11/02/2013 Inside Out Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


How the illegal trade in rhino horn is affecting the nation's museums and zoos. A man jalied for drug smuggling warns of the dangers of drugs. And the modern life refugees.

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For years they stood gathering dust at the history collection across


Britain. Now, rhino horn like this at a secret location is more


valuable on the black market than gold. One kilo can sell for as much


as �60,000. Today, rhino horns are at the


centre of international crime rings. This causes a major security issues


for museums and zoos across Europe and can threaten the future of the


species. This is our number one quiet life crime in the UK, it is a


majorly significant issue and we know that organised crime and other


people are involved. In the past we had rhino horns out on open display


so people could touch them, that would be unthinkable now.


In the past six months there have been 20 cases of rhino horn theft


across the UK. Collections at Norwich, Ipswich and Leicester have


been targeted at police have stepped up their warnings that any


Rainow specimens alive or dead are under threat. I think that it would


be extremely difficult to take a corner from easy rhino but we take


effect very seriously. If the threats have been fuelled by


the belief in south-east Asia at rhino horn is a miracle cure, that


anything from cancer to hangovers can be cured and as the price goes


up the attempts to obtain it illegally become even more


desperate. The fight to protect rhinos has moved out of Africa and


into the Museums and stately homes and print.


For security reasons I cannot tell you exactly where I am in South


Yorkshire, I am in a safe storage area to meet in natural history


curator. We have always taken it very


seriously, obviously we are in charge of caring for all of the


objects that are in the museum, that is the idea, but the idea that


someone wants to steal is never far from our minds. But when we have a


very specific threat, like what we have at the moment, then we will


take several precautions. To protect their stocks, some


museums have resorted to putting fake corns on display. It is hollow,


it is made of resin. A friendly model-maker made this for us. The


idea being that if the criminals that were coming to me seems to


steal rhino horn don't know whether the rhino horn up on display is


real or not then hopefully they will stop doing it. A and Britain's


colonial past, hunting big game with a socially acceptable pastime.


This is hardly the sport for the average man, but for those who get


the chance it is the sport of kings. However wrong it seems there, the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


dead don't need many specimens to They are just like black rhinos,


she is nice and peaceful at the moment. There is something


prehistoric about them, they are gorgeous.


But the fears over their future about them is the same. Security


was recently increased to 24 hours per day to counter any set but the


staff are aware of what is at stake. We're seeing a demand for rhino


horn that is just unprecedented right now. We know, for example, in


south-east Asia, particularly China and Vietnam, rhino horn has always


been very sought after. It has always been so valuable that people


could not afford it, it was good of reach. As the economies of China


and Vietnam increase, this has suddenly become in breach of these


people there are now demanding rhino horn. The potential demand of


that is enormous and unless he can deal with that we will lose these


animals. The irony is that according to


Western scientific research, rhino horn has no medical benefits


whatsoever. Rhino horn is not born like the for -- like the horn of a


cow, it sets on the top of the skull and is made of Cheriton, like


her fingernails. Poaching of these animals has


increased by 3,000 % in recent years. Rhino Ark so endangered that


some in Europe have become even more of a target. For many people,


this makes little difference. I have in front of me is a typical


package that we could see, it is produced illegally for traditional


Chinese medicines. These have minute announced of rhino horn like


this. He could have any other time summoning two species as well. This


is twice in value as the same weight of gold. The issue is


commodity. People can trade this and cut it up and send it to the


Far East where it is used illegally, there are massive gains to be made.


The number of people who want to deal rhino horn means that any


museum that hold this type of product is at it. There is one


initiative on the horizon that it is hoped that will help turn the


tide. Crime fighters and conservation


experts are now fighting back. They are using the very latest in modern


DNA fingerprinting techniques to try and tackle what -- tackle the


fees and poachers dead on. Today, Alastair is heading north to bring


his museum's rhino horn to a new project in Scotland that will make


collections like is more secure. The forensic scientist here is in


the process of setting up an international DNA database of every


rhino artefact in Europe. This can be used by law-enforcement agencies


throughout the world. Do you know how old this rhino horn


is? This one dates from 1875. will take a sample from the very


base of the core, because that is the most recent growth of the horn.


