BBC One: Day 9: 09:00-12:00 Commonwealth Games

BBC One: Day 9: 09:00-12:00

Mishal Husain and Jason Mohammad present live coverage of day nine of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. There's table tennis action from inside the Scotstoun Sports Campus.

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Gold in Glasgow. Superb riding from start to finish by Emma Pooley.


Rebecca Downie is Commonwealth champion. There is your golden boy,


Daniel Keatings. Breathtaking gymnastics. Three English gold


medals and in the hunt for silver and bronze.


Another evening of stunning performances here in Glasgow, with


the packed crowd at Hampden Park again spurring on athletes from


Scotland and all the Home Nations. With just three days of action left


at the Games, the medals will be coming thick and fast today as well.


We?ll begin Day Nine at Kelvingrove where the English pair of


Natalie Melmore and Jamie-Lea Winch are in the gold medal match.


15-year-old Tin-Tin Ho of England is in action


at the table tennis again today, this time in the women?s doubles


where she partners Karina Le Fevre. Then another young star,


England?s Jack Law goes for his second gold of the Games.


He partners Chris Mears in the three metre synchronised


springboard final. And this evening we?ll have


the moment athletics fans have been waiting for -


Usain Bolt in action on the track. So the timetable


for the next few hours on BBC One. In just a moment,


Scotland?s Eilidh Child will be here to talk about the terrific run that


got her a silver in the women's 400m hurdles last night.


Then, at around 9.15, we?ll take you to watch the early


action in that women?s pairs gold medal match at Kelvingrove.


Natalie Melmore and Jamie-Lea Winch of England take on South Africa?s


Tracey Lee Botha and Colleen Piketh. We?ll return to that regularly


during the course of the morning. At 9.30, we're live


at the table tennis, where England?s doubles pair of Karina Le Fevre and


Tin Tin Ho play the Australians, Jian Lay and Miao Miao.


And just before 11:30am we?ll head over to the diving


in Edinburgh where England?s emerging star Jack Law partners


Chris Mears in the Men?s synchronised three metre springboard


final which we'll show you live. Already live


and available via the Red Button that lawn bowls gold medal match in


the women?s pairs from Kelvingrove. you can watch every single bit of


The Games. You can see exactly what is on at any given moment and take


your pick. What a night it was at Hampden


Park, despite the challenging weather. And one particularly


memorable moments, courtesy of Eilidh Child.


Roar of Hampden Park hoping to carry Eilidh Child to a medal. She has


started well. Spencer, watching for her. Can she produce the sort of


performance she normally does. Eilidh Child running a great race.


In second place at the moment. Spencer leading it. Spencer


attacking it. Eilidh Child clear at the moment. Spencer almost climbing


over that one. The last barrier for Spencer of Jamaica. She will take


the gold medal and Eilidh Child of Scotland takes the silver. Russell


of Jamaica, the bronze medal. 54.12, the winning time. What a moment for


Eilidh Child. A huge roar from the crowd.


And here she is. Congratulations. As you stood on the medal podium, did


moment? I tried to take a deep breath and embrace it and take it


on. Thinking back, it does feel a bit of a blur. So much was going


on, I did my lap of honour and saw my family. It was a bit of a dream.


Go back to the evening began, did you have a good feeling going into


the race? I knew I had been in good shape. I have been working on my


stride pattern. I just had to go out there and execute the perfect race.


I just thinking in my head, running your own race. Thankfully that is


what I did. I think we can see you running it again. Stride pattern is


important because you have got to be in exactly the right position for


the hurdles. It is important you don't lose any momentum off the


hurdle. As soon as you back off, it gives another athlete the chance to


get away. Do you know all the steps, are you counting as you go along?


From which ever like I take the hurdle with, I know how many strides


I have done. Then I felt my legs going and I was trying to get to the


finish line as soon as possible. I did not know what was going on


around me. I wanted to make sure that if I wasn't going to get the


gold medal, I was definitely going to get the silver. And you did. It


has been fantastic for all of the athletes at Hampden Park. But you


are different, because it is your face on all of the posters across


the city? When I ran face on all of the posters across


different in the final, it went up a notch, and I did not expect


different in the final, it went up a that allowed. Was it unnerving


different in the final, it went up a because it goes Wyatt at the start?


Yes, a couple of times when you have gone in there, they are shouting


your name. There you are afterwards, supporters and your


your name. There you are afterwards, family. My family, they were in


different parts of the stadium. Every 20 metres I was meeting


somebody I knew, either a friend or a member of my money. It was lovely


to share that moment with them. How did you deal with the pressure? It


is a privilege to be on the posters, but it means the expectation is


immense? I have had a really good support network around me and my


coach has kept me grounded. I did some work with a sport psychologist,


and he has gone through things with me and help me deal with the


pressure and expectation. What I have been trying to do is think


about it as another race. I had done so many 400 metres in my career...


Not easy to do that, to think about it as just another race? Fantastic


profile for your event, but it does have its challengers? It really


does. The last couple of days has been hard. I have been going through


mixed emotions. Gone from feeling really nervous, to being calm. Then


going back to being really, really nervous. When I went on to the


starting line I was calm and it was about executing the race and making


sure it went to plan. What happens next, you will carry on to compete?


The 400 by 400 relay. I will not be running the heats, but I think the


girls we have put in the heats will do enough to make the final and I


will come in tomorrow so hope the Lee I can rest today. So hopefully


you can experience Hampden Park again tomorrow and you will be doing


more competition soon? We have the European competition soon, so just


over a week before we leave for them. I will go back to my base in


Bath and get back into training and refocus. This will help? It will


give you a fantastic boost? Yes, I will go to the European


Championships knowing it will not be as much expectation on me, but I


will enjoy that. I don't know how much you will be able to enjoy the


game is beyond your own sports, but how do you feel it has gone? It has


gone so well, the Scottish report that has been shown to all of the


athletes has been amazing. -- Scottish support. All the athletics


team watched Hannah Miley on the first day, and it kick-started


everything else. Such a good feeling in team Scotland at the moment. We


have put on such a good show and a lot of other athletes have compared


this to the London Olympics. It is a huge compliment to Scotland and to


Glasgow. You have played your part in delivering 14 Scotland and your


home country. Enjoy wearing your medal and good luck for the next


stage of Tom petition. Thank you very much indeed.


