BBC One: Day 9: 12:00-13:00 Commonwealth Games

BBC One: Day 9: 12:00-13:00

Continued live coverage of the 2014 Commonwealth Games from Glasgow.

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synchro at least, both well executed. Eights maybe on the


execution. Well done those two. Talking about a massive chasm


opening up between the last round and this. Some gap as we come. 35


points between England and Australia.


It looks like four into three, which doesn't go, quite. With two trying


to avoid the bottom position. Including this pair, Ahmad Azman and


Ooi Tze Liang of Malaysia, reverse three-and-a-half somersault with


tuck. It's a big one. 3.5 on this one.


Oh, there you go. Right. So that was the bogey dive for team Malaysia,


and that I both have blown it slightly, Azman making a big


mistake, I didn't think this was his dive. The Commonwealth champion


doing a good job. That throws it wide-open. So Robinson-Baker and


Freddie Woodward will find themselves in bronze medal at the


end of this round. This is the penultimate round as we move into


six of six. We could see two medals for Team England. We will see the


caption come up. It makes good reading from an England perspective.


Not so much for can the and New Zealand. England are inferred.


Canada, New Zealand and Malaysia, ten points between England and two


and Canada. -- in two. The last round of the men's three


metre synchronised springboard. England have a sizeable lead over


Australia, Canada need something big to put pressure on Nick


Robinson-Baker in third place. No pressure coming from the Canadians.


They reversed two and a half in the pike position. Maxim Bouchard going


to early. He hits the water and he slips away. Slips away from the


medal podium. Not to be today for Maxim Bouchard and Ryan McCormack.


Good effort. A score of three pretty much throughout. It was not to be


for them today. England have one more dive. If they do that


adequately, they will be on the medals. As these two should be, they


are second. 0.4 is the tariff. 257 macro in the 55 -- in the pike


position. That is a medal for sure for Australia. They are putting the


pressure still and Chris Mears and Jack Laugher. 257 macro, and they


have smashed it. Good work, they will get over 80, that is their best


dive. Anywhere near 404 a total is a big score. That will extinguish the


chances of England getting the silver medal. And we have got


Freddie Woodward and Nick Robinson-Baker yet.


Jack Laugher and Chris Mears still at the forefront of our thoughts.


New Zealand's next. Trying to avoid being bottom. Scrapping with


Malaysia. 257 macro for Liam Stone and Fengyang Li. Two twists. That


was unsynchronised from the word go. Spinning and twisting at different


times, hitting the water at different times. So very different.


The marks will be low on the synchronisation. 4.5, 5.5 and 4.5


for synchronisation. For very different, that is not very good!


They are a makeshift pair so they have done well considering they have


been thrown together. It was not there for the most part. Now for the


bronze medal. Freddie Woodward and Nick Robinson-Baker have a tricky


last dive. Inward three and half somersaults. 94 would take them


second. Get in the '80s and they will get the bronze. I knew it was


going to be like that, I have been watching it in training and this is


their most difficult dive and if they get it right, they will be in


contention. They have almost got it right, I am not sure if that will be


good enough to hold off Malaysia. Hopefully they have a big enough


lead. An agonising wait now. Relatively good synchronisation but


they do get punished by the judges because of poor execution. Will that


be good enough for a medal? I can as good as guarantee that they are in


bronze medal position. good as guarantee that they are in


They are in silver medal position because these two have not gone yet.


If they get in the high for hundreds, Chris Mears and Jack


Laugher... That was a dive that Jack Laugher missed yesterday. The 3.8,


forward for and a half somersaults in the tuck position, a big dive to


finish on. It was not their best but because of the -- but because of the


degree of difficulty -- difficulty in synchronisation, they are


Commonwealth Gold medallists. They have not just won it by a small


margin but by just about 28 points. Over Australia. High risk, not quite


executed the way they wanted. But good enough to get them the Gold


medal. The Malaysians could just overtake England here. To do that


and to steal the bronze medal away, they need 80.46, to take it from


Nick Robinson-Baker and Freddie Woodward. And they will still the


bronze medal from England as well. That will not be good enough for a


medal, not today anyway. Malaysia, made up of the Commonwealth champion


in the individual and his partner, Ahmad Amsyar, further stuff from us.


