BBC One: Day 9: 13:45-15:00 Commonwealth Games

BBC One: Day 9: 13:45-15:00

Jason Mohammad and Hazel Irvine present live coverage of day nine of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. The afternoon's action is all about gymnastics.

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Can the British gymnasts live up to the Hydro Hype?


England's Kristian Thomas goes in the men's vault


He led the way in qualifying and is targeting his first


Then, after Kristian Thomas exits the gymnastics.


He's followed by teammates Claudia Fragapane and Becky Downie,


and Wales's Lizzie Beddoe and Georgina Hockenhull,


Over on BBC Three, it's Scotland v England, in the gold


Gold has gone to South Africa, with Norland are -- Northern Ireland


taking the bronze medal. And Liam Pitchford and Paul


Drinkhall fell to Singapore. Drink all -- Pringle had a chance to make


amends later. the women's single that is where we


are going first Kirsty Gilmour looking to book a place in Michelle


this will be a wonderful results for it is a good lift. She was late on


that this is the best I have seen Kirsty Gilmour play in this


tournament. It is the beautifully. Sinking well. Her shots


are working. I know you have said Gilmore could


not with the second game, I think if she gets a good


I know you have said Gilmore could not with the second game, I start to


the Demons of the last Mike play on the


Yes. That is her chance at the moment. Gilmore is playing far


better, and she is just, as I say, Michelle Chan will have to wait for


that window of opportunity, and hope she can stay in the game long tough


-- enough for Gilmore to get nervous. That has landed in. To do


that, play the forehand side rather than the backhand side, because


Gilmore has more options from that backhand side than her forehand


side. Providing she plays the normal round the head shot. Yes. Yes.


A little nod from Michelle Chan to her coaches, but... She missed it


but she was happy with the rally. quite well. If she


Keep going. So he, is haven't is convinced


having long rallies, just like I, that an opportunity will come. This


is one of them that was going wide. that an opportunity will come. This


That was going well wide. Deflected by the cord and brought it back in.


That is one of the small things you now and again need.


Then it stopped. Well, she does seem to still be


pumping the Well, she does seem to still be


Gilmore deep backhand side, and you're shaking your head, more on


the. Obviously, every player is having good and bad shots in this.


That shot, actually landing in one of my favourite positions, and I


would have pumped that clear down the line,


would have pumped that clear down the really flat from the backhand


side and down the line to that forehand side, but you know,


everyone is having their own favourite shots and that was just


one of mine. Backhand serve again. This time low.


Good reply. Yes. Five. Seven. It sounds strange what


I am going to say now, but I think even though that Gilmore lost this


rally, it was still a good change. That was a good change from Chan.


Oh my goodness. Trying to play that with a round the head action, surely


he should have played a backhand. Yes.


-- she should have played a backhand. He has to be ready now.


Oh, my goodness! From that situation, two shots are


coming, either the drive down the line, which we saw or the drop shot.


That is the two shots that will come.


It is looking good from Kirstie, you can follow the conclusion of this


match on the website. The reason we are leaving the


Emirates arena is because we heading to the Hydro, a packed crowd across


the river yesterday, the world class athlete showing just why they are


the best on the planet and what a day it was.


There you go. That is so impressive. Another gold for Max Whitlock.


And it is England Claudia Fragapane, she could get gold.


Daniel Keatings is in with a chance for a medal.


There is your golden boy! Scotland's Daniel Keatings!


Max Whitlock with the silver, and Louis Smith with a bronze.


Becky Downie. This is the impressive bit. Speeding up into the full


twist. Rebecca Downie is Commonwealth


champion! There you go, Daniel Purvis.


Very nice. He takes the bronze medal.


There is a row -- there is a roar as the finalists have entered. In this


final, there is one Englishman and two Scotsman. From England, it is


Kristian Thomas. There he is. He took in France paddle in the World


Championships in 2003. Scott Morgan, the Canadian, being introduced will


stop another gymnast from Scotland, Adam Cox, listen to the roar from


the home crowd! Ashish Kumar is the next gymnast


being induced. It is the young lad from Scotland


next, Frank Baines. Kent Peterson from Australia.


And Jaffray rounds off the finalists.