Time to get the first of the live action. Yesterday we had some


terrific in the men's para bowls. We can go to Kelvingrove now, and see


what is in store. It is a very big day at the Kelvingrove Centre. It


has just started raining, which will affect the bowlers. We have the


final of the men's four, England taking on Scotland. Later at about


5:30pm we have the men's singles final. Darren Burnett of Scotland, a


policeman who had to get special permission to be playing today and


he plays the Canadian. But this morning it is the final of the


women's pair. England won the gold medal in Delhi and they are


represented by Natalie Melmore and Jamie-Lea Winch. They have made a


good start, but since then it has all been South Africa. They have


taken control of the match and lead 7-1 after four ends. It is the


higher score aggregate after 18 ends that wins. Let's go to our


commentators. Hopefully it will not get any


heavier than this. Needed to drop down a little bit more. Very good


effort. Lovely weight. Very well matched. South Africa have done very


well in bowls over the last few years. Winning a lot of medals.


Looking good. The country must be very proud of their bowlers.


Just needs to break back. There it goes. Not bad and it gives the skip


chance to push into things knowing there is a lack bowl in position. --


back bowls. not want to be too tight. But it is


a little too tight. She has pushed the England bowl in.


No real damage done. But it will make it very attractive now for


Natalie Melmore to reach this. She could sit it out, take the Jack


back. Got one waiting for it.


She is playing with controlled weight. Hooks await a little bit but


it is holding, that will do. Goodness me. That through ball is


now starting to look very lonely indeed.


A very wide shot she was trying to play but she has lost her bowl, it


was too heavy. Trying to bring the Jack back and disturb their head.


It has gone. A great shot. A certainty.


A not to smile about yesterday, she was brilliant. -- a lot. Making sure


with a second, some extra weight. They have now only one bowl in the


head so this is not easy. I am not sure if it will make too


much difference, with four down. You are always conscious of not


attacking too much. That is a horrible result. Totally


horrible result. She came away from her own bowl. She has actually


It was looking good all the way. forced her way through a


It was looking good all the way. Going through the gap.


She won't be happy with that one but Going through the gap.


got nothing for that. The opportunity was always going to


present itself, just a taking it.


A freebie on offer, but she has missed it.


Indicating a four to England. That cataracts the four they lost in


the seventh end. -- second end. They will be feeling a lot happier. They


haven't been getting the results. It has changed now. I would expect this


game to be tight from now on. They have had the initial jousting


against each other in the first few ends to get into some sort of


pattern of play. The players seem to have found their


line quite well. Switching a little bit in the first couple of ends.


A much shorter name jack. -- length. It is an art in itself, casting the


jack, one that is often forgotten. It is important when you have a


weight change, that you can put it the length that the team wants.


It makes the case for specialist leads, players who are used to


casting the jack day in, day out, in batches. Bringing players in who


skips. I always believe the lead in particular is a specialist position.


I would certainly agree with that. It has got the weight, it looks


good. Once a bowl gets in front of the


jack, it is very difficult to get it away.


I think that may have been heading towards her own bowl.


We have now moved on. None of those are a long way from


the jack, they are all short, making it a little difficult for the skips


from the mat. The advantage of being down there is seeing the shots


required. The players are generally staying


away from playing heavy shots. Goodness me, that was an adventurous


weight. It looked like it was tracking well.


The edge helped. That gives Natalie a start. That


would have been good. She might have been tempted with a forehand because


it was her own bowl coming in, but a stain on the hand that is the most


consistent. You can see from the line they have


been taking, doing very well, all players.


That has opened the door a little bit. Pushed the short one out of the


way. And given Natalie a chance to come through.


Just under it. She will be close to the jack. A super shot. The door was


open just slightly by South Africa. And Natalie thought, I will have a


piece of that, thank you very much. It trundled through. Taking all the


danger away. Tracking well, it didn't have the


weight. It has stopped short, second short. Not a lot of damage done.


More importantly for England, after picking up a four, they have got a


single. You always want to do that when you score.


Look at that, picking up the jack. She knew it was there but it was


hidden from the mat. She played down the length hoping for an edge.


Jamie Lee bowling the jack a little further than Natalie would have


liked. They are getting good bowls in there


all the time. I have played with the odd lead way you are not sure where


the jack will go. -- where. Just thinking back to recent matches I


have played. Just play it wherever you want to!


A better line. It has a chance. A little tap. Kept the bowl in.


Finishing in a good position, it would have picked up the jack.


lady was supporting. Good line as well. Starting to build up a little


bit against South Africa. Caught the front bowl, but it has


opened it up. Should be able to get through now. Down on a good line.


Needs to miss the blue. That has closed it again! There was a gap.


Just makes it a little bit more difficult in terms of judging the


wait. Have two allowed the bowl to bend on the bias. This is all about


contact. It was a good effort. Lovely weight to get to the jack.


If Natalie can find a way just underneath that or give it a good


push. Put the another shot. It is difficult to tell.


Colleen Piketh is coming to look at this. Bowls have been catching and


edging on everything. Best one has been round the front. That is not


easy. It is not easy. They might be a shaft up on the other hand. --


shot up. If you get caught on the front one with the draw, the bowl


will stop dead. It is not easy to get out of. You have to play this


with confidence. Got to be looking to draw four seconds on this


occasion. -- for second. I am surprised she is going up to


the management. She obviously has her ideas. Just wants to run it past


him, I suppose. Three options. Take your choice. Draw the shot, hit it


or play it through. It really isn't any more complicated than that.


Might be just a bit of affirmation about what she wants to play. She


certainly has a chance. Did not want that front one. Needed to be under


that. Did not fancy that shot on the backhand. But she would have stayed


on the forehand. -- thought she would have.


STUDIO: A very tight match. This is the gold medal match. England facing


South Africa. We are going to leave this for a moment but coverage


continues on the red button if you want to carry on watching this


match. The bronze medal match in the lawn bowls pairs is available to


watch now and that is live on BBC Three. We will be going to the table


tennis with the competition entering its final stages. Let's go out to


the Scots screened SportsCenter. Tin-Tin Ho, who was in the mixed


doubles. Today she is in the women's doubles and they are taking


on Jian Lay and Miao Miao. The commentator is Paul Hand.


She has another to consolidate and stretch the lead, Miao Miao.


Splendid points. Fierce hitting from both teams. Caroline is studying


law. She is a member of the Teeside University elite athlete's team.