That is a good dive but they will finish fourth on the leader us -- on


the leaderboard. -- the furthest from us. So Team England get bronze


and Gold, silver Australia. A big margin between them. 39 points


between Australia and England as well. A lot of smiles and happy


faces. Two medals for England, a Gold medal for Jack Laugher and


Chris Mears. The England coach is happy, Nick Robinson-Baker, Freddie


Woodward is happy. They are all happy. Those


Woodward is happy. They are all supporters of the boys. Double Gold


now for Jack. One metre, three metre synchronisation, and let's not


overlook the matter of a small silver in the individual. A little


bit of work to do yet, boy! It makes good leading for England. -- it


looks good for England. Matthew Mitcham and Grant Nel get the


silver, another silver format -- for Matthew Mitcham. England also in


third place. That was quite a competition. We expected coming in


that Jack and Chris were the favourites, but when you have


Matthew Mitcham, the ten metre champion from Beijing in 2008, he


has got pedigree and if he can call it off and Grant Nel has shown he is


a useful competitor, it was not guaranteed. Of course. There are no


guarantees in any sport, especially diving where every dive counts. Even


though Jack and Chris will be disappointed with their final dive,


they had enough of a lead to secure victory. The Australians were a bit


closer, maybe it would have been more pressure, so that was exciting


from start to finish. The real success was the second English team


of Nick Robinson-Baker and 19-year-old Freddie Woodward from


Sheffield, stepping up and standing on the podium and beating Malaysia


who were very strong. And the Canadians were in it until the last


dive. So nobody doing a fault list list of dives -- faultless list. So


things can go wrong slightly. Nick finished fifth in the Olympics in


2012 in the synchronisation which was really impressive. He has missed


a lot of this year, a lot of it through choice. He has taken a


break. And it is difficult to pick-up and start diving at this


calibre straightaway without a lot of backing. He has been working hard


with the coaches in Sheffield. He has been paired with Freddie


Woodward, a New York superstar of the future at 19. Nick is the grand


old age of 27, the grandad of the team almost, he will not mind me


saying that. What a great performance. He decided he still


wanted to be competing and he has worked hard and he has a


Commonwealth bronze medal. These are the winning English pair with Helen.


I wish they were with me they are in action with that faultless dive.


This place erupted for Jack and Chris. I have a lot of their family


here supporting them. -- they have. I love him being called grandad, he


might have gone to get his Zimmer frame, he has not come to ask yet!


Congratulations -- congratulations to Team England, a Gold and a


bronze, they are milking get in celebrating and rightly so. As soon


as they come at this lovely barrier, I will grab them. -- they compat. It


is just me for the moment. That is Malaysia. -- as soon as they,


passed. I will give you a shout. I have no doubt you will get them as


soon as you can. Fantastic result for Team England in the first of


today's diving finals, they have a Gold and a bronze. We might be able


to go back to the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh because she might


have found them! I certainly have, congratulations.


Double Commonwealth champions, how do you feel? Amazing, it has been


really strange, a roller-coaster. To come here with my best mate and get


my first one metre Gold medal, it is amazing, I could not be happier. We


have heard a lot of about your romance, what does this mean? It


means everything. We spend so much time at home, professionally and


socially. We are such close friends and to come here and to smash it


like we wanted to was amazing. Especially earlier, a couple of days


ago, I was so close to the bronze and I missed out by five, six points


and I was gutted so to get a Gold and to do what I knew I could was


fantastic. Join in. Nick Robinson-Baker, Freddie Woodward,


congratulations, your first Commonwealth, what do you make of


it? Incredible experience, such a fun competition. Nerves and


excitement that I have had a great time and I am happy with bronze.


Everybody was saying that the divers were really fun, you guys were


having a storm yesterday, no nerves. Not for me, I am old, I'm 27, I had


been doing it a long time. These guys have set the standard, it is


the Commonwealth Games, we are here, we are loving it. You have been


nicknamed the grandad! I will have a word about that, don't you worry!


