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Good morning and welcome to the City of London. A glorious morning


it is. I am surrounded by smiling people who have gathered here to


watch one of the greatest parades in the British calendar. Obviously,


the financial tpwuegss of the world have rarely been out of the


headlines, but today a chance for the City of London to relax, to


show itself off, to wave the flaggings and to celebrate the


arrival of the new Lord Mayor. This is the Lord Mayor's Show, over,000


people are to take part in a parade coming up here, in fronts of


Mansion House, at the centre of it all, is the new Lord Mayor, David


Wootton. You will see spectacular floats. If you are wandered why


they are called floats, well, up until 155 years ago, the parade


would take place on the river. As a rower, wootwoot with the was keen


to take it back to the water. -- David Wootton was keen to take


it back to the river. Earlier this morning he joined the Royalkm barge,


Golden Jubilee Year to take it along the Thames.


On arrival at HMS President, he was given a special salute.


He was allowed to enjoy a tot of rum! He then board the more


familiar gold Stagecoach. Shortly he is arriving here, up to the


Mansion House, that is to be his home for the next 12 months, on the


corner of the balcony, we find Paul Dickenson.


Good morning everybody. I have the best seat in the house here on


Mansion House. The parade is to pass in front of us. They are


lining the streets here in terms of the crowd. All of the way up to the


Royal Courts of Justice, where David Wootton sways his oath of


allegiance to the sovereign in a ceremony dating back 800 years.


Below me is the Guard of Honour, formed by the Reserve City of


London. Taking part in a special medal presentation in a while.


Alongside them is the Band of the Royal Marines Collingwood. So all


are ready and waiting. The scene is set for the arrival of the new Lord


Mayor, David Wootton, but how did he arrive from the streets of


Bradford to become a leading city lawyer? It is not a sudden leap


from the streets of Bradford to the office of Lord Mayor. Everywhere, I


have been, school, university, it has been a place of encouraging you


to move on. I was encouraged to apply for


Cambridge. At Cambridge most people are getting jobs in London, but


again, that was a place of aspiration.


Then once I got here, the message I was given was it was up to you.


Here we are on one of the terraces here at the law firm which I am a


partner, from which you can see a magnificent view of the city and


what it does. Here is EC2, the banks, the asset


and fund investments, where your pension and mine is looked after.


You have to look at the office of the Lord Mayor as the ambassador


for the City Information Services, and given where we are, I think


that the most important thing is to emphasise the connection, as


opposed to the disconnection between the city and the rest of


the community. We need to look and project our


message about the good things that the business side of the city does


and making sure that there are not bad things that the business side


of the city does. Over here is the heart of the city.


The area of London that is being less advantage. Further over is


Bethnal Greenkm technology College. The students and staff from here


are combining the local artists to design a float for the Lord Mayor


Show. My old grammar school is having a


float. Flets from welcome Yorkshire that covers the -- floats from


Welcome to Yorkshire and a steam bus. I will spend most of my


journey in the coach with my head out of the window, waving at the


corrodes, but I have been told that it rocks in the American of a ship


in a storm, so I'm going to take some sea sickness tablets! Well,


David Wootton is arriving in the beautiful gold state coach soon.


His escort today, the personal troops from the Blues and Royal


Squadron. So, the atmosphere is absolutely


building all of the time. He will be getting off the state


coach in just a little while. He is coming up to the Mansion


House, then he will be enjoying his own show in 2011.


Well, let's get a word live now with David Wootton, the new Lord


Mayor. You were worried about feeling sea sick, how is it there?


It is OK so far. I promised everyone brilliant sunshine, that


is what we have got. And a wonderful reception. Great


corrodes? Yes. A great crowd. We started on the flotilla. It was


wonderful, lots of colour. Very good luck. Enjoy the day. I


may come and see you on the balcony. Thank you very much.


Well, certainly David Wootton has had a long day already. An


enjoyable day we all hope as well, but nothing will compare to being


up here on the balcony and watching this brilliant show unfold.


The state coach is over 250 years old now.


It is being pulled by six extraordinary Shire horses.


Just at the back of the coach, just out of shot, we can see Mr Montoya


and plfplt Vardez -- and pl MrVardez.


So, on dry land now, a great round of applause here today. David


Wootton, the new Lord Mayor of London.


