BBC One: Day 14: 19.00-22.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 14: 19.00-22.00

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The king of sprinting. The world Usain Bolt is going to do it again.


The only man to have defended the Olympic 200 metre tired pot ever.


David Rudisha striding away to become an Olympic champion will


Good evening. It does not really get any better in athletics than


last night. A tough act to follow but we will do our best. There


could be another unprecedented double double as Tirunesh Diababa


seeks to be cam champion in the 5000 metres in successive Olympics.


Lisa Dobriskey was told to forget the Olympics but she could make it


up a successful night. Can Britain grab a Madog in the relay? Batten


down hatches for an explosive Women's four by 400 metres final.


Weeks after becoming the British record holder, Steve Lewis is vying


to become the country's first Olympic pole vault medallist.


Former ballet dancer, Sophie Hitchon, is preparing for the


performance of her life after leaping into tonight's hammer final.


Plenty of courses on the menu. We will head to the Olympic Stadium


for the heats of the women's four On BBC Three you will be able to


see live coverage of Tom Daley - us Tom Daley's attempts to win in the


diving. If you have just cumin, let's bring you are to date with


the day's big stories. -- come in. GB women won a bronze medal in the


women's hockey. British sailors, Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark could


not overhaul New Zealand but a silver medal is the superb


achievement for the pair who any team that earlier this year. There


was a similar result for Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell. They


were assured of silver before today but were unable to prise gold from


the Australian pair. Our BMX riders could not keep the wheels turning


for Team GB. Shanaze Reade finished 6th and Liam Williams crashed out


of the men's final. The Brit did not hang about in the 200 metres


We have a busy night of track and field which lies ahead. Let's get


straight over to the Olympic Stadium to join John Inverdale and


the gang. Another 80,000 happy people in glorious sunshine. This


is a great advert for athletics in terms of the rich portfolio that


track and field has to offer. We have distance, relays, hammer, pole


vault. We have something for everyone. Colin, you are always


relentlessly upbeat. Can we get some medals? I hope so. We're


looking at Lisa Dobriskey and to see how Steve Lewis will do. He is


ranked five in the world. Anything can happen. There is always a


calamity in the relays. You just always hope it is not your team. It


has been in the case of USA, in fact. The relays should be very


interesting. The Great Britain team has a very good chance of a


potential medal. I think the US and the Bahamas it will be battling for


gold and silver. That is very interesting. There will be a lot of


traffic going on and more potential for some calamity. One of the first


races we have is the women's four by 400 metres. What our medal


chances? They have a good chance. They need to get through. We have a


good draw, a good lane order and good women running. One step at a


time. Last question - we always known that baton changing is key.


How important is it in us? It is important when there is traffic on


the changeover. Yesterday we saw some athletes fall. The South


African team has not dad and had to be reinstated. -- got knocked out.


There is the orbit sparkling in the sunshine. The last part of sunshine


on this side of the stadium. Perfect for watching and


house. They will be enjoying the relays. It will be the first three


and the two fastest losers. You have probably already cottoned on


to that by now. The Jamaican team will be strong. The rest of the


team are pretty experienced. This will probably not be the quartet


that will contest the final for them. They will expect to go


through comfortably. The Cuban men were sensational. The second leg


runner ran 43.9 rather unnoticed. Will the women do the same thing


here? They are in five. France is experienced team. The most


experienced person is leading off the team. Nigeria in lane eight.


You look at the season's best coming into this and they are


almost irrelevant. Italy is on the outside. There are irrelevant in


the sense that very few teams have actually contested this race with


their best quartet. Great Britain in Helsinki not the quartet they


will be using here. Many of these teams took part in the European


Championships and Ukraine ended up race, there are extra-long staggers


because they do not break until they have run three Benn's. --


bends. Jamaica is looking for a good first leg on the inside.


Nigeria are starting pretty quickly. In the middle, Belarus had gone


well. They had two sisters who are always redoubtable competitors.


Italy have made a poor start. The Jamaican quartet will be happy with


this leg. They were not be too far away. Just watch the handover. That


is the best time to see who it is in their lead. I do not think


Jamaica will be too far away from theirs. Jamaica just about first. -


- this. Jamaica are just cruising at the moment. They are looking


very comfortable coming through to the inside lane. Nigeria and


Belarus are trying for the second place. It is amazing they have such


a big lead. The chase is certainly on for second and third. The last


two athletes are very experienced. She is fading a little bet. It was


a very fast first 200 metres. Ukraine have come right back into


red. Belarus are trying to scrap. They have lost a couple of places


on the changeover to Nigeria. Just the first three to go through.


very good Lake by this Jamaican. Nigeria and Ukraine. The Ukraine


athlete is tying up a bet. The Nigerians, the French and the


Cubans are closing in. The Jamaicans are looking very strong.


The French are having an absolutely superb leg. Certainly Tim Aker in


control of this race. -- certainly Jamaica in control of this race.


Nigeria is in force. BG No George is striding out on the back


straight for Nigeria. -- Regina. She was clear at 100 metres ago.


Jamaica is well clear. The European champions. On the inside come at


the French athlete might just nip through. They are the top three.


Rosemary White. She did not need to go faster than that. I would just


bring Michael Johnson in for the replay. Let's have a look at the


end of that race. Nigeria tried to get in it. They were always going


to be a bit behind. They back loaded their team. To make a well


out front. They're looking very relaxed. -- Jamaica are well out


front. The Ukrainian athlete wants to rant on the inside. That was an


amateur mistake. Ukraine qualifies nonetheless in second place. Very


relaxed from the Jamaicans. Ukraine are a very tough team. They have


run very well this year. They will be fine for the medals. Not as


strong as Jamaica has had in the past. They probably will not be


able to compete with the US, who will be very tough. They will be in


this final tomorrow. Lots of of the two heats. The times may


well be significant. Great Britain He did not qualify in 2008. This is


this championship was a British record, 5.82. We have been waiting


a long time for him to jump that high. A hugely talented athlete.


5.50, certainly a tough opening height. Normally you might expect


5.35, 5.40, but not here. The good heat, it is quite a strong team.


The silver-medallists, Christine Ohuruogu, who throughout these


championships has been getting better and better. So expect this


stadium to come alive in just a moment. Great Britain are going in


lane eight, and the United States of America, defending champions,


are in the lane have signed them, so it will be very interesting to


see what sort of start Shana Cox can get off to against Kecia Baker.