You said yesterday you were going to rip it up and you delivered, did you


feel pressure? There is always pressure, especially here in last


night was a disappointment is not putting in a great performance but


me and Chris wanted to nail it today and we put in a good performance,


and we are really happy. I know we are really happy! Ace -- is it a


sign of things to come to Brazil? Definitely, we have a lot of


preparation up to Rio de Janeiro but this is the first year of


synchronisation and we are happy. this is the first year of


synchronisation and we are I look forward to hearing what happens in


your celebrations! Thank you. Knowing laughter. It will not be out


partying yet they deserve to raise the roof somewhere. They stick


together now to see their team-mates dive tonight and tomorrow. For now


they can enjoy themselves and they will be at the bulls eye to


tomorrow. -- and they will lead by the nine dive moral.


A great start and so fascinating to see the relationship between the two


divers. -- and they will lead by the swimming pool tomorrow.


And there is still the men's synchronised ten metre platform


final. News now this morning that the teenage Nigerian weightlifter G,


Lara who -- has now tested positive in a key test and will face a


hearing in front of the Commonwealth Games panel. She became the youngest


ever female to win a weightlifting title at a Commonwealth Games. That


is how it is ending. Earlier, we were following the dramatic Gold


medal match in the women's pairs at the lawn bowls and England lost in


an extra end. These are the English women getting their silver medals.


They also spoke to ours. They are getting silver medals, the Gold went


to South Africa. -- they also spoke to us.


I Nat I will I know you are emotional at the moment. But you


must be proud of what was fabulous match and what turned out to be a


dramatic end? Right now I am not proud. I am gutted. But you know we


have a silver medal and I think if we knew we were going to get that we


would have been pleased, so obviously it is disappointing, the


girls played a great game. Missed it be the smallest of margin, sometimes


I think it is not meant to be. That is what happens to be. I suppose the


fact is you had the opportunities, and that I imagine makes it harder


to swallow. Yes, definitely, but Nat played a great bowl to push it into


the extra end. I enjoyed playing with Nat. It has been a great


experience. Hope from I in the future we can do better. You are two


fresh faced babes of bowl, hopfully you will have many more games to


play. This is the first time we have played at elite level together. To


come away with the silver it is amazing, the partnership has got


better. I am 25, Jamie Lee is 23. The longevity of the sport will


allow us to continue as long as we want. Four years time is the goal


post. We will look forward to that and go for another gold, hopefully,


or a gold rather. And overall, England team has a lot to be proud


of, the way they have competed. A gold medal, silvers. Our boys are


playing later so they will go for gold. Even has a medal so we are


over the moon to come away with something. A couple of silvers for


you Natalie. So lots to be something. A couple of silvers for


you Natalie. So lots to proud of and I am sure you are not feeling it now


but a lot of people are proud of you The support has been amazing,


Glasgow has been amaze, it has been a great games and we will look to


cheer or boys on. Congratulations, well played. Thank you very much.


Also in the lawn bowls the drama in the pairs bronze medal match was


just as great. Northern Ireland's Manny Cunningham and Barbara Cameron


denied Jersey a first Commonwealth Games medal since 1990. -- Mandy.


Earlier we brought you a glimpse of Paul drink hall's match in the table


tennis against Ryan Jenkins, he did win that game and he goes through to


the quarter-final. He is also playing later on in the men's


doubles and in the mixed doubles, so someone to watch there.


Someone for you to watch is Jason who will look after the afternoon


coverage here on BBC One. I have spent a lot of time watching lawn


bowls. There is no better way to spend the morning, my Commonwealth


Games I spent a lot time watching a Welsh legend called Betty Morgan


winning a medal in Australia. It was terrific. Have you ever played it?


No, I might be tempted now. That is one of the great things about an


event like this. You find yourself watching something you know nothing


about and you get into it What you need to do is get on the website,


get inspired and find your local club. Good to see you. Thank you.