Sitting beside me is Beth Tweddle. It is a big day for both of those


lads, Kristian and Frank. They have been quiet on the


individual medal fronts. They will want to go out and prove


themselves as individuals. Frank has three finals, Kristian has


two. Before we get down there, the gymnasts will be doing two vaults.


gymnasts will be doing They both need to have different


entries and the scores will be averaged. The difficulty especially


with Kristian Thomas is unbelievable. He performs under


pressure. All eyes are on the gymnasts in the


arena, nothing else is going on apart from these individual finals.


It really is nerve wracking. The first gymnast is Wah Toon Hoe.


This is the first of his two vaults. Let us join your commentators.


He qualified in fourth place. A double twist. 5.2 difficulty. Very


nice opener. That will give him a good platform for his second


attempt. A good first vaults, not the most


difficult, scored out of 5.2. A bit of a deduction on legs apart. He


snaps them together to make the two twists. A big step on landing. The


execution scores, and of ten. I think the judges will be able to


take a little bit off there. One vaults in the locker. Mentioning


earlier, it is important they have a decent second vaults, a reliable


second vaults, that is always the challenge.


Actually, he landed quite well, just putting his arms out to stabilise.


He stepped back and brought the foot back in, 0.1. Good in terms of


direction. You will see a difficulty score. We


already know that will be 5.2. Then an execution score which will


be the one added, to make the difference.


His second vaults, same difficulty, 5.2.


I'd take a guess he will be going forward, obviously. It is a 5.2.


That is his Commonwealth Games over. He was seventh on the floor,


he has put in a very good bid for medal here.


A lovely, clean gymnast. His first was a bit ragged.


That one wasn't. It was but the direction was good. The height was


good. This was even better. One wasn't. It was but the direction was


good. The height was good. This was even better the landing, a tiny


deviation from that red line down the middle. His legs a bit apart on


the flight. But it is harder for the judges to spot when you are doing a


forward vaults. -- vault. He came into the final as the fourth


highest qualifier. You never know what is going to happen with the


landings. That is right. Two good, steady


vaults even with not the highest difficulty, could be better than


chancing your arm. Very nice in the air.


chancing your arm. average score that counts. It is the


one at the top. Very good execution. Over 9.0. Keep your eye on that


execution score. So, for England, Kristian Thomas. So


off in Great Britain have relied on his expertise. But, today, it is all


about him as an individual gymnast. A score of 6.0 on the difficulty


school board -- score. Such an impressive vaulter. A double


pike. Boat! He has overcooked it. You cannot hold onto that pike for


too long because you will get an excess of rotation which is what


happened. Huge disappointment, you can see it


written all over his face. He has another vaults but it is the average


of both which count. I was surprised, he blocked it and


went up really well. He held on a little too long to the


pipe. A fantastically difficult Vokes. His hips were behind his


feet. He did not have a chance -- vault.


He was dead centre as well. He held onto the pike for a little too long.


You could argue Riu -- you could argue he had so much height, that is


the reason why he over rotated. Yes. He probably felt, I don't


believe I can beat this high, perfect technique. But, by the time


he came round about now, he needs to be letting go of the legs... Not


now, the first somersault, but about now. He waited until the feat almost


landed before he let go. He obviously did not feel he was as


high as he was. Kristian Thomas, his score. So,


still a huge score. The Scottish team watching.


This one is slightly easier, 5.6, but still incredibly difficult.


This one is slightly easier, 5.6, will want to show everybody what he


can do here. He has doubled backwards,


doubles forward. That is more like doubles forward. That is more like


it, just the pace. It is not easy to time the double front.


He did that really well. disappointed after the first.


Sometimes that might affect disappointed after the first.


second but he didn't let it. He could still get a medal here.


Yes, immense difficulty. That is one of the advantages. He could still be


in with a chance. He gets the hand in really quickly,


in with a chance. punches up, spins around twice,


makes the landing. He will have wanted to play a little bit safe. It


is easier to step forwards than back. His effectiveness of the top


of the platform is wonderful. It is interesting the order you put


those in, why would he go for the double pike backwards first?


Because that is the one he competes with in competition. The double pike


back. And this is his second. He would have done the one he is most


confident with, first. Enormous height. To kill that


rotation. You were quite right, a medal is


definitely still on the cards because that second will stand him


in very good stead indeed. And the first, other than the fall,


there wasn't much to take off. It was still a good, high score.


First gymnast ago watching the board eagerly.


Kristian Thomas goes into the lead. A huge execution school, that second


attempt. -- score.


