BBC Two: Day 9: 13:00 - 13:45 Commonwealth Games

BBC Two: Day 9: 13:00 - 13:45

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That afternoon and welcome back to Glasgow 2014 and the 20th


Commonwealth Games. Great action this afternoon at the Hydro,


world-class gymnastics again. Will England and Scotland win more Gold


medals? Max Whitlock is winning so many medals! In the boxing, what a


great afternoon. So many boxers are heading for medals at the SEC is


the. We will go live to see Michaela Walsh taking gone an opponent from


India in the flyweight. In the red corner. Pinki Rani is


taking the corner. Lucy O'Connor, the former European featherweight


Gold medallist is alongside me. These are the judges who will be


presiding over this. Ladies and gentlemen, let's meet the boxers, in


the red corner, representing Northern Ireland, Michaela Walsh!


And in the blue corner, representing India, Pinki Rani!


The referee is from Brazil. Mr Rosario. Four two minute rounds.


The camera on an overhead shot. Michaela Walsh wearing red enjoys a


considerable height advantage over Pinki Rani from India. Will she be


able to put that advantage to good effect? The semifinal stage of the


flyweight boxing tournament in Glasgow. Michaela Walsh. 20 years of


age, this is her third tournament. Her third contest at this


tournament. She competed in the first macro -- in the first women's


about in this tournament and she has equipped herself well. A unanimous


decision over her Jamaican opponent in the second fight. Pinki Rani had


a comfortable win against her opponent from Papua New Guinea.


Michaela Walsh making a good start and making use of that jab. She


needs to keep Pinki Rani at the end of that jab. Pinki Rani tends to


Russian and she comes back at the counter. She does not need to get


involved, Pinki Rani is capable on the inside and she will throw


bunches of shots if she gets the opportunity so a great start by


Michaela Walsh. Pinki Rani is 24 years of age, 11th ranked in the


world at 48 kilograms. That is not available at multisport tournaments.


They have to make a choice of 51, 60, 65. Flyweight, lightweight,


middleweight. So Pinki Rani, the smaller of the two, waiting to get


inside. Great punching by Michaela Walsh and lateral movement. Pinki


Rani hit her with a swift shot. She landed a beautiful right-hand Pinki


Rani and she stumbled. That is a great one, two. Excellent


performance and I think Michaela Walsh got that first round. The


computer system used to be a feature of Olympic style boxing. Michaela


Walsh making a bright start to this opening round. Off-balance likely


and she got a jab from Pinki Rani as she stumbled into the corner that


was one of the only times Pinki Rani got a clean shot, so great


performance by Walsh. The judge is anything but unanimous. Two


favouring the boxer from Northern Ireland and one favouring Pinki


Rani. We move into the second round,


scheduled for four, two minute rounds. This is flyweight division.


The boxer in red, that is Northern Ireland's Michaela Walsh, one of


nine Northern Ireland boxers through to this final fourth stage, all of


them guaranteed medals. But will skyrocket the nation of the medals


table. Pinki Rani has come out fast and she is trying to get inside the


longer reach of Walsh with effective use of the feet. Pinki Rani -- three


starting with the jab and she cannot let Pinki Rani inside her arms


because she will these shots. Walsh using affective footwork to regain


the centre -- effective. Back in the centre, great boxing from Walsh.


14th ranked in the world at 54 kilograms. Great, nation punching


the game. Great use of straight shots. -- combination.


She has come down in weight for this Commonwealth Games tournament and


she is acquitting herself well. One round away from a place in the


final. The boxers and trying to add" is. -- entwines closely. She does


not need to hold her feats like that to give Pinki Rani the opportunity


to land her own shots. -- her feet. Effective jab again from Walsh, a


right hand. Rate variety with that left-hand. -- great variety. Pinki


Rani gets close on some occasions but generally taking a couple to


land one. Good round of boxing from Walsh. I agree. She hits and moves.


She hits and she does not get hit, she has proved that well in that


round. Left hook landing, good clean


combinations. Should have caught the eye of the judges. Lovely boxing and


she skips out of range, preventing Pinki Rani from countering. It is


split again. Michaela Walsh taking both of the opening rounds.