Enjoy the rest of your day. A good afternoon to you, welcome to Glasgow


and the afternoon session of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, this is


what is coming up for you this afternoon.


We are into the last four of women's hockey. Can South Africa overpower


the mighty Australia? We have got boxing for you. Nicola Adams


continues her quest for Commonwealth gold, taking on Dan in the women's


flyweight. Scotland's Kirstie Gilmore, into the last eight of the


women's singles. She takes on New Zealand.


And the gymnastics continue at the hydro. Max Whitlock may need a


bigger bag when leaves Glasgow. It is the men's parallel bars final.


As ever, lots of live action for you on BBC Three, you can watch some


terrific squash, the men's doubles taking place over on BBC Three right


now. On the red butt top, as Michelle


said table tennis. The men's doubles semifinals. On the website, there is


some chap by the name of Usain Bolt going in the four by 100 metre relay


heats tonight. You may have heard of him! A big night there. You can


follow the action on the website. All the sports live on the website.


First today, we have reached the last four of the women's hockey, and


there is real heavy weight flavour to the semifinals, at Glasgow Green.


Take a look at this line up. This is it. Women's semifinals, England


taking on New Zealand, that is round 2.30 at Glasgow Green. Into the last


four after that final match win over Scotland. The semifinals have just


got under way, Australia led by Adam Commons taking on South Africa.


So South Africa against Australia is just under way, the Safins finished


ninth at the 2014 World Cup. -- south Africans, they have won four


of the three Commonwealth titles to date. These are live picture, the


game is just under way. Let us pop there now and join our commentary


team. A big raking drive down through the


field and falls to Australia, again, they come in number, into the spot


the only person there together at for South Africa. Russell.


She is surrounded by outstanding Australian captain Madonna Blyth.


Flanagan and Georgie Parker. Bobs. The under push pass, out of


defence and cuts out Marcia Cox. Nelson, and this is Bright on the


ball for South Africa. Blyth. You won't see her


dispossessed of the ball. Russell. The captain, can't bring the ball in


for South Africa. Again they are pouring pressure on. The ability to


have Easton with over 200 caps and Blyth nearing 300 caps in the middle


of the field. It brings experience to the side and allows the younger


plays to play-off them. So again, Smith worrying the south


African defence. Just 21 years of age. Here she is,


with the headband, for Australia. Taylor.


Easily sweep across the pitch from Flanagan. Across to right for South


Africa. Smith can't bring the ball round, where she was looking, to


hit. And Russell. Now Taylor again. Just over half way. Now Taylor for


Australia. The warning has gone out, to South


Africa. To tidy it up, the tackling. Bone. Hard-working, tireless worker,


Edwina Bone. Let us look what they put on


Australia. Now, just outside the line. Now, dangerous. Australia love


to put pressure on the defensive unit of a team, for the whole game,


but the first 20 minutes, in particular, they really press high.


Don't give you any time on the ball. If you can weather that storm you


feel you are in with a chance to the end of each half. This Coston for


South Africa. Looking for that free hit. They will give it. Look at the


angle. Still with South Africa. And confidently, and clinically, out of


the Australian defence. Then it is gone.


Again, another absolutely hard-working player for Australia.


Good control coming out of the South African defence but not Flanagan.


She intercepts. Flanagan, opts to go back this time.


A strong tackle there and a little click out of there.


Umpires needing to work together because it is very fast, skill, and


the lit touches are important to get right -- the little touches are


important to get right. One-two from South Africa. To blanch. -- Blanch.


Whenever South Africa have possession of the ball. Australia


literally giving them a four to five yard channel out wide. Nothing


through the middle and it is something that South Africa are


going to have to look at, trying to breakthrough the Australian press


and try and get the ball to the other side.


To Blanch. We can hear the big thud as the ball hits the shin pad. Bobs.


Semifinal hockey at Glasgow, 2014, and a back flip was expertly brought


down. Tackling in numbers, this is a card.


The warning went out. Celia Evans is being penalised for the stick


tackle. It is probably the third one the South Africans have put in the


opening ten minutes and they have been warned. I don't think Sarah


Wilson was really given any other option.