Scott Morgan here. Gold on rings, silver on floor.


What has he got to offer? Power. Bucket loads.


Look at that, he really does attack it. Very nice double twist and a


straight front. Not as high, though?


But massively long. Almost three quarters of the landing platform.


Amazing length. But there will be some deductions for height. And he


was slightly off line as well. The reason it was so long is he rolled


his shoulders before he blocked off the top. But that is a really


difficult vault. And he is a very powerful gymnast. A


perfect illustration, the shoulders in front of the hands, the


conversion upwards will be delayed. It would make this more easy to


land, without over rotating. There should be deductions for lack


of height because he almost levered it over.


Huge power, though. Massive. ", he put up a difficulty of 5.6 for


both attempts -- in the qualification, he put up a


difficulty score. Likely to put in an extra half


twist. 5.6 difficulty. Yes! That is a very strong bid.


Consistent, and he knows it. Surely that is a third medal? For sure, he


is absolutely delighted. He is very well orientated in that vault.


Twisting it is not easy to land. He turns on, snapped the body and wraps


in the 2.5 twists. Really strong work. A step to the side will be


in the 2.5 twists. Really strong 0.1 deduction. And a slight lack of


height. having. highest qualifier. Saw how


wide his arms were onto the platform. He is a very strong


gymnast. Uses his strength. You can see him look at the floor so he


knows where he is so he can adjust his landing. No doubt, he takes the


lead. He taken lead, 14 point 733 is the score to beat. Christian Thomas


drops into second place. Adam Cox from Scotland introduced. This is


his swansong. This will be the last time we see him. He will give it


everything. Easier in the difficult to look good in the execution.


Phillips on. But the twist in. It was one twist. Good extension


through the shoulders. That will be a deduction, ending Brenes off. He


uses a tapper and kick out technique. It will be interesting to


see what he does with the order of vaults. He may have gone to the


easier one first. It might be a technical error that they put the


wrong vaults up first. I don't know how much of it he can see! Adam Cox


with his second vault. Nothing wrong with that board system. Adam playing


South and enjoying the moment. That is it for Adam Cox 's. He will now


retire. He soaks up the feeling and what appealing to leave gymnastics


with, Chris? What are failing to do in your own home city, make the


finals and float into a perfect landing, what a way to finish. It


was a dream of a vaults. It was, not very difficult because he did not


add any twists. It is a great feeling to float through the air,


knowing you will not be scrabbling for a landing. I think when gymnasts


retire, one of the things they miss the most will be flying through the


air. I remember it well, flying through the air. Let's rechristen


this, flying Friday for all of the X gymnasts who remember that feeling.


Adam Cox 's: Congratulations on a wonderful career. Happy retirement.


We all know what this means. Scott Morgan, the current leader watches


on. Stand by your bed is everyone. Double pipe. He has got to keep the


pike otherwise it drop to 5.6. I was a little bit nervous watching this.


The all-around competition, it wasn't great. This was very nice. It


will be interesting to see what the judges said. It was a pike verb but


the second was a somersault. Here is the view. Legs straight. I don't


think they are straight enough. It should be a five .6 will stop but


full marks for determination. Fabulous flight. I think the same


happened with Fabulous flight. I think the same


gave him 5.6. Slightly lower than Christian Thomas's first vault.


He was way too early kicking that one out. Could there be a zero? You


have to get your feet down to get a score. Let's look at the replay.


Surely that would have taken the wind out of his sails? Definitely.


It will have jolted him. Good block. He brought his knees back in the


wrong direction. He probably knew he had done that. He plummeted. Baled


out early, no choice. What a shame. He is having exactly the same


conversation, he did not get his heels over. No time to put that


right now, his Commonwealth Games 2014 is over. There is your leader


at the moment, Scott Morgan. Of Kristian Thomas from England. Frank


Baines for Scotland. He is in all three finals today so a very busy


day ahead for him. But Frank Baines is certainly in he knows he could


get a medal. This is a 5.6 difficulty. An extra half twist can


do the damage. I think the problem is he tries to be too perfect. It


was so high, waited for the pure moment to wrap the


was so high, waited for the pure moment to twist in, it was too late.


He goes on, up high. Perfect technique. Sometimes you have to


compromise a bit. His feet were way down on the deck. That twist was


started very late. I am sure everyone will appreciate his


absolute style as we see the slow motion. Just unfortunately for him,


the floor was not low enough! Technically beautiful. Lovely line.


