2012 The Lord Mayor's Show


A pageant of colour and carnival as horses, classic motor vehicles, marching bands and half a million spectators join the Lord Mayor and his golden state coach in London.

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Good morning. Welcome to the Lord Mayor's Show. An annual parade


through the City of London to honour the newly elected Lord Mayor.


We are We are in the heart of the financial district which has been


the centre of attention for the the wrong reasons, but this morning, it


is the Square Mile's chance to celebrate its strengths and enjoy


the world world's largest unrehearsed parade.


So anything could happen. This is one of the oldest pageants of its


kind. London had plenty to celebrate over the last couple of


years, but in is a festival of a different kind. We have got lots


lined up, including walking 12 foot foot musical instruments, walking


green giants, a Formula One world champion and a gold medal


heptathlete. Things started early this morning for the new Lord Mayor,


Roger Gifford. He sailed in on the Gloriana.


He took the traditional salute and shared rum with the commanding


Commanding Officer of HMS President. So as we await the new Lord Mayor


and the 100 floats that follow, it is time to hand over to Paul


Dickenson who, I think, has one of the best view in the house.


I certainly have, thank you very much indeed, indeed. Thank you,


Sonali. The crowds are gathering. The place is packed as you can see


in a moment the military are here as well to provide the Guard of


Honour for the new Lord Mayor. This year, we have detachments from the


Army's oldest regiment, a regiment who received their Royal Charter


from Henry VIII in 1537, it is the Honourable Artillery Company who


have the privilege of providing this morning's Guard of Honour, a


reserve force whose members are no strangers to front-line duty.


The regiment has a long standing history. We have lots of people who


come from City work. We also have school schoolteachers, and bus


drivers and we still today recruit officers and soldiers from


Islington which is where the regiment is based.


Shoulder. Arms. It is good. It is rewarding. You


serve your country. I know it sounds trite.


Being in the reserve force gives you the best of both worlds, you


can pursue your civilian career and do everything the regular Army does.


Whilst this is a regiment of the Army Reserve and the officers and


soldiers are reservists, they are in the Army and the training they


do is is preparing them to deliver military capability wherever it is


require because the regiment's core business is surveillance through


the use of patrols on the battlefieldpm It brings a great


deal of pride. It gives you a chance to do something you wouldn't


necessarily normally do on civvy street. If you are there to do a


job, the expectation is whether you are a regular or a TA, you will go


there and do the job and once you get out of theatre, no distinction


is drawn. You are expected to be there and pull your weight and


that's what you do. The young men and women that join.


They are coming from demanding civilian jobs. They are serving


their country twice. For me to see them doing this day in and day out,


training here in the regiment, but also committing themselves to go on


operations in places like Afghanistan.


Well the HAC are a real addition to the Army, as well as performing a


pivotal role in the the City, they are never more visible than on


ceremonial duty. The final pieces of the jigsaw are falling into


place with the new Lord Mayor of London, Roger Gifford arriving in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


London, Roger Gifford arriving in CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Well, that was a very energetic Roger Gifford there.


Prince Michael of Kent greets the Lord Mayor. What a moment for Roger


Gifford and his family who are up in the balcony right in front of


the Manchester of the Mansion House. Prince Michael the Royal Honorary


Colonel. He is now speaking to the Commanding Officer, Howard


Wilkinson who will escort the new Lord Mayor around his Guard of


Honour. We saw the sword bearer coming out of the coach and the


sergeant of arms. So the captain of Guard of Honour.


Well, you may have heard Sonali say earlier with Helen, this is the


largest unrehearsed parade in the world. It is not quite true, we had


a rehearsal the other morning at 3am in the morning when all of


these salutes and Roger Gifford So the Commanding Officer there of


the HAC, Howard Wilkinson, a very proud moment for him. He salutes


the colour of the regiment held by Well, of course, what you can't see


along many of the streets surrounding us in Central London,


there are over 100 floats just getting ready to start their parade.


On the way in this morning, you could see groups of people


gathering together, preparing and making those last minute changes to


their floats. Big corporate bodies, smaller community groups, all


mixing together with the same goal - to make sure their float is the


best it can ponl we. -- possibly we. Early -- possibly be. Earlier, we


visited two groups preparing for We are a not-for-profit


organisation set-up to combat youth crime and the way we engage with


the younger generation is through music, it is a universal language


and everybody enjoys a good bit of music. One of the big problems with


the younger generation at the moment is giving them enough


support and encouragement with their creative talent.