So Round 3 gets underway. Two rounds completed and two to go in this 51


kilograms flyweight semifinal. It is tied up. Michaela Walsh leads by two


rounds. The scorecard of the third judge... Incredibly tight contest


into the second half. Left-hand success from Pinki Rani. Walsh


getting tied up with her own feet. Pinki Rani could not capitalise. She


knows she will be behind for the first two rounds so she will have to


take it to Michaela Walsh and attempt to push her back to the


ropes, which she is trying to do. Walsh is still aching heart of the


jab and tying her up nicely and not getting caught. A great left and


right combination, effective from Pinki Rani. The distance is closing.


That is where Pinki Rani wants the contest to be. Walsh not using that


jab to its full extent. Pinki Rani can get objectively inside again.


Better by Pinki Rani and what she needed to do. She well and least


those shots inside and it convinces the judges she is dominant so Walsh


needs to get back to those straight shots and she does not want a fight


in the middle of the ring. Again with this ten point... That was a


good right hand to the body for the boxer in blue. At some point, Walsh


is going to have to turn and go forwards and force Pinki Rani going


backwards to give the impression she is not exclusively on the back foot.


Good right hand from Walsh to end that sequence. She does not want to


be skipping around the ropes because the perception is that Pinki Rani is


dominant and she will get the favour of the judges. Michaela Walsh needs


to keep at the end of those shots and make it clear for the judges.


Another close round. We can listen to the instructions.


Very good. Pinki Rani has success. She does tend to swing around the


corner. If Walsh can keep those straight shots, she will catch her


first. Pinki Rani swinging with that rear hand and catching her green.


-- clean. Walsh landing with her own straight shots. She needs to keep it


at range and she will win this fight.


Split again, so look at that. Pinki Rani trails on one card. Nothing in


it going into this fourth and final round. Everything to fight for. A


place in the final at state in the 51 kilograms flyweight division. --


stake. The fourth and final round of this flyweight semifinal. Pinki Rani


from India against Michaela Walsh of Northern Ireland, two top 20 boxers


in their respective weight classes. They had to change those classes to


compete in Glasgow. Pinki Rani coming forward. Perhaps a second


shot to did get through. Good start again by Walsh, she needs to hold


that centre. Pinki Rani will throw those punches and she needs to come


away at the angle and keep it at the end of range and make it clear for


the judges who is leading. Use of the jab again, that was a bit short


from Walsh. We approach the midpoint of this fourth and final round. Good


movement of the head by Pinki Rani, she got inside and was not able to


score. Walsh skipping back to the centre, she needs to come back with


a counter and move to the side and avoid getting caught. Into the final


minute of a contest that is very tight and competitive. Success from


both boxers. Walsh on her toes moving laterally, to great effect.


Pinki Rani continues her pursuit. Working away affectively to the


body, Michaela Walsh. Great use of her feet. She has to make Pinki Rani


mess. She does fall into those shots in the later this goes on, the more


she will fall into that. She needs to make her pay. Approaching the


closing ten seconds. Walsh on her toes. More shots to the body.


closing ten seconds. Walsh on her toes. More shots to the Walsh


responding with a flurry to conclude this contest. Eye-catching finish,


that can often influence the judges and make the judges think they were


more dominant. What an encounter and expect nothing less when a place in


a gold-medal fight is at stake. Michaela Walsh made good use of


movement, how will the Georges -- how will the judges scoring? Pinki


Rani remained committed, she had moments of success as well. So we


will go to the scorecard. Pinki Rani so dangerous in range but Michaela


Walsh did skip to the side. She may be spent that last round negatively


on the ropes. We will have to see how the judges see this final round.


Instructions from the coaches. Punch and move. Walsh carried that out.


How will the judges interpret that final two minute session of boxing?


A place in the gold-medal fight is at stake for both these boxers who


came here knowing they have at least a boxing bronze medal, but they are


looking for more than that, they want a contest that final tomorrow.


the contest in their mind. Here is the official announcement.


We have a split decision, in favour of the winner, and going through to


the final, in the red corner from Northern Ireland!