Are not caused the USA, if they want, have still got Sanya


Richards-Ross and Allyson Felix, the 400m champion and the 200m


champion, to bring into this team. They were part of the United States


4x400 relay team when their won this last time. -- they won this


last time. Well, along with Keshia Baker, you have got Francena


McCorory, who ran in the individual event, and Diamond Dixon and Deedee


Trotter, the bronze-medallists who finished just behind Christine


catch up now with the Men's pole vault. The opening height of 5.50,


every athlete is clear or past except the Igor Bychkov of Spain,


the former Ukrainian. He has a poor record in major championships.


Unless he clears this, it is set to talked about the support of this


championship performance, great effort. The bar will now move to


will really love these conditions, warm, not too much wind. It is a


little bit breezy, but not enough to bother the pole-vaulters to


match, and the generosity of the crowd is superb. This is the line-


up for the second semi-final of the second, silver-medallists four


years ago against a very powerful American squad. That is a pretty


useful for some! Brazil go in lane bronze medal in the 400m hurdles,


looking very good in the individual event. We do not know too much


about the Polish team, but they are just outside of their national


record in qualifying for the Olympic Games this year. Great


Olympic Games to the last time Great Britain were not represented


in the final. But a real test for Shana Cox, Lee McConnell, Eilidh


Child and Christine Ohuruogu, against a powerful quartet from the


USA, featuring Keshia Baker, Francena McCorory, Diamond Dixon


and the bronze-medallists from the United States, Deedee Trotter.


Ireland are right in mane two, Marian Heffernan goes to Joanne


Cuddihy, Jessie Barr and Michelle Carey. But Ireland have never been


in this final before. The first three will go through to the final,


and the two fastest losers. Great Britain have got a great target,


the defending champions, United States, are just one lane have


Britain! But Keshia Baker of the USA has gone off very quickly


already up on Nigeria. In fact, it is the Brazilians, I beg your


pardon, but the lead-off runner for the Russians is going so well at


the minute, at Shana Cox of Great Britain on the left-hand side of


the screen is now beginning to haul in the United States. Shana Cox is


having a very good leg indeed. Russians will be in the lead, but


Great Britain have had a good first leg, but Keshia Baker has saved a


little bit there, she came under pressure from Shana Cox. This is a


different team to that which competed in the European


Championships, Lee McConnell moved up to the second leg. Eilidh Child,


who was the anger in Helsinki, Christine Ohuruogu will do that.


Four teams have pulled clear. The Russians, that quartet looked so


strong to me. I think it is the Czech Republic and the USA that


Britain will have to contend with, but they have got enough muscle


with Christine Ohuruogu on the last leg to do that. Lee McConnell is


sandwiched between the defending champions, the United States, and


the silver-medallists from Beijing. And she is being pressured now by


Francena McCorory. Lee McConnell has got to hold a form. The


Russians are still in the lead. They had a fantastic leg there. The


outgoing runners are waiting, Russia, USA, and the changeover


team, Lee McConnell and Eilidh Child not brilliant, Great Britain


are still in third place but they lost some distance on the


changeover. They lost some distance, but Eilidh Child ran a brilliant


leg at the European Championships, and that is why she has been


picking up. A lot of 400m hurdlers get a chance in the relay. The


Czech Republic are chasing them down, they have a very good bronze-


medallist from the 400m hurdles are the last leg, but it is a strongly


for Christine Ohuruogu. Just the top three will go through, and


Eilidh Child may take another couple of yards out of the Czech


Republic in the home straight here. But it is Russia and USA at the


front, Great Britain clear in third. The Russian is being overtaken by


Diamond Dixon, and this could be a real battle for first place.


Christine Ohuruogu, silver- medallist and former Olympic


champion, gets away for Great Britain. She looks safe in third


place but has Zuzana Hejnova of the Czech Republic chasing out. This is


going to be quite a quick time. United States in control at the


minute. Christine Ohuruogu just cruising through the first 200m.


But we saw in the individual and then to just how strong she was


over the last 150. -- individual events. Now Deedee Trotter is being


challenged for first place, but the American is holding Russia off. The


Russian has got nothing to give back to this race. Deedee Trotter


wins it for the USA, Russia in second, Great Britain and Northern


Ireland in third place, a very good run by Christine Ohuruogu. She held


off Zuzana Hejnova, who never made one metre on the British athlete,


and Great Britain once again are in the women's 4x400 metres final. Now,


what about the Americans, Michael? They have got some strength to


bring into this final, the likes of Allyson Felix and Sanya Richards-


Ross. They are looking very, very good indeed. They are looking very


good, Sanya Richards-Ross will certainly run the anchor, for sure.


I do not think that the Russians will be able to contend with the


Americans. I'm sure they will bring in another athlete, but with Sanya


Richards-Ross, I do not think they will be added to give her much. The


Great Britain team, that was a good run, but it is going to be tough


for medals. They are pretty far behind here. If you can key


Christine Ohuruogu in contact, you have got a chance, but she is not


really in contact with the leaders in his semi-final. Going back to


the last heat, you have got Jamaica, who have a decent team, so it is


going to be tough for medals, but when you have got Christine


Ohuruogu on the anger, there is always a chance. Christine taking a


look up at the clock there, she was in a comfortable position for


qualifying, but it will be tough place, downstairs talking to Phil


Shana Cox, I know you are keen to get in the next straight away, a


vital first flag. Yes, definitely important, you want to put your


team in a good position, I wanted to and off to Lee McConnell in the


best position possible, so she could do what she wanted to do.