Being met by the Pageantmaster. Being met also by the First Sea


Lord, Admiral Mark Stennet. Presiding over his 20th show. More


about that later on. They are going over to inspect his


Guard of Honour. The First Sea Lord. The head of the


Navy. He is here as they are celebrating


the relationship between the Royal Marines ReSerbists who served in


Afghanistan for a ten-year period now. They are being met by the


commanding major or, Major WillHale. He is recently returned from


Afghanistan. The first man to receive receive his medal this


morning is marine Adams from Kent. All of the men are, of course,


volunteers. All of the men have day Adams served with 42 Commando,


Royal Marines. So, each of the Marines in the


front rank are receiving their service medal.


All of these guys have served on operations in Afghanistan. The Lord


Mayor there. The First Sea Lord move on to


Colour Sergeant Gammore from Reading. He normally works as a


communications planner for a large media company. He too joined in


Moving on next to Marine Danielkm holder.


-- Holder. He works as a tree surgeon. He


passed out in 2008. He served a six-month deployment


with 40 Commando in sanguine in Afghanistan.


Well, certainly as we watch the medal presentation, we are reminded


how well all of the day's events are planned and excuted and the


responsibility for the parade goes to one man. I mentioned him before,


there he is in person, the Pageantmaster, Dominic Reid. It is


his job to guide and to assist each Lord Mayor and to create this


amazing three-mile long procession, we are minutes away from witnessing.


This year Dominic Reid has a special reason to be very proud


indeed. I started in 1971 when my father


was asked to look at producing the show, his first show in 1972. As an


11-year-old I came along and held his hand and had a good look around


and saw what we thought about it. When my father died, unexpectedly,


I was asked to carry on. I said "yes", here I am, 20 years


later, still doing it. It is endlessly fascinating. You get to


work with a lot of wonderful people from all sorts of walks of life.


There have been fantastic floats. We push the boundaries in terms of


what we deliver to the audience and the fun that is involved. Lord


Mayor's Show is a platform for good citizenship. From the smallest


child to the soldiers that come back to us from Afghanistan. They


always have a story to tell. 2011 is my 20th year in the role. It is


significant as the record for tenure of this job is held by my


father with to. I am equalling that record. That is a nice thing to be


able to do. I don't think it is given to many people to step into


the shoes of their father and actually carry on doing pretty much


exactly what they did. For me it has been an incredibly riching


experience. I think there are few people here who remember my father


as the Pageantmaster, I have sort of always been here now. It is a


very curious feeling. Well, Dominic has lost his whis


acres this year! He is still a proud man to be presiding over


another Mayor's Show and equalling the record set by his father.


We are still on the Royal Marine Reservist presentation.


We are on to Lance Corp ral Harvey from Chingford.


The first sea Sea Lord a very proud man indeed,


accompanying David Wootton. Certainly when these men marched


out into the middle of the great circus here, surrounded by the Bank


of England, the Mansion House and the Royal Exchange, there was a


huge round of applause. Everybody appreciated, appreciating what


these guys have done. So Corporal Nigel Coleman.


Joining back in 2000. He has just returned from Afghanistan.


He served with the Yankee Company, On to call Paul Andrew from Bromley.


He joined the Royal Marines way back in 1992. He joined the Royal


Marines Reserve after his regular And finally on to call Paul Duncan


Stuart. He works for the Ministry After this presentation, the new


Lord Mayor will make his way up onto the balcony and then the


parade will start in earnest. Some very proud men out there and I am


sure the Lord Mayor himself feels very privileged to have made that


Dominic Reid will escort the Lord Mayor up to his position on the


balcony and then the Pageantmaster will move over to Princes Street,


where the Irish and Welsh Guards will give the parade an absolutely


fabulous start. So, with Dominic at casting an expert eye over


proceedings, even after 20 years in the job, he does not leave anything


to chance. If you have got a burning question for Dominic or the


new Lord Mayor, we would love to hear from you. You can send in an


email and we will get through as many as we can. Even if you want to


wish somebody taking part in the parade lots of love. Here is our


So as the new Lord Mayor goes on to the Mansion House balcony, the


Irish Guards and Welsh Guards are waiting patiently underneath a


giant blue banner that has been set up. As the signal is given for the


parade to begin. The famous tricorn hat comes off,


just about obscuring David Wootton! The Irish and Welsh Guards being


followed on horseback by the Assistant Commissioner of City of


London Police and the deputy commander, Frank Armstrong and


Brigadier Matthew Lowe, who is riding Oscar. And continuing the


theme of David Wootton's connection with Yorkshire and Bradford, the


first time that Bradford Grammar School have ever appeared in the


show. It is over 400 years old and celebrating 350 years of its Royal


Charter. So that will give David Wootton a huge amount of pleasure.