Say it Loud gave me an opportunity to blend and become friends with


people from different origins and backgrounds and different age


groups. We're here to support and so having volunteers who support us


allows us to do our work so they are crucial. It has got to be


within you because you can't force someone to volunteer. If you want


to give something back to the community, that's a good place to


start by just being a volunteer. If I help one child out of a thousand


and that child goes on to become successful then I feel that my work


has been done. People say a charity that works


with the most isolated and disadvantaged women in London. The


charity was set-up because these women want to contribute something.


They want a role in wider society, but they didn't have the skills


with which to do that. A lot of the training we offer is around the


textile industry. I game in 2004 and in that time I


couldn't speak English. I don't know how to go outside. I know


nothing. When you come from abroad, a new


country, new people, a new place, I know that is hard. I think this


charity provides this. When you talk to the person you get another


contact and that's how people gain confidence.


We chose our float on three qualities, one is strength through


crisis and one is the determination and the third one is able to do


multi-tasks. We will put those on the tapestry and it will rotate.


There will be sewing machines on both sides of the lorry.


I think we will feel really, really good and happy to be out on the


streets and showing people this is Heba.


Our float takes young people on a musical journey around the world.


We will have music from the different Continents.


I want to show the audience what we are doing and keep them smiling.


Words can never express how proud I am of the kids, to encourage them


to to do something as amazing as they are doing at the moment really


warms the heart. I am really blown away away by it.


Well, things have moved on a little bit as Roger Gifford climbs the


steps up to the Mansion House. He steps up to the Mansion House. He


inspected his Guard of Honour. The Artillery Company providing a


spectacle in front of the spectators there and on to the gun


detachment commanded by Major Johnny Longbottom and now the


parade can really get going. Well, if you want to contact us or if you


want to wish somebody luck who is taking part in the parade, our e-


taking part in the parade, our e- mail is all one word:


Send your messages in and we will be scrolling them across the screen


So to lead off the parade, the HAC are playing a major part in this


parade here this morning. It is the And Prince Michael moving away as


well of the the Royal Regimental Colonel of the Royal Artillery


company. A fantastic moment for him. A wonderful moment celebrating


their anniversary today for the regiment.


So I was going to say without fanfare, it is not quite without


fanfare, of course, but the parade is officially underway. Roger


Gifford, for the time being, can just sit back and relax and enjoy


the spectacle. And he is with his family and David Wootoon to his


left and to our right-hand side We have seen a lot of military


spectacle here this morning so far, but The Lord Mayor's Show is not


all about the military. There are plenty of other things to look


forward to. We have already had a real mix of activity. Today's


parade will have a distinctly Nordic feel. We have got an ABBA


tribute band. And this float contains water from a river in


Sweden, is that correct? Yes. Sweden is the best place on earth


to see the aurora borealis. How did you get the ice here? The same as


news Zealand lamb, I suppose, frozen! Congratulations, and enjoy


the rest of the parade. And go and have a quick word with this young


lady. We are about to go under the archway, deceiving you Lord Mayor.


How do you feel about that? We are so excited come I have never done


this before. You have got an ABBA band in front of you, and you have


got drummer's behind you - will you be doing some drumming today? --


some dancing today? I think so, yes. We are here to support Roger


Gifford, who is an amazing friend of Sweden, in London. Of a that ice


has been transported many hundreds of miles to be here this morning.


Just before that, on there was a float of the Worshipful Company of


Musicians. That company was established in its present form way


back in 1750. Roger Gifford, a very, very keen musician himself. The


mythical protectors of the City of London, Gog and Magog, they have


been paraded in the show for more than 450 years. The Mizuho


Corporate Bank, and the Taiko drummers, the only Taiko drumming


group in the United Kingdom. Once again, the new Lord Mayor has got a


connection with this. He lived in Tokyo for six years, up until the


Those to giant statues were hand- made back in 2006 by a team


comprising members of the Basket makers Association. They took more


than 1,000 man-hours to make. In recent history, they have been


carried along the three-mile route and back again by members of the


society of Young Freemen. The Worshipful Company of Tallow


Chandlers, originally designated as a craft guild, supplying candles,


ointments and preservatives to the The largest float in the procession,


the Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandlers. There are actually three


