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executed a number of Palestinians, accused of collaborating with Israel


in Gaza. Meanwhile, a rocket has killed a four`year`old Israeli boy.


Benjamin Netanyahu has promised a harsh response. Now, it is time for


Click. I really should not be telling you


this but it really is earthshattering news. I cannot tell


you. I cannot! I cannot! OK, what is happening is this. The iPhone is


going to... This week on Click, I would let you


know but perhaps it is better hearing it from this man. We visit


the world 's most notorious phone leaker in Philadelphia. Spoiler


alert! We find out what cyclists make of the latest bike tech. And we


find out what happens when you try to play the whole internet. All of


that plus how to stay safe online in Webscape. Welcome to Click. Over the


coming weeks, we will see a number of properly big tech announcements.


These days, that usually means new smartphones. We have the imminent


launch of the iPhone six lost a number of announcements from Samsung


and Sony, all of which we will cover here. `` plus a number of


announcements. The thing is that these days, despite the best efforts


of the big players in tech, we know exactly what is going to be


announced long in advance of these showpiece launches because full


weeks, if not months in advance, pictures and details have been drip


fed by leakers to their hungry online audiences. Chief among them


is Evan Blass, who has brought us a virtual torrent of the latest


prerelease specifications for a number of years. That is until very


recently, when completely out of the blue, he wrote on Twitter that he


was retiring. The reclusive figure has never appeared on camera before


until we paid him a visit in Philadelphia. Notorius, Inverness,


prolific... In famous. He has near legendary status online. Leaking is


very competitive but he is top dog. Any prediction he makes is treated


basically as fact by tech journalists the world over. And this


is mission control, where Evan Blass sits for up to 22 hours per day,


gathering information from his closely guarded network of sources.


Sometimes I get neck strain over here because this is my instant


messaging monitor and I can spend 20 minutes to half an hour instant


messaging and then suddenly, oh, no, crook neck. Evan Blass suffers from


multiple sclerosis, so moving around is extremely painful for him. Most


of his life is spent online. There is a lot of work that goes into even


the shortest leaks but it does not look that way when they are on


Twitter. It looks like it takes five minutes. My favourite nickname is


the one they have, for me in China. They call me the great God. He


refuses to reveal how he gets all his information but it is clear he


has informants within the industry. When you leak something, you are not


only that in for yourself and for your source as well. You are


basically saying that you have a good source and you believe this


person enough to put the information out there. It all started with


consumer tech show CES in January, 2011. To the crowd, he revealed this


days before the launch. Is leaking Korea had begun. There is great


satisfaction in seeing some new blueprint or some story you made up


spread around the world. Some manufacturers are furious about his


leaks but others have had a much more surviving `` surprising


reaction. Companies say they are never happy with leak but that is


not true. I have received controlled leaks. That is why a phone


manufacturer, if they tell you that they hate leaks, that leaks are


always damaging to them, they are not being truthful because more than


one, more than two, had given me material to leak. Any advanced


information about Apple always makes people go bananas, confusingly. It


goes without saying that Evan Blass have known for months about Apple's


announcements scheduled for September. I think there will be two


iPhone models. I have information to that effect. They will be 4.7 inches


and 5.5 inches. That has been reported widely. Many of the parts


have already been leaked out of the Chinese factories where the phones


are made. The biggest danger of all is the people who make the least


amount of money, the workers in the Chinese factories. They probably get


can sneak something out of the factory. A picture of an upcoming


iPhone display is going to be very, very popular, because it tells you


so much about what will be like. I woke up in a bunch of pain, unlike,


oh, oh... As well as coping with multiple sclerosis, Evan Blass also


has problems sleeping. While his insomnia might worsen his help, he


does believe it keeps him productive. When you have a disease


that suddenly starts getting worse and does not get better, you feel


like you are dying and when you feel like you are dying, you are willing


to do certain things like take on a job that probably does not have a


real future. I have been sleeping a little better now that I'm not


leaking any more. Evan Blass moved closer to his parents last year and


they seem proud, having a famous tester for a son. We have always


waited for him to find his something that he loved doing. And something


he was passionate about. And that was the leaking. And we were


thrilled. And I would check every day. I'm not on Twitter but I would


go on his Evleaks page to see what was going on, so it felt like being


in touch. I started Evleaks so I could keep my name out there. I was


the only person who tried to be a professional leaker. Even though I


was not making enough money for a full`time job, I decided to make it


my full time job and decided to live on whatever money I could scrape out


of it. I needed it to be out there that I had stopped. Now, there is no


more leaking. I would not consider a leak now stop even though people


still send me stuff, I say no thank you or please send it to another


site or something else because I have no use for it. I don't really


care about my name is associated with the leaks.


