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Click is at the world's largest electronics show, CES in Las Vegas. The latest gadgets from the show include VR headsets, drones and fitness trackers.

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This week, big tax funds with three web geeks. Bouncing my goggle eyed


guinea pigs. And they crash proves a salad


spinner. Scrub that, it's just a salad


spinner. And it's a happy New Year from


everyone here at click. 2016 can now properly get started now I've


finally got my new smart umbrella. Yes, it's the umbrella, a brolly


with a chip in it which measures the weather where you are and tells


everyone else by uploading and information to a website. It also


pays your smartphone if you walk off without it. Silly! Yes, this is


where text goes large. It's the annual consumer Electronics show. In


Las Vegas. It's here, it's over here and it's all the way over there.


They do, isn't it? This is a serious affair. Where else could you be


woken up not by a sound but by a smell? With this olfactory alarm


clock. The sense of weight claims to rouse


you within two minutes by blowing air through a cartridge full of


balls. Choose from a variety of smells including... Toast.


Chocolate. Cough is. Mints. Grass. Holidays. It's kind of smells like


suncream. What about the smell of money? Dispensed by an ATM using my


locks, iris recognition technology. This is a company advancing


biometrics into new areas, including unlocking your car.


This seems like a decent concept, maybe even adapting the driving


variants depending on who is being identified as being in the driving


seat. Cars are big screen this year. Bring


on the concepts which the car-makers hope will show they're not just


using tactics with all those emissions tests.


Who even needs emissions when you got the future, an Internet


connected electric concept car with a smartphone dock and the top speed


of 200 miles an hour and arrow tunnels through the body to reduce


drag and cool those batteries? The chassis is modular and you


easily add more batteries or change the outer shell for a different


look, to turn it into a pick-up truck, for example.


No, I think I'll keep my like this. Going to cover auto technology in


film next week but I did manage to catch up with Ford's CEO, Mark


Fields, who invited developers to work on ideas for cars and drones


and how they might interact. And more realistically how your car


might connect to your home, your phone and the rest of the world.


We are bunch of geeks on this programme. We love to talk dirty.


Would you mind talking dirty for a few minutes?


Sure. In ten or 15 years, I can control my car, control my home.


Check the status of my car without leaving my house. What sorts of


things will we be able to do in the future?


When you look at your car, your car will be able to control a lot of


elements of your life. For example, as you are driving you will be able


to control elements in your home, whether you are approaching


homeowners want to shut off your security system or turn lights on or


unlock doors, you can use your vehicle to make your life easier in


terms of where you are travelling to, your next appointment, and the


vehicle will be able to sense the traffic conditions, re-route the


vehicle. Why not just let the smartphone be


the brains? Let that be the brains of the operation? Why bother trying


to make cars independently smart? For a couple of reasons. When you


are in a car, what's important is destruction. We don't want... Our


approach is to keep people's eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. If


you need to do things while you are in your car, that's really hard if


you're going to be looking at your phone and it's pretty dangerous. Our


approach is how to integrate the smartphone into the car to allow you


to do it safely, productively and also, at the same time, responsibly.


Let's talk about driving. Do you think we are close in any way to


having a world where also list driving as part of everyday life?


I think we have to put autonomous driving into perspective. The term


is being thrown around a lot in the industry. There are five levels of


autonomous driving as defined by the Society of automotive engineers. The


first three levels require the driver to always be able to take


control. For example, level one is cruise control. Level two is traffic


jams. Level three are things like Tesla's autopilot. We are choosing


to level four. Level four is autonomy in a defined area where the


driver does not have to be ready to take control. That's what we're


aiming for. Defined area meaning a physical


space? Yes. Level five is the ultimate,


where the vehicle can be fully at tournaments with no driver


interaction in any location or any weather situation. By the end of the


decade, we think there will be a vehicle on the marketplace with red


literary environment updates. It may not be asked because our approach is


when we come out with an autonomous vehicle, we want to make sure it's


safe, it works and is intuitive. Most importantly, it's accessible to


everyone not just people who can afford luxury cars.