The Lord Mayor's appeal, one this year is Fit for the Future,


inspired by London 2012 and his love of rowing. That's a very nice


likeness of David Wootton! It has been inspired by 2012 and the Lord


there is supporting charities that help and promote a healthier future


for us all. He is also supporting the trauma centre at the Royal


London Hospital, the Rowing Foundation, London youth rowing and


the fields Trust. So, walking with the banners there, Allen & over a


Bethnal Green technology College, which you heard David Wootton


mention in that film we showed you. Bethnal Green technology College is


one of the areas where David Wootton is supporting all of the


youngsters. And the Langbourn Ward Club. That was established way back


in 1890 and for the past six years, it has been led by the man who was


known in those days as Alderman. He is now the new Lord Mayor of London.


Already there's a fantastic atmosphere. I hope Clare Balding


can hear any? I certainly can and I am now in the company of the


Worshipful Company of Fletchers. We have for Paralympic Archer, Pippa


Britain. How are you? If it is so exciting to be here. How important


is it to what you do and working ahead to the Paralympics in London,


how important is the support? brilliant. They have done so much


of the sport and putting money into the sport. It is going ahead to


2016 as well, so it is fabulous. And you will be here? I hope so.


That is the Worshipful Company of Fletchers, who make bows and arrows


and they used to make longbows. is hard to believe that this time


next year, both the Olympics and Paralympic Games will be over. It


will be a distant memory. We have certainly got a lot to look forward


to. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. And once again, the Society of


Young Freemen. This is the mythical protector of the City of London. In


the show for over 450 years. Their patron is always the new Lord Mayor.


Looking absolutely magnificent once again. These are regular visitors


to the Lord Mayor's Show. The Romford Drum and trumpet call. They


are playing Sons Of Brave. Each year, an association of past


masters and delivery companies is here. We have a record number


taking part in this year's show. They are associations of


professional people who do a huge amount for charity throughout the


City of London. There's the first of them, or the Worshipful Company


of Woolmen. Have we got any sheep on there? Yes, we have! I bet they


are warm! The patron is the Royal Highness, -- His Royal Highness,


the Princess of Wales. Somewhere on that flowed we have got somebody


with giant knitting needles. -- on that float. That's Julian Wilson. -


- Gillian Wilson. And they are being closely followed by the


Worshipful Company of Lightmongers. They are one of the Modern Livery


Companies. They aim to foster the art and science of lighting, and to


encourage the invention and imagination of the use of light in


education. There we have the clockmakers. They are a bit older


There is actually a museum of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers


situated at the Guildhall and it is one of the oldest and finest


collections of clocks, watches and I am now alongside Nigel Colman,


who received his operational medal from the Lord Mayor. How long were


you in Afghanistan and what were your duties? I was there for 5, 6


months and I was employed as the intelligence head, insisting


counter-insurgency operations. special is it to be here today,


receive your medal and have so many people around? It is lovely to be


recognised for deployment and service. How long have you been in


service? For 10 years. How long will you carry on doing it? A good


few years yet. A few more adventures to be had!


Congratulations to you and The band and the marching


detachment of the Royal Air Force They have also got the RAF Search


and Rescue helicopter squadron and the 600 Squadron is the oldest of


the Auxiliary Squadron in the country, formed back in 1925, when


Commander Michelle Crossman -- and Commander Michelle Crossman is


They are now based at RAF Northolt and provide personnel across a wide


range of specialisations to support headquarters, including


intelligence, communications, operations and logistics. Commander


Michelle Crossman. It is her last day as Officer Commanding. The


Institute of Directors, the third time they have entered a float in


the Lord Mayor's Show. It was established way back in 1903. And


once again, the Yorkshire thing continues with this beautiful


Leyland Tiger bus. Totally restored. She spent her youth touring between


Whitby and Hull. She was made in A very proud moment for Yorkshire


and a very proud moment for David Wootton, who hails from Bradford.