51.9, how pleased are you with that? It is all right, I will have


to run faster in the final, but I am pleased with it, I knew we got


into the next round, just got to think positive going into it.


flat, and once you are in the next, what is going through your mind at


that point, when you are qualified? I wanted to try and stay and close


to Russia and America as possible. I just had to fight, halt position,


and try it to make up time on the home straight. We ran well as a


team. 51.5, Eilidh Child, you had a great lake at the Europeans, back


here and done it again. I was happy to come out with the girls, just a


case are trying to qualify, give Christine a bus. She did 50.6,


fastest across all the teams. With a bit more in attack? And surprise,


I did not know what to expect, but it is nice to qualify, get the hard


bit out of the way, at least we know we have got another date to


fight. Well done the war, we will see you in the final. -- Well done


to you all. IOC president Jack Rance described


London as the heartbeat of the world, and this city has seen some


amazing athletics tonight. -- he Jacques Rogge. David Bidisha said


it was his intention to go out and break the world record. -- David


Rudisha. Self-belief is an important part of an athlete's


armoury, but how many of the medals we have seen won across this


magnificent city have actually been This is a place in the Olympic Park


that the very few people get to see, it is a dressing room much like any


other, white walls, a few benches and coat hooks. But it is in places


like this, the nooks and crannies of Olympic venues, that gold medals


This is the inner sanctum, where the last few crucial moments are


spent before stepping out into the megawatt light of the arena, a few


yards down the corridor of. It is here athletes perform secret


routines to take them into the zone. Here we will see some truly bizarre


things. Some athletes in half trances, pacing from foot to foot.


Others with eyes closed, visualising optimum performances.


Some Annette bizarre superstitions, others silent prayers. This is one


of the most surreal places in sport but also one of the most


fascinating. Often, the final few moments before competition are


highly solitary. You are alone with your thoughts and demons. In many


sports, solitude is impossible. You are designed to spend those final


moments with your competitors. It is here that the mind games go into


overdrive. From our perspective, the seven guys I need to do battle


against, who are standing in my way to get that gold medal. I never


thought it was personal. They were simply trying to win. I do not own


winning. I just wanted to win. interesting thing is that champion


athletes - top athletes - gold medal athletes, that type of


athlete, will not see pressure as a problem. They will perceive it as a


privilege. I quite enjoyed it. The pressure is so high at that point.


All things being equal, it is the person whose handles that moment of


pressure he will have the best performance. One competitor asked


us all to pray together. I was not going to do that but most of the


guys did. I was going into battle. The brittle irony was, however good


you are, how ever many sacrifices you have made, it all counts for


nothing if you cannot deliver when it really matters. Four years of


preparation for a few defining moments of action. This is, in many


ways, the ultimate sliding Dawes moment. The key question is, do the


psychological rituals that athletes used in the dressing room and


continue to use right and hit in the arena actually work? In short,


what do we really nerve about the dark part of performance


psychologies. You are already under a tremendous amount of pressure in


knowing the significance of the moment. This is what you have been


preparing for and it is a dream come true. You are that close.


You'll always have an internal voice saying, this is dangerous, or


run away. A psychologist would always say you control the


controllable. Be run not in control of the weather, the opposition, the


crowd or the event. -- you are not in control. You can only control


how you perform when the gun goes off. You narrow it down to


something incredibly simple. Ironic that I have lost my faith now but


that gave me some perspective. It was about disassociating myself


with the outcome. You do the best you can and let the chips fall as


they may. I can only be as good as I could be a pause dubbed it was a


calming, focusing and inspiring thought. -- I could be. It is about


elimination of doubt. Doubt is sensible thing in many cases. When


someone is trying to flog an endurance policy, it makes sense to


doubt. In sport, doubt is catastrophic. If you do not believe


you will know beforehand or score a penalty, you will almost certainly


miss. This can help eliminate doubt. Superstitions provide reassurance


and boost self-belief. Superstition is very interesting, particularly


in the world of sports psychology. Thoughts become things. What we


think affects the way we feel and the way we feel ultimately affects


the way we behave and to perform. similar kind of thing happens in


the field of medicine. A sugar pill can have incredible effects,


reducing pain and anxiety, even eliminating nausea, so long as you


believe it well. As Jonathan Edwards said, any believe can have


a astonishingly powerful effects providing it is held with


sufficient conviction. Maybe that is the key. You need to find


something that works for you. Every athlete is an individual. You can


take out a training manual, a sports psychology book and say


Michael Johnson did this, Carl Lewis did best, and go on and on


but numb -- none of them are who you are and you need to find your


own way. Delivering under pressure is brutal. It is subjective. Many


athletes are overcome with nerves. Others are afflicted with terrible


self-doubt. Any wonder they reach for the particular ritual that


makes sense for them - that provides a sense of reassurance and


control. Preya, superstition, visualisation, take your pick. What


is certain is that my new difference between victory and


defeat is often to be found not in scale or effort but in the recesses


Those two minds, focusing exactly young what I'm going to say when I


ask the question. You apart of that film. A team event is different to


an individual event. There are so many other factors involved. So


often people at home are football fans and they say, why did he do


that? He did not have his mind in the right place. The cliche that is


always used is about the top two inches. If you were to draw a pie


chart about the importance of the mind in producing a champion, what


percentage is it? That is not the right approach. You want to be 100%


proficient and ready to go physically as well as mentally. You


do not want to divide them up and say this one is mental and this


match is physical. There is an element of mental preparedness of


that is required - mental toughness. What you want to do as an athlete,


you want to figure out yourself what works for me. Had they get


myself best-prepared to have my best performance and deal with the


pressure I am about to be under? What might work for one athlete


does not work for another. It has a lot to do with your personality.


Once you understand those aspects of your personality and how you can


modulate those things, you can then develop a strategy. You can develop


a mental strategy. Usain Bolt is the classic example of that. You


could not advocate across the board approaching a race like he does to


everybody. He is a different situation. If he were to take a


much more serious approach, I doubt if the results would be different.


Some athletes do need to relax and get themselves in that type of mine


set for that type of demeanour when they are not really feeling the


pressure. -- mindset. Usain Bolt can do it either way. It is


specific to the athlete. I agree with that 110%. For me, it is


something that can be improved. You do not start off with great mental


control and mental ability to get the best out of yourself. It is


something you can develop. It also depends on how healthy you are. In


Sydney, I relied on that so heavily because my physical was letting me


down. It can vary. It is an individual thing. That is a bit


point. It is a much bigger part of the equation when you are not


physically ready. When you are not physically ready, it is absolutely


crucial - your mental mind. You have so much more to think about.


Doubt concrete pin a lot more when you are not able to rely on


yourself physically. -- can creep in. You have to have complete


belief in a relay that at the changeover the baton will be in the


right place and a hand will be in the right place. If you start to


worry about it, you will be in trouble. The point that Michael


made was, every man, woman and that team, does his or her job. There is


no room for doubt. The strong this thing about relaid - they all had


to run the best they can. -- the relay. The changeover is crucial.