That is the youngest DNA, so I will drill a hole in here and I will


take a sample for analysis, and the analysis should hopefully generate


a profile unique to the scorn, so in the same way that enforcement


agencies might key DNA on file that could look a suspect to a crime, we


will use rhino DNA. So if a rhino sample is stolen from a museum, and


then recovered in trade, we can compare the DNA profile from this


item are covered with the DNA profile generated as a result of


this project. The database will also have the


benefit for scientists, too, enabling researchers to learn more


about the genetic make-up of rhino populations long since gone to


protect the species in the future. Aside from the extra information we


are getting about the rhino specimen, which is in itself


fantastic, we have a little bit extra security. Is this young rhino


-- as this young rhino makes its way in the world, the team curators


and managers hope that a renewed focus on rhino conservation and


crime prevention will mean that these animals as well as the crisis


stricken predecessors are not lost forever.


With the rhino population down to less than 5,000, with just 630


eastern blacks like this left in the world, they are running out of


time. We need more people to care about the issue. It is difficult to


be optimistic about the future of rhinos, with the small numbers that


a letter and the incredible demand placed on them and the to be


sources to deal with it, I believe that these magnificent animals will


Still to come, we need the women who says she is a refugee from the


modern world. When Billy was convicted of drug


smuggling in the Philippines, he faced dying in prison. He was


granted a pardon due to his disability. Since his release last


year, Billy has sent -- spent his time warning others about the


dangers of drugs and the drugs trade.


20 years ago whilst on holiday Billy Burton made a terrible


decision, which would change his life forever. Now Billy is


determined to use his experience to ensure that no one else makes the


same mistake again. Hello Billy, nice to see you!


Yeah, you two, how're you doing? I had a lump some in the bank and I


thought, I'll just travel. I came to an agreement that I would be


paid to take the bag of, of hash, to Australia. Truthfully, I was


smoking dope, you know, when I was there. And then you get yourself


into a couple of financial difficulties and, these are waiting


for you! When were you first aware that


something was going very wrong? When they put the bags through the


X-ray machine. Normally you would just check your bag in and just


your hand luggage is searched. This time the bags went through an x-ray


machine. What happened once you had been


arrested and caught? You are taken away into, by the,


you know customs or in the Philippines it was a narcotics


commander. I was there for a month and then my decision came, I was


sent there to the maximum. It was built for 3,500 and there was 5,000


there. That was when I first went there. When I left there was 12,700.


Guy Tweedy, himself a victim of thalidomide started a campaign in


2010 to have Billy released from prison, despite the pair never


having met. Can you talk me through this


impressive amount of files you have here?


Yeah, there is a lot. It all started with the first part, but


the campaign was to get this article into the Sunday Times. That


small piece there was the start. First news coverage.


Start of the news coverage of the Billy Burton campaign.


I spoke to the director of the trust, Dr Martin Johnson and he had


told me that he had been in prison a long time. He was able to explain


Billy's circumstances in the prison. In the jails, you would have a 20ft


by 20ft room and there is 50 people inside. And there is one toilet


bowl, no sink. There is a pipe that sticks outside the wall which you


will maybe get a gallon of water a day each and if you want a shower


it is gone, if you want to drink it, it is gone!


It was bad for a normal person but for a disabled person it would have


been compounded ten times worse, it's ridiculous! And so I decided


to get stuck in. All of these Newspapers! All of these! This is


an amazing amount of coverage! $$GREEEN A lot of people crticised


me for getting involved in Billy's case because he had broken the law


and been sent to prison. Now, I'm a believer in law and order, Billy


pleaded guilty, he was given a sentence. When you campaign you


must make sure that the crisis will get picked up and I made sure that


Billy's name was mentioned all the time in the papers and it was just


a lot of things coming together. The big breakthrough for me was


having a meeting in December 15th with Jeremy Brown, who was the


Foreign Office minister, and he was prepared to back his campaign to


get Billy out. That was very rare. That was the first time that the


Foreign Office were about to campaign on disability. It is


astonishing that you have this much in 18 months. Did you ever wake up


one morning and think, I can be bothered? I said I would get you


out of prison and that is what I did. And the promised my mother.


And it promised a mother. Billy has come to a local church groups to


warn children about the dangers of drugs. A lot of people criticise me


for getting involved in Billy's case, he had broken the law and


went to prison. Billy broke the law and served his sentence. He served


100% of the sentence handed down to him by the court of Law that day.