Look at that. You could almost see it in his face. When he saw the


floor he probably knew it was a little bit too high without


rotation. Still plenty of medal chances for him today. No doubt,


Chris, he will be thinking compromise in his mind here? Go for


landing on the feet! Well done! He got the roach. He really got that.


Perfect timing with his heels over his head. He got his feet down


first. That will be significant, if he can make a bigger vault like


that, it will lift his chances of pressing into the senior British


men's team. This is a big day for Frank gains. He times that very


nicely. He is such a good gymnast. He is just not quite a seasoned


competitor. He hasn't found the way to make it work. 19 years old, it is


worth noting, in a gymnast's career, you have those growing spurts,


having a smaller body is easier to rotate. Suddenly the bigger gymnast


wake up one day and they are an inch taller. It did not happen to me! It


is an interesting point, Chris? He has grown while he was injured. He


is stronger. He has got a man's body now. When he was competing as a


junior, he was very slight. Talk about rockets off the top. Frank


James, 14.0 16 puts him into fourth. He will be back on the high bars.


Scott Morgan from Canada leads this field. Kristian Thomas in second


place for England. Wah Toon Hoe hanging on in at the brands medal at


the moment. -- bronze medal. He got a silver at the championships this


year. Seventh highest qualifier. It was deep but he got it right. He is


so relieved. He did get it down but he also sat on the floor at the end


of it. If you sit down, what deduction are you talking? A


hallmark, I would think. You'll get another view in a second. He did


touch. Just scraped it. Nothing like the height Frank Baines achieved.


What he really speeds. Look how closely he gets his head into his


knees. That increases the rotation. We will probably see here... Feet


down. Difficult to tell. Yes, one marker off. But that is still a


score. They didn't take a mark of. Wah Toon Hoe in bronze medal


position will be watching this very closely. Pieterse with his second


vaults. 1.5 twists will stop a little bit off-line but that was not


in doubt. Much less dynamic as well. First was saved, and he got a


good score for it. -- safe. Half well. First was saved, and he got a


good score for it. -- safe. turns on this time. Straight body, 1.5


twists. Lack of control on the landing.


this time. Straight body, 1.5 twists. Lack of Wraps in a 1.5.


Manages to control it. Pleased with his work. His average will be quite


impressive. 14.099 for Kent Pieterse as he gives an invitation for the


next games. That guarantees Kristian Thomas a medal. At Lois a bronze


with one gymnast left to go. -- at least a bronze. -- Aizat Bin


Muhammad Jufrie will be the last to go.


The front somersault straight. And they have done well, the gymnasts


from Singapore. . Very well indeed. they have done well, the gymnasts


Both the men and the women, very much improved. This was a bit untidy


I think. Legs apart at the start. Snap


I think. deep, in the pike, when he landed.


I think. Legs were apart on that turn on.


They were together in the twist off, so the double twist. Yes,


interesting you so the double twist. Yes,


twist because of the one hand if front of the other approach, but to


my mind I have always front of the other approach, but to


that is is a handspring with one hand in front of the other.


Technically it was a double twist. Yes, I agree, Mitch, for my mind,


that is like a handspring, but, in the code, in the jumping manual, if


you make one hand in front of the other it is considered to be a turn


on, and then a double twist off. Absolutely.


14 scored then, for Aizat Bin Muhammad Jufrie's first vault. He


need an outreach of over 14.195 to get up into the medals.


So everything, then on this last vault, for Jufrie.


A 5.2 difficulty. He will be concentrating on


execution here. He has got to absolutely nail it.


Well, there you you go. That was a handspring, one-and-a-half twist.


Same vault with one hand, I am not happy, I never have been. I am


picking up on that, both vaults have to have a different entry, you are


saying one hand is a bit further in front of the other. Yes. As oppose


to making a turn on. It is a bit of a loophole in the judging manual,


this time you see he goes on both hands parallel, one-and-a-half


twists off. And it really was very similar to the first vault, but it


is allowed, and he performed it really quite, I think he performed


this vault better than the other one. He blocked well; buzz his chest


was right down on that landing. That is where the marks will be lost.