Each individual does have their own responsibilities. The outgoing


manner cannot be worried. He cannot see what is going on. His


responsibility is to make sure they do not go out of the are sown. You


have to really rely on that other team-mate. -- out of these then.


room for doubt. Between now and then, let's see what is happening


in the field. The pole vault is fared at by 0.65 metres. Steve


Lewis has passed. -- failed at 5.65m. That was very nice indeed.


Surprising to see every athlete failing their first attempt at this


height. They use can count against you. Bjorn Otto, in these very


early stages - a slight advantage. It was a very good clearance. In


the European Championships he had a head to head and it was compulsive


viewing. You did not know who would win gold until the last moment.


first round of the women's hammer final. Anita Wlodarczyk is the


former record holder. She is a little bit -- it was a little bit


off balance but it is flying. Britain has representation. A


magnificent performance by Sophie Hitchon. She broke the British


record with her last throw in qualifying. If she is going to win


a medal she would have to throw much further than her lifetime best


but the 21-year-old has done very well to even get to the final.


Anita Wlodarczyk leads. Another former world record holder, good


balance. She's been -- ate it spins away. That is a heck of a start.


Maybe. Very impressive but technically it could have been


better. This is the Olympic final - the first round. She did not use


her legs in the delivery. It was beautifully balanced and the


execution was superb. She is a lovely athlete to watch. She did


serve a suspension for a couple of years. She is in the lead. The fall


by 100 metres 4x100m is always an anxious watch. Kids Ben Nevis is


missing Kym Collins, who was sent home at the beginning of the Games.


-- St Kitts and Nevis. Blake joined the team last year. No Usain Bolt.


He is being rested. Now the Dutch will be tough. The European


champions, Brazil, always strong as well. Most of these teams have been


quicker than Britain this year - Malcolm, Dwain Chambers, James


Ellington, Daniel tour Beth and Adam Gemili. -- Dani Talbot. --


Daniel Talbot. Top three will be there or thereabouts. We do not


want to run the risk of being a Jamaica are the favourites in lane


fast as he would like, but going well around the bend now. The first


change for Britain was safe enough, but we are being run out of it at


the moment. Netherlands trying to get past Brazil, Italians going


well. Britain is now in third place. Great Britain, after a good leg


from Dwain Chambers, Adam Gemili just needs to finish this off. Oh,


no! What happened there?! We will have to look at the replay. It is


the yellow line that you need to look at. Jamaica got it round


safely, as ever. He will have enjoyed his role. Adam Jamelia does


not need us to tell him, Colin is shaking his head. My first look at


that, did he go off too early? The crowd are cheering because they


think Britain are second, but they cannot see what we have seen.


scanning down here, looking at the screen, we are looking for the


yellow marker on the floor of the track. Do they exchange the baton?


No, 100% outside that zone. The yellow mark, just watch this, what


the baton. He has gone past it, the baton is not in his hand. He


receives and off egos, that is a terrible shame, because that is one


of the fastest times the British team has run for a very, very long


time. Watch again. Can we make it any clearer? It is definitely not


there, unfortunately. Jamaica, a sound performance. One was wrong


there? I do not think he went are fairly, the mark seemed to be hit,


Talbot was moving well enough. Did he go out too quickly? Let's wanted


all the way around, I cannot see where the blame was. You always say


it is the outgoing runner's fault. You should only use your hand as a


target, the incoming runner should push it in. The blind man is not


the one to blame, so that would have been Adam Gemili. Let's have a


look. Everything goes well until now. Did he go before the mark? I


did not see where it was. Perhaps he was a little bit inexperienced,


he was not sure how far into the that, I think Danny could have


given him the baton a bit sooner, he took more strides than necessary.


As soon as he called hand, you have tooth throw it straight out. I


think Daniel will look back at the pictures and say, yes, when I


called hand, I should have pushed disqualified, the quartet are with


Phil Jones. At least three of them are. As one of the more experienced


team members, trying to comfort Adam. Let me start with you, you


have been through this before as a team, and I know you stick together


at a time like this. Yeah, you have to, man. It is unfortunate, it is


one of these things that happens. It is a fantastic performance,


Danny has come in at the last moment, both of them ran a


fantastic, the youngsters. It is a big stadium, do you know what I


mean? It can be overwhelming, these guys ran hard at. Again,


unfortunately, these things happen. Danny, how did you see it? I don't


know what happened. I just could not catch him. I feel bad for the


team, because we have tried so hard, so much training. I am really


gutted, the fact that we have been disqualified, devastating, really.


When you were shouting, what were you trying to communicate? A just


try to shout hand, we were just a bit too late. It is unfortunate,


really. Adam, how were you saying it? Oh, I don't know, I just... I


went off, I have got to see the video. Maybe I went early, maybe I


went a bit hard. I don't know, it is disappointing, because we ran


37.9, the changeover was sloppy, we could have been in contention in a


final if we had made it. It is disappointing. We have got a


monitor at the side here, you can see what happened. Maybe you can


explain. I think I went on the Czech marque, yeah, I went on the


Czech marque, maybe a tiny bit early. I did not... In a stadium


like this, it is hard to hear hand, I just put my hand back, waiting


for it. And then it did not come. Oh! It is so close. Dwain Chambers


has joined us as well. You would have been in contention, obviously


this is not the way you want your Olympics to end, but you can feel


for the younger guys. There, at the end of the day, we are proud of


being here representing our country, and Adam has had a fantastic start


to his season. This is his second year in athletics. It was a big


task, and I am proud of him, more than anything else. We are not


going to take anything away from that. We have been billed as a team


and hopefully do better throughout the summer and next year. Can I


just say thanks to all the other guys in the squad, Simeon, Mark,


James? Especially James, he has had a hardier. He and a hard time in


the 200, is that out, and he would have been our third leg. Sorry we


cannot get it round. I appreciate About the only certainty we had


before the race was that there would be one calamity, Michael said,


you just hope that it does not happen to you. It happens, in that


situation it looked like Adam Gemili when... A little bit early,


or even from his goal mark. He is already on the outside lane, he has


that strapping on his shoulder, Danny puts his hand out to the left,


instead of straight back, which compounded the problem. He knew at


that point... I do not know, you work on these changeovers, and you


try to walk on them at a speed that he will actually compete at, but


you cannot ever really match that speed, so it could have been a


situation where Adam was just so excited with his crowd, with his


moment and this opportunity, that he was running a little bit faster


I can see. He was very close to the mark. You can see the white mark,


Adam has already gone before the incoming runner hit the mark. And


then I think it was compounded by him just running so fast Bach the


start, probably faster than they have practised, and they could not


make the connection. He actually ran into the next-door lane as well.