generations of members. We have got with us now, Cathey Edwards, Philip


Edwards, Ros Edwards, Tomas Edwards and Fizzy Edwards. Ros Edwards is


expecting a baby in the next couple of days, and she is here. I love


her spirited! She is mad, but then we all laugh. We started street


lighting 700 years ago in London. Unfortunately, 200 years ago,


somebody came up with the gas lamp, and we started going out of


business. We are now more involved in related trades. We have 180


members. We are one of the 108 livery companies. What I love about


this perception is that there are so many generations. Did you want


to become a member as well, was it something you wanted to follow, the


family tradition? Absolutely, it is part of our tradition, in the


family. It is nice to keep it going through the generations. Good and


up to your sister, I hope the baby does not get too excited by the


parade. Tell the baby The Drums do not mean it is time to come out


just yet! PAUL DICKENSON: You're going to be


hearing quite a bit about livery companies over the course of the


parade. They have got their roots in medieval trades and crafts, and


today, they continued to do what they have always done, support


their trade, educating young people, supporting the community and


supporting the City of London. And ultimately, the election of the new


Lord Mayor is the responsibility of delivery men, and some of the older


men, who represent the wards of the City of London. -- liverymen. And


the new Lord Mayor, he described himself in the newspapers just just


the day as a joyfully boring banker, who has stepped up to become


London's other mayor. The Central Band of the RAF. The Director of


Every year, the Central Band of the RAF performs more than 500


engagements. Last year, they travelled more than 44,000 miles.


The Queen's Colour Squadron of the Royal Air Force, based at RAF


Northolt. In 1960, Her Majesty the Queen commanded that the drilled


team of the RAF should be given charge of the Queen's Colour. On


that low-loader, we have a Scorpion combat vehicle. We also have a


Rapier Field Standard launcher. The Royal Air Force has played a


prominent role in The Lord Mayor's Show for many, many years now. I


have joined Trinity College from Oxford, which is where the new Lord


Mayor went. James, you were actually on the water this morning


with the new Lord Mayor. That's right. I was rowing in the glory


and a, with the Lord Mayor. We came from Westminster down to the bridge,


and now, I have just rushed here to join these guys in the parade.


had better keep up, because we have got a bit of a place on here. You


were in the Olympics, but you are not from Great Britain... Yes, I


competed for Zimbabwe in the Olympics. It was an amazing


atmosphere, I thoroughly enjoyed it. He was really nice, I spoke to him


a bit on the boat, it was an amazing experience. Congratulations,


enjoy yourself. I am with a very exciting float, a Wings of


Kilimanjaro, which is all about paragliding off Mount Kilimanjaro.


Yes, the idea is to raise $1 million for charity. It was the


idea of this man here. Adrian McRae, where did the idea come from, and


how did you persuade the Tanzanian government? It is very difficult


for the Tanzanian government to say no to charity, when we are helping


so many underprivileged children. It is something we are very


excitement about, and the excitement is very contagious. They


have jumped all over it. Good luck with the project in February. The


PAUL DICKENSON: That is certainly going to be a huge undertaking.


The Army Cadet Force (City & North- East London), catering for


youngsters between the ages of 12 and 18. The Cadets, wearing their


camouflage here today. The Land Rover driven by the Major, who


himself was an Army cadet in London. He then joined the regular Army, to


serve with the Royal Fusiliers. am with the National Youth Marching


Band. I am causing chaos, because you're trying to play your


instruments. You two have a fantastic story, you're married,


and you met in the band? You ask, 10 years ago. It was not love at


first sight, no, but he grew on me. You have been part of his marching


band since you were a eight - has it always been in the family?


For people who have not done this before, how does it feel to be part


of this? Amaze income a really good. I will let you get back to your


instruments, before I put you off The City of London Solicitors'


Company certainly seem to be having a good time this morning. It is


terrific that the rain has abated, and certainly has not detracted


from the colour, the spectacle and the sounds of this brilliant Lord


Mayor's Show. The theme of their float is, let's face the music and


dance. No surprise there! Another livery company, incidentally,


obviously for solicitors in the Absolutely beautiful.


The Mexican Chamber of Commerce. It is the second year they have been


in the Lord Mayor's show. They wanted to come back this time


because they had such a fantastic experience last year.


Well the word Heba is a word which means gift. This is a women's


project and they have been preparing their float since May.


This is the first year they have ever been involved with the Lord


Mayor's Show so they are incredibly excited about it. Well, having seen


them prepare and work so, so hard to be here, it is so good to see


them here on the streets of London at last. It is a unique training


and enterprise project, providing women from from diverse countries


to make new friends and learn new new skills.


I am with the Baillies Mills Band from Northern Ireland. Why did you


want to come here? It is your first time here.


We were invited and we considered it a great privilege to be here


especially with our Norwegian friends. It is great fun.


You learned how to play the accordion after seeing you play on


a cruise ship. Is this right? What was so special about this band?


years ago they marched where I was working and I really instantly fell


in love with them and I had never seen a marching accordion band


before. It is wonderful and loving the Norwegian national dress, is


that right? Yes, we have different ones for each area.


And this one is for London. Thank you very much so much and good luck


with the rest of the parade, thank you.


Well, that wonderful spectacle represents ending Forest which is -


- Epping Forest which is one of the charities the mayor is supporting.