That includes funding, physio care and she speaks about making the game


more aggressive now. quick, assertive doubles to conserve


her energy for her up and coming semifinal. After this match we have


men's singles third round. The Australians, two points from the


opening game here in this best of five-game match. Bidding for a place


in the quarterfinals. Game point, Miao Miao serving. What an emphatic


put away from the 41-year-old. I haven't told the pen holder grip


is sufficient close to the net. They can get good angles. As you see with


the wrist manipulation and the grip they have. Real forte of Jian Lay,


and Tin-Tin Ho, of course. Miao Miao on the Australian team, she is very


much the killer on the team, as is Karina Le Fevre for the English


team. Some say it is the slight chink in


the armour of Jian Lay, her forehand can be a bit flat at times.


Testament to what I was saying. Great forehand flick return.


Testament to what I was saying. return winners. On it like a flash.


Testament to what I was saying. Poised, full of intent. Picture of


focus. While! Miao Miao on that as well. Great pounds. -- pounds. Three


consecutive winners from the Australian team - make up for. What


a run of points for the Australians. Getting all


She is an aggressive player and she moves well but did not get her body


around that one. The team that started as strong


favourites, starting to race away with this a little. Just pegged back


a bit there, Karina Le Fevre. They need to stem the tide of


errors, the English duo in this race to three games. Tin-Tin Ho, with the


second of the service. You can see the dexterity of Jian Lay's wrist.


Hammering that return down the line. So versatile and tough to


read. An expressionless. You don't get to know her emotions. Very


difficult to play against in that regard. Two points away in the


second game. That will put them two thirds on their way to the wind. --


win. Experience telling. The green and gold are in the ascendancy. Two


thirds of the way there. Solid start to this match. The youngsters with


plenty to ponder against Jian Lay and Miao Miao of Australia.


The coach is particularly animated. He understands the gravitas of the


situation. Things running away too quickly from an English. The


Australians have only conceded nine points. Karina Le Fevre to serve.


Beginning of the third game. Incredible turnaround. How did she


get that smash back? Going to look at it again. What a reflex from Jian


Lay. Incredible turnaround. Time-out has been called by Alan Cooke 14


England. They are delighted at the way they are seeing the bowl.


over this match already. They were favourites from the start. The


fifth-seeded duo. Really imposing themselves out there now.


Ever the aggressors, the Australians. The youngsters are very


much up against it now, trailing four points in the third game.


The school board is strangling and stifling their creativity and


imagination reaction matched -- the score board is strangling their


creativity and imagination. Two points away from the match, the


Australian duo. Jian Fang Lay will be delighted. She has conserved her


energy. They have played a really efficient, brilliant match, frankly.


They got on the front foot from the start.


There it is, then, in no time at all, the Australian duo when. --


win. They are now assured a place in the semifinals. They will probably


run into the second seeds. -- quarterfinals.


Tin-Tin Ho and Karina Le Fevre having a hard time against


Australia, playing for a four -- for a place in the quarterfinals.


Tin-Tin Ho is still in the mixed doubles. We saw her play in that


yesterday. Her next match is a semifinal with her partner Liam


Pitchford, later today. We will still see her compete in the table


tennis. Follow all the action as it unfolds


in Glasgow, share every moment with 17 streams of live sport. Keep


up-to-date with medal alerts and tables, join the conversation. The


Commonwealth Games, be part of it, across the BBC.


I am excited about being in the tent.


Nothing has changed here, it is incredibly tight. England got off to


a good start. South Africa were leading 7-1 at one stage, but


England got a big score. They took the lead briefly. Now, South Africa


are level again. Nine ends. Natalie Melmore and Jamie-Lea Winch trying


to win a medal for England. They are up against a very good South African


pair in Tracy-Lee Botha and Collen Piketh. Let us rejoin our


commentators Sharyn at David Gauke. Piketh. Let us rejoin our


-- and A very good effort. A lot better,


moving the jack towards the back bowl.


Jamie-Lea has a chance, another touch of the jack.


Collen Piketh. A very experienced player, from Johannesburg. She has


been playing the game for a considerable time at the highest


level. She may well have got a shot out of


it. Her hobbies, reading, scrap


booking. That is unusual. She will have something after this event for


her scrapbook. A good effort.


Natalie, not needing to change too much from her last.


Colleen, coming down to have a look. Probably a good idea on this


occasion, it has changed quite a lot since she delivered her first.


Nothing from the marker at the moment to indicate the line.


It could well be two for South Africa. If that is the case, there


will be serious thoughts about the back position, dropping just


slightly in the line. She has gone quite wide, so she may


be looking to be around the back, for cover.


That is a handy ball. Probably very wise. In that situation you either


go deep or try to drop one in short. The blocker has to be


absolutely perfect. The only problem is not playing the


blog is you are leaving it wide open for Natalie Melmore to get into it.


She is in the area. That is a help.


It certainly got one. It could be a measure. Only getting one.


Tracy-Lee, she has better eyesight than most of us! That is what our


ring says as well. The last delivery sadly producing


this one. It almost took the front bowl out as well.


A nice little run for South Africa. Three ends in a row, picking four


shots. A lovely opening bowl from


Tracy-Lee. That is what you want to do. Get one


closer. That is the way it works. In a bronze medal play-off. Northern


Ireland have picked up a four, to level the scores.


Very good bowling here. A heavy bowl.


You get an idea how wide a line it is, it is coming down night, the big


sweep. That is a good bowl.


Giving it a chance. Just a slight edge. Too far. Unlucky. It is hard


to criticise. I don't want to criticise, she had to draw in


another shot. Could not afford to leave it. She wasn't a long way over


with the weight. It was only just reaching. It is easy to criticise,


but this is not a particularly easy rink. Needed to be under that. Her


bowling behind, it just did not go her way that time. A lot of


reaction. If you look at the mat and voles in the head, it is not easy


the way it is sitting. -- bowls. Latterly moving onto the backhand.