Without further ado, they are ready to go in the second of these heats,


and the Americans are in this. They have not had a great track record


in Beijing and Berlin and elsewhere, so let see what happens here. Paul


in the year 2000. As far as Britain are concerned, they finished in


second place behind them in Athens in 2004. They did not finish in


their heat in Beijing four years ago. Of course, in the final


Jamaica went on to break the world record and take the gold medal.


This time it is Jeffery Demps to Leeds off, Darvis Patton, Trell


Kimmons, who is in good form, and Justin Gatlin, bronze-medallist in


the individual. The French team includes Christophe Lemaitre, sixth


And so are the Germans, just outside them. The Germans recently


broke their national record. The first changeover is OK, the


Japanese are right and outside, absolutely Fabulous! He is having a


storming leg. The Americans are safe this time. To the USA going


well, but so are France. The outgoing leg for France was a bit


slow away. Here come the USA! Trinidad & Tobago, perhaps coming


through, USA win, Japan's second, Trinidad & Tobago taking the Orland


curtained third qualifying spot. But the silver-medallists, Trinidad


& Tobago, we will have to have a look at that. They did not run a


particularly good race at all. Winning time of 37.38, that has


been adjusted. So very, very quick indeed. Colin, what do you think?


We talk about his being a Jamaican High in USA battle, and we could be


right, they are virtually neck-and- neck. -- Jamaica-the US Dave


been practising, and of course they have got Tyson Gay coming into this


team, so this is going to be a sensational race. Out of the


blocks... Nice and steady running around the turn. Trell Kimmons. And


this was a very good exchange to Darvis Patton. An experienced relay


runner, remember he had a little problem last year when Harry


Aikines-Aryeetey broke his shoulder. This is Trell Kimmons, actually,


giving the baton to Justin Gatlin. And Justin Gatlin had an excellent


100m race. The time, 37.38, a new national record for the United


States. It is the second fastest time in history to the Jamaicans.


There you go, the USA, new national record will give them huge


confidence by the time they get to the final. Japan, a fabulous time.


Trinidad & Tobago have got a bit of work to do on their baton changing,


but France and Australia go through to the final as well as the fastest


losers. Just a footnote to the British disqualification. I can


tell you, in case you did not already know, the European


Championships the men did not finish, the women were disqualified,


at the juniors, the men were disqualified, the women did not


finish, and at the Olympics the women are not here and our men have


been disqualified. 100% fairly at European title, that great battle


against Bjorn Otto. He is also clear at 5.65. And here is nous


Sophie Hitchon. If she can repeat the form that she showed in the


qualifying competition, we could be but it is close to 70 metres, that


is a real confidence booster in his final also the Itchen. She is by


far and away the youngest woman in the final. -- the force Sophie


Hitchon. She sits low. 69.33, Sophie Hitchon, a car or more rose


to go to get even further. -- a couple more to Rose. Already 72.96


the moment, but a Zhang Wenxiu has put herself in the next. We are not


even at the end of... Well, this is effectively the beginning of around


two, so we could even have the best women's hammer final ever been a


major global championship. That was long, 76.34, very close to her


Asian record. The third and final attempt for Steve Hooker, his


disappointment. We thought he might challenge for the world record, but


That takes us back to our piece about it all being in the mind. Now,


if you want to watch the final of the women's hockey, it is coming up


imminently on BBC Three, Great Britain won bronze earlier this


afternoon by the New Zealand 3-1, and it is the Netherlands against


Argentina in just a couple of moments time. We are building up to


the 5,000m for women, and Brendan Foster has joined us are here,


because he is the man when it comes to that kind of thing. We could


It is incredible. Tirunesh Diababa, the favourite for this race, won


the 10,000 convincingly the overnight. No woman has ever won


more than three individual Olympics medals. Last night we saw two


pieces of Olympic history. I think we will see another tonight. In


Ethiopia, they're getting really excited. They have four a massive


screens. There are hundreds of thousands of people watching the


London Olympics. It is incredible. If you look at the history of


Ethiopian distance running, Bekele is the most successful athlete with


three golds. Who else could upset things? Her own team-mate, Meseret


Defar. Vivian Cheruiyot as well. We have one up outstanding athlete. If


she is in form, I think we will be on the edge of a piece of history.


Jo Pavey is next door to her. We probably expect this to be an


Ethiopian/Kenyan cartel as it tends to be. What are our athletes aiming


for? It is the 4th Olympics final for Jo Pavey. I cannot think of


anyone else who has done that in British history. She has been a


fantastic performer who has run extremely well so far. She is at


the slightly advanced age for a distance runner. She has done


really well. Julia is also doing a in the 10,000 metres. Vivian


Cheruiyot last year would have been a contender. I'm not sure she has


done enough to take on Tirunesh Diababa. She has had a few injury


problems coming into the Olympic Games and that has curtailed any


challenge she could have had. Gelete Burka if it were slow, it


might give her something to think about. Daba, a former Ethiopian,


now running for Bahrain. Julia Bleasdale. A big personal best -


two personal bests. One in the 10,000 final and the other in the


5000 heats. Sally Kipyego, coached champion from Helsinki. Julia


Bleasdale was in that race. The former world junior champion has


this young lady - Tirunesh Diababa. She is back to her burst. -- best.