He served 20 years. But of course Billy being in my constituency, I


had a great deal of concern about the deterioration of his health and


that wasn't going to get any better in the prison and was very much


shortening his life span. It is not a case of if you are


going to be exposed to drugs, it is a case of when! And, you know your


peers and your friends are going to say don't be a wuss and it is the


cool thing to do, you know and really it's not! This is my life,


these people abuse you can beat you CYAN He helped a lot of people, his


story not to do it and make people realize what life is worth living


about. It has really, really opened my


eyes up about drugs and made me steer away from all like stuff like


that, he did that to help him for a bit of money and look how it ended!


My friends always asks, how did a lap from whether they get involved


in a drugs syndicate in Asia? He did not have to be a criminal or a


tough guy, you just need to be a bit stupid.


After nearly 20 years in a foreign jail, adapting to life back in


Britain has not always been plain sailing. Billy's partner, who he


met in the Phillipines is in the UK to help him readjust to a life of


freedom. Tell me about how you two first came to meet.


I was looking for someone to help me with paralegal work and I put


the feelers out looking for someone who needed some paralegal work and


Maffy at that time was looking for some supplementary work and we were


put together and that was 9 years ago!


That's brilliant! Were you concerned about him when he was in


prison, his health and all that? It has been my greatest dream for


him to be able to taste freedom! It is fair to say that you two have


been through more than most couples. Oh, yeah! And it is just how long


have you been here, four weeks? Yeah, almost four weeks!


In nine years, I'm sorry! In nine years, we've had four weeks


together, living like other people It will be a few years before we


can be together, but hopefully, but hopefully over here or in the


Phillipines. Do you think about your future?


The lack of a future! No, at the moment I have a lot of, I have some


health problems which are getting better, but I can't work at the


moment. And you never know, maybe you will get some people that come


to say, "We know someone who has a problem with drugs, can you come


and talk to them?" I want them to see that if they do it, this is


what they are going to end up, you know, they are going to be 50,


living on somebody else's couch, no wife, no children or house and, you


know, you can be a pleasant and nicest bloke that you are, but


Now, many of us rely on our computers and mobile phones, so


imagine trying to live without them. That is what some people are being


forced to do for health reasons, and as our correspondent has been


finding out, they will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid the


modern world. This is Green Bank, West Virginia. It is not difficult


to see why people would be attracted here. Just a few hours


drive from Washington DC, it offers the sort of peace and solitude many


city dwellers crave. But it is something else that has


attracted the latest settlers to arrive here, a group who you could


describe as wi-fi refugees seeking There are a growing community of


people who say they are allergic to mobile phones and wi-fi signals,


sufferers of what is known as electro-magnetic sensitivity, ES


In England I was so sick I could not exist, I was ill from morning


tonight. Most have moved from other parts of


the USA but Silvia Wilson's journey has been much longer, she has come


with her daughter more than 3,500 miles from Lincolnshire. In the Dee,


-- immediately, it is like this energy review, you feel very sick,


and I'm throw up a lot. You get headaches, you feel like you have a


lot of pressure in your head and burning sensations which are the


most uncomfortable. Hot needles coming in through your head, that


is very unpleasant. Very painful. This is reason why Green Bank has


become a sanctuary, it's part of the US national radio quiet zone,


around 13000 miles where all radio transmissions are banned or


severely limited$$NEWLINE This makes Green Bank one of the very


few places in the world where you can escape mobile phones and other


electro-magnetic signals. This makes Greenbank one of the very few


places where you can escape mobile phones and other electromagnetic


signals. For Silvia it has become a refuge.$$NEWLINE This was Silvia


when I first met her seven years ago. She had lined her house in


Horncastle with tin foil, she believed it would protect her and


her family from a mobile phone mast nearby. The power is very strong,


so we have had to shield this otherwise we will become physically


ill. This is in your daughter's bedroom as well, all over the


ceiling here. I had to look after my mum, she could not get out of


bed, she was so ill. I had to make her breakfast and get all of her


clothes ready. There came a point when Silvia felt


too ill to stay in the UK, the family home was sold and she looked


to start a new life with her youngest daughter forced to leave


her older children and husband behind. My marriage broke down, a


lot of stress within the family, with my children, and I was just


unable to cope. It had a big emotional impact. It was too much.


