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Hello and welcome to Inside Out. He is what is coming up tonight:


Solving the mystery, nearly 40 years on, have we cracked the case


of the missing Lord Lucan? When it comes to the passing of time, the


truth has a habit of servicing. When they said that he wanted to


see his children and to send him out -- them out there, I believe


that was the case. And travelling several thousand miles from home


for help. The radical detox helping addicts from the south. I'm just


scared about the next four days. First tonight, in a special port,


we reveal evidence that could solve one of the UK's biggest murder


mysteries. Glenn Campbell investigates the infamous Lord


Lucan case and interviews two new witnesses who claim the disgraced


peer was smuggled out of the UK to a secret life abroad. I think I can


tell you what really happened to Lord Lucan when he fled to this


house on the night of 7th November 1974. Lord Lucan was a desperate


man. Separated from his wife, on that fateful night, he slipped into


the family house hearing Belgravia intent on murdering her. But his


plan went terribly wrong. He bludgeoned to death the family's


nanny. He then the launch attack on his wife as the children were


asleep upstairs. But somehow, she managed to escape and fled down the


street to this pub where she raised the alarm. And that is when Lord


Lucan, Arabs -- aristocrat, a professional gambler and member of


London's social elite fled to friends in Uckfield, Sussex. And it


was Uckfield in Sussex where the trail went cold. Lucan was never


seen again. Officers from Scotland Yard scoured the countryside and


coast for weeks. Lucan's borrowed Ford Corsair was discovered


abandoned with a length of lead piping still in the boot here in


Newhaven. Cold cases don't get any colder than this one, and they


don't get any more mysterious either. The second theory was that


John Aspinall, casino owner and founder of Howlett's Zoo in Kent


and Sir James Goldsmith, multi- millionaire businessman, somehow


smuggled Lucan out of the country to escape justice. John Aspinall


for one made no secret of his loyalty towards his old gambling


friend, Lord Lucan. Here he is in a rare interview with the BBC's


Ludovic Kennedy just two years after Lucan had vanished. Well,


what I probably would have done if he had appeared here is anything


that he wished. Yes, you actually say if he had begged asylum from me


he would have got it. He would have got it. So could John Aspinall have


been behind Lord Lucan's vanishing act? John Aspinall and Sir James


Goldsmith are now both dead. Neither uttered a word in public


about the role they played in Lucan's disappearance. I had come


into the casino world by chance. What sort of world was it? What was


your job? I was the secretary, dealing with the day today, mostly


the memberships. And did he greater trust to? I think he did get


comfortable enough to trust me. And I wasn't really an inquiring sort


of person. I just take things as they came and I was quite a loyal


employee. That loyalty was soon reciprocated. John Aspinall started


to come right jail into private meetings, where Lord Lucan was the


main topic of conversation. always seemed to be standing up


with his cup of tea. I think they had been together for a while


talking before they invited me in. Instructions were to make


arrangements full Lord Lucan to see his children -- for Lord Lucan to


see his children. To do that, I had to but his two eldest children on


flights to Africa. It was between 1979 and 1981. We had to put the


passports for the two all the children. There we go to the


treetop resort in Kenya and have a holiday there. As far as they were


concerned, there are going on a safari holiday. At some point,


their father would observe them and see how there were growing up, and


look at them from a distance. It was quite clear that he wouldn't


meet them or speak to them or make himself known to them. That would


make it difficult for them, going back to their mother, saying, I


have seen daddy, or something. That was it. John Aspinall made it very


clear to you that in 1979, Lord Lucan was alive and living in


Africa? When he said, Lord Lucan wants to see his children and that


I was to send him up there, I believed that was the case. -- send


them out there. Did you realise this was a huge manhunt? Lord Lucan


was still the most wanted man in Britain at this time, and he you


while, arranging for his children to go and see him over in Africa?


just had no idea of the enormity of it. It was just me doing a job


amongst many other things that they did in that casino world, which are


quite alien to me. It seemed quite a nice thing to do in a way, to


facilitate her father seeing his children. If I now put it in the


context of he was a murderer, or there was a murder committed, and


the family have suffered enormously, it doesn't seem the same. But how


do we know that what deal is saying is true? We have done some research


and I can tell you that she did were for John Aspinall at this


Casino here in Knightsbridge. And I can introduce you to this man. His


name is Bob Polkinghorne and he's the former Detective Inspector in


charge of the Lucan case file during the 1980s. Now retired and


living in Kent, we tracked Bob down hoping he could shed more light on


what really happened to Lord Lucan. The Chief Superintendent contacted


me and asked me her to have a look at the care to see if there were


any developments. Exactly what came in while you were on the case?


was quite obvious that people were aware that Lord Lucan wasn't dead.


