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Click visits Tesla's new Gigafactory, chats to the boss Elon Musk and helps set a Guinness World Record. Plus 3D printed death masks in China.

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cope with another financial crisis. The ECB said the World Bank for more


resilient, but more work was still needed.


This week, cartoon cowboys. Futuristic funerals. And... And


enormous battery farm! And a lovely lie down.


Imagine a world where your car runs on electricity and it drives itself.


Yeah, not so much of the stretch these days, is it? Batteries are


getting better and cars are getting smarter. The two biggest revolutions


in transport are electric occasion and autonomy. Those are the biggest


innovations since the moving production line and they are both


happening at about the same time. -- electrification. It is Tesla that


has been spearheading the drive to electric. We first took on for a


spin in 2007 and since then the electric vehicle has gone from


sporty status symbol to a slightly less sporty status symbol. But


dominating the conversation at the moment, not Tesla's latest models,


but concerns over the safety of its driver assist autopilot feature,


after it was involved in two crashes and one fatality. But while the law


is get to work on the autonomous site, they are getting ready for a


electric prime time. The space in the floor is full of batteries and


Tesla is going to need a lot of them. Dave Lee has been to Nevada to


witness the opening of the Gigafactory. Welcome to Reno, in


Nevada, which if you have never been here is like a less glamorous


version of Las Vegas. They call this place the biggest little city in the


world and soon the city will be overrun I these things. Tesla are


building what will be one of the biggest factories ever made. Say


hello to the Gigafactory. Right now it is only 14% finished, if you can


believe that, and when it is finished the complex will cover over


3000 acres. This factory is the crucial part of the master plan set


out the boss of Tesla. When he published his latest Idlib master


plan for what to do with Tesla he said he now want to do things like


lorries and buses. -- latest master plan. The do that he need to make a


lot more trees, which is what this place is for. In total the plant is


expected to cost around $5 billion to build. We were given a sneak peek


of what was inside. Most of the factory was sadly off-limits to our


cameras. The plan is to basically speed things up a little bit. Right


now Tesla have to ship battery sales across the ocean from Asia, which


takes a long time and is very expensive. Do they want to make


battery cells right here instead. A promised that by 2018 bid will be


able to produce enough batteries for 500,000 cars each year. And it won't


just be car batteries. Their home and business energy storage unit


will be put together here. I believe we are on track to meet the 500,020


18. Long-term this will make sense, to have a Gigafactory in Europe and


one in China and probably one in India. Very big plans, although he


might want to concentrate on finishing this factory first. Tesla


has meant a lot of deadlines in the past and I would be surprised if


something is slipped. I went to the Fremont factory before it opened and


it was a ghost yard there as well, but they've done some amazing thing


there and I think they will do amazing things here as well. But not


everything is going smoothly. Do you have any regrets about how Tesla


rolled out autopilot? No, I think we did the right thing. We have the


internal data to know that we improved people's safety, not just


in fatalities but also injuries. It is pretty fair to say that only Elon


Musk could pull off something like the Gigafactory and of all the


things he is working on it is surely this project that will make or break


it. That was Dave Lee at the


Gigafactory. Along with electric and self driving cars, and other trend


which is quietly chugging its way towards changing the world is 3D


printing. It is still niche but already the variety of things that


can be 3D printed is impressive. Just this week Food Ink bought its


3D printed restaurant in London, where diners could tuck into 3D


printed food, while using 3D printed cutlery and 3D printed chairs. They


told me it was fish and chips but I was very curious how it looked like.


I think it is the future for the restaurants, yes. Almost anything


you can imagine and anything you can put into pure a form or paste can be


moved so elaborate leap right 3D printed, and then it can be further


improved or solidified by other manual steps later. We are already


developing such printers that can combine these steps in one, so the


next step will be printers that have a built-in microwave or offered and


some of these steps chefs won't have to manually. But here is a useful 3D


printing that I wasn't expecting to hear about any time soon. In China,


the most important ceremony of your life is module verse and not your


wedding, it is your funeral. Dan Simmons has been to Shanghai to see


how some new ideas are being brought to those final moments.


This is such a sacred moment in Chinese culture that we've not been


allowed to film the open cofffin. Here, seeing the dead body


face-to-face is a fundamental part of saying goodbye. But what happens


when there's nothing left to say goodbye to? These devastating


explosions rocked a port city last August. Hundreds of people died


horrifically in one moment. What was left of the bodies bore no


resemblance to the victims when they were alive. And there were far too


many dead for the traditional model is in China to recreate the faces in


good time for all of the funerals. The disaster was the reason one firm


turns to making 3D printed faces of the dead. More lifelike than party


and cutting the waiting time from one or two weeks to a single day.