There's no clear diagnostic criteria for ES so it is impossible


to say how many people believe they are affected. Estimates vary from


as low as just a few in every million to 5% of the population.


Scientists know that mobile phone and Y five signals interfere with


the operation of the radio telescope here, but to they also


adversely affect human health? That is a complicated and controversial


question. To find out what whether science


has anything to offer as an explanation for Silvia's illness I


need to leave Greenbank and head Nearly all of us now own a mobile


phone, in fact there are more phones than people in this country


and wi-fi technology is spreading into every corner of our homes. Any


possible health effects have to be taken seriously. So what research


has there been? There have been more than 50 studies were


scientists have tried to replicate the symptoms suffered by Sylvia and


others. Some of the recent work has taken place here, at King's College


in London. It is similar to a mobile phone but


it produces something much stronger than the average mobile phone. It


is the upper threshold of what is allowed for a mobile phone. It is


mounted on a headset that participants will wear for around


50 minutes. 240 people have been tested in this way, have to believe


they are sensitive to mobile phone so and have to don't. Can I ask you


about electoral sensitivity as a condition? Does the scientific


community gives us any credence? The symptoms are very real in some


cases, and for a minority of people they can be disabling, so it exists


in terms of the experience that people report. When you bring


people into your lap and you expose them to eat general electromagnetic


field or a sham electromagnetic field, like a placebo or fake elect


a magnetic field people to get symptoms. It is just that those


centres are as likely to be caused by sham field. If sham fuels are


sufficient to cause the symptoms they must be something


psychological there. Other scientists have reached the


same conclusion as James Rubin. The World Health Organisation states


that there is currently no scientific basis to link ES with


short term exposure to electro- mangnetic fields. However, some


health professionals like Dr Erica Mallery Blythe want more research.


For all of us in this field the understanding that we have is still


extremely poor. Biological systems are not like chemicals in a test-


tube, everything is not reproducible be sacked as you would


hope for in a machine. Each individual response will be


different. These individual responses are


something Erica knows more about than most. She, too, experiences


symptoms of the S and tries to avoid mobile phone that electric


currents. This is a try field meter, it is called that because it


measures three field, electromagnetic and radial


motorways. In this instance sitting on the table it is on a wooden


surface with a substantial air gap between it and the electrical cable


running underneath. If I reach down and put my hand near it he can see


that there is a deflection now up to the high part of the spectrum.


That is because I am behaving as a conductor for the electrical field


around that table. This is the basis for one of the fees, that


perhaps some people are more of a conductor than others and if they


have greater conduct of organisms and they will attract are


electromagnetic fields. A Erykah now advises sufferers as


part of her role with the support could e s UK. She is planning her


own studies into the condition. is very disappointing to see


doctors misguidedly treating this as purely a psychological condition.


When, in fact, their knowledge is often very poor indeed in most


people's knowledge of this is very poor because we don't have even


diagnostic criteria for people with this condition. Is there any proof


that electromagnetic field don't cause symptoms? It is not possible


to prove a negative, we cannot prove to you that something doesn't


cause something else, the best evidence we have to date and it is


quite good evidence is that it doesn't. He would regret it into


your career in ten years' time? It will not be a health scare that


society ignored? If the evidence changes, I'll change my mind.


The back in West Virginia, life goes on as it has for centuries.


Rich in tradition, it offers a very different way of life to Sylvia, a


life apart from the modern world. And whatever the experts say, that


is what Sylvia believes she needs. We realise that material things


mean nothing when you don't have health, health is so important and


this is why we came here. How are you feeling now? I feel very good,


I can think, I don't feel sick, I feel OK.


No one really knows how many people there are like Sylvia, at the


moment it seems like medicine has very little to offer her and so


each must find their own way of dealing with the symptoms of this


illness, whatever its cause. And for Sylvia, that his neck leaving


Lincolnshire at her old life behind. Just before we go, you can follow


us on Twitter or fingers on Facebook. We're back next week with


Keeley Donovan finds out why the poaching of rhino in the wild is posing a threat much closer to home with museums and zoos being forced to step up their security. We meet Billy Burton the thalidomide survivor from North Yorkshire who was jailed in the Philippines for drug smuggling but is now devoting his time to warning others about the dangers of drugs. And Paul Murphy reports on the so-called wi-fi refugees, people who are seeking to avoid the modern world because they believe they are allergic to electromagnetic signals.

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