Belize Oil Spotlight

Belize Oil

Hard-hitting investigations. An investigation into Irish hypnotist Tony Quinn and his company Educo, looking at his influence and involvement in a Belize oil company.

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Tonight on Spotlight. On the trail of Tony Quinn. Visionary, guru,


hypnotist. The purpose of life is to experience life, not to see it


on -- sit on the side line and think about it. Life coach and


saviour to some, cult leader to others. He raised a fortune from


thinks believers, but we uncover claims that he has exercised a


sinister influence over them. Most extraordinarily of all, the inside


story of how two of his followers from Northern Ireland struck oil in


Central America and founded a multi million dollar business. I have to


tell you, it has been an amazing journey. Only to fall out over


Quinn's role in the firm. It's been a long, hard, tough time. Tougher


than anybody could possibly imagine. It began as a fairytale, with


adventure, exotic locations and outrageous fortune. How did the


dream go wrong? Questions surround what tbg and his supporters have


done with a fortune in oil money -- Tony Quinn. Something we put to him


when Spotlight tracked him down overseas. Dr Quinn, are you going


to pay back INE the money, the millions that the shareholders say


I'm watching a promotional film for a highly controversial self-


improvement therapy called Educo. My turnover of my business shot


through the roof. It was incredible. It went from �8,000 a week turn


yofr to �0,000, effortlessly. goes beyond belief. It's a new way


and a new dimension of living. promises to change your life.


can't believe I went through an operation without anaesthetic.


is not possible for the first time ever to take control of ageing and


indeed health. You are in a position to produce what I call


designer lives. Educo, the educational system of the future,


today. It is the brain child of Dr Tony Quinn, Irish yoga teacher


turned business guru. His courses cost anything up to Sum Sum a time.


I wanted to investigate claims that he exercises a strange influence


over his believers. In particular, the story of a feud between two of


his former followers, two women from Northern Ireland Susan Morrice,


a renowned geologist from Belfast. Her former business partner,


Fermanagh woman, Sheila McCaffrey. Both had started as fans of Tony


Quinn's teachings. When I'm working with people, what I try and do is


take out everything that's possible and put it in front of them. They


choose how far they want to go. I would discover, the women


disagree on him and they can't An annual meeting in Dublin of


International Natural Energy. On the right, Susan Morrice, company


Chairman. On the left, Sheila McCaffrey, her former Chief


Executive. The meeting descended into chaos. No actual business


seemed to be getting done. Shareholders seem in one way,


mystified, but there are plenty of angry shareholders in there too.S


can hear now with the shouts in the background. At stake was the very


future of the company, but for many, what was most striking was the


animosity between Morrice and McCaffrey. Shareholders were taken


aback. It was quite extraordinary day. I've never seen anything like


it. It was clash of the titans. Two female directors absolutely


fighting the piece out. The whole floor erupted. More people were


standing than sitting. There was shouting. Complete disorder. It was


a call to order a few times. There were seven American lawyers there.


They couldn't control the situation at all. Were you shocked to see the


goings on? Yes. I expect that adults would behave with a little


bit more decorum than that. It was a disgrace. Susan Morrice's


leadership had been attacked. It was her relationship to Educo and


Tony Quinn that was under examination. Exactly what position


did he have in the company's balance of power? After the meeting


imploded, shareholders seemed to have made up their own minds.


Quinn has complete control over her. He's the puppet master, she's the


puppet. God help her, he has complete control of that lady.


as serious, Susan Morrice had been accused of spending major amounts


of company money on herself. I put that to her as she was leaving with


the wife of her late business partner. Shareholders believe that


you are using the company as your personal bank. Absolutely not.


That's total lies. Total lies. shareholders say you are still


under the influence of Tony Quinn, is that truet? That is absolutely


ridiculous. Susan would file a complaint with police about


disruption at the meeting. As she left, she may well have reflected


on how she and Sheila had become such enemies after years of


friendship. The two women had met on the lawn of the White House over


a decade ago at an event promoting trade in Northern Ireland. Both


were young entrepreneurs. Susan was already a world renowned geologist.