And right behind the Yorkshire tiger, we find London's Air


Ambulance. Steve Jones, you were on duty last night? Yes. I finished


this morning. So straight here? How long have you been part of the


service? For five years but I have been with the London Air Ambulance


for 12 years. And it started in 1989? Yes. How important is it? Is


seen as a critical service? Are yes. We cover a whole of London and we


only have one team covering the whole of London. 24 hours. Very


important. Today in the parade, a chance to show yourselves off and


make people aware of what you do? Yes. It is great. It is lovely to


meet people who are not hurt for a change! Exactly! Enjoy it. Thank


Her name is Joan, she weighs eight tonnes. Doing a brilliant job of


pulling the float along with the Worshipful Company of Paviors.


86 years old is the steam roller. And John Prince and John Barnes and


Michael are up there somewhere. All connected with the livery company.


Somewhere around that float are the Paul Davis Jazz Band.


MUSIC PLAYS Thomson Reuters, they are


delivering information to the financial sector here in the City.


They deliver information to all industries, in fact, in the heart


of business here in the City of London.


Their float signifys what they call the knowledge effect. It represents


the global nation of their business. The Air Training Corps Band from


London and Middlesex's Wings Air The 900 squadrons of Air Training


Corps all across the UK. They have 40,000 members, aged between 13 and


Now, here is a face, I am sure that you will recognise. Lloyd Grossman,


here with Worshipful Company of Glaziers, why? Well, because of my


long-standing interest in the historic environment I was very


keen to get involved with the Worshipful Company of Glaziers.


They do so much educational and charitable work in relation to the


preservation and the study of stained glass and training young


people. It is important to realise that the Lord Mayor's Show is not


just about wearing funny cost uems or the City. It is about all of


these great organisations who do such great things for the


communities up and down the country. For you it is the connection with


the Worshipful Company of Glaziers. In terms of the parade, have you


been here before? I came to watch the show in 19 75 when I was a


student and then about five years ago when my daughter was marching


in it. Now you are in the centre of it?


is aiz maizing to be participating in it, but it is great fun and very


important. Thank you very much for talking


with us, Lloyd Grossman. The Intelligence Corps going


through the picture there. 3 Military Intelligence Battalion,


all volunteers, of course. Another TA unit.


The weather has been so kind to us today.


Also students there from the Skinner's Academy. So yet another


reference to the livery companies that date back, way, way back to


the Middle Ages. The earliest reliable records date back to 1155.


That was the Weaver's Company. We have the National Youth Marching


Band going through our picture. There they are.


It is coming down Princes Street, making a right-hand turn into


Mansion House. Of course, to remind you that the


parade continues all the way past St Paul's Cathedral where the new


Lord Mayor and his wife are invited on to the steps much the famous


landmark. They will be there for the blessing


and then on to the Law Courts, where he will swear his allegiance


to Queen and country. The marching band is made up from


the Red Hill Corps of Drums from Surrey.


There we have the Admiral Scaffold ing Group.


Now, Chinese celebrations nearly always involve a lion. We have two


here today at the Lord Mayor's Show. One here and one with Dominic Reid.


They must be woken up. To be woken up they need eyes. Am I doing this?


Put a dot here on the mirror and then on the right and the left eye


and it will come to life. So, the mirror is to ward off evil


spirits and the eye here in the middle and there on the left.


OK, wake up, lion! Go on! Wow! This is going to join the Hong Kong


Government float. The other one has woken up on the


other side of the arch. Goodbye, lion! Thank you! It has


always been a huge connection with the City of London and Hong Kong.


They are both huge financial centres.


I have seen Clare waking the dragons. The dragon, is, of course


noisy. I think that they will be drowned out by the crowds here


today. They are here in their thousands. They are standing around


Mansion House, almost ten deep. The guests at Mansion House were


treated to seeing the Wishing Tree being driven past a few moments ago.


There is Fireman Sam. He started on our screens back in


1987. He is celebrating his 20th birth day this year.


Well, there is another big connection between the Lord Mayor


and the City of Stoke-on-Trent. The two serving Lord Mayors


enjoying the parade here this morning.


The Lord Mayor of Stoke and the Lord Mayor of London on the balcony.


Terry Follows is being waved to there by David Wootton.


David Wootton invited Stoke-on- Trent because that is where his


father came from. There he is.


He must be a very proud man today. Stoke-on-Trent celebrating the fact


that they can boost such people as Robbie Williams, a great sing frer


Stoke-on-Trent. Sir Stanley Matthews, where the iconic


aeroplane, the Spitfire was designed. They are looking forward


to seeing the Olympic Torch coming their way this year. That float is


celebrating Incredible India. Showing the art, culture of the


southern Indian state of Kerala. And this is Elizabeth. The Whitby


Steam Bus. Vernon is drying, his wife is with


me now. Where have you been with her? We have steamed her all the


way from Whitby. It has taken a week. My word. How dot public react


to her? Elizabeth makes lots of friends. She brings a smile to


everyone's face. There are lots of waves and smiles.


