policemen. The watch is activated


with a code and can be programmed to limit the duration of the time it


allows the gun to fire. A colour`coded LED on the back of the


gun displays its condition. The blue light shows that the magazine is


still missing. With a red light, the watch is requested. Once the watch


is inside the range, it switches to green mode. I can shoot the gun. I


am invited to try out a separate add`on that can be plugged into the


iP1. It will only allow the gun to fire if it is pointed in a


particular direction. The target is marked by infrared. Technology which


has been designed to make this particular firearms safer. In the


United States, one of the largest markets for guns in the world, it is


this very technology that has proved controversial. When news of its


introduction spread, and online backlash followed. Gun stores


suspect it of selling the pistol received e`mail threats. Gun stores


insisted they would not be stocking the iP1. US gun safety advocates


have a different attitude. You hear almost every single day in the


United States about a child being accidentally shot by a playmate or


find a gun under a pillow or night stand. Or they commit suicide, young


people will know where guns are. A lot of deaths occur because guns do


not have safety features and are not locked away properly by gun owners.


If you had smart guns, this would prevent a lot of these deaths.


Ironically, it could be a law introduced as a gun`control


measure, which is stalling sales of this kind of technology. The state


of New Jersey passed a law which requires that want a smart gun goes


on sale anywhere in the US, all guns assaulted New Jersey must be smart


guns within three years. This has some members of the pro`gun lobby


concerned about the possibility of future electronic restrictions. We


approached the National Shooting Sports Foundation in America for


comment on the technology. They declined their request, but sent us


this statement. We also approached the National


Rifle Association. We are still awaiting a response. I think


Americans recognise the commonsense in making a product as little as a


gun smarter or safer. It is about safety, it is about public health


and consumer safety. I believe guns should be regulated by the consumer


products safety commission. Why should they be excluded? A state


senator who sponsored the New Jersey smartphone war has offered to repeal


it if the pro`gun lobby changes its stance on the technology. For now, a


stand`off remains. Meanwhile, Armatix has a variety of firearms


safety products in the offering, including locks and cabinets. Using


fingerprint technology, owners can unlock their gun in under a second


when they needed. In the United States, a company called Sentinel


has a biometric scanning Loch in the works. So the technology is on its


way. But its path to adoption in America still seems a long way from


hitting the target. Your thoughts on this would be very


welcome. I am sure there will be many of them coming our way.


Next up, and look at this week's tech news.


EBay is making its users change their passwords after hackers


compromised one of its data bases. The company said in a financial data


has been revealed. However, information including names are


encrypted passwords, dates of birth and physical addresses have been


accessed. The attack managed to get into a spear`phishing attack


directed at some employees. China's government says it will not


be using Windows eight on its new computers. It claims the decision


was based on Microsoft no longer offering support for the older


Windows XP operating system. It is unlikely they will be first to buy


the newly unveiled Surface Pro three in that case. Microsoft hopes the


latest tablet will compete with laptops rather than tablets when it


is launched. There has been more friction between


the US and China after the Americans accused five Chinese army officers


of economic cyber`espionage. America says the offices stalled trade


secrets and internal documents from companies and a labour union. They


are the first criminal hacking charges the US as final against


specific foreign officials. China has issued a statement denying the


charges. And Google has warned users of its


glass specs not use them for long periods of time. They could cause


eye pain. The technology was not designed for moving icons or reading


War and peace. Because of the position of the screen, users can


spend a lot of time looking upwards. A movement that most of us are not


used to. We have talked a lot on Click about


3D printing. Everything from food to guns. But what if one day you could


print yourself a replacement on? We have been to Holland where one


University Hospital has been experimenting in the field of 3D


bioprinting. Stem cells are one of our body's a


sick building blocks. They have the potential to transform into any


other type of cell the body is built from. That is everything from


individual blood cells to the complex cell structures that make up


entire organs. Here at the University medical Centre Utrecht


they are experimenting using stem cells in 3`D by a printing. `` in


the 3D bioprinting. A one`day hope to print replacement body parts.


This printer works the same way as the ones we have seen in


manufacturing. It deposits biological material later by Lehrer.


There are some significant differences. When you look at


materials like plastic, there are high temperatures involved. We have


to extract that count of the process. We have to redesign the


whole process. We use something that is like the human body. Based on


water. We use it at a temperature close to body temperature. By


printing using a special bio`ink. The cells are taken from patient


biopsies or stem cells. A layer of gel is placed between each layer of


bio`ink. We combine strong materials, degradable plastics that


have been approved for medical use and we integrate that in our ranking


process. You get reinforced. One of the challenges is creating a


vascular systems to supply blood to tissue. The focus is on creating


tissue like structures to test toxicity of drugs or medical


advancements. In the future, 3D bioprinting skin and replacements


for damaged or disease body parts may become reality. But for now,


traditional methods continue. This was also the first hospital in the


world to implant a 3`D printed skull. This operation happened


earlier this year. The patient is recovering well. Another innovation


from the University of Wollongong in Australia is this BioPen which


allows surgeons to implant cells directly onto a patient's injury. An


experimental tissue lab is opening and the University will offer the


world's first joint degree programme in by a fabrication. It will teach


technical skills and ethical issues. You need to bring in good evidence


and things like integrity. This is a field that everybody likes. But we


need to be terrible. We are going great steps. We actually have the


printer right here. Back in 2011, many people were impressed when a


doctor showed off the first bioprinted kidney. You can actually


see the kidney as it was printed earlier today. But despite the


showcase, this prototype cannot be implanted. That is what the


researchers are focused on. Something that surgeons can actually


use. That being said, we have got three


space back in the office. Until you can print yourself a better body, it


is best to keep the one you have got in top condition. These days there


are plenty of wearable bits and bobs that monitor your statistics. But


one bit that comes to our attention once to fill you breathe. Why? To


measure your metabolic rate, of course. Tell the accompanying


application your age and weight, something I am sure the company will


not broadcast, you are ready to go. You breathe through the mouthpiece


for about a minute. This will send data to your smartphone or tablet.


