27/09/2016 Spotlight


A special report from Rio. Conor Spackman investigates the arrest of Pat Hickey, president of the Olympic Council of Ireland.

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The Rio Olympics. Over two weeks of sport and sunshine on the Atlantic


coast. Athletes coming from practically every nation on Earth to


compete. When we arrived during the Paralympics, the atmosphere in


Brazil was still electric. When you stand here and take all of it takes


your breath away, the away, the sounds, the beautiful weather, a


tangible sense of excitement in the air. But this year, amid the


competition and the colour, there was controversy. First to that


arrest in Brazil of Pat Hickey. Right in the middle of the Games,


Alan's Olympic chief Pat Hickey was arrested and taken to one of


Brazil's most notorious prisons. Now he is charged with being part of an


alleged ticket touting ring and has had his passport seized. Pat Hickey


has said he is innocent but he will remain in Rio to fight the charges.


Pat Hickey has been involved with the Olympic sports since 1981. He


became president of the Olympic Council of Ireland in 1989. A


position he held until his arrest when he suspended himself from the


roll. After becoming chief of the Olympic Council of Ireland, Pat


Hickey rose to prominence on the world stage, rubbing shoulders with


the great and the good. And in the Olympic movement, he had become


president of the European Olympic Committees. During his journey to


the top, Pat Hickey has at times been a controversial figure and


sometimes got on the wrong side of athletes. On one occasion, he was


heavily criticised for his views on certain Olympians. Paul is an


international cyclist who competed for Ireland at the summer Olympic


Games in 1984. Now a writer, he recalls Pat Hickey criticising


athletes after the Sydney Olympics in 2000. He used the fact that the


team had not performed well really weighed into the performance and the


athletes. I wrote a piece about at the time. And the reaction of the


athletes to this, how much they resented Pat Hickey and what he said


about them and what he said about how they had performed.


Gaming is one of Alan's most celebrated athletes. In an interview


at the time, he was asked what his views were about the criticisms. Pat


Hickey has laid it on the line, he has said that second raters need not


apply for Athens in 2004. I was disgusted with him in the paper when


I read those quotes from him and his viewpoints on second raters. Do you


know what, to be upfront, Pat Hickey was a second rater himself going


into the Olympic Games a number of years ago as a participant in judo.


I came into my sport to make one spot of judo and rose up the ranks


in competition and became president of the Irish judo Association and


that led me on to a delegate of the Olympic Committee. Pat Hickey has


said he spent his time in the Olympic movement serving


sportspeople. I am not a paid official, I am a volunteer, I am not


in the business of sport, as such, I have done long years of voluntary


serving. Top Olympic volunteers are well looked after, they are


constantly on business right around the world and receive daily


payments. Every time they are on duty. As a member of the Executive


of the International Olympic Committee, Pat Hickey receives $900


each day. So for 17 days of an Olympics, that would amount to


$15,300. A bit of celebrating, we were on the podium and danced. Some


elite athletes can only dream of money. Like the O'Donovan brothers


who competed in Rio. We have won two silver medals in going, those two


rowers were funded to around 12,000 each year. That is as much as Pat


Hickey got per day at the games. Do not tell me that the sportspeople


are not aware of that, that creates resentment now. That is across all


of the sport that resentment. Unhappiness about Irish Olympic


funding applies to not just a rowing, Alan's most decorated recent


Olympian is the Belfast boxer Paddy Barnes. I spoke to his father,


Patrick, at the boxing club in Belfast. The greatest ability Paddy


has got is the ability to keep going and to want to win. He wanted to


make the best of what he has and he is prepared to do what is necessary,


watch is not easy. Last year he qualified for the Olympics and he


travelled 30,000 miles in 14 weeks. Seven different countries. Paddy won


bronze in Beijing in 2008, but again in London in four years later he did


likewise. But despite the success in the ring and some funding, finance


and security has not been easy to come by. Funding what on how


successful you are, there is a trait sets down that you must achieve to


qualify for certain amounts of money. Paddy Barnes received 40,000


euros funding each year across the Olympic Games that he took part in.


Beijing, London and Rio. It has to cover his whole life, his personal


training and travel. He has to live on that, has car has to run on that.


Then you have to consider a mortgage. He could not get 13 or


four years ago. He is a double Olympic medals and cannot get a


mortgage? Yes. Despite the financial


pressures, it is the glory that matters most to the Barnes family.