How fast does she go? Her top speed is about 50 miles an hour, but she


does about 35. We are celebrating Elizabeth's 80


birthday. You also took her, I know that this


sounds eccentric, but you took Elizabeth to see some of the sights


of London? We did indeed. We wanted her to know where she was. We were


all around the city centre it caused a bit of chaos with the


traffic, but it made a few people happy as well.


It makes perfect sense. Thank you very much.


You would get the shock of your life if you were out for a gentle


stroll and Elizabeth came steaming past you.


Believe it or not, Elizabeth, the Whitby Steam Bus has got over 1200


friends on Facebook. The B Company 4 Para. The Parachute


Regiment formed in 1940 after Winston Churchill declared the need


of at least 5,000 paratroopers. It is a lot of history being paraded


here today. 25 members of the company have been


deployed over the last year to Afghanistan.


They are in support of both 2 and 3 Para on operation.


There is the F & G Companies 7 Rifles.


And 254 ( City of London) Field Hospital. They are joined on the


float by Captain Nolan, he re received a Queen's common


deportation for valuable services of his work on infection control in


the field. He now works with the Olympic Authorities in preparation


The 135 Indepnedent Geographic Now among the crowds watching the


Lord Mayor's Show we have lots and lots of children, but who is this?


Sasha! What is she? It's a doggie! Of course, silly me! Is that your


lucky mascot? Yes. Who is this? Sooty.


What have you liked today? I liked all of it.


I like the dancing. There is a bit of a dance coming. How old are you?


Five! Five! Where are you from? UpDp Minster.


Lovely to see you. I bet when they got out of bed this morning they


never dreamt they would be interviewed by Clare Clare Clare --


by Clare Balding on television this morning.


The 151 Transport Regiment. And just coming around the corner,


regular visitors to the Lord Mayor's Show. The 1st Hook Scout


and Guide Band player in the Royal salute as they pass financial house.


-- Mansion House. And the Guild of the Royal Hospital of St


Bartholomew. And of course, the Lord there is supporting them with


his appeal in 2012. -- the Lord Mayor. St Barts is a world leading


cancer centre. Like so many other institutions, not solely reliant,


but partly reliant on a brilliant The Worshipful Company of Loriners.


If you have just joined us and you are wondering what is going on, we


are just about halfway through the Lord Mayor's Show. There he is,


David Wootton, just waving to the passing parade. And celebrating his


election to the status of Lord Mayor of London. This certainly is


a historic day and one which will take in all over the world. He is


basically singing the praises of the City of London and everything


that it has to offer. The Square Mile Salute. An annual banquet held


at the Guildhall that raises funds for wounded troops. Some of those


funds will go towards the charities which I am sure many will be aware


of by now. Help the heroes, The Royal British Legion among spend. -


- among for them. And the Automobile Association, another


group of people who come to the Lord Mayor's Show on a regular


basis. Some splendid vehicles there. The one in front was made in 1905.


It is a Renault. Absolutely beautiful. I am not sure who is


driving it but I bet he is having a cracking day today. And what a


great registration! Do you remember when we used to start winding cars


up by winding round a handle? I actually remember winding a handful


around on an Austin that fell apart eventually! -- wind in a handle.


There we have some of the more modern vehicles belonging to the AA.


Judging from the cars parked around the back of Mansion House belonging


to so many of the Lord Mayors that have come here today. I do not


suppose they will have to call out the AA on too many occasions.