It always will be and now, it will be a legacy, I guess. Evan Blass


will stop interesting. Your thoughts? We won't tell a soul.


Next, this week's tech news. Twitter is to start removing the issues ``


images of deceased people at the request of family members. The


company says it will consider intervening in cases where critical


injury occurs to the deceased moments before or after their


death. The news comes after Robin Williams's grieving daughter was


haunted on the site over her father's suicide and the Islamic


State group released a video of the killing of James Foley. Cars that


talk to each other. Buckle up, it might not be as crazy as it sounds.


The Obama administration has announced it is taking the first


death in requiring all future cars be equipped with tech that allows


vehicles to send each other so. The technology would use radio signals


to transmit the car's edition and speed, which would then be picked up


by other similarly equipped vehicles and alert drivers to potential


collisions. Watch out, Robert Downey Jr, there could be a new iron man in


town. The US. Navy will test two exoskeleton suits for potential use


in its shipyards. It is hoped the lightweight suits will be used for


jobs that require the use of heavy tools over extended periods of time


and potentially allow users to list items up to 36 pounds. But if they


had watched a show from Japan last year, they could have seen how a


real expert does it. A few weeks ago, we brought you some of the


latest electric bikes. If you are a cyclist and you prefer


to use your own pedal power to work up a sweat, there are still plenty


of devices around to help keep you safe and add a bit of tech to the


experience. We tracked down some keen cyclist to put some of them to


the test. Cycle polo. Informal, urban, and as these people told me,


still being made up as they go along. For these players, cycling is


not just about sport. It is also their chosen method of transport


everyday. Who better to test the latest urban cycling tech with? We


got our hands on some innovative devices and prototypes page, so


designs and functionality are not yet reflected. I have some toys I


would like to put the test. As a, being seen is vital. These lights


that can be worn on any backpack can help. It feels like I'm wearing a


day pack. I believe you are about to turn right. I know the control is


working but I do not know if the backpack is working. It could be my


only way of indicating and I'm trusting that it works. Perhaps


these clubs will fare better. The idea is that you hold your hand up


to indicate and as soon as you make that gesture, it points and arrow.


They look like decent gloves. What I like is that it does not stop you


from doing what you are taught to do but it accentuates it. What did you


think's easy to use. I have never indicated but found people cannot


see. For those cyclists who say it is everyone else on the road that is


the problem, this is your chance to prove it or not. This backlighting


camera records into our lips everything that is going on behind


you. It has a 130 degrees wide angle lens, five hours battery life and


records two hours of timestamps footage. The recordings continue


really good, overwriting earlier footage, so you always have your


last two hours of video stored. Would you use one? I'm not sure I


would feel the need to always feel behind me. It does not seem bright


enough for me. It's only bright if you are looking directly at it. What


is it? Even in fog, this radar once a rider of what is going on up to


140 metres behind them. As a speedy vehicle approaches, not only does


the backlight flashed one of the bicycle's presents but once the


cyclist of a potential hazard via the light panel in front of them.


Would you want to use it in the real world? Probably not. It stops you


thinking about looking behind you. You always have to make those


checks. Is not as good as a mirror. Bicycle theft is that the technology


is trying to fight as well. This lock only works using your


smartphone. It's embedded sensors can even alert you if someone is


tampering with the bike. And GPS tracking means that if it does get


taken, you should know where to find it. Sometimes your phone runs out of


batteries and I would be worried about that. The most important thing


about a bike lock is how easy it is to cut through. Maybe you feel your


bike could do more for you like charger mobile phone. Let's look at


what this does. This USB charger gets its power from peddling,


allowing you to charge of devices while on the go. That is wicked!