Little delay coming off. The rotation stopped. Shoulders down and


he piked his feet down, and that is, that is the big deduction, it can be


as much as half a mark for landing like that is You were saying


howening shurks how wonderful the Singapore gymnasts have been, that


puts him into sixth. His compatriot from Singapore, he will take the


bronze medal. But there is your Commonwealth


champion on vault, Scott Morgan from Canada, to match his gold on rings


and a silver he got on floor, but what a moment for Wah Toon Hoe. He


takes the bronze medal. And England's Kristian Thomas, he takes


the silver here. In the men's vault final.


Celebration indeed, another step forward. Huge moment for Singapore.


I am sure that it is not the colour that Kristian Thomas was off but he


will be happy with a medal. And individual medal. It shows his


quality as a vaulter when you can make a mistake like that and still


take the silver medal. Well, Scott Morgan, you absolutely


see he is delighted. He is having a storming Commonwealth competition.


But for Wah Toon Hoe, they will always remember Glasgow 2014.


So a 28th gold medal for Canada, wonderful atmosphere inside the


Hydro and also, today. We will be popping back to the Hydro


in about 15 minutes time for the women's beam final. In the meantime


I'm going to bring you up to date with what has been happening at


Glasgow Green, we with what has been happening at


to the gold medal match in the women's hockey. Is there no stopping


Australia? They have made it through to the final. Beating South Africa


7-1. South Africa couldn't keep up with Australia's pace and energy.


Australia scored somel xent goals in the second half. They have scored 32


goals in five games, some excellent. Led by Adam Commons that are coach,


they are heading for the gold medal by the looks of it.


On BBC Three, in just a few mopes time, you will be able to watch New


Zealand taking on England. That is the other semifinal, Australia


waiting in the final then, will it be Danny Kerry's England, can he


lead them to the final? What a final that would be, England against


Australia in the gold medal match. So that is on BBC Three very


shortly, and the reason it is not on yet is because it is a Scotland


versus England bat in the lawn bowls, in the men's pair, and


Scotland lead 14-15 after 11 ends, so basically if you want the women's


hockey, what you need to do is go to the website.


Well, let us go to the SECC now, and in boxing, there could be a real


gold rush of medals for the Home Nations, over the weekend. What we


are going to focus on is the men's bantamweight semifinal line up. It


is box office stuff for the bout between Michael Conlan, he is taking


on the defending champion Sean McGoldrick of Wales. England's Qais


Ashfaq. We start in round two, Conlan ahead


of all three cards. First round to the taller man in


red. Michael Conlan's Northern Ireland, boxing in his second


Commonwealth Games. He lost a controversial round in Delhi to


Jason Maloney. It was ten points apiece and Maloney got the nod


because of his superior work rate. Connor looks -- Conlan looks as if


he is about to pick that up. McGoldrick has that problem of


getting inside the longer reach of the Northern Irish man, the boy from


Belfast, boxer out of the St John Boscoe Club. McGoldrick used to move


his head more. Conlon is working well with his jab. He is


concentrating on bent arm work. He has to quicken his feet up. There is


demonstrating there from Conlon he is prepared the work on the inside


as well. That will give chance there to McGoldrick, but he has to take


the opportunity tons inside. Again another single shot came in from the


Welshman in blue. Conlan, throwing more leather as they say in the pro


game. Good right hand into the ribs by Conlan. Lost in the semifinal of


the Olympics in London a couple of year ago to the eventual gold medal


winner Ramirez, one of those difficult Cuban, midway through the


second. Again, Conlan just slipping that left hand into the ribs of the


Welshman and being first after the break. He is boxing as a southpaw


now, switching back to orthodox, so he is confident, trying to confuse


McGoldrick a bit. McGoldrick, he is confident, trying to confuse


feet are too slow. He is too far out, that is his problem, his


problem is closing that gap down, without getting hit, and that is why


he needs. to work.


There has to be tactic change from both boxers. McGoldrick has to get


on the front foot but Conlan has to box at distance and protect that


eye. Look at McGoldrick, all he is focussing on is the right eye of his


opponent Conlan, who is having trouble seeing out of that eye. That


is main worry. Conlan is boxing well. They will look at it again and


this is not looking good for Michael Conlan, the number two ranked


bantamweight in the world. Ooh. He is shaking his head. He is shaking


his head. It is the blood running into the eye that is the problem. He


wipe as much of it away as possible. He stopped it. It has been stopped!