Right across the other side of the field, forcing the player to motor.


Main. And we know how aggressively Jade Main plays the game. She got a


very explosive and aggressive player for South Africa. So just over ten


minutes gone in the first half. Australia had the early


opportunities through the potent penalty corner, that could not get


the ball in the back of the net. This is Main.


Nelson with the headband as well for Australia.


Chamberlain. Dangerous goal score scorer for South Africa. She has got


seven already. Now slips the ball into South


Africa, across the face. Deep breaths for South Africa now.


It is good by South Africa. Winning the free hit and trying to take it


quickly, but I would like to see them go to the other side the field.


Main gets it back and she will get the free hit. The ball into the


circle. Africa. Interesting differences in the rotations. The


two coaches have operated differently at the, most Games.


Australia are always have a high rotation -- at the Commonwealth


Games. That is why they stay at this intensity. They had used 313


substitutes at the start of this game, their opponents used 180. At


some point, the way Australia like to play could take its toll on South


Africa. Fascinating statistic as South Africa look to make progress.


Marsha Cox finds the opposition skipper.


Russell playing a more midfield position in this match. Certainly


against New Zealand, she was a high running striker. Her coach is using


her in a different role. Edwina Bone. Bright gets it. A shot at


goal... An opportunity for South Africa.


This is the counter attack from Smith.


Going back to the New Zealand game, the thought process for the


coach... That is Flanagan. Chamberlain was certainly around to


add to her tally and that was good play by South Africa. Actively New


Zealand game, the thought process from the coach would be different to


this which is that if you can be New Zealand, the chances are you'll you


will miss -- the chances are that he will miss Australia in the


crossover. He is going for a more defensive role knowing how Australia


can play. -- you will mess. Flanagan. But tussle. Well earned by


South Africa. You can see the structure South


Africa have. Accurate passing at the moment. Taylor is called.


This is Smith again for Australia. Bright is back with one hand on the


stick and she gets the pass away. Russell.


Great to see the South African back, she took a fearsome blow in one of


the previous matches. Flanagan. 17 minutes gone in the first spell of


the semifinal here in Glasgow. A loose ball into the centre and goal


number one for Australia. Emily Smith has added to her tally, that


is her fourth goal for Australia. She opens the scoring. Fantastic


advantage by the umpire. A speculative ball through is played,


great run by Smith. It is a split finish. The backswing gives shorter


and it gives the goalkeeper less reaction time. Often we see those


balls go over the bar. Great for South Africa. Another save made.


Rachel Lynch in goal for Australia was the goalkeeper at the recent


World Cup. She was named goalkeeper of the World Cup. She has not had a


lot of work in this campaign but she is the best in the world at the


moment. A lot of talk around this Commonwealth Games campaign about


how dominant the penalty corners have been for Australia but look at


that from that field goal. Proving that variety in the play...


Bright catches up. She drags it through. She is still going. But at


her speed. Difficult... A penalty corner, she thought it had snuck


between the goalkeeper. South Africa are in a penalty corner through Tara


bright. It has got to be a disappointing trap here. She takes


her eye off the ball and it hits on the shin pad. -- it hits her. Good


to see South Africa back in the game, not sitting back and allowing


Australia to pressurise them. I imagine number 13 will have a big


part to play for South Africa. All set now.


Across the face of Lynch. The umpire has to link the ball as well. Damons


drives into the circle. One of the best players in the world, Blyth.


The pressure goes on. Russell... Again, brave defending. Look how


fast Australia now counter attack. Intercepted. This is a young player


in the South African line-up, just 20 years of age. Bobbs. She has


grown through this campaign. Great eye, as she brings the ball


through. She still gets it away. All number two. There is a deflection.


It is Kelli White who gets on top of that shot.


She turns that inside out and it is across the goal which is a trait of


Australian hockey. Awkward to make the trap and white just nips in


front. 2-0 to Australia. -- Kelli White. The goal-scorer getting a


foot in and from nothing, Australia are now up. They have worked their


way into the game, they have waited for their opportunities. Early


penalty corners did not come off but the field certainly have. -- the


field goals. Into the circle. They had the players.