Going for the back position. It is hard to get it perfect but that is a


good bowl. Colleen Piketh is going to have to play the same sort of


all. I'll go bowls, by its very nature, quite complex because of the


weather conditions. These greens have been immaculately prepared, but


nothing is perfect. The margins are slightly different in terms of the


out door game. Similar bowl. Has to trust the swing


without putting extra weight on. Just put that extra bit of weight


on. Little bit of a gift for England and they will not play their last


bowl. We'll be happy to take the single. One shot. Always good to


have a single in concrete. You like that statue don't you? It took me a


long time to find out where that statue was. Then you discovered it


was in Glasgow. Studio-macro we will be leaving this


match for a little while on BBC One. There is about an hour to go. Very


evenly matched they are. You can continue watching this I pressing


the red button. There is another match in lawn bowls live on BBC


Three now. Ron 's medal match, jersey taking on the Northern


Ireland pair. Right now, the score is 9-9. Jersey are chasing their


first medal of The Games. Only three days of competition left


in Glasgow but many sports will be looking at their performance here is


the focus shifts to the 2016 Olympics. Matthew Pinsent has been


assessing their relative health with the opening ceremony in Rio 735 days


away. In a few days, we will cross over an


Olympic threshold and officially be closer to Rio 2016 than we are to


London 2012. Glasgow has been a wonderful reminder of what we as a


nation can do, both hosting and competing at a multisport events. It


will be an English triathlon double. But elite sport is hard. Far from


the medals and the cheering crowds, performance director 's will be


assessing where we are on the road to Rio. How much information can we


really get from the results in Glasgow? Daniel Keatings, swinging


straight, swinging clean and keeping his rhythm. Gymnastics is definitely


stronger than it was in London. It is a very exclusive club. Max


Whitlock is over 90 consistently. So he is top three in the world. What a


wonderful swim that is an team England win the final race. We have


never won the men's 400 x 400 relay, the Australians have always


wanted. There are some sports, that is good as the results have been,


will not a contested in the Olympics. It is thank you from


Glasgow but no thank you in Rio for netball, bowls and squash. The gold


medal goes to Nick Matthew. The sports but do crossover, both


Commonwealth and Olympics have shown up varying degrees of success and is


concerned. Sir Bradley Wiggins and England have to settle for the


silver. Always watershed moments, London was going to be it. Lost


leadership, big talent and it will take time to rebuild and it is not


certain it will happen in time for Rio. Coming of age for the


20-year-old. We have a whole new crop of people coming through, which


is encouraging. New names, 19, 20 years of age and at Rio, what they


have learned here will stand them in good stead in two years. Olympic


sport is shaping up. They are confident we are benchmarking at


least as well at this point as we were out of London. It is a good


sign. Well Glasgow has offered healthy competition, not all events


are world-class, banks to the absence of some superpower,


non-Commonwealth nations. That is not to say some performances would


not stand up when the world comes calling. This is the Commonwealth


Games and not the world Championships. All we can look at


the times swimmers are doing. They are world-class. We had four


swimmers ranked number one in the world. The competition within the


British team is so strong, not only are they


British team is so strong, not fighting for places to get on the


team to go to places like the world Championships and the Olympics, but


they are so dominant and the whole world is looking at our home nations


and asking how are they getting those results and producing these


performances, not only with such difficulty but such good execution.


One thing is for sure in sport, you cannot stand still. So for all of


the success and disappointments, there is always room for improvement


or a medal of any colour could be further away than ever. It is good


to have ambition and I hope we come back with medals from Rio. But it


will be tougher and we should not be naive about it. It is a tall order.


Athletics will never bring you 12 medals. But I can see is winning two


or three gold medals and five or six other medals and improve what we did


in London. Jodie Williams gets the silver medal. Bianca Williams, the


bronze medal. Lots of swimmers have stepped up to the plate. They will


be in their prime in two years time, if not, they have another four years


until the next Olympics. What it was from 2007 through to two -- 2012,


cannot be the same again. They are trying to find out what that is.


They don't have the strongest leadership in place to make the


right decisions. He has pulled it out of the bag. Now, we are getting


more specialists. You have Louis Smith, who you will always associate


with the pommel horse. Now we have Louis Smith on six pieces of


apparatus, so it means we have a shout on every piece. Where does


that leave us? UK Sport have been public to be the first nation to win


more Olympic medals at The Games after hosting. That, by any measure


comes under the heading of ambitious.


I am delighted Dame Kelly Holmes, ambitious.


president of team England is here. How many positive lessons can we


take from Rio because this is not a fully global competition? You are


right. I think what we can take from the experience of Glasgow is that


each of the teams for me seem better prepared. In a cycle of four years


from Olympics to Olympics, there are a lot of changes. There are those


who retire and it opens up doors for new blood. When you have a


Commonwealth Games, which is the only other multisport event outside


of the Olympics, the nations are split. We have seven nations and the


Great Britain athletes are split across but it allows the sport to


add extra athletes into the teams to see how they do. So more people get


the chance to compete at a Commonwealth Games than they do at


the Olympics. The conclusion Matthew Pinsent came to, gymnastics and


swimming have been the ones who have taken people by surprise?


Gymnastics, swimming and judo, I would add into that. That has been


really good for the teams across the board. Gymnastics is an amazing


event where people are so in awe of the capabilities of these young


people and what they have done. We have seen across the nations,


especially England and Scotland, some good, good talents. Because


they are young, it bodes really well the Rio, because this is a big


platform to move forward. Also fantastic experience of competing


under this spotlight? Absolutely. It is the only other multisport event


outside of the Olympic Games. It allows you to have experience of the


Olympics and a sense of the village. It is an amazing experience that can


blow it or make it for an athlete. Anything about the Commonwealth


Games is a replica of the Olympics, but on a smaller stage. It enables


them to have the atmosphere to work with other people from sports who


are established, so they have been to these major championships. You


have young blood in with champions. You are all part of a team. It was


like that or you because you had a major breakthrough at a Commonwealth


Games in 1994? You have made me feel old now, but 20 years ago...


Experience. I was 24 years old but new to the senior scene because I


was a full-time soldier as well. When I went to the Commonwealth


Games, it Lumia way. That opportunity to be part of a team.


One of my abiding memories was not just winning gold medals, but


sharing an apartment with Sally Gunnell. She was Olympic champion


from 1992, world Championships and world record-holder from 1993 and I


was in the same apartment. I remember thinking, I cannot believe


I am in the team let alone sharing with Sally Gunnell. What happens on


the sidelines, does it feed into performance? We did not have eyes


that's back then, but she used to have a cold shower. I don't do cold


or cold water, but on this occasion she went and won her gold medal. I


was going out for my 1500 metres so I had a cold shower before and I


won. And I thought, I have learned something from somebody. Now, all


these athletes have a wheelie bin three quarters full of ice. That is


a simple one now. Now sports have become so professionalised, you have


hot and cold baths, hot and cold therapy. What you don't not see is


behind-the-scenes preparation -- do not see. All of the in-depth


preparation that goes on right until we see them form here. Everything


from reassessments with the physiotherapists, nutrition, making


sure their warm up is perfected. It is much more professionalised.