The Lord Mayor is hoping to add to the population of trees in Epping


Forest over the next 12 months. And the Superintendent of Epping Forest


is on the float with his daughter. And already they have gone past the


Mansion House, the Bailes Band playing a selection of tunes from


Ireland, England and Scotland in London this morning.


Well, thousands of people are released from prison every year


with no home, no job, no money and Vision Housing was set-up to deal


with this problem and they provide housing and support to homeless


people across the capital, working with some of the poorest


communities in the City. They have come here today with a fabulous


float and they certainly seem to be enjoying themselves.


Well, The Monkeys there you can see are representing Gibraltar. The the


gri the Gibraltar float is in the shape of the rock. I am sure a lot


of people watching this morning would have been to visit it.


Britain's jewel in the Well, another of the livery


companies taking part to celebrate that we have a new Lord Mayor in


London today. They will be anxious to show case


all of the footwear that they manufacture and design as well.


you are watching at home you will be able to relate to this carnival


atmosphere because there are many versions of this over the country,


a real kaleidoscope of colour and a a chance for communities to come


together, but it is not just Britain that is being represented.


With me is a lady called Amber from what wi wiy. -- Hawaii. Do you have


anything like this back home? don't think I have seen anything so


exciting and culturally diverse. It is incredible.


It is a great year for you to be at St Andrew's because it is the 600th


anniversary? It is just an exciting time for us and I think they have


come a long way as a university, really just setting an example for


the world world as far as cultural acceptance and it is incredible.


Well, it is a real cultural mix. Enjoy yourself, Amber. I am going


to keep my eyes out for a John Cleese impersonator. Look out for


him! Roger Gifford will relate to the St


Andrew's float. He was born in the Scottish town famous for the home


The pipes and drums of the London Regiment.


There really is a fantastic atmosphere just in front of the


Mansion House on Bank Junction and the crowds are as big as I have


ever seen them. There is also pipes -- pipers from


the London Scottish Regimental Association. B Company, the


parachute Regiment with some of their military vehicles at the


bottom of Princes Street. It has been a busy 12 months in London and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 67 seconds


those guys helped with the security I am with Anthony and and tris


Tristram who told me their mum dragged me here. You look like you


are enjoying yourself. Always listen to mum? What do you like?


The bands and the the music. I noticed you snapping away. We are


We are opposite Mansion House. Trish tram, -- trish trish ram, why


do you like it? The army. Where did you guys come from from?


Caterham in Surrey. Why did you come? I have never been


and always wanted to come. It was your show business hair that


got me to come to you. Enjoy the rest of the parade. Thank you.


265 Home Counties Battery Royal Artillery.


And they too have been parading 21st century weapons systems here


in front of the Mansion House and very, very cool looking dog as well.


Coping very well with the noise and the excitement of the Lord Mayor's


I feel a bit of a cheat because I have jumped into this very flash,


very fancy sports car that isn't on the market. Look who is driving,


Jessica Ennis. The last time you were in London, it was for the


Olympics. How does this compare? is incredible. It is nice to be


back in London and seeing the crowds come out again. The last


time it was for the Olympics. It is lovely to be in this new F-Type


Jaguar. It feels like you have strayed on


to the wrong path. Everybody is dressed up and playing instruments


and you have got the easy gig, haven't you? It is nice to see lots


of music being played and I have got an easy job sat this this


lovely car. So many achievements so far and you


have just had the nom the nomination for the World Athlete of


the Year. You must be on cloud nine? The awards are just a bonus


and it is such an honour and it is a fantastic year and yeah, very


exciting. You have got to make the most of it.


Do you want this to go on and on? Are you thinking interest training?


Well, I am back in training so I am kind of getting back into the swing


of things and training as hard as I can, but yeah, no, it is very


exciting. The whole year has been such a buzz. So just kind of


soaking it up as much as possible. Well, you have more than earn it


Jessica. Go steady because our cameraman can't keep up with you.


We are approaching the Lord Mayor now. I will let you enjoy the


moment. Give him a wave. Thank you, Jessica.


Jess is a, provided us with one of the highlights of the Olympic Games


and everybody including the former Lord Mayor and the current Lord


Mayor waving very enthusiastically and as Jessica was saying, she has


been nominated as Athlete of the Year. I can't understand why mo


Farah hasn't been nominated as one of the male athletes of the year.


The City Bridge Trust working with heart and soul. They are saying


this is a futuristic sci-fi world. I wonder if they can bring the


sunlight out. That would be pretty cool! And on the bus they have got


something call the Mysterious Universe Party.


It is a charitable organisation right across Greater London. The


City of London Corporation is the sole trustee and there will be a


lot of interest from the alder men and the new Lord Mayor up on the


balcony. And 306 Hospital Support Regiment.


