Episode 4 Royal Welsh Show

Episode 4

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Over four days, 8000 animals and more than 200,000 people


will travel from all over the world to this secluded


This is the European agricultural event of the year!


Hello, this is the fourth and final day of the Show.


the competition winners are building to a fantastic finale.


So if guinea pigs who are therapeutic and goats with rococo


ringlets weren't enough, we have got to the fastest, most furious


competition of the show so far. I've got a good reason, Andi Oliver,


TV chef, has led me astray, You should be thanking me,


this is a wonderful Wales has some of


the best produce in the world, I am inspired, I cannot wait to get


cooking. I cannot wait to taste what Andi


cooks, that is if Gareth leaves me any, you may remember just


before the show up popped Welsh Black Cattle, before we get


onto your other job at the show, how has it


been as a breeder? We have really enjoyed ourselves,


bit of a slow starter, then a 6, for the heifers,


then we went into the group of 3. You told me you are one of the show


vets. One How has that been,


from a veterinary point of view? This is the 12th year


I have been doing it, every year, people are amazed,


these animals should be but they know that there is a vet


here, anything that is wrong,


they want to call us. This year in particular,


they have put in new fans, bigger fans, in the sheep shed,


one of the earlier comments was, LAUGHTER Thank you very


much for joining us, Competitions continues in the sheep


shearing and in blacksmithing. Yesterday I popped along to the


farrier section to see a skill I have long admired. I know that you


cannot smell this but I had to say, I have been transported back to my


childhood, I grew up next to a farm, with a farrier, working practically


next door to my house. The smell of the furnace, the sound


of it, I just absolutely love it. These farrier


competitions are really important, aren't they,


for the profession. They are, we like to keep


the profession alive. Way that farriery is


progressing, with modern materials and horseshoes,


it is slowly dying out, the tradition of making


handmade horseshoes. What we have here now, people


starting off with this steel to make What we're trying to do


is replicate a horseshoe like this, and this will allow


the nail hall to sit and then this will be good


for all the hard roads they walk on. One thing I have to ask you,


there is a little bit of confusion about what is the


difference between being a farrier and a blacksmith, is there


a difference at all? There is, farriers only


work with horses, we are here for the welfare of horses


only, whereas blacksmiths will make anything, they'll make


hanging baskets... More decorative steel


forging skill, farriers. Whereas farriers, talk


about speed, horseshoes... I am, myself, I haven't


won anything yet, Now we have seen what a farrier can


do, it is the turn of


the blacksmith. When a job that I was doing came


to an end, They let me into the metal shop,


and I fell in love. I always say that I


work with the metal, I don't try to force the metal


to be something that I watch and see what the metal does,


and if you work like this, if you have an idea in your


head, it develops as you are going


on. What does the Royal Welsh do to you,


as a blacksmith, what does it do, it is an agricultural


show, isn't it. Yeah, it is showcasing what we do


within Wales, for me, You have got to share


what you do, and that is really good, if you go to a show


and see the entries of people, people working as blacksmiths,


jewellers, it is lovely to see all the different work


that people are doing. Perhaps we forget, how


important the blacksmith They were one of the only people


as well that good... There were two people


that could marry people, My connection with the


blacksmith thing, it is It is always about


forging people together. This is the face of a champion,


champion of champions, as far as the herd wicks


are concerned at this years show, interesting that compared to sheep,


cattle and pigs, number of goats being shown here


is relatively small. I have been with the cattle,


I've seen the sheep and the horses, These have been judged,


any winners yet? This one has taken


best kid on both days. When I was a child, Lady Price


was around at Christmas... She came around, selling


boxes of apples, she came into the house and said,


this goat was given to us, I have got to go home now and kill


it and give it to the hounds! So I begged my mother


to let us have that, and even after that,


we brought it up, It has given you a lifelong


passion for keeping them? Well, I don't know,


it is a lot of expense! And you have had a very


successful show? I am pleased, I think my goats


are improving every year. Now, here's a conundrum,


an exotic looking animal that appears to have


an identity crisis. Fleece of a sheep but the ears


of a goat, so what is it, what is it doing on a hill


farm in mid-Wales? They are goats, they are angora


goats, they looked a little bit like that, because of the hair, they look


a little bit like sheep. Tanya Rogers and her dad,


were among the first farmers We were one of the foundation


farmers in the mid-1980s, Quite a risk, how did you know


they would be able to cope with the slightly more wet,


chilly conditions of Wales? I think he was not afraid,


as they say in the modern world, diversify, not afraid


to have a try of something. Mal's gamble with the angoras paid


off, producing a number of champion animals before passing


away last year. Did you feel pressurised that


you had to carry on his legacy? Absolutely happy, we have always had


goats, I have always shown goats, We have always had them,


it is part of a family Mal's passion has been


passed onto granddaughter, Erinna, who is now


a well-respected show judge. What would tell you that Daniel


is a goat worth showing? The mohair is really important,


you are looking for a nice curly ringlet, can you see how


fine that is... Like gossamer...


I'm going to pull a little... So that is my hair, there...