When Paddy was asked to carry the Irish flag at the Rio open --


opening ceremony, it was the happiest moment. A very proud day


for myself. Not everyone gets to go to an opening ceremony like this. It


is a great honour. As far as I am concerned, carrying the flag is as


good as winning a medal, that is my personal opinion.


When the Games began on the 5th of August, Patrick Barnes was not there


to see his son. The Olympic Council of Ireland never offered him or his


family tickets for the event. No, I was not at the opening ceremony. If


you listen to what Patrick said when it was announced, how much of an


honour it was for him, I never got to see that. I just saw a few


pictures but since then. I have never been to any opening ceremony


or closing ceremony. As relatives of a competitor, the Barnes family


would have been eligible for what are known as national Olympic


betting tickets. These are issued to every national Olympic committee,


including the Olympic Council of Ireland, to distribute. For example,


to the families and friends of athletes and two Olympic officials,


they are not for resale. While everyone had been getting ready for


the Olympic Opening Ceremony, and Paddy Barnes was preparing to hoist


the flag of Ireland, drama was unfolding elsewhere in Rio. An Irish


businessman called Kevin Mallon was arrested here at this hotel on the


beach-front. Police have said he had with him a number of tickets for the


opening ceremony, including tickets which were part of Alan's Olympic


allocation. He was employed by a company called the Hospitality --


Hospitality Group or THG. Police believe that the company and Kevin


Mallon were involved in ticket touting, an allegation that both


deny. This is the Next hotel where Kevin Mallon hosted a cocktail


party, police believe the purpose of that party was to entertain people.


His company were not allowed to sell tickets at the Rio Olympics so


police got wind of this came and arrested him. PhD is owned by this


man, Marcus Evans. He is a multimillionaire who has made a lot


of money from selling tickets and hospitality packages to corporate


clients around the world. He is also known to many as the owner of


Ipswich town football club. -- THG. One of PhD's senior staff had been


arrested for alleged ticket touting after the World Cup in Brazil two


years ago. Police in Rio have said they have been keeping an eye on THG


because of that. -- THG. Companies like THG which wanted to


sell tickets or tickets for hospitality at the Olympics had to


be accepted by the Rio ticket authorities. We have seen some of


the information that the police has said support their case against THG


and Kevin Mallon. When Kevin Mallon was arrested he was meeting clients


who are wanting tickets and looking forward to the opening ceremony. One


Brazilian business Ben Davies document to the police after Kevin


Mallon was arrested and they show that he had spent a lot of money.


The documents, in two parts. The first is a bill for hospitality on


the day of the opening ceremony and the cost of that is about seven that


they have thousand dollars per person. The second part of the


contract Al Pointing THG as an agent to buy tickets and the cost of that


is about $1000 per head. Police allege that these documents


concealed the true charge for the tickets, hiding it in the cost of


the hospitality. In Brazil, including the cost of the tickets by


concealing it for overpriced hospitality is classed as ticket


touting. That is against the law. After Kevin Mallon's arrest, police


crack open the safe in his hotel apartment and found these. Hundreds


of tickets for the Games. Including some Irish tickets which had been


for sale for a variety of Olympic events. 40 of these, the police


claimed, were Irish tickets, those men for families of athletes and


Olympic officials and not meant for sale. This is Kevin Mallon arriving


at the Central police station. The police investigation was under way.