All volunteers, of course and the vehicle there is a long wheel base


Land Rover carrying Jane Carey Harris who will be paying


compliments at Lord Mayor as the The second vehicle is a battlefield


ambulance. And a regular visitor to The Lord Mayor's Show, the Kingston


and Malden Scout and Guide Band. That was formed way back in 1950.


It is a marching band, with brass The youngest member of the band


today, just eight years old. I shall not say what the oldest


member of the band is, that would be unfair. They play a wide


selection of songs, military and pop music. They play to schools and


to different organisations, not just in Kingston, but all over the


country. They have been invited to be the main Scout band at Windsor


Castle next year for the St A regular fixture of The Lord


Mayor's Show for the past few days -- for the past few years has been


the Jack Petchey Foundation, which gives grants to young people. Tell


us about your winning design. wanted to represent everything that


the Jack Petchey Foundation does. The foundation does so much for


young people, so I wanted to show my thanks. And I have got my name


on it as well! It is great, you have got your name on the side of a


bus at The Lord Mayor's Show! Congratulations for winning. This


competition is judged by Dominic Reid, the Pageantmaster. I am in


amazement at what you have done. is going really well. It is a


fantastic parade. We have got about 6,500 people having fun, all


beautifully co-ordinated, which makes me very happy, too. This is


your 21st year organising this parade, something you took over


from your father. You have now broken his record. This year has


been such a big year for Britain, so have you noticed a change in


atmosphere? I think so, yes. You can tell the mood is upbeat, and


everybody is having fun. There are so many young people involved and


dispossession, so many people have volunteered to make it happen, so,


that volunteering ethos is very much in evidence today. My message


for people sitting watching this on television would be, think about


volunteering to support kids. One adult volunteer can allow 15 kids


to have an experience like today. Over the summer, we saw Games


Makers, but you have had your very own Games Makers for years. In a


sense, yes, and it is great to see more and more people adopting that


ethos. It is my first time here, and I am loving it. Congratulations,


Dominic Reid, it seems to be going so well. Thank you.


PAUL DICKENSON: Well, it certainly seems to be going without a ever at


the moment. Just looking back to that float of the Jack Petchey


Foundation, that foundation was started back in 1999, he wanted to


give away as much possible -- money as possible to good causes, and so


far, he has donated �75 million. It is absolutely phenomenal. There,


you caught a glimpse of the Royal Yeomanry Band, as we just take a


look back at the crowds in front of The horses and the marching


detachment of the Royal Yeomanry Band, which was formed back in 1967,


The CCA Art Bus, celebrating Sir Peter Blake's 80th year. It is a


mobile work of art design, designed by the man himself, also a mobile


It visits schools, communities, festivals, galleries and art events


Certainly, everybody will have heard of Variety, The Children's


Charity. It was established back in 1927. That was back in Pittsburgh,


Pennsylvania, when a group of 11 men, close friends, decided to


organise a social club where they could relax after work. That


developed into an organisation which, like so many others, gives


away millions of pounds to worthy causes. All of their attentions of


course go towards children. I have left one sporting legend, Jessica


Ennis, and joined the future prospect. Tell me about your


sprinting prospect us, Lydia Cross. I really hope to be in the


Paralympics. You are training hard, aren't you? Yes. You lost your legs


when you were only three because of meningitis, but that has not


stopped you - I met you a few years ago, when you were a swimming to


raise money for Help For Heroes. How much did you raise? About


�64,000. Why did you decide to do that for Help For Heroes? Because I


think it is a good charity to do, and it is worth it, really. I want


to raise money for them so that they can have better rehabilitation


centres, stuff like that. Lydia Cross, you are an inspiration to us


all. Enjoy the rest of the day, and good luck in the future.


PAUL DICKENSON: And she is a serious talent in track-and-field


athletics as well, and a real prospect for 2016. Team GB of


course at this year's Paralympics did absolutely brilliantly, winning


more than 100 medals. That was just up the road at the Olympic Stadium,


and in the Olympic Park, and in a Olympic venues all over the United


Kingdom. Well, the Lord Mayor will be looking forward to the


Worshipful Company of Butchers, who will be coming around in front of


Mansion House in just a moment. They are parading with a giant,


inflatable rib of beef. It is one of the oldest livery companies in


the City. Their records go back to 975 AD. They will be giving him a


real rib of beef on 5th December! I would like to see the cow that that


came from - goodness me! It is a good job it is not windy, otherwise


those youngsters might be taking off by now. They are being followed


by the band from HMS Collingwood, the Royal Marines Band. They are


wearing that the ceremonial uniform of the Royal Marines. Followed


closely by the Royal Naval armed Most recently, the band performed


with the Olympic and Paralympic athletes in the parade through


These young men, representing ships, submarines, air squadrons and


establishments from all over the country. The Royal Marines, too.