CLARE BALDING: Right behind we have Hammersmith Academy, a brand new


school that opened in September. If Tom, what was the inspiration


behind the Academy? For we wanted to create a school for the 21st


century that has all the technology you could imagine for a will next


generation school. And a lot of the information we have is going back


500 years. What is special about your school? All the new media and


everything, since it is brand new, nothing is broken! Brilliant! Is it


true you got the idea for school from seeing children in a shop


being really fired up by the internet, computers? Absolutely. I


went into my shop and you saw the teenage children playing with the


computers, learning, engaging, and I thought, it wouldn't it be


amazing to have a school with that kind of draw. And we have TV's,


radios everywhere, computers. The kids love it will stop -- we have


TVs. Around the school, we have TVs to show pictures from trips and to


show their headmaster's speech. sounds sensational. You should be


the presenter or interviewer for your film. Yes! Thank you so much,


Tom. A lovely display for Hammersmith


Academy. We are just watching the Jack Petchy Foundation. They are


going past at Mansion House. An award will be made today by a


youngster from the Jack Petchy Foundation. It recognises the


leadership skills shown by the Lord Mayor. Leadership and achievement


is what the Jack Petchy Foundation is all about. It is run in almost


2000 schools and clubs in London and Essex. It is not just about


being academic. It celebrates a wide range of skills. Somewhere in


there we have the Ascension Eagles. They do tremendous trip acrobatics


and circus performances, too. They are the current national champions


in their age group. They are the junior team. And like the Jack


Petchy Foundation, they aim to transform and inspire young people


to reach their potential. That is what the foundation is all about.


If you are wondering what it Broda ring is all about, it is about


embroidery. They are now supported by the Royal School of Needlework.


It was formed originally to protect the craft of embroidery. It has


been in existence for over 400 years. Now to the band of the Royal


Yeomanry and City Yeomanry. All part timers. The 71 Signal Regiment.


When King George the Third inspected the troupe, he had a huge


dislike of lawyers, particularly those carrying weapons, and he


The marching detachment made up of 13 riders, cavalry blacks or


charges, and those of horses belong to the Household Cavalry, face down


in Kensington, so they have travelled quite a long way today


already. -- based at down in Kensington. There will be a return


ceremony in the afternoon after they have visited the Royal Courts


of Justice and then the parade comes back towards Mansion House,


starting on the Embankment. Just a reminder to anybody in the vicinity,


if you want to see something spectacular, at 5pm this evening on


the banks of the River Thames, there is an absolutely superb


fireworks display. If the Guilds of Zurich. And the City of London


solicitors' Company. CLARE BALDING: This is Felix, who


was with the guilt of Zurich. You look magnificent! What are you


making of the parade? Good morning! We are having great fun on this


parade. It is fantastic and now the sun is coming. Zurich greets London


and we are enjoying London are very much. You have your own parade in


Zurich in the spring? Yes. On that occasion, we get flowers from all


the ladies and they get kisses. And we distribute chocolate to the


people in London. It is a bit different. I understand the new


Lord Mayor has been invited over to Zurich for your parade? Yes. We


have the privilege that David Wootton will come to our next


parade in Zurich in the spring. This is the sign of a long-standing


traditions between our guilds, the relationships between them. Between


London and Zurich and the two nations. Fabulous! Felix, thank you


very much. Asking for Swiss chocolates. He has got chocolates!


There have been so many fantastic bands parading in front of us this


morning and the costumes have been absolutely outstanding. The Royal


British Legion Band and the Corps of Drums from Romford. The Royal


British Legion, of course, so prominent over the last few weeks


The City of London solicitors have been appearing in the show for over


30 years. They have made a big effort this year. Walkers in


gazelle heads symbolising speed and athletics. That comes the day after


London was awarded the 2017 World Athletics Championships. And the


Modern Library -- Modern Livery Companies just in front of that


float, with some tremendous motorbikes. A couple of Harley-


Davidsons out on the Mansion House St. There we are. Part of the


modern livery company's flowed. -- part of the Modern Livery


Companies' flowed. They are here to honour the memory of 343 New York


firefighters who died in the 9/11 Now, there are some beautiful cars


about to come past the Mansion House. Including this, driven by


Norman. Tell me exactly what this car are is? This is the first one


off the production line when we first built them.


Of the Jaguar E-Type? This was the first sold to a customer.


How does she handle? Oh, superb. I shall let you do that. Just look


at this car. Fabulous. Absolutely beautiful. I'm sure that


blue one passed me on the way to London yesterday! The first E-Type


ever to come off the production line, how about that? Now, here is


a float with bubbles flying out. This is the Girl Guides. They


celebrated their centenary last year. Charlotte here is a Girl


Guide. What is so special about it? What do you do? You get to go


camping and to do all of the activities. You meet new friends.


It is really, really enjoyable. Were you a Brownie as well? Yes,


I've been in Rainbows and the Brownies and the Girl Guides for


six years. Very well done. Thank you very much.


Well, over the last couple of years, there have been 10 million girls


around the world participating in the Girl Guides.


They want to show us how global girl guiding is.


It is hard to believe that it is now the oath anniversary of the E-


Type. And there the Mexican Chamber of Commerce.