The question was, why did he have so many tickets when the company THG,


for which he walked and for whom he was a director, were not allowed to


sell Olympic tickets? -- worked. PhD and Kevin Mallon denied that they


were involved in selling tickets at the Olympics or in any form of


ticket touting. They have said the tickets he held were sold by those


who were authorised and he was acting as a collection point on


their behalf. They have said a full assessment cannot be achieved


without consideration of all compliance documentation relating to


the provision of hospitality packages in Rio. Pat Hickey and the


Olympic Council of Ireland had had a relationship with THG, owned by


Marcus Evans, since the London Olympics. They had worked together


at the London games in 2012 when Pat Hickey and the Olympic Council had


nominated THG to be expected agent or in the jargon, it authorised


ticket reseller, ATR. We decided we'd better go but one of the big


international companies and we searched around the globe and we


discovered that Marcus Evans' group is probably the best-known and most


professional and I have to tell you that in our dealings with them to


date, we have found that. We have great confidence in the group. At


the London Games, Pat Hickey and the Olympic Council of Ireland also


asked THG to look after the Centre for Irish Olympic hospitality, what


is known as the Irish house. We do not have the expertise ourselves to


do that, so that is why we would be looking again at the professionalism


of the Marcus Evans' group. Pat Hickey's son Stefan then went to


work for THG to run the Irish house. Pat Hickey later explained to the


press that Stefan had been headhunted for the position. His


appointment had been approved by the Executive Committee of the Olympic


Council of Ireland. This is the Irish house, this is the


Irish national house. Pat Hickey wanted THG to be the


ticket agent for Ireland for the Rio games. PhD were not wanted at the


Olympics after one of their senior staff had been arrested for alleged


ticket touting during the World Cup. -- THG. The Olympic authorities


turned down the application, so Pat Hickey export an alternative, so


agent solution. Brazilian police have released this


e-mail and they have said it shows how Pat Hickey wanted to involve THG


at Rio in 2016. In the e-mail, Pat Hickey right to Olympic officials


and asked what the instead of being a full ticket agent, it could be a


subagent instead. In a statement the International Olympic Committee said


it was perfectly in compliance with the rules for tap -- Pat Hickey


deceit and arrangement but they conformed it never concluded.


PhD was a dead end for Rio 2016 for the Olympic Council of Ireland, so


Pat Hickey and the council did something else, they turned to a


company out of them in Dublin called Ward End sports management. It was


appointed as an official reseller days after Pat Hickey had enquired


if THG could BSA. -- Pro 10 Management. It is not clear why they


were chosen, it had just been set up and had no track record of selling


tickets. When Kevin Mallon was taken to


prison, the police van hundreds of tickets in his room. Why were many


Irish which were supposed to be the responsibility of the appointed


agent? And why did he also have mock tickets? Though that were supposed


to be further my one week later after his arrest, Pat Hickey and all


the Olympic Council of Ireland were investigating. We then moved very


fast and this has been proved by our executive committee, but this time


of the Lone Ranger, I have to go to the executive committee for


permission to do things. What we've done is written to the Brazilian


authorities in Rio 2016 and we've asked them to send us all the


necessary documentation and any evidence whatsoever. Irish sports


Minister Shane Ross said he also had questions about what had happened.


He flew to Rio to meet Pat Hickey face-to-face hoping to persuade him


to put an independent person of his inquiry. But Pat Hickey on behalf of


the Olympic Council of Ireland said no. I'm stunned by the reaction.