About 50 people in total - the same people, of course, there will be


part of the Remembrance Day parade He is swinging very close to us


here! The Royal Engineers, making a salute to the new Lord Mayor of


London. He is not going to forget this day in a hurry, that is for


sure. He can expect to have only 25 days at home during the next year.


He is going to be so, so busy travelling all over the world, and


very busy in the City of London, selling the City. I am with the St


John Ambulance Talbot Corps of Drums. Andrew Kinch, you have got


so many different generations playing in this band... Yes, we go


from the age of seven up to 60-odd. We set this up from scratch in


Bournemouth. How much time do you put into it? It is about 500 hours


each year, I would say. And your son is here, too. Yes, he earners


solo competition a few months ago. He won the solo competition on


woodwind. We are very proud of them. Thank you very much. Chris


Cheffings, you were involved in a serious incident in Afghanistan in


2008? Yes, it was an IED incident, which blew the vehicle up in the


air. I fractured my ankles and knees, crushed my spine, it was


just an awful incident, really. Coming home, you had a lot of


emotional and physical things to deal with, and this charity has


really help you? Definitely. I was struggling with rehab for a long


time, getting nowhere, to be honest. I was in constant pain. This


charity helped me out a great deal. It helped me with an adapted home,


for me and my family. It was brilliant. We did this last year as


well, and they asked us to come down again. It is brilliant.


kids seem to be enjoying themselves. Thanks for having meet, and enjoy


the rest of the day. PAUL DICKENSON: Just going away


from us at the moment is that beautiful, 1926 steamroller, which


has to get special permission to come around the Bank Junction,


because of all of the London Underground works just beneath us.


I am with someone who I grew up watching actually so I'm very


excited to be on this float. 1992 F1 world champion, Nigel Mansell.


It is nice to be here. I apologise for hanging on to you!


It is a wonderful day. I imagine you would not want to be


driven, you would want to be driving this? It is fan tast It is


fantastic, 1904. And it is your first time here?


is incredible, isn't it it? Is that why you wanted to get involved?


Representing UK youth and being part of the IA here today in this


fantastic car and it is great for the charity.


Didn't you win in a Renault car? Yes. This is incredible.


It is a sweet, sweet ride. Is it four cylinders? Yes, four cylinders


and 20 horsepower and it is amazing to think all those years ago they


had the technology to do this. Well, we have stopped and that's my


Well, incredibly well preserved, not Nigel, the car!


London area Sea Ka debts -- sea Cadets. They are promoting the sea


services and a career at sea. It encourages young people to


celebrate our maritime heritage which, of course, is vast and


There is certainly a lot of enthusiastic youngsters enjoying


themselves in front of the Mansion House.


Not just enthusiastic youngsters, Brian, I hope you don't mind me


saying, but you are in your 80s? am, unfortunately, yes.


I need to keep you moving because I don't want you to get run over on


live television. You are here today to help Britain, I am keeping an


eye on your safety, you are here today to help Yorkshire win a stage


for the Tour de France. What do you think it would do for the area?


would be super for the Tour come to my home county and everybody in


Yorkshire is wishing that we are going to get it, and I am sure we


will and I hope it will come to Yorkshire.


Cast your mind back when you won that stage of the Tour de France?


Well, it was a long time ago and things wherein as nice, it was a


lot more rustic. Was it a different bike? Yes, it


was a lot heavier, yes. Well, good luck with it.


Congratulations. We have got to have a word with you Lewis. What


would it be like if Yorkshire had a stage of the Tour de France?


would be amazing to see the people, my heroes, riding the roads that I


ride. It would be amazing to ride the route of the Tour de France.


It has been a massive year for cycling in Britain. What has it


been like for you to see Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish achieve


so much? It has been amazing. We had a successful year. If we get


the Tour de France into Yorkshire it would inspire lots of people. It


would be really good. Fingers crossed that happens. I


letter let you cycle on because we have been overtaken by the cars and


I don't think I can keep up with you. Good luck. I feel mean, they


have lost their place in the parade. Now go, Lewis!


Well, Yorkshire in the past produced fabulous cyclists, guys


like Brian Robinson, Barry Hogan and Malcolm Elliot so we could be


looking at a future champion. That's one way of getting around.


It is a lot slower than your regular bike. It looks like hard


work to me. Well Joe Ferguson asks what is the


difference between the post of Boris Johnson which is based over


the river at City Hall and the new Lord Mayor of London, Roger


Gifford? Well, Roger Gifford is going to preside over the City here,


over the Square Mile and that's where he will be selling the City


and the City's services over the next 12 months. Boris Johnson is


elected. They are both elected posts. Boris Johnson is in charge


of Greater London. All of the famous boroughs that we know and


the full extent of London's boundaries mup, much - much, much


bigger than the city and the area that Roger Gifford has to preside


over. I hope that answers your question.