Across all the sports, really. Some sports are struggling still with


funding, shooting, squash, netball, because they are not in the


Olympics. Sports have a different set up, different influence, funding


does make a big difference. It is the finer detail. When you come to a


village like this, we are help -- we can help them prepare better.


I want to ask you particularly about athletics, the fantastic


performances we have seen. Last night, also from the early days of


athletics. Adam Gemili was stunning when we saw him in Hampden Park.


Jodie Williams. Bianca Williams. They were amazing. I was so pleased


for Adam. He is such a nice guy. Such a nice man. But he seems very


professional. He really wants it and he gives it all. It was so nice for


somebody who has everything that it takes to be a champion, actually


feel like they are achieving through that work. Getting a medal gives you


hope for the next one. Your time is crucial. Even if you


finish on the podium, you and your performance directors have to look


at your time and assess your chances in the Olympics.


What is different in the common while James is sports have different


standards. But there will be qualifications for the Olympics. For


some sports, they may not have hit the standard required for the


Olympics even if they got a medal here, which is based on times and


selections. That does not mean they don't have a chance for that. They


have the European Championships, that becomes the next level of


accommodation for some events. Then the World Championships. -- level of


competition. Looking last night at Hampden Park,


people like Jodie Williams, Jazmin Sawyers. There was no expectation


Jazmin Sawyers would get a medal and she was able to enjoy it. It will


never be like that for her again. That is where things change. Some


people are able to deal with the expectation and pressure from being


in the limelight. There are a lot of athletes here who would have


performed out of their skin and put themselves out in the public


domain, being a medallist. It is now them to almost take it to that next


level. In their individual sport will know where they sit within the


global landscape. Is important. Those who have stepped up in


commonwealth status hopefully have ambition to go further.


With the right support. Looking at swimming, we have seen then proud,


Ross Murdoch. -- Ben Proud. What is the key to developing them?


My personal opinion is, when you have achieved something at this


level, you have to know this is your starting point and not your end


point, if you are new to the sport. You have to keep that hunger and


belief you can be better. It is right to look at the


belief you can be better. It is and asked what your ambition is. A


sport like swimming, it has had its ups and downs. It wasn't as


sport like swimming, it has had its successful as it could have been at


the Olympic games. It was a low point. This has been good to them,


the Olympic games. It was a low it has enabled them to look across


the board, to look at all of the nations, there is a mass of swimmers


doing so well. A critical time nations, there is a mass of swimmers


of making that transition nations, there is a mass of swimmers


identifying talent to keeping it and making it better.


There have been so many fantastic spectator moments. How important is


that for the athletes. Clare Balding was seeing if we host more swimming


in this country, you provide platforms for these swimmers which


spurred them on. Yes, recognition and exposure is


vital for sport, across influence on what happens. Funding


comes from success, definitely. But also, when a sport is high-profile,


it allows people to think people are interested with, we should make sure


we have champions come through. Glasgow had put on edge medicine,


Web games. I have competed in three myself. They have pulled it off. The


fans have been fantastic. The venues have been great. The fans have been


cheering for have been great. The fans have been


worried it would be about blue and white, but not at all. The


volunteers making the Games successful. Having performances you


can cheer on. I have been cheering everybody. I love performance,


seeing the expression of joy, seeing talent. I know what detail goes into


performing, the hours, heart ache, the glory, combined. When you do


something well, it makes it worthwhile.


If we look at the medal table, England are at the top.


We are used to seeing Australia at the top.


We are, at this point. I have to be careful what I say. I personally


think that England have done brilliantly. They really have.


Australia, of course, are a nation to be recognised, they are always


number one by a lot more medals. I cannot say it is not going to change


but I can say I think that England have done better than they have done


in this stage of the Games, we are so far ahead, we have a good chance


of winning. Can England get another medal at the


athletics, the 800 metres final? We have Jessica Judd and Jenny


Meadows from England, Lynsey Sharp from Scotland. Watching the heats,


we have the Kenyan who would probably be written down as


favourite. But if Jessica Judd continued running, a young girl with


a mature head, she can win a medal. And the weather does make a


difference. All of them are running in the same


weather. It is about tactical awareness, not getting boxed in,


having confidence. With Jenny Meadows, she is an established


athlete. She has won medals before. I think she won't give up the


fight. If I look at current form, Jessica Judd looks on form. The last


100m for Sharp, it was do or die, and she went storming down. She was


lucky to get a fastest loser place. We will be watching Hampden Park


closely today. Thank you. You are going to the athletes village.


I am going to the dining hall, every food from around the nations. I am


not an athlete anymore so I can have what I want!


Thank you for coming in. Let us go to the Scotstoun Sports Centre and


the men's single, Ryan Jenkins taking on for drink or of England.


Commentating is Paul Hand. Paul Drinkhall the first game. They


are having a time out. We join them as they go into the second.


Simply brilliant from Jenkins! Position hitting -- precision.


Despite the loss of that very first -- close first game. Both men are


demonstrating such mental fortitude.


Fortune favours the brave, they say, none more so than Paul Drinkhall. It


is a real treat. Jenkins not coming out the right


side of the big points at the moment. It is costing him dear. It


is frustrating for him. He knows, you had to admire Paul drink all,


his ability to come through the crunch. I guess that is why his


ranking is 85, and Jenkins is 250. Nicky Jarvis, the coach, there. The


father of Matt Jarvis. A sporting gene which is very strong running


through their family. Drinkhall, in the ascendancy. Both


games have been tightly contested. Has Jenkins got more in the tank?


Not entirely happy with the ball. Noticed something just prior to


serving. We'll have a change and a little


knock up. We will resume, Ryan Jenkins with


his second serve will stop. Little shout of disapproval verse


from Drinkhall. As hard as Ryan Jenkins has tried,


he cannot seem to extend the lead any more than the margin of one


point. Can he build from here? Drinkhall


has done so well to contain him. So far!


than Paul Drinkhall. 35, against the 24-year-old. Plays in Germany. As do


so many players now. Loves spending time with friends and Amberley when


he is away from the table, Drinkhall. -- friends and family.


You have two credit Drinkhall for containing this man. He has played


brilliantly today. Terrific loop backhand from Jenkins.