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, from Michael Conlan, can you believe


that? A terrific contest shaping up there, but it might come down to a


technical decision if it was with the head, we will have to wait and


see. If it was with the head it will the head, we will have to wait and


go to the judges' scores. Conlan was certainly leading, but if it was


done with a punch it will be a stodge and McGoldrick will go


through to the final and Conlan will have to settle for bronze. Now was


this the head? I think it was. Definitely was the head. Definitely


was the head. What we said Definitely was the head. Definitely


tournament. You have to be lucky, you have to go through five contests


without receiving a head clash, that is very very difficult indeed. Even


with Conlan's is very very difficult indeed. Even


long range, here they come together, and he is just unfortunate. If they


had head guards on that wouldn't have happened.


Well, Michael Conlan has raised his hand. Heck cobbed it was caused by


the head and therefore they are going to go to the judge -- judges'


scores. Our referee has stopped this contest in round number two, we


therefore go to the judges' score cards, the winner, by unanimous


decision, and through to the final, in the red corner, Michael Conlan.


That is a nasty looking crescent shaped cut above his eye, to have


only 24 hours to work on it. But Michael Conlan has gone through, and


having been disappointed in Delhi four years ago, he will be


disappointed with the outcome that in terms of what it meant to him.


Michael Conlan is the first Northern Irish boxer through to the finals


here in Glasgow 2014. A bit of controversy about it, there is no


question he was the wetter boxer all the way through, and Michael Conlan


knows he is badly cut and he knows a lot of skill is going to be


required. And Shaun McGoldrick who got to the final four yearses ago


and was given the gold medal will have to settle for bronze. What an


end to the contest, none sat factory you could say but Michael Conlan has


-- unsatisfactory you could say. Michael was taken away for treatment


due to that bad cut. You will notice the women fighters will still wear


head-guard in this Commonwealth Games whereas the men don't. The


boxing authority say male fighters are more likely to suffer concussion


if they wear protection, a consequence, we have seen a bit of


blood in the ring, unlike as recent Commonwealths, so to the men's


flyweight. In the first of two semifinals, Waseem of Pakistan beat


Omar. We join the second one, mechanic fan -- McFadden versus


Moloney. So moving to the third and final


round. 52 kilogram flyweight semifinal action. McFadden wearing


red. Looking to book his place in the final, he has talked of being a


man of destiny. He has used the crowd and the atmosphere in and the


energy throughout the course of this tournament. But this is a hugely


tactical and cagey encounter against the man in blue from Australia.


Everything to compete for. The prize of cause is a gold or silver medal.


Minute gone in this third and final round and the cagey pattern


continues. The referee warned him for being low. McFadden onto the


front foot. Lovely shot from McFadden. Here is where the crowd


can play a part. Beyond the halfway stage. McFadden has landed perhaps


the more eye-catching shots. Body shot success from McFadden. Very


often the boxer who leads is often the one who gets caught with the


shots. This is where he has got to go to work on the inside now. The


final 30 seconds will be crucial. His opponent steps away now and


again with a low left hand. McFadden took a quick glance to his corner.


It is going to be furious finish. Back to the ropes. Setting a trap


for Maloney again. Comes forward. McFadden feels he has done enough.


Going into the third and final round it was tied. One judge had it in


favour of McFadden. Just looking to see if there is a slight cut on his


eye. I think this might be split. Just did the better work for me. It


was nothing in it. Very close. Maloney still did not want to commit


but that made McFadden come forward. Maybe one or two getting through.


Very close indeed. I just think McFadden has got the nod. We have a


split decision. In favour of the winner, now through to the final, in


the blue corner Andrew Moloney. Andrew Moloney jumps the joy. Just


booked his place in the gold-medal bout. The fairy tale run of Reece


McFadden comes to an end at the semifinal stage but the 19-year-old


from Motherwell acknowledges the crowd because he has illuminated


this tournament with his skill, tenacity and comes away with a


Commonwealth Games bronze medal. Just 19 years of age and most


certainly a name we will see in huge international tournaments


representing Scotland and Great Britain. From Belarus... I promised


at the start we had some wonderful boxing from the SEC see. It has


proved and it looks like we will have a gold rush of medals for the


home nations. We will go back to the Hydro and Kristian Thomas and see


him getting his silver medal. Well done to Kristian Thomas. England's


only representative, led the way in qualifying and had a great chance to


win his first individual Commonwealth Games medal. Canada's


Scott Morgan winning the gold. He won silver on the floor and gold on


the rings. Many congratulations to Kristian Thomas. Canada have now won


their 28th gold medal. There are the three medal winners.