One Shanghai funeral home claims to be able to reconstruct a face to


within 95% accuracy. And the impressive part is that they don't


need videos on seven clean shots of the person from several different


angles, they just need one good picture of the person who has died.


The masks, if you like, are cut from blocks of compressed powder, before


a top layer of powder is added and bake storm. 2-D eye it looks like it


should have the texture of rubber. I think it looks pretty


photorealistic. This is a hard shell, it isn't a soft surface, but


from almost any angle it just looks an movingly real. -- unnvervingly.


What do you think? Pretty good. The chief technician used himself to


perfect the system. He is building a database to speed up the process.


The basic service costs around $1000, but touchups to make the dead


look their best are also possible. TRANSLATION: We are trying to make a


person who say died at the age of 70 looked the way he did on his wedding


day when was perhaps in his 30s. But the lead engineer with the


service doesn't want to stop at creating a perfect match.


TRANSLATION: In the future we are looking to make the 3D printed head


be able to talk at his own funeral using voice analysis to speak his


last words to his descendants and even plant the deceased's head on


his tomb so he can speak his family from the grave when they come to


visit him. Even if it proved popular, reanimating the dead is


likely to be a long way off. But having more control over how you


look, regardless of how you died, is for people here now and affordable


reality. Welcome to the week in tax. It was


the week of playing powered only by the sun circumnavigated the globe.


-- Week in Tech. Apple sold its new iPhone and an emotional farewell


from this lander. The while, 3D screenings without glasses would


come to a cinema near you, although already possible on a smaller scale,


MIT's prototype could provide the eyewear free big-screen solution.


The technology only allows viewing through a limited range of movement,


so best sit still. It also needs a more practical solution to its many


lenders before going on general release. Feel your computer game


characters need more emotion? This is a face tracking VR headset which


hopes to recreate the way you are feeling in virtual reality. The


built-in infrared cameras track your eyes, eyebrows, jawbone and mouth,


so your avatar can react accordingly. And it was a good and


bad week for smart home devices. Good because a security camera


alerted a homeowner to this fire, so the fire brigade could be called.


But bad as some smart pet feeder is working to buy a server outage,


meaning some hungry dogs and cats. -- feeders were hit.


Every so often the world goes crazy for a brand-new app and in the last


couple of weeks something amazing has hit our phones. This is an app


which does something brilliant two pictures. Mark, you've been playing


with it. Explain more. It applies really extreme filters to still


images. Filters that make a photograph look like an illustration


or a painting. It is an application that can make


your photos look like they were painted by Picasso. How does it


work? I talked to the creator on Skype. You take a photo on your


phone. Then we process it on a device. Then you send a photo to the


cloud and we have several people doing different parts of the image


processing. Then we redraw your image based on a style you choose.


Then you get the result on your device. You haven't just stopped at


photos, have you? I was playing with it and thought, this is Click and we


tend to take technology to the extremes and push stuff to the age


so it gets a nosebleed. It would be nice to apply this to moving images


as well. Unfortunately this application does not support video,


only for still images. But moving images are just lots of stills put


together, right? Film is just a series of still images played in


sequence very quickly. So I took an old sketch with Spencer and I as


cowboys and exported every single frame as a still image. Once they


were imported back on my phone I applied the same filter to each


individual frame. I used a particular filter called Eisenberg.


This created a hand drawn effects which created a short film that


looks like it had been rotoscoped, an old technique that traces over


footage of real movement by artists. Then it is animated similar to a


flip book. Exporting them into imaging software and playing them


one after the other and you get a short animated film. And it looks


like I have turned my phone into a flipbook. That is brilliant. How


long did that take you? Nine days. Full marks for perseverance. We will


put the whole worker Vaka on line. Here is a brief taste of what it


looks like. Prisma have plans to make its


filters work on 360 degrees photos as well as working on video footage.