Prospects are improving, Susan Morrice? Yes, they are. With this


particular type of technique we are using we can get an idea of the


structures or the hills underneath the ground. Sheila, here in her


native Fermanagh, was a business woman on the up. We have about


roughly half of it dedicated to office accommodation for computer


workers. It was their later deveetion to Educo and Quinn that


would lead them to their greatest success --devotion. Belize, Central


America. For 50 years, petroleum giants had tried and failed to find


oil here. But Susan Morrice and Sheila McCaffrey's company struck


oil first time. It was an average dale in Belize, hot, 40 degrees. We


were... Everybody was anxious. It was a... You know, a make-or-break


day as far as we were concerned. People assembled on the site, at


dawn, coming up to 5.30 am. The sun rose over Spanish lookout. Did I


think the world would be a different place by the time the sun


went down? I hoped it woofplt I dreamed it would. This is -- would.


I dreamed it would. This is the moment their lives changed. Yeah!


It was a moment mouse day for everybody involved. I never seen so


many grown men cry in my life. Susan and Sheila's company had


struck black gold. Hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of oil.


The Belize oil strike had its origins in the Educo seminars. Both


women had taken part in them and had been taught "dreams can become


reality." It was Sheila who introduced Susan to the life-


changing course. A concept that Susan continues to champion to this


day. That seminar allowed me to join the dotts. It was like a major


Eureka moment, when I realised that this life that courses through all


of us, that is our very being, is quite a separate part than the


group of thoughts of mind sets that we believe are ourselves. Educo


promised a very different approach to business, life and the power of


the mind. Susan even promoted it on her website. Educo makes many


claims about its benefits. Many psychologist maintain we are only


using a small percentage of our minds. Vair yours estimates have


been offered from as high as 10% to as low as 5%. The science behind it


is questioned. I would be very sceptical of that there. In fact, I


would go so far as to contend that and say it's nonsense in many ways.


I mean, when they say about using more of your mind. They say that we


only use 10% of our mind. Which is incorrect. That is something that


has been a myth in psychology for a number of years. Dr John Butler is


an expert in hip know therapy and a long time critic of Educo and it is


emphasis on money. Educo is a mind development system that promotes


the idea that by studying the course information they have, you


will improve your quality of your life. It has a very strong emphasis


on material success, but it also applies to what they call "gaining


more life" being more in touch with life. It has a quasi-spiritual


aspect to it. It sounds positive. It sounds like a life-changing


force? That's the claim. Yeah. That's what people are promised.


Whatever the real benefits of Educo, there is no doubt that Susan and


Sheila were grateful to Quinn as the inspiration behind their


success. They gave him a vast shareholding in the company. He


would soon get a seat on the Board too. Quinn would benefit hugely


from the company, certainly more County Down. The oil venture had


been funded partly by other followers of Quinn's teachings. One


of them, a retired nurse living in Donaghadee. I needed to break out


of the rut that I was in. It seemed to me to be a door that was opening


that was, perhaps, worth pursuing. Margaret Coutts' husband had died.


She felt she needed to rebuild her life. She signed up for the Educo


course. Margaret hoped it would improve her life dramatically.


was... I felt it was going to help me, it wasn't very long after I'd


lost my husband, and I was fighting to find a way that I could live


Margaret had paid for a two week Educo seminar. Held in Las Vegas,


it cost around �12,000. I had never done any travelling and I thought,


well, this is an opportunity to go somewhere that I won't probably go


again. Staying at Caesar's Palace. It was the two things. What were


you paying for apart from the accommodation and the flights? What


were you getting for your money? find that really difficult to


answer because, the more I think about it, the less I got for it.


Margaret had been encouraged to fund the oil exploration dream,


like other Educo followers. Ralph McCutcheon from County Down was an


aindividual Educo follower. Encouraged by what he believed to


be its positive, go-getting message. In common with a lot of the people


who had been on the course, I had been through hard times. I had lost


my marriage, I'd lost my home. The only way was up. He happily put


money into the scheme to hunt for oil. When I first met him, he said


he had never seen a profit or full audited accounts. Shareholders like


Ralph complained they were kept in the dark. They started asking


awkward questions. We didn't exist. Some of us formed a shareholders


action group because we were so concerned that we couldn't get any


information from the company, we weren't getting AGMs, we weren't


getting any information at all. We weren't getting accounts. We were


being completely disregarded. We put the money in. Quinn's role in


the company had grown. He even wrote directly to shareholders to


celebrate their success. What did you think when you heard Tony Quinn


had been given a substantial amount of shares in the company? Where did


the shares come from? Who gave them to him? Who paid for them? Why


should he be given shares? With the amount of money he has, why didn't


he buy them? Why didn't he get involved when the thing was getting


offer the ground? He waited until it was a functioning company and


producing oil. He didn't want to have anything to do with it prior


to that. A lot of questions. George Hamilton is a former Educo follower.