Along with a Mexican folk dance group.


This And the Pimlico Plumbers. They've


been in the Lord Mayor's Show many, many times in the past.


They have been here along with Streets Ahead. A dance group of ten


to 16-year-olds and a couple of vintage cars there as well.


There the Worshipful Company of Gardeners.


On the back of that float they have got a meadow! It must be the first


meadow that's ever been through the streets of London.


They have a theme called Mad About The Meadows. Encouraging Londoners


to celebrate the wild flowers, not just because we have got them, but


encouraging Londoners to create new ones.


I don't suppose there have been too many tractors coming this way.


We saw the CCA Art Bus last year. Some of the UK's leading


contemporary artists. Including Sir Peter Blake, Dougie


Fields, that is followed closely by the British Heart Foundation bus.


Another couple of fabulous cars. Then on to the band of Her


Majesty's Royal Marines Collingwood. Now they march on in front of the


new Lord Mayor. This is the view that the Lord


Mayor has. I'm standing alongside David Wootton now, he is saluting


them as they come past. David, how have you found the parade so far?


You must have seen many familiar faces? It is fantastic. All colours,


all ages, the Swiss, I've lost count of the number of young people


who are here. It is a great all-age family festival.


In terms of the year ahead, what a year to be the Lord Mayor We have


lots of issues to address. There are things we must do better. This


is a great start. It is one community. Everyone is here.


I suppose part of today, obviously it is in your honour, but it proves


that London goes ahead. Whatever else is happening, things are


organised beautifully? You are right. London goes ahead. Everybody


has the chance to express their views and all views will be


listened to. David I will let you continue. Here


is the Lady Mayoress. I wanted to ask you, a chance to tell me about


your rather magnificent outfit? This is made by a company in


Carlisle. It is English tweed. It is beautiful. England makes


beautiful clothes, so it is fantastic.


Did you take a lot of time and choose things appropriate for this


today? Yes, I did. I wanted to say that England has fantastic produce.


They have stunning colours. I have wonderful gloves, made by the


Glovers for me. By a wonderful man called Guy Shields.


Very happy for you. I shall let you enjoy the rest of the parade. Thank


you very much. The Lord Mayor, he is certainly


enjoying himself. So is the whole of his family. He has all of his


children and grandchildren here today.


There is the 131 independent Commando Squadron. We thought that


Clare would be riding that bike, going around in circles! But she is


busy doing other things. If you can work out how that works,


you are a better man than I am! The Royal Engineers providing huge


engineering support to all of the We saw the Royal Marines Reserve


being awarded their service medals earlier on today.


This morning they escorted the Lord Mayor, originally on the river as


he started his Lord Mayor's Day to HMS President at Tower Bridge.


Now they are back on dry land in support of this Lord Mayor's Show.


I'm sure that Lloyds Register took a lot of interest in what was going


on the river this morning. They've been registering ships and


There are the Sea Cadet Corps. The Herne Bay Sea Cadet Corps.


The band master there, Ally Davis. As well as some of the regular


servicemen and women, and the reservists, of course, the Mayor's


Show always has a huge number of youngsters from all over the


country, not just here in London. They come here as part of the cadet


force's representing the education as well.


One of the big features of any volunteering parade is always rb of


course, St John's Ambulance. They have over 23,000 volunteers all


over the country. They always provide huge support for behind the


scenes. And another organisation that we


are so proud to see representing young people as well as some of the


older ones too. There we have an octopus here! That


is from ASDAN. An organisation that promotes skills for learning for


employment and skills for life as well. Helping the world achieve


mother is their slogan. -- helping the world achieve more


is their slogan. They operate all over the world, not just here in


London. This year they have just started


some of their voluntary work in China and in India too.


Well, one of the original livery companies were the Merchant Tail


Taylors. That belongs to the km -- Army Air


Corps. The Worshipful Company of Merchant


Taylors is 450 years old. Well, it would be a surprise if the


Olympics were not reflected in some way in this year's parade. We have


two livery Olympians with us now. Tony Bursell was a rower in the


past Games, what do you think in your experience in the London Games


will be like? Total different now. We had back then food rationing and


they have six abreast, whereas we road three abreast. You are a


member of which company? Brewer's Company.


And David, you had enormous Olympic experience? I finished sixth in the


end when I was competing, but it was a wonderful opportunity.


This is fantastic. I wouldn't miss this for the world. Would you?