Michaela Walsh will box for Commonwealth Games gold tomorrow in


the final of the 51 kilograms flyweight tournament. A split


decision when over Pinki Rani from India. A case for the camera and an


embrace for her coach. A really competitive display and you would


expect nothing less. This was the moment of cough mission that


Michaela Walsh, 20, has won more bout in the Commonwealth Games


boxing tournament. She has extended her stay and will box for a gold


medal tomorrow. Nothing less than a solver medal. In her mind, Mission


not yet accomplished. She wants nothing less than Championship


gold. A brilliant display. Absolute delight.


It was a long time before they announced the results.


I felt she had the first round, the second round I only started getting


into it. She is a brilliant goal. She beat the five times world


champion. I knew it was going to be a tough fight.


You shouldn't be reading that on the morning of a fight!


I saw it on Twitter but it pushed me on.


It will be a dream come true, the final.


You were the first person in for the Northern Ireland team, you have got


everyone off to a good start. I hope everyone can perform. I


believe we can get nine into the final.


Many congratulations. Next into the ring is Nicola Adams. Well done


today. We are waiting for... Here she is,


Nicola Adams. Nicola Adams, soaking up the


applause, soaking up the atmosphere here. Making her way to the boxing


ring, fans of all ages in the crowd. Not only is she a superb athlete and


wonderful boxer. She really does give the impression of someone who


enjoys entertaining. Producing her best on the biggest stages of all,


she did that in London two years ago, and here at the Commonwealth


Games, she has received the applause of the crowd once again.


Here are the introductions. It is time to meet the boxers,


representing Canada, Mandy Bujold. And, in the blue corner,


representing England, Nicola Adams! And here is our referee,


representing Italy. Four two minute rounds.


Referee brings the two boxers together, every team they will have


gone through many times before. This is for a case in the Commonwealth


Games gold medal bout. -- a place. We are under way. The


women's flyweight division, the boxer wearing blue, immediately onto


the front foot. Nicola Adams of England. Part of an eight strong


England squad. The reigning world number one. Her opponent wearing red


is Mandy Bujold of Canada, 27. In this tournament, a hugely


experienced figure. The reigning Pan Am games champion from 2011.


Effective works to the body from Adams.


Adams will know that Bujold is a counter boxer, waiting for Adams to


commit. Adams need to close her down to the ropes.


Adjusting the head guard. The strapping has come undone. Once the


referee is happy, the contest will resume as we approach the midpoint


of this opening round. Adams, using that left jab as a


range finder. Finding the angle, catching her with


the left hand. It is about perception here. If you are on the


front foot and appear to be dominating, you have a good chance


of catching the judge's I. -- eye. Part of a seven strong Canadian


squad, five men and two women. Five successive national titles. She is


the reigning national champion. Taking titles from 2009. The referee


almost copped one in the chest and didn't seem to like it, a ticking


off for Mandy Bujold! We approach the bow of this opening


round. There is the Bell.


I suspect it is Nicola Adams who will take the opening round, more


variety, landing more. Combinations, two out of the three


landing. Bujold adopting a negative posture, skipping around the ropes


which does not help on your scoring. All three judges, as we


suspect, have favoured Nicola Adams in that first round.


We move into the second band, Nicola Adams took the opener in the


unanimous fashion. Her coach saying, it is time to move up a gear. A


beautiful lead right hand followed by a left jab, turning southpaw is


Adams. Mandy Bujold hasn't got to grips with the speed, range or


movement being presented by Adams at this point in the bout.


Adams is so resourceful, she can box southpaw, she can box or movement


being presented by Adams at this point in the bout. Adams is so


resourceful, she can box southpaw, she can box orthodox, straight arms.


She needs to make her pay as she did. A great right hook.


The second contest for Mandy Bujold, she received a bye in the opening


round. An impressive winner over Christie Harris of Australia.


Bujold circling with that left hand. Adams does not need to be in a


clinch but back at range. We are beyond the midpoint of this


second round. The boxers falling short with their straight shots. The


shot from Adams appeared to stray below the belt line, the referee


instructing her to keep the punch up. A good right hand over the top.