In one year, he had spent an incredible �70,000 euros on Quinn's


seminars. He invested thousands in the oil company. When I met him, he


hadn't seen a cent. According to George Hamilton, Quinn spoke at a


rare meeting of INE shareholders in 2007. He said that he was advising


the Board. He said that the advice he had given them was that they


were giving out too much information. He would be advising


them to give out very little information. Quinn was now a fellow


director, but Sheila McCaffrey was becoming sidelined. A new Chief


Executive was appointed, replacing her. She would later be removed


from the company altogether. INE, under Susan Morrice's Chairmanship,


would later say that Sheila did not have the required expertise, the


company had outgrown her. company didn't outgrow me. The


company... It went from being an exploration company and it suddenly


found oil. It's easy for people to look back now and make assumption


about what happened during the period of time I was there. I


actually do know what happened. This... Freeze out, of me that


happened, was purposely orchestrated, designed and executed


perfectly. We asked Tony Quinn if he was responsible for side lining


Sheila? He denies this. Other shareholders were growing rest lest


Db restless. The scheme was bringing in big bucks. It was such


a success. An oil firm worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


Well, the shareholders were starting to have a voice and people


wanted to know what was happening to the company which they had


invested in, basically. There weren't proper accounts. There


wasn't transparency. People didn't know where the money had gone, if


the company had made any money or lost money or made money. It's just


a normal thing companies should do, file accounts and produce books,


basically. Which seemed to be impossible. Shareholders were in


open revolt. Sheila McCaffrey had not only been moved aside. Acting


on information, supplied by the company, police in Belize issued a


warrant for her arrest. Company property had allegedly been stolen.


Sheila was dismissed. Susan brought in new blood. Her cousin joined the


Board. My name is jstqust I'm orginally from Belfast in Northern


Ireland. When Susan asked me was I truly fulfilled I could feel it


inside me. I knew I wasn't. So I jumped at the chance and attended


the two week Educo seminar in the Bahamas. To say that the Educo


seminar was transforming would be an under statement. Josh Stewart's


devotion to Educo made him an ideal candidate to team up with his


cousin Susan on the board of INE. It seemed Educo and INE's


leadership were almost becoming one, united under Tony Quinn's guidance.


A new rule had been introduced. Any further investors would have fo


attend Tony Quinn's Educo courses. This commercial law expert, who


examined the issue for us, questions that rule. This was very


odd particularly because the training courses don't seem to


serve any purpose, so far as the business is concerned. To that end,


there would be a question whether there would be a conflict of


interest there. When a shareholder promotes the company for the gain


of his own personal pursuits or another company that he has an


interest in, that is a serious conflict of interest The The


company say this was a short-term measure for four months to protect


INE. Another new allegation now surfaced. Some INE shareholders we


spoke to claimed they were being spied upon and that that came to


light last year. After the last AGM we had a meeting, that's the


shareholders who feel that things aren't right, at that meeting there


was a person in the lobby videoing us coming out of the lift.


actually followed one of the agents after a meeting in Dundalk. We


identified him as a private agent. INE strongly deny they were ever


involved in any spying. A number of years had passed since INE hit oil.


People like Ralph had yet to see a payout. This was becoming a


critical issue. He needed funds fast. His home was now on the line.


Others were anxious too. You are generally unhappy though with the


way it has been run? I think there needs to be a big window opened on


what has been going on. I think the answer to that is, no, I'm not


happy. INE claims that it was merely a small number of "dissident


investors" who were upset with the company. In a court case in the


British Virgin Islands, Sheila tried to get the company to buy her


out or be wound up. She didn't succeed. INE claimed that she was


motivated by a desire to destabilise it on behalf of a rival


firm. The judge had some serious things to say about INE. He found


that Quinn should never have been made director of the company. Under


its own rules. He criticised the way he and Susan Morrice had been


running INE. The judge also painted a picture that appeared to reflect


what small shareholders had been saying. I had been tipped off that


Dr Quinn was out of the country, giving an expensive mind masters


seminar in the sun. I tracked him down to Tenerife. What he and Susan


had been up to while at the Helm of INE was now beginning to emerge,


thanks to the court action. Tony Quinn and Susan Morrice had told


investors that they couldn't pay a dividend because their banks


wouldn't let them. The judge had found there was no evidence of this.