I'm just a bit sad that you are not riding though? I am grateful not to


be riding, to be honest. That's a fair point. Enjoy the show.


David Broom won a couple of bronze medals in' 68 in Mexico. We saw a


glimpse of Ed Coode, the Gold Well, they are still pouring


through the Lord Mayor's Appeal Archway.


Action for Kids. That is in support of so many


children in London. They are supported today by Radio


Taxis. They are a national charity working


with kids. They work with kids all over the country, but especially


here in London. Some of those cars are quite


special too. They are just coming around the corner.


They are all electric! There is a tremendous atmosphere here just


going past Mansion House. Pan Nation there and their steel band.


Some of the people on the balcony That is Dogcilla, that is,


representing the docks Trust. Makes people smile all along the route. -


- the Dogs Trust. Don't forget, if you are watching this in London,


you still have time to come down and watch this in the flesh, as it


were. There will be the fireworks at 5pm. This is a big week for


London. The Festival of Remembrance And a massive weekend for The Royal


British Legion. Everybody, absolutely everybody, applauding


the British Legion. Then 90th anniversary year. -- there.


CLARE BALDING: Look at this. Very flowery, very beautiful. This is


showing off the Colours of the Philippines, and there is an


actress with me from Holby City. Why are you with the Colours of the


Philippines? I am here were present in the Philippines as I am from


there myself. There are 250,000 people from the Philippines living


in London and it is a very cultural society. Is your profit a


traditional Filipino outfit? There are so many and this is from the


southern part. It is very ornate, full of jewellery. I imagine you


are getting the most fantastic reception? Absolutely. We are


having a lovely time. Our float was designed by a man who also designed


one of the Olympic coins, and we are collaborating with so many


Filipinos, the Filipino community. You can see the dance troupe behind


us. You are very, very well represented and this is a


magnificent float. Thank you very As we look at Paraiso School of


Samba, this is where to get colour If you are interested in this


school of samba, they have got workshops in Hammersmith and


Brixton, available to everybody. I am not sure I would look so good in


a bikini! Anne Shaw David Wootton has broken out -- I am not sure if


David Wootton has broken out into doing a samba yet but everybody


I just saw the Combined Cadet Force going through the picture, being


followed by the Worshipful Company of Marketors. They aim to promote


marketing as a force for economic and public benefit in their 90th,


well, they are number 90, in the City of London at royal livery


Companies Act. It now has 100 made livery companies altogether. It is


amazing, the amount of history this Lord Mayor's Show produces every


The Worshipful Company of Tin Plate Workers in that beautiful three-


When you are talking about millions raised for charity, the next float


it marching past the Mansion House is very well known to many people.


The Variety Club of Great Britain. 60 years, they have been raising


millions of pounds, particularly, of course, on their Sunshine Coast


programme. That started way back in 1962. Since then, they have raised


enough money to provide 5,000 of This charity has raised over �200


million. That is in the last six decades. A phenomenal amount of


money! There's somebody enjoying themselves but you must not get too


And now community policing and their cycle team. Not a daredevil


cycling team but these guys and girls have a primary function all-


over this the of London, providing high visibility and rapid response.


-- over the City of London. CLARE BALDING: one thing I find


remarkable about the Lord Mayor's Show is how the horses cope with it.


This is Desirable stop this is your 20th Lord Mayor show, equalling the


record of Dominic. He is lovely, this horse. He has been treating me


well. Who has been giving you riding lessons? I am very lucky. I


have been taught by one of the best riding instructors there is. We


have worked quite hard and hopefully I am confident in doing


the things I need to do him parade. I have to say, you look even more


magnificent up there. It could be 150 years ago, 200 years ago, and


that is the way the parade is. Thank you. That is very kind. It is


great tradition but it has lots of lovely modern elements as well. And


we have had great weather. Here The parade carries on for some


hours yet, so for many spectators, a lot to look forward to. But as


the Pageantmaster said, it is a mixture of the old and the very,


very new as well, to celebrate the election of the next Lord Mayor of


London. And what a year he has to CLARE BALDING: yes, as Paul says,


an extraordinary year, including the Paralympics, the Olympics, the


Cultural Olympiad, the Diamond Jubilee. I was talking earlier and


he said it was very important that every boy is in London was heard.


The Lord Mayor will now make his way to the will cause of justice


and the parade starts again at 1pm down the embankment and makes its


way back here to Mansion House, and also have a fantastic fireworks


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