No announcement from Ford unexpected time. Google's car division may come


at this week's show. I'm fed up with me so that hit the


show floor. These are the augmented reality


glasses. Inside, they have these lenders which project images or


graphics in front of the vision of the wearer. When I put them on, I


can see an image which looks like it is a couple of feet in front of me


but I can still see the real world behind the graphics on screen. These


are totally self-contained. It supposed to have the confusing power


of eight tablets. I have this little ring controller which reacts to


gestures as well as having buttons as controls. The designers imagine


it will be used for playing games, designing websites. Augmented


reality has a heap of potential for people that want to view 3-D models


from every conceivable angle. One of the big trends is 3-D


printing. What's amazing is how far the personalisation of products has


come along. My entire outfit was made on a 3-D printer. It was made


on a very small printer. It used one kilogram of filament and took 70


hours to make. In 2016, a whole


... You need specialised 360 degrees camera rigs, which is exactly what


this is. It's called a gyro optic and it is a 360 degrees camera. It


captures video in surrounds using three lenders.


From this vantage point, we can see the MGM Grand hotel, Excalibur as


the New York, New York hotel and casino in one shot, as well as Nick


on the camera. Crucially, what this camera does is


stitch is together all of the images it shoots itself, so that everything


it shoots is immediately viewable in 360 degrees on sites like YouTube.


Welcome to two is starting to take new orders for its handset. With a


price tag of $599, we will see how much your it's really want virtual


reality. HTC's headset won't be far behind.


It was due to launch last month but was delayed due to a major


breakthrough. What that breakthrough is is this front facing camera that


means when you're totally lost in a world of virtual reality, real-life


objects will still be seen through this. I'm walking across the


shipwreck. Oh, suddenly, on top of the shipwreck, I'm seeing a great


which is what is the real wall, I think. I'm not going to bump into


anything. At the moment, I feel like I'm bumping into a lot of things


that aren't real. There is a well just there!


The moment of coming back to reality is even more weird than the moment


you start in the virtual world. I now feel really odd how I've been


behaving, what I been doing. Throwing my Arms around and telling


you about what's been happening. The bonus is that you can't bump into


things. Wearables are big screen here. Fitness has launched what they


refer to as a smartphone is watched. It's called the blaze and they hope


it's going to take on the likes of Apple and the android watchers out


there. The blaze provides notification


alerts, allows you to control the music on your smartphone and has


interchangeable straps. A 200 -- at $200, it is less costly than most


smart watches. Like all other devices from this brand, its main


focus is on fitness. It can track sleep and workouts and automatically


detect a range of activities, including tennis, football and even


is that. With competition getting fierce,


many of the trackers are upping their game. This is misfit Ray. As


well as sleep and activity tracking, it can take self 's and control


lights and music. It still looks like an activity


tracker. This is an automatic -- -- it can


identify activities like swimming. It looks simple but it's waterproof.


The battery will last up to eight months. Plus it can also be worn


like this if you want to conceal it under your clothes.


But I know first-hand that data collected from activity trackers can


vary massively. So maybe these under are smart


sneakers could solve that problem. They have a chip embedded inside


them that accurately measures your distance.


The shoes can store approximately five runs locally before needing to


be synced up to its app. Four years, CES was all about who


had the biggest TVs. These days, is also about who has the bendy is. LG


wins for me this year with a prototype of a roll-up displays that


one day might mean our computers greens and televisions could be


unrolled only when needed, to save cluttering up the place.


Four K and eight case greens are in full the facts. This year, there's


also a lot of talk about something called HDR, high dynamic range.


These are screens that can show many more levels of detail in the


brightness of the picture, which means Jen's sequence should look


more fabulous. Here is the boss of streaming


service Netflix announcing that he will be streaming HD content to HDR


Eddie screens later this year. He also told us that he has just


expanded Netflix to an extra 130 countries. Meaning he now serves


nearly the whole world. With one big exception, China.


What do you have to do to get into China?


We know to great role models for us or Disney and Apple. They have been


incredibly patient at developing their Chinese business and working


on the relationships first and the business second. Those are our role


models. We're not in any hurry. Getting to know the partners,


government officials, consumers. In the rest of the world, like the


Philippines, have been great for us. Korea, Singapore, India, Russia,


Poland, Turkey. Lots of people will be phased by the


choice of buying a new TV. Four Kaoru HDR? Which is more important


in the viewing experience? When people see HDR, they will be


ready and pressed. HDR will be on top of four K so you will eventually


get both. I think that's a great insight. The big wow will be HDR.


How important is it for a streaming service to have exclusive content?


Is one path to success. The part we are choosing to have great content


but only on Netflix. I'm sure other panthers accessible to.


We are starting to see people make programmes in 360 degrees. It's a


very different viewing experience. You're not just looking in one


direction. You interested in experiments in virtual reality and


360 shooting? Would you shoot one of your programmes in 360?