Nicola Adams given a talking to, punching on the break. Left jab was


effective from Bujold but Adams appears the pursuer. A counter right


hand before ducking out of the way. Another exchange. A clean left Hook


landed by Adams. Very similar to the opening. A little more scrappy.


Adams appearing to have the better of the exchanges.


A jab finishing off that combination. Court beautifully with


the rear hand but Bujold finished the exchange with her own right


hook. Both boxers enjoying some success. Closer than the first.


We move into the third round. Two rounds completed in this semifinal


will stop both of these boxes are guaranteed a medal from this


inaugural women's boxing, position at the Commonwealth Games. Michaela


Walsh from Northern Ireland has booked a place in the final. Victor


from this bout will meet the woman from Ireland tomorrow.


Adams need to make use of her footwork. She has a wonderful little


half step. She needs to force Bujold to fall short and come back with a


counter. In a scrappy fight, it is difficult for the judges to decide.


The left hook from Bujold. And onto the back foot, Adams remains in


pursuit. They tumbled to the canvas. An untidy tangle.


Bujold, content to box on the back foot. Very scrappy now. Deep into


this third round. Adams, continuing to cut off the ring and walk down


her opponent. Another exchange by the red corner.


Adams needs to keep it at range. And punish her on the back foot. A


better shot, she goes after and finishes on another tremendous right


hook. A really profitable punch. A beauty,


a step to the right, a thunderous right cross. What an end to the


round for Nicola Adams. Will that be enough to tilt what was a scrappy


round, in her favour? Repeated right-hand success in the closing


stages. A lovely rear hook. Knocking the


head back. And again. It is clear for the judges to see. In a round


which was pretty scrappy. It might take it in Adams's favour.


One George -- judge scoring it 10-8. We move into the fourth and final


round of this 51 kilograms flyweight semifinal, both boxers will be aware


of the state of the contest coming into this final session. Will it


elicit a change in tactics from Mandy Bujold, inbred, representing


Canada, trailing in the contest. Can she told about in her favour? Nicola


Adams commanding centre ring, no discernible change in tactics from


Bujold. These are two minute rounds. Bujold is caught in a difficult


position, she will know her opponent is age menders counter boxer. She


needs to apply pressure but will also note she will be playing into


her hands. That right hand once more. The


orthodox stance, quick as a flash, catching Bujold with repeated


effect. round, beyond the midway point.


Nicola Adams enjoying an advantage. Spain Micro has not done enough to


this point -- Bujold has not done enough to change this around. It has


been good so far from the Canadian national champion. Adams just needs


to keep it at range. Counter boxing of the front foot. She has to be


careful not to overcommit herself into big court -- and to be caught


by Bujold. (1 by Adams. What a left-hand! -- jab I Adams. Raising


her right arm in celebration, justified because she has surely got


a place in the gold-medal round? She led into the fourth round. Bujold


could not implement a successful change into six, no increase in pace


from the Canadian so surely Michael Adams as secured her place in the


gold-medal round in this inaugural event for women at the Commonwealth


Games. Difficult to see how Bujold could have taken that round. Nicola


Adams did well, she forced her to miss. Bujold tried to launch forward


but Adams catches her on the counter, very good performance once


again by Michael Adams. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the


totals. Unanimous decision and through to the final, in the blue


corner, Nicola Adams! So the flags waved in celebration


with the cross of St George because Michael Adams is through to the


gold-medal round in the women's 51 kilograms women's flyweight


division. Acknowledging all sides of the SEC is the arena here. -- the S


ECC. A confident display which has been more than enough. Nicola Adams


is through and Bujold will have to settle for the bronze, as well Pinki


Rani but there names will forever be in Commonwealth history. Michael


Adams wants to make her history here in this first boxing tournament


golden. Well done, Yorkshire. And it is


Yorkshire Day today. Every day is Yorkshire day when I am about!


A lot of support, they friends? No, these of fans. I am really grateful


for the support. I am looking forward to tomorrow, I am excited.