But keep your e-mails coming in. If you have got anybody you want to


say hello to who is maybe taking part in the parade and I think


judging by the expressions of everybody here, thoroughly enjoying


themselves on this great day. I have fought my way to the prime


position to join Roger Gifford. Congratulations.


Thank you very much. A fantastic colour and spectacle


unfolding in front of you. How are you enjoying it? How could I answer


that question other than fantastic. Loads of London's communities have


come to par to participate and it is just wonderful to see and it is


not raining! Isn't that wonderful? It is a chocolate-box when it comes


to different things. People of all all ages, representing charities


and different things, but it must be humbling for you to see them


look up at you and do that little wave? Well, you know you are one in


a long line of Lord Mayors. The previous Lord Mayor is next to me


and there will be another show and you are conscious of being one if a


large number of a lot of people. It is lovely to be in this position,


it really is. You know what the role involves


because you have been the sheriff. How are you feeling about the year


ahead? Very excited. I am a banker and banking is a great business and


I have got to persuade people that it is better than some of them


think. I am looking forward to a year of selling the City and


telling people what it is about. What caught your eye so far? Very


international. Lovely Swedish floats, Finnish, angry birds and


the original Stagecoach from California, drummers from Japan. A


lot of music. Music and international is what it felt like


so far. We know that music is a passion of yours? Yes.


Thank you. He has a very, very busy day ahead


of him. He has to go up to St Paul's Cathedral to receive the


blessing. And then off to the Law Courts just to rubber stamp the


fact that he is the new Lord Mayor of the City of London.


Now 27 modern companies are represented. I am with the company


of firefighters and Peter is excited to be here. This is the


type of fire engine you used to drive? Yes, the very first engine I


drove to a fire was one of these. It has a Rolls-Royce engine and it


goes like a fast fire engine. Your face face lights up when you


look at it? My eyes filled up with tears when I saw it last night.


The companies are celebrating the Diamond Jubilee which is why you


are wearing your old uniform. It is a miracle I got into this,


isn't it? It is a few years old. There are 28 of us here today. We


were formed probably from the 1950s, we have a 1950s fire engine and a


1950s tractor to help celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and the fact that


we are in a wonderful, wonderful year.


I am impressed that you got into your old uniform. But you tell me


your boots are are hurting? haven't worn these since 1976. I


moved the buttons on the jacket. wave to my grandchildren who are


watching this with their mum and dad.


Well, your fireman granddad is very proud.


Well, we have heard the drums. There are the Pimlico Plumbers.


They have got over 170 staff and a I have to say, they have got some


interesting registration numbers in terms of their plumbing vans as we


have a look. If you see a Pimlico Plumbers van, take a look at the


numberplate. You might have a little chuckle. They get a lot


Well, there is some kids there representing Dare, one of the


floats here. They have got their rain suits on, but I tell you what,


we have been incredibly lucky, it was drizzling this morning and the


rain came down heavily and it has eased off. So we have been blessed


here today. The lines, of course, Lion's clUbs


International. They have raised millions of pounds not just in


London, but all over the world. They have been going in this


I just got very, very excited because I have a dog from the Dogs


Trust and I am with the Dogs Trust now. This is little Jazz and the


dog over there is a dog I nearly inherited. I am delighted to see he


is doing well. The parade has just stopped for a second. How are you


enjoying it so far? Oh, we are having a wonderful morning and the


dogs are not phased by the weather. They are having a great time. We


are here to make sure that everyone really understands how important to


say to think about rescuing a dog. We have 18 re-home centres across


the UK, if anyone is interested in re-homing a dog please get in touch


with us. What happened to Jazz? Jazz was


handed in. His owner was forced into renned accommodation -- rented


accommodation. He wean allowed dogs. He is a gorgeous dog.


I am going to say hello to Daniel the spaniel!


Thanks, bye. I am with the Royal British Relun -


legion. Stan has been here since 1976. I am 84 and I think this will


be my final parade. We won't see you coming back next


year? I shall be watching it. I organised the standard bearers for


it. I am quite happy. We have spoken to a lot. Lot of


first timers, what is it like marching at this parade? It is


beautiful. If you have got a good back, you can carry on, but -- band,


you can carry on. If you haven't got a band, you have got a job.


It is remembrance weekend. Who are your thoughts with? I always try to


remember my colleagues that I lost when I was in the Services. I think


I will go and catch up with my contingent.