Than you can only be seen on a VR platform. We are really focused on


these big smart TVs and HDR. We are focused on incredible movies and


incredible TV shows, not so much on BR.


Do you think innovation in stringing services is done now? Have you got


it nails or is there more to be done?


There is so much work at hand. Think about now when you click and get a


little buffer. That is awful. That has to go away.


Ready you stand on net neutrality? Do you believe all streaming


services should be treated equally? You are competing and in a


commercial environments. Do you think you should be able to talk to


ISPs and pay for extra speed, paper quality of service?


We want to invest so that everybody gets a great experience. And as long


and the BCI player, everybody should get a great experience. No one


should try to block anybody else. It has to be said that the UK


in January It is one of the reasons


we like coming to Las Vegas for CES, Do we really have to film outside


in the rain at night? Yes, we said we would do a piece


on solar-powered tech. That is why I brought


these things out. These are made for


the developing world. The idea is you just light them up


and use them as lanterns. Press your buttons, ladies


and gentlemen, and you will see either a change in colour


or a change in luminosity. Now that you mention it,


I am wearing a patch The sun emerged for a couple


of hours so I raced out and put It is a UV patch designed


to monitor your intake It uses a dye that changes colour


from blue to white depending on how much sun you have taken


in It is perhaps the most thin and flexible way of monitoring UV


exposure that we have seen. It is waterproof and can


be worn for five days. Loreal says it will use


an app in the future. But you have to take a photograph


everyday to get a more accurate The company says it will give away


this patch later this year for free. Well, I found an alternative power


supply for one of these. A situation that battery


hungry smartphone owner One solution for smartphones


with dead batteries is this, a hand crank built into


the smartphone case. Simply pull it out,


turn it around... Five minutes of cranking should give


you about 20 minutes of talk time or an hour's worth


of smartphone usage. Now, there's lots of handcranks


around, but this is the first that's At the moment it only works


with the iPhone. That means you will not have


to worry about your phone running out of power,


but you still might have the problem Because, I have been


cooking our dinner all day on this, I loaded it with a banana


in for an example earlier These reflectors absorb


the heat and keep it in. It is the same thing you get


in solar-powered water heaters On a sunny day it can get up to 300


Celsius. And it keeps the heat


for a really, really long time. With the weather from today,


anything in there will be Well, actually, even today,


with maximum cloud cover, The company is working on a version


that will work at night because it I forgot to put


the proper food in. I have come to the world's largest


pinball museum to play a few games. This is The Fly, a uniquely


spherical personal flying robot. The same weight and


shape as a football. It's Kickstarter campaign says


it is is the world's safest drone. And it might be the


world's cutest, too. So, what makes it different to other


drones that we have seen is the single propeller,


which encased in foam. That makes it safe to interact


with it for humans. But luckily, this prototype has


easily replaceable Nothing a bit of tape


and glue won't fix. It did have the benefit


of demonstrating the safe design I wasn't afraid it was going


to hurt me. The finished robot will have


more robust plastic. And its many sensors,


including sonar, and gyroscope, will allow it to fly autonomously


through an app on iOS and Android. Just push a button and pick


what you want it to do. The E-Hang 184 is a


whopper of a concept. The idea in this mockup is it


will carry a person from A to B while being piloted


autonomously by an app. All the real drone demos


this year were inside. That is because of new rules from


the Federal Aviation Administration In a nutshell, you now have


to register your drone before flying You tell the FAA who you are,


they give you a registration number, and you have to display


it on your craft. Then, if you crash it or cause


mischief, witnesses can report your drone


and you will be fined. Yeah, so, one of the main concerns


with drones is they might crash. So, next is Mark, with


some drones, crashing. So, you have learnt to fly


with your drone, you have taken What else can you with your


quadcopter? In the case of the Combat Drone,


it can engage in aerial combat. It is fitted with sensors


on the front and rear. You try to take out your


opponent by shooting them. It is kind of like laser tag


with drones, I suppose. So, when the LEDs flash like that,


I've let off a shot. A volly of infrared,


flying low-level, under I am really glad I have tried this


out inside a massive net. When you score a hit,


the LEDs flash. Then the engines go out


on your opponent if you hit them. My robot has been


challenged by James. We have more in next weeks's


programme, as well as more In the meantime, if you want to know


how we make a show like this about a show like this,


you'll find the answer on Twitter. Thank you for watching


and we will see you next week.


Click is at the world's largest electronics show, CES in Las Vegas. The latest gadgets from the show include VR headsets, drones and fitness trackers.

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