Lady Lucan, I am quite convinced, didn't think he was dead, in fact


she said to me he was a gambler - gamblers don't commit suicide, they


always win the next hand. Shortly afterwards, Bob received further


confirmation that Lucan was indeed alive and well. This time, a


sighting from a reliable source, an eyewitness Even though at that time


there were certainly grounds that he had murdered the nanny. After


two or three minutes he was joined by another man who they were


adamant was Lord Lucan. Surely you needed to investigate? Normally get


approval, but for some reason, I was later told to continue the


inquiry, I didn't have the proof to continue. Why do you think that


happened? I have no idea. What do you think happened to Lord Lucan?


think his gambling friends to come out of the country. So, what new


evidence have we managed to gather? First of all we have the testimony


of Jill, John Aspinall's former personal assistant he states quite


clearly that she was a instructed to send Lord Lucan's children out


to Africa so that he could see him. And then an eye witness account


where Lord Lucan was seen in Africa in 1981, where he asked for funds


to investigate further and it was refused. Was it said were Lord


Lucan was hiding? No, I presume to John Aspinall helped Lord Lucan to


get to Africa as a hideout. There is a small bit of evidence that


leads you to believe that he is not alive any more, and that revolves


around John Aspinall's final months before he died. Could you tell me


that story? I was told that nothing else would be said, but at some


point John Aspinall would make another press release in which he


would state again that Lord Lucan was dead and that he had murdered


Sandra Rivett. He said to me with regard to some of the things you


did into hat -- in terms of helping me, I don't know what to know or


don't know, Twitter said I knew very little. -- to which I said. I


just said, I would say that it was my belief that Lord Lucan was dead


and he said that he would also is the other things about his guilt,


and that would be a signal to me to know that he was indeed dead. And


so, if you wanted to speak about it after that point, it was entirely


up to me. This is what Gill believes John Aspinall meant. It is


this final interview that he gave to the Sunday Telegraph. Months


later, he died of cancer. But it has taken jail a further 12 years


to finally break the wall of silence that surrounds the Lord


Lucan mystery -- to take jail. of the big influences on my life


was John Aspinall, but I didn't understand it as muck up the time.


With hindsight, the wish you hadn't sat on this information for so


long? If I had known then what I know now, definitely. It is only


just starting to piece itself together, and since talking to


yourself, I have learnt a lot more about the case and the situation.


Yes, there are some regrets. have you asked us to conceal your


identity? We haven't paid to any money for this interview. You could


have gone to one of the national newspapers and made thousands.


don't want to make anything from it. I simply want to pass on a message,


that's all. Has it sunk in now that you assisted in a conspiracy when a


man who was wanted by Scotland Yard for murder was alive in 1979, 1980,


does that worry you now? No, have got a clear conscience. I wasn't


persisting in Lord Lucan's escaping run the thing, I came into the


picture by sending children at to see this guy... It wasn't ready all


over the press and at that time that they were desperately


searching for the runaway Lord Lucan. My conscience is clear, that


is all I want to do, his pass on the information that I have to


Next the debate as to how best help heroin users beat their diction.


There are more than 250,000 regular users in England alone. The most


common treatment for them is methadone but not everyone agrees


that is the best way to help. One charity here it is sending addicts


abroad for a radical treatment. Meet Kathy, she is 29. She is from


Surrey and she is an addict. For the last three years she has been


hooked on heroin and prescription With the help of Reading-based


charity East West Detox Kathi has come to Thailand to get clean but


You get in with the wrong crowd and try things and do things and it get


out of control. Cocaine, ecstasy, recreational - that went on for


years from the age of 18. Going And then my best friend, I said to


have, I wanted to try heroin. She said she did not mind and I said,


OK, we will get some. On the Friday I tried it and it went from there.