You can see the results on the application. The only thing you have


to make sure of is that no air escapes from your nose. The pinnacle


of my broadcasting career starts now. By measuring how much oxygen


has been turned into carbon dioxide in your breath, it can work out how


fast or slow your metabolism is, which is crucial if you want to


watch your weight because it tells you how many calories you personally


should consume each day. To get an accurate result, you also must take


a resting measurement, Chye was more than happy to provide. You also get


to find out what types of food your body is burning energy from, whether


it is carbohydrates, fat, or both. Is this the perfect way to lose


weight? Launching this summer at a price of ?200, I wouldn't hold your


breath. One thing technology is often criticised for his lack of


emotional intelligence. It misses the human touch. That is very


important when it comes to healthcare. At one British


university, augmented reality is being used to add emotion. It is


teaching training nurses to be more apathetic. Have you got any pain at


the moment? In a profession like nursing, care and compassion are


key. The training here at Sheffield is split between working on a real


ward and working with this chap. He can blink and it looks like he is


breathing, plus, it seems that he can give blood. This is still a


dummy. If I wanted to actually engage with him, that would feel


quite unnatural and that is where the AR comes in. The 3`D image


recognition translates the dummy into a real person. When you can see


that distress, the whole situation certainly feels a lot more real.


That is what the students here are finding. This app consists of


burying setups which have been recorded by actors to put a


person's face and an image of distress in their mind. It has been


bad all`night. If you could just sit me up, I would probably be a bit


better... The manikin can be controlled with a computer. Live


actors could be used, but the lecturers here believe that the


recorded performances are allowed for a more cost`effective and


consistent way of learning. The students interact quicker and more


often with the manikin. That lets us look at the students and see how


they talk, how they care, and how they provide compassion to the


manikin is. Even with 12 to 14 chefs, `` shifts, it is important


the right level of care and compassion is maintained. Nursing is


challenging and when you are caring for a patient, it is not just about


talking to somebody. It is about thinking about the technical skill


that you are doing as well. The students who have learnt this way


felt it made the scenarios feel more realistic. It is about engaging


straightaway. Once you are actually listening to the patient, you can


look at the expressions on their face, the tone in their voice, so it


enables you to empathise straightaway as opposed to a


when he almost feel silly. There could be other uses for this system


as well. Reports this month suggest some healthcare workers could be


missing vital clues in spotting asthma attacks. We can use augmented


reality to simulate what somebody actually looks like with asthma,


because it is all right as a lecturer saying, the patient is


breathing quickly, but what does that look like? A need to be able to


see it. It seems the possibilities for the mannequins are huge. Just,


be gentle. Continuing with our health theme


this week, Kate Russell has been doing the rounds and has come up


with some apps which could be good for all of us. Eating well is an


important part of staying healthy and food and in is a new app which


brings you nutritional information and links it back to a shopping


list. Link up with your Microsoft account and you can link the data


with multiple devices and friends and family, taking distress out. You


can build collections for later. These pages are picture rich, which


makes them mouthwatering A`League irresistible, but slow to load if


you are not on Wi`Fi. Gaming gets more social all the time, and a


number of dedicated platforms exist to help you connect with like`minded


enthusiasts. Play for hours among the best known where you can set up


a profile to track your statistics and meet other gamers to play with.


If you haven't signed up for a network yet, new kid on the block is


very promising. Player.me Wants to be your social gaming hub of the


net. You can link all your pages and other fans can get in touch and


monitor your progress, chat, and get in touch. It automatically streams


all your updates from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Not just the


once posted to the platform. It is in invite only beta right now, but


you can go to BBC.Click. One of the great things about all social media


is that it wrecks down geographical boundaries and connects you with


people all over the world. But how far a field to your Twitter


connections stretch? This helps you find out with a simple mapping


tools. It is absolutely fascinating seeing your map plot out. As this is


a global show, we have mentioned is coming in from all over the world.


My personal account was a little less exotic but I have a lot of


global connections through my gaming as well, though it was still a


fascinating experience. Once the animation is complete, you can click


on the markers to see who and what was tweeted. To finish on a healthy


theme, a mental health awareness app has been launched. It contains


videos of the veterans telling their own stories. As I came off the back


of the helicopter, the helicopter took off and my detonators exploded


on the. As well as being a great resource for veterans, it can help


their friends and families recognise and offer help for any conditions


they may be experiencing. If you would like to suggest a site


or app, e`mail us or tweet us. Before we go, I have found something


that has been making waves online this week from the middle of the


Pacific. This mesmerising website follows the migration tracks of


different species of whales around the coast of Hawaii. The data comes


from a larger research project from someone who has been studying marine


mammal behaviour since the 1980s. We spend 30 to 60 days on the water


every year, and doing a particular field projects, we might tag three


or four individual whales. What the tax to is give us the information on


whether Wales go when we are not with them. A lot of what they are


doing is driven by what is going on in the environment in terms of ocean


current, so integrating the current data that matches up with the whale


movement data is going to be very useful. Part of what we are trying


to do is educate people but also inspire people. To get them


interested in the animals in the first leg. If the webpage does that,


it is a good step. That really is it from us. If you


would like more, you can go to our website. Thanks for watching, we


will see you next time. Is a bank holiday dawns on a fairly


unsettled note with some scattered and heavy showers on the cards.


There with the weather, it will improve as we head through the


second half of bank holiday weekend for most places. There will be some


heavy showers around, but


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