A huge cheer for Jo Pavey, one of Britain's favourite athletes. The


world champion in 2007 when Tirunesh Diababa just decided to


run the 10,000. As well as these the Olympic golds, do not forget


she has won four European Championship gold medals at


50101000 metres. -- 5000 and 1000 metres. Jo Pavey is going straight


to the front. She would not want to come to be it Olympic final and


lead 12.5 laps normally. Maybe that is getting rid of a few early


nerves and settling down into hopefully a nice, steady pace for


the race. I think she has wisely put herself in the front of the


pack. It is a sensible move. She is trying to encourage them to run the


steady pace. She has been training for the marathon. She wanted to run


the marathon in the Olympic Games. I'm delighted she is running the


10,000 metres. This is not bad. It is pretty good tactics. Because it


is Jo Pavey, Tirunesh Diababa has moved into 4th place. Just behind


that is Julia please tell. Two personal bests, you cannot do


better than that. A few months ago, she could not dream of being on the


same track as Tirunesh Diababa. There she is - on the shoulder of


the great one - Tirunesh Diababa, and running comfortably. It was


around 72.5 first lap. Well outside 15 minutes pace. I am sure Julia


Bleasdale will be hoping to dip under 15 minutes for the first time


in this final. Jo Pavey is ranked No. Two on Britain's all-time list,


behind Paula Radcliffe. They both had a right British tussle in the


10,000. Jo Pavey turned on the pace she has always been able to call


upon during her career. The crowd are loving the fact there are two


British women in this final and they can cheer them on. I do not


think there are any expectations of medals. They are enjoying this


stint at the front. It is a steady pace. Nothing that the bigger names


cannot contend with. It gets them moving along nicely. Jo Pavey is


doing the job, doing the business. Tirunesh Diababa has been jogging


along. Vivian Cheruiyot is starting to move through the field. Jo Pavey


will have analysed the event and realise the Kenyans and Ethiopians


did not run as a team in the 10,000 metres until the very late stages


of. She wants to keep it steady so that when the cream rises to the


top, she is in amongst it. That is the steady pace. They will go up a


lot faster in the last 1000 metres. You do not need a calculator. It is


a pretty slow pace. They are running 75 second laps. The big


names are not interested in getting anywhere near the front at this


stage. All of that plays into the pace of Tirunesh Diababa. Vivian


Cheruiyot might have thought, I wonder if I can out kick her but


she has been a bit off her game. Once Tirunesh Diababa was into her


stride, she is so small, you wonder where the power comes from. She is


so quick at the end of the race. She is quick at the end of the race.


She needed a big British record to get into the top eight. She just


saw the German into the bronze medal position. Sophie Hitchon


finishes in 12th place. It is a brilliant performance by her to


make the final. Alex Smith made the final of the men's hammer. This has


been a very successful games for them. I was chatting about a couple


of people about Rio. We're talking about people who had done while for


Britain. Nothing much has changed. In her day, Meseret Defar has had


some great tussles with Tirunesh Diababa in her day. There is nobody


I think has anything to offer in terms of taking on Tirunesh Diababa.


Sally Kipyego already has a silver medal in the bag. Maybe she is


looking for another one. What will Labour do? It is difficult. She is


strong and can stay with you. She can out sprint you. I am looking


closely at Tirunesh Diababa. On her right leg she has the blue plaster


on her hamstring and down the back of her knee. She has had lots of


injuries over the last few years. She has not won the World


Championships for a cross-country championships since Beijing. She


has been troubled all the time with injury. She has a blue plaster on


the back of her leg. I wonder if there is some strain in the


hamstring. She is a little bit brittle these days. I have been


speaking to a few people who are going in the 1500 metres. Everyone


is saying the same thing, a hard track. Distance runners have come


off it more saw them they would normally. It is fast as printers


but is taking its toll on the legs. -- for the sprinters. The baht is


up 5.725 metres. Can Steve Lewis be the first one clear? Nur Tatar. He


will have two more attempts. -- No. Jo Pavey is now out into second


place. That was a 76.6 seconds a lap - the slowest lap of the race.


-- second lap. It was late in the day when they move and accelerate


in the 10,000 metres. Jo Pavey is running strongly. Julia Bleasdale


has done fantastically well and made great progress. On the inside,


still on the inside, not moving an inch is the great Tirunesh Diababa.


For the first time, Meseret Defar. Her team-mate, Gelete Burka, who I


think has been outstanding in cross-country. We have never seen


that form in an outside Championship. You would think


Vivian Cheruiyot may have something to say about the pace of an is


raised. She is quick. Six laps to go. -- pace of this race. They


would not thank you for adding another 5000 on. This is hard


enough. Quite a few of these women already run the 10,000 metres final


- 5000 metre heats. They will complete 50 laps of those hard


track. The Italian is still leading and Jo Pavey is in second. They


built the tracks to be fast. When you have got 50 laps to run, like


Mo Farah has tomorrow, and like Tirunesh Diababa and Vivian


Cheruiyot tonight, it can take its toll. A soft track favours distance


runners and Haag tracks they their sprinters and you get fast times in


the sprints. Do you please tell is going alongside Jo Pavey. -- Julia


Bleasdale. There are too many who are outstanding in the last couple


of laps. Meseret Defar is strong in the final stages. She could be a


danger to Tirunesh Diababa. That is still very slow. In the diamond


lead, Tirunesh Diababa, on another occasion in New York, when she


wanted to show what shape she was in, she ran a fantastic five laps.