Thank you very much for slowing down so I could talk to you. I hope


to see you back Euro-sceptics near -- next year. Thank you. This is a


big, big weekend for the British Legion and the Festival of


Remembrance will play a big part in their fund-raising campaign. That


takes place on BBC One at 9.15pm and and we are going to be at the


Cenotaph tomorrow morning on BBC One again. That starts at 10.45pm,


I I beg your pardon, 10.25pm. -- 10.25pm.


Thousands of volunteers have been in the streets of London and every


town in the whole country selling their poppies just to try and raise


as much money as possible. Let's wish them luck.


The effort made by everybody in the parade really is quite phenomenal,


but we can't under estimate the effort made the the -- made by the


crowds here? I have come from Australia. We were told to look at


the show. It is spectacular. I can't believe what I see. We have


got a great show in Melbourne, but this is better. It is fantastic.


You were one of the first here this morning. You bagged that spot. Has


it been worth it? We got here an hour early. We didn't know when it


was going to start. It happened in front of us. We got a few bits of


information from around us. This is the Lord Mayor's residence. We have


The Old Lady of thread and Needle Street. We reviewed the troops.


You have had prime position. And these two gentlemen over there,


the one with the white hair and the one in the knickers bobgers bockers


who would they be? Enjoy the rest of the parade. We


have got a few more bands. Thank you very much. Thank you,


London! We just saw a bit of disco fever


from the Admiral Scaffolding Group. They will be going all the way up


to the law courts, then all the way back again in the return parade


this afternoon. I do not ever remember having a haircut like


that! I certainly did not wear those kind of clothes, but it was


good. The Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks, in that double-


decker bus, more than 80 people. This procession goes past more than


60 churches within the City of London. The Worshipful Company of


Parish Clerks will be wringing their bells as they go past every


one of them. I with two very excited mothers, because their kids


are in the parade. What are they doing? Mice are urn is playing drum.


-- my son is playing drums. Tell us why you love The Lord Mayor's Show


so much. We came last year, and the atmosphere is brilliant. You are


just so proud to see your children marching around. It is brilliant,


it is great. And it is not that long, which means that everybody


can have an afternoon nap afterwards! Yes come and then we


come back for the return. I will be at you have recorded it! Yes.


you very much for talking to us. Dickinson label contributing


towards the fantastic atmosphere, those ladies. Now, the 150 members


of the Christ's Hospital School Band. Every day, pupils walk in to


lunch with the band playing. That I have joined a group of people


over here who have pushed their way to the front - what have you


enjoyed so far? I liked the Girl guiding float. Because we are Girl


Guides. A I love that sort of music. Your friends here have travelled


all away from Spain. I know your English is not perfect, but


probably better than my Spanish, but how are you enjoying it? Are


you enjoying it? Yes. Added it is fair to say, yes, they are enjoying


it. Enjoy the rest of the parade. The Royal Horse Artillery, a total


of 23 horses on parade. This year has been the busiest in living


memory for many of the officers and Most of the music and the


commercial floats have gone past Mansion House now. It will not be


long before the new Lord Mayor, Roger Gifford, will come down from


the balcony and get into his ceremonial coach once more. He will


then go up to St Paul's Cathedral The parade now showing a lot of


different representatives from the different wards of the City of


London. So, we have Sheriffs, we have former Lord Mayors, we have


Aldermen, town clerks, recorders, and it really does show the history


and the tradition of this great As Roger Gifford begins his 12


months as Lord Mayor, he can reflect on today with a huge amount


of pride. The Lord Mayor's Show has provided him with the perfect shop


window to publicise the City of London's businesses and centuries-


old traditions which have given us not only the show today but a


history which have cemented his reputation as the greatest Square


Mile in the world. But quite frankly, this day belongs to


everybody - a fantastic start for the 685th Lord Mayor of London.


Roger Gifford has created his own bit of history. The City's chief


cheerleader certainly got an incredible amount of support today.


For me, what was so wonderful was to see the amount of people who


have been parading through the streets of my home city with such


pride. What made it extra special was that despite the damp and cold,


thousands of people have lined the streets to celebrate, something the


great British public have done with great spirit throughout 2012.


what a fantastic way to mix elements of the old and new. We


have got traditional brass bands, together with samba, pop music and


ABBA. It is a fantastic way for everybody to come together. And we


have had lots of first-timers, alongside lots of people who have


A pageant of colour and carnival as horses, classic motor vehicles, marching bands and half a million spectators join the Lord Mayor and his golden state coach in the world's largest un-rehearsed parade through the streets of London. Helen Skelton and Sonali Shah meet some of the 6,500 parade participants and Paul Dickenson sets the scene, as the BBC celebrates the 685th Lord Mayor of London.

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