The man who does so well, into the ninth of ten days and has been


watching 80% of his compatriots matches. To do that and take care of


a performance like this is Admiral. Still cannot put a run of more than


two points together consecutive league against Paul Drinkhall. --


consecutively. Frustration beginning to show with Jenkins. Furious


missing that, which leaves Drinkhall two points away from a quarterfinal


place in this meant's singles events.


Brilliant redirection up the line from Jenkins. Look at that.


Margins in this game are so minimal, it is frightening. Just a


millimetre here, you miss the target or find the net. A laps in


concentration, a moment of luck and the whole game can just swivel on


its axis. 9-9 here. Brilliant from Jenkins.


Game point to Jenkins, only for the second time in the match. He could


not convert the last one, can he do so here?


Opportunity snuffed out by Drinkhall again. He has played the big moments


admirably. Brilliant point from Drinkhall. Got


on the front foot early in the rally. Took the Welshman's time and


space away. Match point, Drinkhall. Beg your pardon, it is not it is the


best of seven. So it is game point. Brilliant from Paul Drinkhall.


Demonstrating such mental strength to the delight of Joanne in the


stands. Studio-macro Paul Drinkhall in


control. This is the third round of the men's singles in the table


tennis. We will bring you back to this later on. Let's go back to


Kelvingrove because we have been watching the gold medal match in the


women's pairs of the lawn bowls and it was proving impossible to call


it. How is it looking now? It is still very tight. England leading


16-14 after 15 ends, but there is not much between these talented


teams. Jamie-Lea Winch and Natalie Melmore trying to win the gold medal


like they did in Delhi four years ago but up against them Colleen


Piketh and Tracy-Lee Botha. Not much to choose between them. Let's join


our commentators to see how this unfolds. Sharyn Renshaw and David


Caulker. Two plays with input from the management. I think she must


play a forehand now and try and get the ball through the gap. More


chance of the ball going on to the jack on the backhand. But the


backhand offers a more reliable shot. This is not easy.


She got it absolutely perfect. She could not have got the edge of this


better. Good bowl, good results. Get a lot of credit from me for even


attempting it on the forehand. This will be pushing in with weight, I


would expect. They have good back bowls. They are well protected from


behind. Last role of the end. Got to be in


the area but does not want to be too wide. What a result! I thought she


was on the high side but pushed the front bowl in.


Just clipping the front bowl. The jack was always going back. It did


not bounce off it. She knew it. She knew as soon as she got the angle


right that it was coming in. Two great bowls from the skips. Big


turnaround on that one. Massive turnaround. Getting some really good


shots towards the end of each end. It is all to do with bowls in their


head again? They are creating the opportunities.


Playing a better line this time. Chance for a connection, it pushed


the ball through, opens up the jack. A very good bowl.


Good leading. It has given her skip every opportunity to win this match.


Looking good. Just pulling up a little short.


South Africa need to get this one in.


Taking it may be too far through. Certainly, the shot to play. We will


have to wait and see who lies. It is indicating two to South Africa.


Natalie is playing down on the back and, rather difficult. -- backhand.


I'm not quite sure if she could see. This is going to be a very


interesting last hand. The difficulty for clean is that the


backhand is safer, but if she moves the jack, she could possibly give it


away -- Colleen. The forehand is more reliable and more likely to


sweep into the jack. The percentage is on the forehand shot.


You would have to think they could be more reliable. You are going into


the last end one down, which is great. Give yourself every chance.


If you are going to play the forehand on the sweep, you have to


be careful of your weight. You do not want to be anything above jack


hi. You can afford to be below it. -- jack high.


She is down on that side. A very safe line. No change.


I don't think there is any change, anyway.


They are going to measure it. Taking one out. It was indicated it


was two to South Africa very quickly and early. It really hasn't changed.


I can understand them wanting to be sure. Yes! So can I. You don't want


that hanging over your head going into the last end.


I don't think that was much of a measure. More wishful thinking. A


psychological thing. Let us play absolutely safe.


Two to South Africa. This is going absolutely safe.


Two to South Africa. This is going to be a very interesting last end.


Yes. A little team conference needed. To


discuss the length. The length they feel they want to play. Maybe a bit


of encouragement to each other. They haven't scored in this


direction for some considerable time. You have to go back to that


little run they got in the eighth, ninth, 10th end. After that it has


been going in other direction. I can understand why they are having this


chat. A little bit on the shorter side, the jack. So, England are in


front 17-16. And this is the last end of the match.


Of course, if South Africa can score a single, it will be a tide end, and


a one and shoot out effectively. -- tied.


That is a lovely opening bowl from Tracy-Lee.


Jamie-Lea, behind the jack, as normal. Sophie


her team to another gold medal. Definitely the women's


her team to another gold medal. England squad is doing very


Bobby Donnelly, from South Africa. Also a gold medallist here. Didn't


go well in the singles. One of the few that Jamie-Lea has


played short of the jack. Neither of the Leeds have played too


many short. I think this has been a very good


game, good leading, good skipping, no weaknesses.


Colleen Piketh will be saying, well done, lead, you have done your job.


It got the wrong bowl. There really only one shot


It got the wrong bowl. There Colleen, to get behind the jack. It


is not Colleen, to get behind the jack. It


while! I know you were happier with the last end. You have played


while! I know you were happier with position. One of the best in the


world at the moment. They really


this one. The only danger is that the back of it. She is white. She


doesn't want to be short. -- wide. Natalie will have a chance.


Just to let you know, the last end of the bronze play-off is level at


14 - 14. So, two really good matches. Just dropping inside. I am


not sure if I would go near that. The second shot is definitely


beatable. You don't want to make it easy for Natalie Melmore. She has a


good weight shot on her. She is more than capable of coming into it.


The last thing you want to do is sit one level with the jack or slightly


short, which could be used. Trying to encourage that one around.


It is protected. This is a big bowl. Needs a second shot with this.


She has gone through. Colleen, don't go near it. It is a big bowl for


Natalie to draw that. Just go deep. Anything short would be bad news.


That is a very wise decision. She did not need to go to the manager to


discuss that one. Keep it deep. The last thing you want to do is drop


one short. It would make it easier. -- easier for them.


I would try to draw for second. She has had two attempts already.


So may look for a different option. I think you are right. There is no


guarantee of getting the front bowl on. If you get the wrong age of it,


you are only going to promote it. I think she needs to draw the second


one. For me, she has been one of the best players in this event with her


last bowl, in the singles as well. Initial bit of destruction from the


other end, she will regroup. -- distraction. A good idea to take her


time. Movement from one area catching her eye. She is going for


it. Playing weight. She is good at this shot, looking for a percentage


on it. Oh! The bowl followed, but she saved the match. It is one to


South Africa. That was a gutsy shot. She played the weight shot. Well...