The last four laps were incredible. She might have got through the


heats of the 1500 here with that time. That is the sort of... Bat


and as to everyone she was back in great shape. -- bat announced. Two


British athletes with Tirunesh Diababa in between. Down the back


straight, I was watching Tirunesh Diababa. You could see her looking


on the big screen. She's getting junior champion, this would be a


season's best. It is a good time for a season's best, the first


athlete clear. Well, Tirunesh Dibaba has decided it is about time,


just less than four laps to go, and she is beginning to strike out, and


the first three, the talent, the three fastest women in history,


Tirunesh Dibaba, the world record holder, Meseret Defar, second


fastest, and right behind them Vivian Cheruiyot, the third fastest,


and the good news is that Julia Bleasdale is right in amongst it,


her confidence is really high, and his exceptional to get amongst


these athletes. Tirunesh Dibaba Kipyego got herself are the Kerber


rather smartly as soon as Dibaba started picking it up. -- off the


curve. This is reminiscent of the race in New York, she got to the


front and started to go quicker and quicker. The previous lap was 73,


now we have 68.9, the quickest lap of the race by a long way. Now it


is getting serious and the pressure is beginning to tell, the group is


having to work for position, gaps are beginning to open, but Julia


Bleasdale is running a terrific race so far, coming up to 1,000m to


go, and if you're asked last autumn, she will not have believed she


could have been here, especially after running the 10,000. But here


comes Tirunesh Dibaba. Julia Bleasdale moved up into fourth


place, right in amongst it with the oak pins and the Kenyans. -- the


Ethiopia's. The pace is gradually burning them off at the back, the


group is getting smaller, but the two British athletes are still in


it, Jo Pavey working hard to stay with it, that as effectively two


athletes from Bahrain, originally from Ethiopia, five Ethiopia's,


three Kenyans at two British athletes as we come down to the


final with just two laps de Galle. This is very interesting, we know


how quick Tirunesh Dibaba is Annie Last lap, but she knows some of


these other athletes are quick. -- is on the last lap. She is trying


to run the finish out of Meseret Defar, run the finish out of Vivian


Cheruiyot, and this is a brave way to do it, and you need to be


confident champion to run like this, but it is impressive so far. But


the athletes who she will have worried about our right on her


shoulder, and they have got her in their sights. Now, his is going to


be an upset? As Tirunesh Dibaba leads, using the screen for


information. Sue Pavey -- Jo Pavey and Julia Bleasdale have been


running very well, trying desperately to stay with the surge.


Jo Pavey may well be there to knicker off on the last lap, but


now it is between Ethiopia and Kenya. Kipyego moves to the inside,


Tirunesh Dibaba is watching the screen all the time. She is


watching the screen, winding the pace up, and she is coming up


against her great rival, Meseret Defar. We have seen her sprint


before, as she still got the power she showed in a 10,000m? There is


just an inch altar growing, but now it is important. Vivian Cheruiyot


on the outside, Meseret Defar and the outside, and is the champion


going to defend her title? Meseret Defar, the former and innit


champion, Tirunesh Dibaba, the current Olympic champion, are


finding it hard to make history here, but she has not got this won.


Vivian Cheruiyot is gathering confidence, Tirunesh Dibaba is


under pressure. Meseret Defar has cater for a long time, at Cheruiyot


is looking for room. The two go toe to toe down the home straight, and


it is going to be Meseret Defar, Cheruiyot finishing quickly, but


Meseret Defar, after winning eight years ago, comes back to take the


Olympic title. What a shock! Cheruiyot and then Tirunesh Dibaba


are. 7th for Jo Pavey, Julia Bleasdale in a blaze, could run


from the British athletes. 60 seconds for the last lap. -- in 8th


place, good run from the British athletes. Only the might of Africa


is better than these two, but goodness me, that is a shock


results, and Meseret Defar can probably hardly believe it, because


she has been second best for so long, second best to Tirunesh


Dibaba, to Vivian Cheruiyot last year, and now she has somehow


rediscovered the old form of that she showed back in Athens. Meseret


Defar, well, I think that is one of the biggest shocks. I know it will


not get the headlines, but it is one of the biggest shocks on the


track at the Games. 450 metres raining -- remaining, and she has


put herself in the position of the pacemaker. The champion is trying


to defend their title with the former champion on her shoulder.


Vivian Cheruiyot is in a good position, but the sprint is not


outstanding so far. There goes the champion with not a gap at all.


Meseret Defar is now in a perfect position. At some points in her


life, she has been able to pull away from them, but not tonight.


Here they come, it arrivals, these two, team-mates for Ethiopia but


both want the gold medal. In 2004, it was Meseret Defar, in 2008 it


was Tirunesh Dibaba, but Meseret Defar has ran a clever race. Has


she got anything left? The answer is no. Here comes Meseret Defar,


running strongly, and here comes Vivian Cheruiyot, I do not think


she gave herself every chance, she did not get close enough. She was


finishing strongly, but Meseret Defar, the second fastest runner in


history, takes the gold medal. And a salute to Ethiopia, and I can


imagine the scenes in Addis Ababa. They all came to watch Tirunesh


Dibaba try and win again, but they saw their team-mate, the previous


winner, win it this time, and Cheruiyot split the two Ethiopians.


And here comes a really strong and exciting performance, once again Jo


Pavey follows Julia Bleasdale into the finishing straight, the spread


that he used to have over the years has not deserted Jo. 7th and 8th


they finish, as they were in the 10,000m. They have kept British


distance running proud, we are all proud of Jo in her 4th Olympic


Games, 7th in the 5,000, 7th in a 10,000, Juliet AIDS in both. A


terrific performance, they have done extremely well in a race which


is a little bit disappointing for some, but Meseret Defar, two times


a Olympic champion, well done to her. Well, there is the results,


not one I thought I would be perfect! He has never won a world


of Olympic outdoor title, world indoor champion this year. And this


event is that the most capricious of all, you're never quite sure


what is going to happen. The great Sergei Bowker only won 1 Olympic


Thai cop, amidst six world titles. Renaud Lavillenie going well at the


yes, that is brilliant, putting him right in the next in his pole vault


competition! He certainly is, and the next night, 5.85, would be a


new British record if he gets it. More importantly, it would probably


seal an Olympic medal. That is fantastic, equal third place at the


highest vaults about. Well done, this time by Meseret Defar, looking


a bit perplexed but continuing her lap of honour, enjoying it, we hope.


The British girls did incredibly well, Jo Pavey and Julia Bleasdale,


they are downstairs with Phil Jones. Steve Cram said it in commentary,


it took the might of Africa to beat the pair of you, and it was the


same end the 10,000 as well. I know you are exhausted, what a week you


Yeah, just to have another chance to run in front of his amazing home


crowd, we did ourselves proud doubling up, it is always tough,


but I was really worried whether my leg would hold out, I wore two


compression socks, I have never done that before! I thoroughly


enjoyed it, hard, but really pleased, we should both be pleased,


thank you to everyone who has helped me, the crowd has been


amazing, I have loved it. Julia, this is relatively new to you, Jo


has been through these things before, what is the overriding


memory you will take with you? came here not for the tracksuits,


and over the last eight days I have shown that am capable of competing


on the best in the world, so the next phase is to ensure that I'm


capable of beating the very best in the world. But for now I am pretty


happy! That is a tremendous attitude. Jo, a final word, what


for you now? You have come back to the track and done so well, a


personal best in the 10, where do you go from here? I will probably


do a marathon in the autumn, because I was to gain some more


experience at that, but I'm so glad I got to compete in the Olympic


Stadium, I have loved it, it has been an awesome experience. Well


done to you both, thanks for quote. Bjorn Otto, one of the


world's leading pole-vaulters. Very easily cleared, that means Steve


himself with that the earlier failure at 5.50. -- I think. So are


Steve Lewis really any mix in this Well, the Olympian macro on 2016


may have not yet taken up their sport, but everybody needs to start


somewhere, whether as a teacher, parent or friend who will inspire


you, someone will light the flame that will change the rest of your


Growing up in Jarrow on South Tyneside was not... I don't know,


it did not seem to be the best place in the world at the time. A


lot of unemployment, shipyards closing. Having said that, as a kid,


you ride through a lot of that and concentrate on your own little


environment, which was great. I ran my first race, 400m, for the school.