That means in the future you won't have to go through that process that


I just had to. PIANO MUSIC. Did you know we get up to two hours


less sleep a night than people did in the 1960s? Well, distractions


from our gadgets and even the specific wavelengths of light from


our mobile devices are taking some of the blame. But at the same time,


technology to help that our sleep has upped its game. If you share a


bed with someone who gets up at a different time to you then these


earplugs could help because they mean that the alarm goes off only in


the years of their wearer. At the same time they should block out any


unwanted noise. They can also play soothing sounds as you go off to


sleep. Even though I don't normally wear earplugs I could get used to


the feeling of them. The only issue is that I need to wake up when my


three-year-old does. But if you would rather cover your eyes then


your tea is then you may be interested in this, this mask. --


ears. It has been a long time in the making and I first got my hands on


it at The Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. It has these


electronic lights to help you go to sleep and will give you advice as to


when you should go to sleep to get the best results. It may add buys


you to take a power nap in the day and to make sure you don't get into


too deep a sleep. It claims to recalibrate your sleep pattern by


using sunlight to trick your body into a new routine, useful for shift


workers or those in different time zones. My real issue with it was


that it wasn't very comfortable so it actually is stopped me from


sleeping well. It isn't just about wearable devices. This aims to track


the room you are sleeping in to monitor the sound, light, and


temperature to make sure you have the perfect environment for a good


night's sleep. If it is green you have an ideal state. Otherwise,


opened the application to see what isn't right. -- open. There is an


appeal in the precise numbers for data lovers. At the same time, the


coin sized device will wake you. For a more drastic solution, this is the


Beluga interactive smart bed. It tractor asleep and the way you are


lying down to take the real-time data to make the bed more


comfortable. -- tracks your sleep. The firmness of each part can be


changed manually or a light on the algorithm to change areas too soft


or hard. And you can switch into the masse Jamon as well. I feel like I


am on an aeroplane wing. -- massage mode. It also tracks snoring, so it


will change the height of your head ever so slightly too hopefully make


you stop. It also knows to wake you at the perfect moment in your sleep


cycle, has temperature controls for air, and also a motion sensor


activated light for getting up in the night. That is nice if you are


willing to change your actual bed. Ironically, testing the wearable


device has left me more sleep deprived than normal. But it is


probably good to be more relaxed when you and reviewing then. And I


did manage to get some sleep while actually filming. It just so happens


she isn't the only one who enjoys a little bit of a lie down on the job.


At this laboratory in Switzerland at there is a bed that will rock you to


sleep. -- Switzerland,. This is the SomnoMat. The idea is to use rocking


movements to get to sleep and shorten the time of sleep onset and


to improve quality during the night. What works for children also works


for adults, though little is known about which rocking techniques work


best. That is what the team here have been studying. What have you


discovered so far? What is the best rocking method? That is a good


question. We found there is one best movement. A rocking movement like


now you see. But there is a different preference for each


person. That makes a challenging to make a product for the people. Can I


have a go? Of course. The bed is actually a classic example of how


research sometimes accidentally creates a new invention. The team


needed to study different rocking movements, so they built a bed that


could do different rocking movements. GROANS. And they needed


motors that were quite enough to sleep on top of. So they invented


them. -- quiet. It is smooth. It was challenging to develop that smooths


movement without any sound. -- smooth. Carry on talking. And the


sound level is below the level suggested by the World Health


Organization which is very silent. Keep talking. Boquete...


LAUGHING. We can now stop the rocking movement. So, in summary,


your closing thought, your closing thought, a pithy comment, and now we


will end to the next item. We are off to the royal in the two and two


participate in the world largest game of Pong. -- Royal Institution.


So large it will make a new record. Or those of you living under a GGI


rock for the last 20 years, this is Pong. I don't really need to explain


the rules, do I? And the people responsible for gathering these


players? It is a way to connect on a Wi-Fi network so that we can beam


games at them. Welcome to Wi-Fi Wars. To make the magic happened


they need a mean computer hooked up to a router daisychained around the


room. The amount of routers depends on the amount of layers. The


audience is divided into two teams. Which team am I on? BBC Red. Each


player gets an up and down arrow beamed to their phone. That makes


the corresponding slider move up or down based on votes from players.


Please stand by. De Vroome went crazy. And Stephen emerged. There


were two world-record holders that appeared. Just in the neck of time.


APPLAUSE. The Guinness World Record adjudicators arrived. They needed


concentration. APPLAUSE. You have to hold it. Hold


it down. Down! Up! Yes! APPLAUSE. Come on! Come on! Phones


flashed, people cheered, and a mighty match of long was played. --


Pong. But the real question... Have we broken a record of a with a total


of 286... You have! APPLAUSE. We did it. One of the


greatest world records ever achieved by any single person in the world.


That is me. I did that. It was all me!


LAUGHING. Always game for a laugh. That is Nick. That is it for this


week. At Twitter we are live at BBCClick. That is it. See you soon.


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