Again, through Peris. At. She, South Africa. -- at. She, South Africa. --


they are at. In the, South Africa. Adam Commons, the Australian coach,


will be very happy with how his side have executed... Flanagan. That


cross came from Georgina Parker and she has scored five goals in


Glasgow. Great delivery, she hit the ball cleanly and with pace. Kelli


White dived on the far post but she was beaten by the pace of the ball.


Neatly touched on. Bright has great touches. A shot at goal across. And


at the goal. Saved by Flanagan. What a save!


South Africa not taking up the invitation from the -- from the


umpire for a referral. Great play. Chamberlain with the reverse stick


effort and it was Flanagan on the line. Lynch was quite lucky. I did


think she momentarily put her glove over the ball, which prevented South


Africa getting it out. Bobbs. Across the circle. A shout at


goal. Penalty corner. Might be a referral here.


Penalty corner awarded to South Africa!


The referral has gone upstairs. This is what we are looking for. Edwina


Bone has a case here, she makes a case here. Bright may have come over


the top to win the ball. She possibly one it cleanly. If the


umpire has heard a stick tackle, it is more -- it is not for Edwina


Bone. This looks to be a very good referral from Australia. We will


wait for the outcome. There is no stick tackle in the circle for


restart. Australia retain their referral. Thank you.


So the referral by Australia has been upheld.


Casey Eastham WinZip. She is away! -- she wins it. Peris awaits the


ball, clever control. Very smooth when Peris gets the ball, great


control, and a long corner. Flanagan.


ball. It is East Ham now who is bursting through the left channel.


What a perfect pass and it could have been any two Australians that


latched on to that for another penalty corner for Australia.


Turning the heat on, South Africa, in the semifinal.


GbK Gb It was a wonderful lead by Smith. Parker managed to pick it up.


: On to the foot Be have 15, come on, let's go. Half way, please.


Eastham. She will walk into this and Kenny... Kenny it is again, oh, and


what a save. Marais, a very good eye on this post for South Africa, but


it is not finished yet. Here is Kenny, drives into the circle,


hoping to catch a team-mate's stick. Down it goes, it is sill in the


field of play. An opportunity down the left flank for South Africa.


And still on the stick of the South African Bright can't get a stick on


it. That opened it up, and, a very efficient exit for Australia.


Australian coach Commons. It is a great turn of speed by Kath Taylor


down the left-wing. When she locked up she only had Damons to aim at and


five Australia were there, South Africa will need to commit numbers


forward to try and get an outcome. But tried to win the penalty corner


and couldn't find the foot. Turn over in the midfield, working


together as a unit, Australia. Bone. The unheralded players at the back.


McMahon, Kenny across to Flanagan. Strolings strong drive down that


right side -- strong drive down that right side.


2-0 Australia lead in the first semifinal at the Commonwealth Games


2014. Across the field it goes now.


Russell. Can she keep the ball? Bright. Gets picked off by Blyth.


And Australia once more make the South Africans turn round and pedal


back. Look at that. Clever skill.


Treasons Deetlefs. -- Deetlefs. Very efficient for South Africa.


201 first match, Deetlefs for South Africa. Bright is looking to latch


on to it. Neither can Damons. Now, another drive into that circle.


Bone for South Africa. For Australia, in fact. Interesting


the ploy that South Africa just driving the ball rather than the


different way that Australia come through in the one-twos and the


interpassing. Australia pick their moments, when there is space they


are happy to drive and take the one-on-one, when it's a congested


circle they are happy to have the one touch player and deflections in


and round the circle. The ball again, in the worrying the


South African defence, but the tackle wasn't as good that time.


Soft hands. Then the captain... Now Australia


through Taylor. Can Taylor keep it in for Australia?