What did you make of that? At halfway, it was in the balance, but


the second half was you. She was hard to figure out, getting my range


and finding my distance, but once I found my timing, I started scoring


points. What do you think about the fight tomorrow? It will be a


cracking fight and a really good final. I want to make sure everybody


is there, the Rumble in the jungle starts tomorrow, make sure you are


there! Well done, congratulations. Great work from Michael Adams and


what a final. Is going to be. We will be there, do not worry. -- what


a final that is going to be. People are asking why their women are


wearing headgear and not the men. For the first time ever, the medics


and the authorities in boxing have decided men can go without headgear


at this, most Games because there is more of a chance of them getting


concussion. Thank you for your questions. This is what we have this


afternoon. A great afternoon of boxing. Reece McFadden has won a


number of fans, the Scottish fighter. Michael Conlan of Northern


Ireland will face the defending champion, Sean McGoldrick of Wales.


Great afternoon ahead. And big news regarding the super heavyweight


decision. Joe Joyce, he was supposed to fight his opponent from Uganda


today but the Ugandan has failed a medical so Joyce is through to the


weekend's final. He will face the Nigerian or the Australian for Gold.


That is the latest boxing News, do not worry if you think you will miss


the boxing because when we go back to BBC One, we will bring the best


action live from here. In the meantime, we will go to the Emirates


Arena for the badminton in the quarterfinals. It is the women's


singles. Scotland's Kirsty Gilmour takes on sixth seed from New Zealand


Michelle Chan. In Sarah Walker will also be playing. We will take you


there life. Kirsty was then great form yesterday, can she continue her


march towards the semifinals? -- was in. We can join our commentary


teams. The game is physical. That hit the


top of the net and it fell back on the side of New Zealand. So the


question is, she has to find a way to differentiate herself, but how?


Should she attack more than normal. How do you see that happening Mr


Mark that is the big question. If I was Michelle Chan, it would be


around the net. And so far, Kirsty Gilmour has played better from that


position so she has to find ways. She should try to pin Kirsty Gilmour


on the baseline because she might not win. So she is starting to make


mistakes. So you can go in and counter attack, so she has to be


very patient. She has to hope that Gilmour is opening up first, we will


have to see. That was just wide. It did seem as if it was a perfect


start for Gilmour. I think it was interesting to see


the toss of the coin, Gilmour at it. And as usual, she wanted a good


start. Dash-macro 11 it. She is playing on the slow side and she


loves that. So she is definitely going for it.


Gilmour looks towards the umpire and there is not an overrule. That


looked... It caught the outside edge of the line.


She immediately raises her hand and apology. -- in apology.


That has gone wide. Both these nations, Scotland and New Zealand,


have only won one medal in, month Games in the women's singles


discipline. -- Commonwealth Games. 2006 in Melbourne, Susan Hughes.


That is well worked, that is what you were talking about. Yes, the way


that Michelle Chan is keeping a lot of her shots straight. That is good


because she is not opening up the court and she's staying in control.


She was quick forward to see that opportunity. The Scottish


coaches... That was loose on the backhand. Michelle Chan got fooled


by the fact Gilmour was able to play that I can shot all the way across


court, and that was good, that was strong. That is one of her


strengths, she is a strong person. I am sure that was one of the corners


Chan never expected. What a shot again! Played back


nicely. Just long. What a great rally!


Again, Gilmour is not convinced by the line call. It is hard to see


from up here. It was a good call. A very good call. That is just long.


She wants to ask for Hawk-eye! Gilmour is good here, maintaining


her lead. She was 6-3 up and now 10-6.


What a great rally! And to the interval. Gilmour with a 5-point


advantage. When you started, you played very


well. You set up a rally, be patient. Bring the shot to the net


to finish off. You are winning from the net. The shuttlecock is much


slower, especially after long rallies and it does not penetrate


very easily... That is our time up but in a couple


of seconds, we will be back on BBC One with further action from the


2014 Commonwealth Games and we will link you the best of this match. And


the sports are available on the website. -- when due. Coverage on


BBC Radio 5 Live, goodbye for now.


Jason Mohammad presents live coverage of day nine of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Hockey action continues - Australia's men have been the dominant force in Commonwealth history, securing every title since the introduction of hockey in 1998.

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