That decision would have a devastating effect on Kathy and her


family. I always expected to find her dead. I used to think I would


walk-in and that would be it. You keep thinking, if I had done this,


done that but it would not have made any difference. I used to come


home and collapse in a heap because I used to think, how long can this


Thamkrabok Monastery takes people from around the world with many


forms of addiction. Its detox centre, the Hague, is run by the


local forest monks. It has a fearsome reputation. Its methods


may seem harsh but its principles are basic. Addicts have to take


responsibility for themselves. People with the dictions have to


look at themselves and say, it was me and I have to change. Many of


the monks are former addicts. people, especially the ones I knew,


would laugh if they thought I was here teaching these ideas. But the


way the world is now, we are looking for these answers and


bruises and and religion, these ideas of faith and belief in


yourself are working and the world Stripped of money, possessions and


her passport, Kathy must take a wholly foul before her treatment


can begin. -- bowel. It is making a commitment not to use addictive


The next four weeks of Kathy's life will be governed by the foul. A


strict daily regime of steam baths, teachings and for the first week,


induced sickness. Reality is If I said to you, a plane ticket


home now... I would be held the door. That is the truth. I would go


home and score again but I know I cannot do that. I want to change my


The monks of believe induced sickness purges the body of all


toxins. For the first five days, addicts are given a vomiting and


medicine. It is time for Kathy's first ceremony. Not so worried


about making myself sick, it is Jess the taste of this stuff I know


will be rancid. People projectile vomit and it is knowing something


Right now I would rather be in a prison in England, but I have to


Cannot hand of the medicine man anything because he is a monk. You


take it out of here. Down it all in If you get up and walk around, you


will feel better. We know you can. There are people here a lot worse


than you. We don't need excuses. We hear excuses all the time. Kathi


has refused the steam bath. It is part of the treatment and at the


moment the monk is in their seeing if we can get her out of her bed.


It is day two and she is feeling rough. You have not gone through


the rest of it and there is a lot more to go through. It is strict,


we have compassion. We try our best. There is a negotiation, banter and


we tried to throw her back but in fact we come to a compromise. Over


all, if you do not like it, you can I just want my NP3 player so I can


sleep at night. It is the little things that seem really important.


Yes. And there is no one in my Don that speaks English, so I am


talking to nobody. Try and sleep tonight and not be woken up. It is


dark still and there is a bigger bidder in front of May. Et his


Night-time is the worst. When you cannot sleep. The only other Brit


being treated is Charlie. Four Cathie, it is a huge relief to find


Where am I? Leg at the back of this shirt. I thought it was a number in


Thai. I thought I arrived at a prison camp. It was Pat revising.


All these people walking around, mostly Thais. A Charlie is battling


with an addiction to cocaine. He also sees Thamkrabok Monastery as


his last chance to quit. I was waking up and going and getting


drugs. I did not need them but I knew that I would want them later


in the day, which was really difficult. Whereas with heroin you


do not get that because you need debt. I knew I wanted to have it


for later on in the day. I know that I am tired of it. I want to


start enjoying my life and I know I have a lot of good things going on


in my head, heart, I can succeed and get to where I want to go but


if I enable cocaine to stay in my life, those things will never


happen. As well as treating addicts, Thamkrabok Monastery serves as a


warning to others. Today the monks and patience are playing --


preparing for a very public display. This is what they call it a show


vomit. It is a event they put on three or four times a week. They


get all the local children in. It is part of their local drugs


It is these words that I cannot handle. I am freezing cold, believe


it or not. It is the night that you are struggling with the most.


you do not sleep coming off dear anyway. And at home, last night I


felt panicky key. Bat at home I would knock a couple of Valium. It


is a nightmare. It is all coming out and it is coming out a


physically and mentally. Yes. Demons in your head. Really hard.


Just get through today. It is the Cygnus think I do not want to do.


Thamkrabok Monastery does not know how many of his patients stay clean


after they leave but a report commissioned last year by East West


Detox claimed their success rate was more than double here in the UK.


And as the days go on, cap the is struggling with the stark reality


of the situation she finds herself in. I am not going to fail because


I am not going to put myself through this again ever. The one


thing I have not thought of one As I prepare to fly home, Kathy


tells me she wants to change her flight and come back early. This is


how Kathy will be celebrating her 30th birthday. But will she last


Charlie successfully completed his time in Thamkrabok Monastery and


stayed on to help other addicts. Two weeks later, Kathy has come


home early. Kathy! How are you? Are you all right? You are back home


but I guess this is where the real business starts. Yes. Just put into


place little things like changing my number, not giving it to other


people. That is the only way I can avoid it. I could find a number If


I wanted to, but I have no intention of. No way I want to do


that again. The experience has changed my outlook on everything. I


have not been clean for years. Not just the heroin, the medication but


now I am completely clean. My body is cleansed. It is great. Are you


all right? You've got your daughter back. My real daughter. Yes, not


the zombi one. Eight months on and Kathy is still clean. She is


getting her life back on track and hopes to be able to start work soon.


Just getting back to reality is hard after three years. I have


friends that still do it and the temptation is still there but after


what I have gone through, some strength inside me says I know


because if I'd do it once, that is it, game over. There is no going


back on it at all. It is just getting back to normal but it has


totally changed my life. And the good news is that Kathy continues


to do very well. That is all this week. See you next Monday. Do not


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