The marker has already indicated it is one to South Africa.


It is close. Even having the camera at the top, I


wouldn't like to discuss this too much, let them get on with it.


What a gutsy shot. She is so good with that last bowl. I thought she


was coming off the front edge. But, jack movement. You have two


attempts to draw. Drop one well short, one behind, look for another


option. There were three in it, taking one


way wasn't good enough, she had to get movement on the jack. It was a


speculative shot. It had to be hit perfectly.


in by so much. I cannot blame them measuring, it is for gold medal.


There it is. Absolutely perfectly onto that. Great contact. Solid


bowl, no edges. She thought she had it. But she saved the game and that


this stage that is what she wanted to do. That was her first target,


save the game. 17-17. England, for the first time in the match have


brought the mat up the rink. Have not seen this so far. Has been up a


little bit before but not as much as this. So a definite change for the


tight It shows the quality of Natalie


being able to do something. She does it in the singles, so many times


with the last bowl. Scratching out something. Northern Ireland in the


bronze medal position of one bowl away from lifting the bronze medal.


Good opener from Tracy-Lee Botha. There is cheering in the background.


It is the girls from Northern Ireland who have won the bronze in


the pairs. They are absolutely delighted, and so they should be.


Too much weight, but giving it a chance to take the jack will stop.


It is under. That is an massive bonus to get the edge of the jack.


Reaching up and giving it a chance. Now she is in a good position.


Here is the last role from Tracy-Lee Botha. Just edging the jack out and


Here is the last role from Tracy-Lee putting it in a very good


Holding. She has opened it and she has the back position. Won't be easy


to beat that back position if she ditches the jack. I would not bet


against Natalie Melmore to do that. This bowl has to be behind. It is


going under. You have got three shots, you don't need one in there.


Wasted. This jack is going to end up in the ditch. So strong with the


running role and it is on the favourite hands, the forehand. Just


holding off. South Africa have got a choice. They either block it, which


I would not do because the backhand is available. Or go as deep as you


possibly can. The worst thing they is available. Or go as deep as you


could do is get one around it. Surely that is just going in amongst


all the rest. They only need one, not five. Has to go again. She will


adjust for this one. Half jack or better. Almost certainly will ditch


it and hold onto it for the gold medal. Just missed it. South Africa


will take the gold medal. What a fantastic match. Brilliant game. All


the way down to the last end. Congratulations Tracy-Lee Botha and


Colleen Piketh. They played really good bowls. So did England.


Jamie-Lea Winch and Natalie Melmore both played extremely well. It came


down to that site end. So little in it. A brilliant performance by South


Africa to win this match. They just keep doing it at major events. They


really do. Come to the Commonwealth Games and take gold medals.


Commiserations but I think it should also be congratulations to the


England team. Wonderfully played match. Scoreboard just coming up.


South Africa have beaten England 20-17.


STUDIO: South Africa take the gold medal in the women's pairs at


Kelvingrove. An absolutely gripping match. These two teams were so


finely matched all the way through. It was just in those last stages


with an extra end South Africa managed to take the gold medal. I


know as a fan of them, you have been following this the sometime, but


some of us will be thinking that lawn bowls could be so dramatic? I


hate to say I told you so, but I have told you how exciting the sport


is. Disappointing for England in the end, it was a fabulous match to


watch. The England team had their opportunities and led with one end


to go. We have to give credit to sell Africa, a tremendous fightback


to claw their way back into the match. They have one their fifth


gold medal at these games in lawn bowls. And the combination of Tracey


both and Colleen Piketh have produced some tremendous stuff.


Natalie Melmore was also beaten in the final of the singles. She will


be disappointed, but she has won a couple of silver medals. Jamie-Lea


Winch was part of the fours team that lost to South Africa in the


quarterfinals earlier in the week. She will also be a bit crestfallen.


Hope leet we will be able to speak to them. Descartes being


commiserated right now. But there was the bronze medal match going on


as well between Northern Ireland and jersey. Everyone from jersey hoping


for a first medal of The Games. Unfortunately they came up short


because Northern Ireland have won the bronze medal. Another tight


match, 14-14 going into the final end. Northern Ireland are merged on


top so the quest for a first medal for jersey continues.


Congratulations to Barbara Cameron and Mandy Cunningham of Northern


Ireland. Another tight, dramatic match. We think the players are


coming to is very shortly. We will be able to interview them, but back


to Michelle. Final day of the lawn bowls competition at Kelvingrove.


Let's talk to our Lee Williams who has been our social media guide to


The Games. How was the reaction to last night at Hampden Park, the


weather was dismal but stunning performances? Eilidh Child ripped


everybody, online as well as TV. Judy Murray leading the tribute


saying, she is a typically understated Scottish superstar.


Jessica Ennis-Hill said, brilliant run, lots of pressure. Jessica


Ennis-Hill dealt with the most pressure at London 2012 knew what


Eilidh Child was facing. Dai Greene said they should have changed the


timetable so Eilidh Child could have had an hour of singing the


proclaimers. It was a fantastic atmosphere. She might be still


competing so we might see more of her. How is the 71 club going?


Incredibly well. We have managed to get hold of two athletes at the


village. It is the challenge to interview at least one athlete from


each of the 71 nations competing here. We have done the Seychelles,


Bangladesh, New Zealand, British Virgin Islands, and Scotland, I


think they are called. Scotland are the last? You would think you would


be able to find somebody to talk to. Where are you going to go to find


the more elusive ones? Bangladesh have a gymnast which we will be


watching this afternoon. New Zealand, we have not figured which


one we will speak to. The British Virgin Islands, we are hoping to


tempt into the studio tonight. We will get an update later as usual.