She does, and lifts the ball. Australia searching for more to hurt


the South African, they are 2-0 ahead. The feeling the sting has


gone out of it a bit. The read head-to-head competitiveness with


those... Excellent goals by Australia. Terblanche. You can see


South Africa attacking Australia and Australia hitting them on the


counter attack. Under Fife minutes in the first 35


minute spell. He isn't writing too much down on that note pad, Adam


Commons, for Australia. I am sure all the analysis is going on higher


up in the stands at the National Hockey Centre at Glasgow. Terblanche


off loads. Du Plessis. Bone.


Terblanche wins the contest on this occasion, into the affected third. A


penalty corner. Deliberate infringement. Jayde Taylor walk back


to the half way line for Australia. It is a great step up by Terblanche.


The fact that Taylor is trying to come in her right hand only on the


stick, probably meant there was only going to be one outcome which is a


stick tackle. Fortunate that it is just a penalty corner. But if South


Africa could get one back before half-time it will give them a huge


boost and give the coach an opportunity to get the girls


together at half-time. Diabetes lech at the top. --


diabetes level at the top. A very efficient yellow machine at back. --


diabetes lech. How hard to drag down, they still


have the ball an excellent tackle by the player coming on, who was there


for Australia. It was Claxton, had just into the game and got low and


made the tackle. Australia have done their homework on South African


penalty corner, they are running a low box, the two runner, the


defensive unit is only going to the penalty shot. They are allog it to


come from the top. They are protecting the areas round Rachel


Lynch. -- allowing it.


Expert analysis coming from former England and Great Britain interings


that over 250 caps, Mel Clewlow. -- international.


Flanagan for Australia. Up and over it goes.


A minute-and-a-half. For South Africa to get something. Australia


have looked a much better finishing side, the more smooth oiled unit as


they again bring their ball forward. Mayne, for South Africa. Has


Terblanche steaming for the ball. Davids.


Bright. Mayne. Drives it in. And again,


Kenny so tall and strong, gets her country out of trouble in that deep


defensive area. Coat levels -- diabetes levels


caught it with one hand on top stick. -- Deetlevs. Ten seconds on


the clock for the first half. They got the call, and it is driven


in by Bone, look at that, erready, the hooter goes as Georgia gets off


the deck, looking to get another touch, but it has been an efficient


performance, electrifying at times from South Africa, and Australia, it


is Australia, with the advantage and rightly so, they go to the half-time


break, in this all-important semifinal. It is Australia 2, South


Africa 0. Well, prematch the South Africans


were worried are about the energy and pace of the Australians and they


are struggling to get into this game, coverage continues on the Red


Button of that semifinal. Right. Let us show you what happened in the


pool in Edinburgh a short time ago. More medals from Team England in the


men's 3 metre synchronised Springboard final. The real success


Nick Robinson-Baker and Freddie Woodward, stepping up to win the


bronze ahead of the Malaysian pair. Many congratulations to them. In the


lawn bowls the match between Scotland and England in the men's


fours is coming up very very soon. All under way at Kelvingrove, switch


over to BBC Three to follow that match and it is 1-0 to Scotland


after the first end. So, there we are. That is at


Kelvingrove. I am going to take you to the hydrobecause some of the


world class athletes across the river performed remarkably well, and


more gold medals for England and Scotland, and we expect more of the


same this afternoon, so good afternoon to Beth Tweddle alongside




. I am sorry, we have a few sound prisons there, we can't hear Matt


and Beth. But we will sort that out for this afternoon, we have lots of


action for you in gymnastics, let me point you in the direction of the


boxing, we have terrific fights at the SECC. Michaela Walsh is taking


on the Indian competitor. Olympic champion Nicola Adam has been


imperious in her two bouts so far. McFadden of Scotland takes on


Australia's Maloney, McFadden has won a legionen of fans, we are on


the right picture, pure box office stuff, the Olympic bronze medallist


Michael Conlan of Northern Ireland will be taking on the defending


champion Sean McGoldrick, that will be a terrific bout. England's Kes is


in action. Right, that is it from us for now,


but we will be back on BBC Two. We will see you in a few seconds, bifor


now. This is the trickiest ultrasound


I've ever seen.


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