ICOM believe they refuse to take an independent on their inquiry. When


Shane Ross returned to Ireland, a leaked e-mail revealed Pat take it


had been given legal advice before meeting the minister. It said Shane


Ross needs to be put back in his box. The Brazilian police were


continuing to ask questions about how so many Irish tickets were in


Kevin Mallon's possession. A less than a week after saying he would


investigate, too, Pat Hickey was himself arrested. This is one of the


top hotels in Rio. It really is the last word in luxury by any


standards. Nothing but the better officials like Pat Hickey. He and


others have been staying here for a of weeks be just a stone's throw


from one of the best beaches in Rio. Many Olympic officials were staying


in similar 5-star hotels along the Rio beach-front. And then police,


led by an investigator came looking for particular the 17th of August at


6am, they went to the wrong Windsor hotel. Spotlight has spoken to an


eyewitness who saw the whole thing happen. When police arrived at the


correct Windsor Hotel, they knocked on Pat Hickey's door on the eighth


floor. His wife and the third and told police that her husband was not


there. The police went to the breakfast room to look for him, no


luck. Practically's son Stefan had been in the room next door and have


left for Ireland with his family. Police found Pat Hickey there and


arrested him. After a precautionary visit to a


hospital, Pat Hickey was driven to prison on the outskirts of Rio. This


prison has a reputation for being tough as this quite prison security


team showed us when we visited. In the prison, Pat Hickey shared a


cell with Kevin Mallon. The THG director who had been arrested a


fortnight earlier. They were both now suspected of being part of the


same alleged ticket touting conspiracy. These are the cells in


which Kevin Mallon and Pat Hickey would have been held up while they


were here. I've just been able to see an aside some of them. They're


incredibly small, cramped and have very little natural daylight. Kevin


Mallon run Pat Hickey were released within a couple of days of each


other at the end of August. Both have had their passports taken from


them and face strict conditions while they await trial. We've just


spent the best part of two hours inside that prison talking to prison


guards and other authorities and it's very, very clear to me, having


done that, the seriousness with which the Brazilian authorities are


taking this alleged conspiracy. If there are questions about the police


Mars's investigation after Kevin Mallon's arrest, there were even


more after Hickey was arrested, too. In a step which will be highly


unusual in the UK and Ireland, the police began to talk publicly about


why they believed there was a case to answer. They also began to


release e-mails and documents they had apparently obtained from


practically's Fonab computers. Firstly the authorities said they


believed that the Olympic Council of Ireland's ticket agent was what they


call it a ghost company. They believed this because it was set up


so quickly after Pat Hickey's attempts to have THG appointed as a


sub agent was turned down. Pro ten have denied they were ghost


company. Like THG, they sever Kevin Mallon was holding tickets on their


behalf for collection by pro ten customers. They said it was normal


practice for authorised ticket resellers to have tickets in Rio for


collection. After practically's arrest, police in Brazil held a


number of press conference, but they displayed more of the e-mails and


documents they say they'd gathered, including more from Pat Hickey's


phone and computers. The police released selected documents, so it's


very difficult to make a full assessment of the police's


allegations. One e-mail that they released was from this man, Greg


Hardy. He used to be head of the American Olympic Committee. Now he


works for a big hospitality company. In July, Greg Hardy e-mailed Pat


Hickey and told his company had, in his words, figured out a partnership


with Marcus Evans and his team real. He said he'd been working in


particular with Kevin Mallon. Patrick replied and said, thanks for


the info, Greg, see you in Rio. But in an interview after Kevin Mallon's


arrest, Pat Hickey said he did know anything about Kevin Mallon. Have


you ever met Kevin Mallon? No. I don't know anything about him and in


fact, when I heard that he posts things like this, I thought he was


based in the UK. I subsequently read in the media that is based in the


Dublin office, but I've never met him and to my knowledge, none of the


staff have either. In the same interview, Pat Hickey said the


seller would investigate pro ten. We've started to investigate our own


ticket agent, pro-tenant management and we have a whole series of


questions to be answered there. We've sent them a list of questions


you want detailed answers to each one. Then we can assemble all the


facts. The day before Pat Hickey had said he will be investigating pro


tem, he and Marcus Evans, the boss of THG had been in e-mail contact


and we are consulting on what their protest to the Rio Olympic authority


rugby. In e-mail, Marcus Evans said see below suggest a response. I'm


getting feedback from lawyers in UK and Ireland, but do you have any


initial thoughts? It's not clear up I get to go that invitation, but


this is one of many e-mails between Pat Akin Marcus Evans after Kevin


Mallon's arrest consulted on responses to the press and the


Olympic authorities. When Pat Hickey was interviewed, he said there was


no longer any relationship between the Olympic on Schiller and THG. --


Olympic Council of Ireland. Do you have any understanding and knowledge


of how THG became involved in this? None whatsoever. And the Olympic


committee of Ireland has no association with THG? No, it is


pro-tenant management. When did the company sever their links with THG.


The games in Russia were two and a half years earlier. Practically's


marks raised questions because of an e-mail he sent to Marcus Evans, the


boss of THG. He sent it on the 3rd of August, just two days before the


opening ceremony. In the e-mail, Pat Hickey rise to Marcus Evans and


says, I can confirm that you know I do not require the open and closing


ceremony together as part of our allegation. You can use them all.


Now remember, the tickets worth of the OCI to distribute, for example,


is family and friends of athletes, and not to be be sold. The kind of


ticket I could take on Paddy Barnes's dad to the opening


ceremony. It is not clear how many tickets practically was referring to


what he meant by use them all. But remember, in an interview, Pat


Hickey had said the OCI had no relationship with THG fought two


years. Police and the prosecutor in Brazil have charged ten people,


including Pat Hickey, Kevin Mallon and Marcus Evans. The directors pro


ten and other directors of THG. While Spotlight was in Rio, the


police passed their files to the judge to decide if the case should


to trial. She decided it should. All ten people are charged denied all


charges against them. How large or think you will be before this case


is complete? I don't need my son to be running


down and begging for tickets for his family stand in Rio, London Beijing.


I do that is right. It is not right for the family and not for the boxer


or athlete. The Olympic Council of Ireland has said it will await the


conclusion of eight judge led enquire in the Republic before


commenting. Paddy Barnes has turned professional and hopes to have a


fight in Belfast before Christmas. Pat Hickey is still in a real,


living in this apartment block. He says he is completely innocent and


will vigorously defend his good name and character. He says he has


received support from thousands of people across Ireland. And he could


be here for summertime. The judge has taken his passport, he is under


curfew and asked to attend court on the 20th of each month. One thing is


certain, Pat Hickey's current circumstances are a long way from


the prestigious life he was leading before the Rio Olympics.


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