Now, if shareholders wanted any money they had to apply to their


own company for a loan. The judge described this as a bizarre


arrangement, designed to punish shareholders of whom Susan Morrice


and Tony Quinn disapproved. Quinn though was able to tap into the


scheme to the tune of �1.6 million. INE maintains it had paid out


millions to investors. While loans had been issued the judge in July


said no dividends had been paid. There were further revelations.


Quinn's time on the Board was certainly eventful. Almost $2


million had been spent on security and what was described as "counter


survellance." Susan Morrice and Tony Quinn claimed their lives were


under threat. What the judge called "a private army" had been assembled


for Quinn, all with company money. For at least one court room


observer what was apparent was Tony Quinn's hold over Susan. A hold she


continues to deny. My impression, from talking to Susan and from


attending the trial, would be that she is very much under the


influence of Tony Quinn. She greatly admires Tony Quinn. She


defers to him and she deferred to him in the running of the business.


Giving her evidence during the trial she was emotional on various


occasions, including at times when relating how Tony Quinn and herself


were threatened, or as she said, they came under death threats and


other types of threats and felt the need to spend money, large sums of


money on survellance and close protection security. Do you feel as


if you might have been under survellance? I know I have been


under survellance. How does that make you feel?


have to make various substantial changes every day in what you're


doing. It affects your children. It affects... Everything about your


life. And who you talk to. The fact that it changes everything. It


changes everything about your life. It is the most deepest forms of


infringement of your personal security and personal things that


you do every day. Everything is compromised. Susan Morrice denies


she ever hired security experts to harass and intimidate shareholders


or her former friend. The court case would suggest that Sheila's


departure may well have been inevitable "just business". Her


treatment, however, was anything but, according to the judge. We can


carefully analyse what has happened, back since 2009. If people want to


freeze you out, they will stop at nothing doing it. It has been a


long, hard, tough time. Tougher than anybody could possibly imagine.


And... The judge said there had been a "deliberate policy to make


Sheila McCaffrey life as difficult as possible." Susan and her cousin


Josh Stewart had also wrongly spent $200,000 of company money attending


Quinn's Educo courses. This company is, in one sense, off the rails


because the board leading up to the trial of this case was running this


company outside of the rule book. They were running it as they wished.


The rights of a large majority of the shareholders have been entirely


ignored. So, from my view, from reading the judgment, the judge was


very critical of the way in which this company was run. I would


perceive this as an indictment on the way in which these people have


run this company. Quinn's allocation of nearly $16 million in


shares is now in question. In all, millions of dollars of INE money


has found its way to Quinn, via a loan, Educo seminars and the shares.


He should never have been on the Board. I wanted to know if he


intended to pay that money back? Time to talk to Tony. It's the


first time that Educo has come to Tenerife. This luxury hotel is the


location Tony Quinn has choosen to introduce new members to the Educo


way of life. Both tbg it can and Susan Morrice had declined our


requests that they be interviewed for this programme. -- Tony Quinn.


Are you going to pay back the INE shareholders the money they say you


owe them? Are you going to pay back INE the money, the millions the


shareholders say you owe them? Have you any comment about the money


that the INE shareholders say you owe them? Following his removal


from the INE Board, his role and shomeding in the company remain


unclear. After I tried to put questions to him, Dr Quinn later


contacted us saying he had nothing to do with Sheila's departure.


Actually abstaining from the vote to cast her out of INE. He also


denies hypnotising anyone. Susan Morrice denies using company money


wrongly, but still advocates the Educo courses for staff members.


What of Dr Quinn's vast shareholding in the company. This


is the letter apparently granting Quinn his shares. A judge found it


was a forgery back dated to Lee gitmiez the transfer. Sheila denies


she was party to this and said she had not signed the letter. INE now


claims that this undated photo is proof she lied to the court. It


also says the photo is backed up by accounts from eyewitnesses to the


event. Sheila denies any wrong- doing. A week before my encounter


in Tenerife, just before the investors' Annual General Meeting,


INE had finally made a multi million dollar payout of dividends.


The last-minute payout had done little to quell anger among


shareholders. They were demanding wholesale reform of INE. Many


seemed willing to back Sheila McCaffrey, who has yet to receive


her dividend. I'm happy today. I haven't been happy up until today.


Hopefully, today is the day when things start to change. Sheila has


been reinstated as a cr director. She needs to be giving back bg --


backing from the company. Susan contests all of Sheila McCaffrey's


allegations and says that every aspect of the company's operation


Investigation into Irish hypnotist Tony Quinn and his company Educo, and his influence and involvement in a Belize oil company.

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