Tonight at The Games, every night on BBC One at 10:40pm with Clare


Balding and Mark Chapman. Now, so far this morning we have had a very


morning, table tennis, dramatic times at the lawn bowls. Now we will


go to diving. It has some of the high-quality fields. We will see


jack Law in action in the three-metre springboard final when


he is partnered with Chris Mears. At first a reminder of what you need to


watch out for. Individual and synchronised event


take place on the three-metre springboard and the ten-metre


platform. Individual athletes contest the one metre springboard


competition. The synchronised springboard diving,


competition. The synchronised adjacent boards are used. They


measure 4.8 metres long and 50 centimetres wide.


adjacent boards are used. They measure 4.8 metres From the diving


tower, competitors will dive side-by-side from the same ten-metre


platform. This surface is six metres long and three metres wide. There


are six different types, forward, backwards, reverse, inward, twisting


and arm stand. So now you now how it work,


impressive to watch, sometimes terrifying. Helen Skelton is over at


the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh where the diving action is


happening. Terrifying it certainly is. It is a


goosebump inducing place to be, today we have three finals on day


three of the diving. Plenty of opportunities for Team England to


add to their medal stash, so far we have two gold, two silver and one


bronze, we have had a preliminary round already, we are getting ready


to see a synchro three metre final that involves Jack Laugher and Chris


Mears, he said to me after last night "I am going to rip it up


today." We will see if he can do that. Tonight we have the women's


Springboard final. All three English girls and Scottish girl are through


to the final. At 19 minutes past seven, we have the men's


synchronised ten metre platform final which will include Tom Daley.


Olympic bronze medal list at London 2012. Tonight he will be diving with


James Denny. It is the first time we will have seen them in competition.


But Tom Daley, he is a global star and what a time he has had similar


since the Olympics in London, 2012. Here is a reminder.


Oh, yes, it is a good one, we can't do any more than that. The crowd are


on their feet. Tom Daley has done absolutely everything he can. Tom


Daley, you would not have done any more. It is out of your hands now.


2013 was a rough year for me, riddles with injury, 2000 is has


come with a lot of changes, I have moved to London, I have a new coach,


I am doing lots of exercises, I have changed my techniques, the


competitions are going well. I have a personal best in Mexico, and came


away with a silver medal. Like, gradually, making the step between


being good, to try and get into the excellent category.


You mentioned that personal best, what has been the difference to get


that extra special score? To break a personal best is something you


strive for. The littlest things make a massive difference, if I don't


point any toe, if I go slightly over from vertical. The smallest mistake


can cost you a personal best. -- my toe. There you go, Tom Daley.


He goes into the water, hardly any splash, give him some tens. Well,


get in! What was special about the Commonwealth gold? The Commonwealth


Games is something that has been a massive event on the diving


calendar, to be able to compete in his first one in Delhi and come away


with two gold medal, I was over the moon, I couldn't wait for another


four year tos get the chance to do another one.


-- to get the chance to do another one.


It is not so good. He lost it on the take off. Running out of room there.


Maybe the flashes put him off. That was about the demon dive, the


twister. Everyone has a dive they are scared of. For me it is the back


twister. But I have done a lot of work on it. I have been doing


everything I can, to get me to a stage where I with do it as well as


I can. I am optimistic about the Commonwealth Games I will be able to


nail that divement Am I right in saying you have seen a therapist and


psychologist There is so many things to talk about, whether it is diving,


outside of diving. It a crucial part of being able to be at the top of


your game, you have to be able to mentally be in the position, to


think that you can win, and also be in the position where you don't have


any worries about the sport you do. To get another Commonwealth gold


medal would mean so much. It only happens once every four year, it is


not like an event you can do it one year and think OK, I can try next


year to see if I can win. You do all those years of training, four years


and you get six dives to make it count. If you mess up one dive, you


are out. There is still a lot of work to be done, by the time the


Commonwealth Games actually happens, I am on the end of the board,


hopefullily be in with a chance. -- hopefully I will be in with a


chance. So Tom Daley defends his title tonight, with new partner


James Denny. The reason I am saying in that dramatic way, they have


never dived together before, they don't, they don't train together


very much. Why have they been put together? Tom has been focussing on


his individual, that is where his computer focus has been, the synchro


they have been trying to match him with a suitable partner. James Denny


and Tom were in together in the dry land and they were matched


effectively together, so the somersaults they do. They were OK,


James has the degree of difficulty, which is the same as Tom, so there


is the potential there. They did work on the lower level boards and


it was noted these two are potential, so we need to trial them


at some stage. Tom was on the word series stage, James Denny wasn't, he


was concentrating on Springboard. They didn't have the chance to get


together now. It was deemed by the powers that be and the boy, we want


to give this a go. Let us see how it goes. They have been put themselves


together on the ten metre and they look good. I was talking to Tom's


new coach, who said for them it is all about the Olympics, she has come


over, she has left Houston after 24 years to build up to the Olympics,


am I right in saying this partnership is a practise for that


as well? Yes, you have to explore the option, Tom, as you know, hasn't


been matched with the synchro partner, we have been testing his


British diving to try and find someone suitable 6789 James Denny is


suitable. But obviously focussing on the individual as well, in Tom's


case. But he is in Leeds, James Denny, Tom


is in London. James Denny good mates with Jack Laugher and Chris mere,


they have the best bromance ever, don't they. Chris Mears and Jack


Laugher, they are always hanging out. They might be buying a house


together! Jack Laugher and Chris Mears, diving today, in this final,


three metre, let us talk about Jack Laugher, he blew the field away.


Didn't go to plan for him last night. A real shame. He was the man


to beat and he did five good dives but made a mistakes on one, it is


interesting, his performance was exceptional but he made one mistake,


that dive was pretty good. The reverse one-and-a-half,


two-and-a-half twists, he is still in it on that one, it went wrong on


the next one, his fifth round dive. The four Ward four-and-a-half, which


is 3.8 difficulty. As he comes into the end, he doesn't get the good


hurdle step and the dive gets away from him. -- forward. That is a


disastrous mistake, it cost him the gold medal. He will be looking for a


gold today with Chris Mears. For people who are new to diving, the


hurdle step is the last step at the end You need to be in perfect


balance with your feet on the end of the board. It is o common for divers


to be hanging ten, all ten toes over the end of board which makes it more


difficult. He said I am looking forward to be being back out with


Chris, tomorrow I am going to rip it up. They have competition from the


English boys, haven't they, how is this going to shape up? The


Australian pair of Mitcham and Nel will be strong. It will be a tough


contest. All six Dais can't make any error, let us wait and see. This is


Chris earlier in the week in his individual competition. Just missed


out on a medal. He will be keen to get on the podium Absolutely, they




Mishal Husain and Jason Mohammad present live coverage of day nine of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

There's table tennis action from inside the Scotstoun Sports Campus, with semi-finals in the women's singles and men's doubles. Historically, Singapore has been way ahead in this sport, while India, Australia, and England have been consistent performers.

Plus, the semi-finals in the women's hockey.

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