Will did you think? This is a great idea. It's useful and does not


affect the functionality of the bicycle at all. Sometimes you might


not have access to a PowerPoint. And there is a removable battery pack,


giving someone who does not have access to a PowerPoint outlet or


computer the chance to charge something on the go as well. Mixed


reactions from the serious cyclists but it's not until the finished


products are available that we will see if the occasional cyclist feel


the same. Take a look at this. It is not


space, but data visualisation. This maps what is happening on Twitter


during the Israel and Gaza conflict. As messy as this is, the


relationships are organised. They reflect society. What do you analyse


when you look at the Twitter feeds? A look at network structure and


understand communities within social networks. So how are people


interconnected on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. How does that affect


how information spreads? Is there faster and better information flow


and a certain structure into that this? Gilad Looked at the results on


Twitter TV bombing of a UN school in Gaza? You can look at regions that


are much more connected within the region and identifying these


communities. That is represented by the colours of the crop. The closer


together the notes are, the more connections. Green represents pro`


Palestinian activists. Great is international media, which Gilad


says is more sympathetic to the Palestinian narrative. Blew our


Conservatives who are pro` Israeli. `` blue. In terms of this event,


anyone who reports the facts of what we know, how many people died,


what's the damage was, is put on the pro` Palestinian side of your crop.


Anyone who either doesn't report that all reports the IDF line is put


on the pro` Israeli line. Do you think that is too simplistic for


this complex and very emotive subject? The UN example is one of


many examples reported around these events where systematically various


mainstream Israeli media did not put any emphasis on reporting


Palestinian casualties. His date visualisation says that the left


wing Israeli news source is having the most potential bridging bias and


barriers because it has the most connections. He believes that social


network connections are designed to reinforce rather than challenge our


views. We are most likely to talk to people like us. We are most likely


to see content that reinforces what we already believe. What we want to


believe. The hope was that the Internet and social networks could


be a great equaliser, where Israelis and Palestinians could finally


connect. That is not happening. Fascinating stuff will stop next up,


a fascinating project. What happens when you cross a computer programmer


with a musical keyboard? The answer is a lot of noise from all angles. A


reporter gets hands`on with what can only be described


where the sound would be coming from artist.


where the sound would be coming from where it is coming from the world.


It's the sound is coming from Asia or Africa or South America, you


would hear it here. I love the idea that there is regular happening all


the time. Around the world, there is a world of sound. I wrote software


that this to streams and finds notes on it. When I play a note on the


keyboard, this is a B`flat, my favourite, it takes sounds from


radio stations all over the world that sound like a B`flat and they


get played through a speaker that is based on that location. You get the


idea of the music around you. There is also a screen that shows where


that sound have come from. The whole thing uses Internet radio to get the


sound and the equivalent of a guitar tuner to identify what


note it is on. This is part of an exhibition that Google now is


enthusiastic about as they have funded for art projects in this


room. `` four. Perhaps they are hoping that the coolness will rob.


It is not about being called. `` cool. People think about someone


plugging away at the keyboard. Young people come here on BC that code


means that you can have butterflies on a screen and you complete the


radio sessions of world. You change perceptions of what do you think it


is and what it is all about. This is an art installation, but you


contribute play it as a musician. In saying that, it is a feat of


engineering. There is something joyful about playing the music


around the world. I'll report on a musical journey around the world


without having to leave London. That is how we like it. The web is an


amazing playground, but is difficult to know how to stay safe and some


people, it is more of challenge. To our reporter. Online safety is a


complex issue. If you are looking after young people with autism


spectrum conditions, it is especially so because of the social


awareness and payments sometimes caused by disorder. `` impairments.


There is an online took it designed to give teachers and carries the


building blocks for a tailored approach to safety for those with


autism conditions. As well as advice for carers and educators, there are


activities to reinforce lessons. The toolkit handles the issues well, it


covers sensitive topics like cyber`bullying, contact by strangers


and exposure to inappropriate content without being alarmist or


getting too technical. Hopefully, everyone can enjoy the enriching


experiences online in a safe and happy environment.


By all transfer between iPhone and PC has always been a bit of a pain.


`` file transfer. Pocket Drive Texas that. It is a breeze to set up with


just a couple of clicks. It is wireless and there is no need for


cables to connect it. You can use it to listen to me sick, watch videos,


reading documents and even to unlock files. Another neat way to share


files between devices is to send anywhere, EPA to pare file transfer


service that works to any browser and has free apps for a less, and


wrote and chrome. `` IOS. The difference between peer to peer is


that the file goes straight down the pipe. Both need to be connected and


running for the transfer to happen. You get a temporary six digit code,


which the recipient must enter into their device to access the file.


There are a few services like this. We looked at one for photo sharing


and Whatsapp. It is supposed to preserve the quality of image files


while letting users send large batches of data. More than 100


photos or two gig of data at a time. Your suggestions for sites and apps


are greatly received. You can get in touch with us. Thank you for


watching. The next time. `` see you next time.


For many of us, this weekend is a bank holiday. There will be


sunshine, although it will be chilly at night. On Monday, they will be a


change of pressure. It will be


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