Scott Morgan, Kristian Thomas There are the three medal winners.


right. Just incredible. It all goes well for the future. They have


organised themselves in Singapore. Rewards of a bronze medal will see


them in good stead. We are awaiting the arrival of the gymnasts for the


beam final. We have got two English gymnasts and two Welsh gymnasts


going in that particular final. Home nations doing incredibly well. There


could be a chance of another Welsh medal. Christine, your gymnasts,


Georgina Hockenhull. What a work have you been doing? The beam is her


best piece and we are delighted she has made the final. Realistically


there are perhaps three or four others with higher starter scores.


Sometimes she can get a little bit nervous? She can, she worked first


in the individual all-round. Rebecca Downie, Lauren Mitchell and Claudia


Fragapane aim have the big difficulty value. It is a piece of


apparatus you can never call. It is a story of who stays on? And also


who stays on without wobbles. Quite often to get your star value you


have two link two elements. If often to get your star value you


first one does not go well, you don't do the second. Here are the


top eight don't do the second. Here are the


Rebecca Downie, Claudia Fragapane E. Elisabeth Beddoe from Wales.


Georgina Hockenhull from Wales and Ellie Black from Canada, who


Georgina Hockenhull from Wales and the last one to go in this final. We


watched Rebecca warming up this morning and she was looking sharp.


She is beautiful on the beam. I think if she goes without major


error she will probably is the first gymnast post is scored the others


will struggle to beat. But she is coming into the arena, you don't


warm up in the arena. Rebecca being introduced to the Hydro arena.


Maryanne Munton, the Australian beam champion. She has just watched her


compatriot take gold. Georgina Hockenhull for Wales. Ellie Black,


who has already had a silver medal in vault. Ellie Black has the most


difficult routine. If she hits everything she has the highest


difficulty score. But it is difficult and she cannot always hit


it. I think it will suit their keep being first appear, Chris? Yes, I


do. She has a plan in her mind, she just walked straight into this arena


here and we'll just go for it. Of course, she won the gold medal on


the bars yesterday. Commonwealth champion, European champion on the


bars, so she should be feeling the positive vibe. First gymnast to go


in the women's beam final. Rebecca Downie for England. Steadies her


nerve. Slow, quiet start. Just splits. She has a wonderful range of


movement. Has to focus hard on this first summer self. She didn't get


both feet on. She made the same error in qualification but got back


on and did so well and still made the final. This is a very difficult


combination. And off again. That is the trouble is, once you allow


yourself to be unsettled. It is pressure, we watched her go through


those combinations this morning. She is very skilful and very


experienced. Now she is allowing herself to be completely rattled. It


is an nerve wracking situation. You come into this cool drink, 13,000


people watching just you. Also when you have such expectation of


yourself as well, Chris? When she settles into a rhythm, she will be


better. Back spin, free walkover. Straight into a very good jump. Side


somersault. All her elements are very well performed. Second change


leg lead. -- leap. Just the dismount. Straight, back somersault.


She knows the damage was done, no point in risking injury to her sort


ankle. Now it is open. Huge disappointment for Rebecca Downie.


She knew she would lead the gymnasts to beat if she hit. That is her


Commonwealth Games over. It is, but she takes home two gold medals. She


will be sorry she did not manage that, but the peas she really


wanted, the bars she made that. Never really got hold of things


afterwards. It is a difficult combination. It does get a lot of


marks, the free cartwheel. And then you land immediately into a


somersault. That is your two flighted moves that need to be


joined. I thought she looked in line but she was a slow recovering in the


shoulders. It is always tricky, especially when one leg is held up


in the splits. She decided not to risk the double pike back off the


beam. Just floated the straight somersault down, but this will be


quite a low score. As far as home nation hope


Jason Mohammad and Hazel Irvine present live coverage of day nine of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

This afternoon's action is all about gymnastics, and there's a sizeable Home Nations presence. Reiss Beckford, who won a silver medal at the Delhi Games four years ago, goes again in the final of the men's parallel bars, followed by Sam Oldham, also of England, in the final of the horizontal bars - Oldham won silver at the World Championships last year.

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