Looks about ten times thicker. It is going to be a bit


of an emotional year, this year. I cannot say any of us will ever be


a patch on walking in dad's shoes. We went reserve overall. I would not


like to shear one of them! Special guest today


is Chef Andi Oliver, and she is on the hunt for some


of the show's culinary delights. The Royal Welsh Show


is all about farming, and with Welsh food exports up 20%,


it's going to be exciting. I'm hitting the food hall


because I'm dying to see all this I don't think I've ever had cured


mutton. Flash, flash. Makes me dance, definitely good,


wonderful, also, this is all Welsh? All wealth, all born


and bred in Aberystwyth. This is a Welsh tea loaf,


a loaf with raisins, so thin. because I have seen


onion bhaji scotch egg. Delicious food made by passionate


people, definitely has me Still to come, how guinea pigs


became a cure for loneliness, and shear drama, as the Welsh


take on the Kiwis. this hall was full


of feathery things, now, by some sort of miracle,


it is full of furry things, This amazing looking snake


is Noodles, he is one of the competitors here today,


he is a python, not everyone who is competing is hoping to win,


for some people, it is just the taking part that


is really important! VOICEOVER: Guinea pigs


are best-known these little beauties have helped


him through some difficult times. I was 24/7 in my house


with the wife looking He's supposed to be a sandy colour,


some judges like them darker, some lighter, you tend to get


the colour on the skin So they need that overall


exactly the same colour. Guinea pigs are rodents,


they have the splendid teeth. Shall we look at a very


splendid teeth? You've got to be careful


because some of them grow longer. Would it fair to say that it's


become a bit of an obsession? Do you think your wife would be


proud of what you've achieved Do you think of her a lot


when you're out there? If I didn't have them I don't


know what I'd do really. It keeps me occupied,


it keeps me in a hobby and I've How confident are you


about winning today? How many pigs did


you bring in the end? OK, well I think I might know


something that you don't know. Number 22, this wasn't


the one I cuddled was it? It's the one you had


on your lap all day. Now you told me when we were sitting


in your conservatory that the winning wasn't that


important, but when you do You know you're breeding


something which is good. Graham I'm absolutely


delighted at your win today. And is now let's go back to Andi,


is cooking up something delicious. You are now going to talk


to me about this oggie, I've been hearing all about this,


I'm not sure what and oggie is. Similar, similar but


slightly better, OK! Like everything this side


of the Severn Bridge. It's similar to the Cornish pasty,


it was designed to be A practical application


of something delicious. We're in Wales so we've got


to leeks, we've got onions. I'm going to use


executive decisions here. We've got onions, we've got leeks,


and we got lovely Welsh The oggie, again, because of working


in the ground people didn't have It really wouldn't matter


if their hands were dirty. The big crust around the oggie


was designed to be thrown away. When they said to me you're


going to be making an oggie, they said they wanted me


to make my own version. I thought, well, let's go a bit more


sort of almost Persian, we've got cinnamon, cumin


and chilies and then dates. There's a little


sweetness, a little heat. I like the look of that,


what do you think? There we go, three


weird shaped oggies. Kate and Gareth next time you see


these they'll be a golden delight. What do you do if you've


got a dirty cow? Anybody who knows anything


about rugby knows there is masses of competitive spirit in Wales,


particularly when they come It turns out that competitive spirit


is every bit as fierce in the shearing shed


as it is on the rugby field. Wales have an opportunity


here to beat New Zealand There's always a fierce


rivalry between Wales There's always a fierce


rivalry between Wales New Zealand on the left,


the champion John Kirkpatrick. Welsh team, on the left, Richard


Jones, in the middle, Rhian Evans. I've got Gareth here and he's


going to tell us exactly what's Whenever they see a Shearer having


to go back over himself, Once they've actually gone down


the ramp into the pens, the judges see how much


wool is left, how much And decide how much


to add on the points. Every 20 seconds ten points


are added to your score. The person with the most


points comes last. Now I understand how


the scoreboard works, thank you very much,




were playing their part as well. But it's far from over because vital


points can be won or lost An important role in any shearing


contest is that of the judges. We need to be very vigilant


especially in an open competition or test because the shearers


are shearing so fast you need to be Between the victors and


the runner-up there are four points. The runners up, ladies


and gentlemen, are New Zealand. So congratulations to our


shearing champions, Wales! And here are some more


of today's winners. It's fantastic, it's


what breeders aim for. Can't do any more


now, it's brilliant. Many many congratulations


to all of them. If you were watching


at the beginning of the week you will remember I met chief


executive of the show Steve Hewson. Can I say I met you before


there was any infrastructure in here It's the end of day four and you're


still looking remarkably calm and quite clean


which I wasn't expecting. I dressed up specially


for you obviously. All the work is done


in advance of the show. We have to troubleshoot like any


event, things go wrong. I'm calm because we've had a really


great successful show. 25 years you've been


coming here on holiday, have you booked to go


to Marbella next year? I'd never let this man down nor


the people of Wales, Andi, welcome to this


mad, mad world. First I had no idea of the scale


of it, it's absolutely huge, it's like a whole town


in itself, isn't it? So many people, everybody's


been lovely, the produce is quite breathtaking,


I've got to say. This is oggie with mint and potatoes


and leeks and onions. I decided to warm it up


so I added cumin and cinnamon It is cutting well,


it's cutting well. While we tuck in I want


to say an enormous thank We're going to leave you with


memories of a fantastic four days.


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