I remember this guy came up to me afterwards and said, you know,


you're not a bad little runner, you should come down the Athletic Club.


I didn't even know there was one, and that was when I met Jimmy


Hedley, I came down a week later. A lot of kids come to an athletics


club, they try it out, but for me it was the friends I made, the


atmosphere when I came here, a different group of kids, we used to


play football, table tennis, yes, go for a run, but it was great fun.


It was like a youth club, you know, I did not know what I thought it


was like, but it was a fun place to go two nights a week. And then


there were girls as well, which always help. I did a lot of my


training until I was almost a world champion on this year, and you


would not get at least doing that his days, they would think it was


not good enough. I run my first race for the club, and I came


second. And I was kind of road. Jimmy was really good at getting me


to realise that this was something One time I remember racing here, I


had been selected. I was injured all the time leading up to 1983. I


needed a race to decide whether or not to go to Los Angeles. He rang


you and others to come and help out, didn't he? It was about 9pm on


Thursday. He said current can you get some lads down here? Steve is


going to do a time trial. I got a few of the lads and every one of


them said they would take time off and come down here, 12:00pm on


Saturday, to try to help Steve. You were respected. I am glad I did. I


got the silver medal and I would not had an not demand. I do not


think people realise what top Olympians do behind closed Dawes in


the privacy of your own track. People say, that must be a great


feeling. It is. It is also great when you are 16 and you break four


minutes for the 1500 for the first time. Steve Cram of Jarrow has had


the race of his life. He has not only broken four minutes, he has


smashed it asunder. If you would like to get involved in the Olympic


Brendan was saying to us off camera earlier on that Eamonn Martyn, the


former middle distance runner and marathon runner, said his club has


been inundated with people wanting to get involved. Kids want to play


handball. This is the legacy, isn't it? It is. It is great. That peace


was lovely. The summer before I had been on holiday with my parents and


gone to the Olympic Park in Munich three weeks before the start of the


Games. I was ready. When Jimmy Topping Out was quite good, I


remembered what I watched on television. -- told me I was quite


good. I was fortunate to grow up in a community where sport was just...


You walked outside the house and there were kids playing sport. That


is the way it was. You wanted to be outside with your friends. If you


wanted to play with them, you played sport. These programmes are


extremely important around the world to give the kid a place to go.


It has gone. Everything is so organised now. Kids just go in and


go in teams as coaches, athletes and referees. Everything. Do you


owe you gold medal to one person? Not one. I loved running. I have


watched the 1980 Moscow Olympics. That was it. I was hooked. Take me


to the track. The rest is history. The first coach is important. They


keep the interest. Mum and dad are very important. Talk about coaching


career you a coach to somebody in the final. At cannot believe you


have just said that actually. Laura always had ambition to get to the


final. She cannot wait. She is loving it. She has done very well


to get to the final. I am looking forward to it. A bit like I was in


1980, I was delighted to be there but I was wondering if Sebastian


Coe and Steve Ovett were going to win. It is great to see them there


and I think Lisa has a great chance. How big a chance? She has a great


chance. What Lisa does when she is fit and ready, she races really


well in championships. That will stand her in really good stead.


There are some good athletes but without that experience. If she


makes some good choices in this race, she has a great chance.


will see that raise very shortly. Kelly Holmes would join us up here


sent abs a throw which looked as if it would have got her in amongst


the medals. -- sent up a throw pebbles stuck there was a problem


and officials measured it and they knocked about five metres off. They


allowed her to have another throw, which is not unprecedented. She was


desperately unlucky. This one just went into the net. She only has one


more throw to move up from 8th place. Confirmation that Sophie


Hitchon of Great Britain set the British record in qualifying. She


finished in 12th. Anita Wlodarczyk now in round five. She keeps it


nice and long and whips it away. A hammock is absolutely flying. The


middle yellow line superimposed on the ground. She is the leader at


the moment. Tatiana Lysenko, that is close. The throw in the first


round has taken everyone else, up until the 5th round, and in


particular Anita Wlodarczyk, a long long time to be warmed up. She has


another throw left. She could nip in for the gold medal. Second place,


at 77.10 metres. 14 athletes started the pole vault final and


now then up only six left. One of them is Steve Lewis. -- there are


only six left. The Olympic silver medallist is still in the


competition. We feel that today that Steve Lewis is coming of age.


He broke the British record in the competition leading up to this. He


is now really in the mix in the Men's pole vault final. That was


not close. The bark is at 5.85 metres. There really is a stellar


line-up in the women's four by 100 brought home by Blessing Okagbare,


who made the Olympic 100 metre final earlier on in the Games. She


ran so well. They have got the good quartet. Brazil in lane three. They


set a new national record to qualify. Trinidad and Tobago,


slightly faster than the Brazilians. Certainly Kelly-Ann Baptiste has


been in this situation before. Very slick. 42.31 they have run this


year. Then the Ukraine. The European indoor champion. She


starts for them. Shirley-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Sherone Simpson,


Veronica Campbell-Brown and, on the last leg, Kerron Stuart. The same


team which did not finish in Beijing. Then comes the United


States. They ran the 4th fastest time in history. They have brought


in the big guns. One of the farm and -- fast as women on earth,


Carmelita Jeter, bringing the baton home. The Germans, exactly the same


team. The Netherlands, the same team that won silver in the


European Championships in Helsinki a couple of weeks ago. They set a


national record as well in the heats. A quick word from Colin


Jackson. Is it just a case of Jamaica against the United States?


I am going to say that. My money is on the USA. Carmelita Jeter waiting


for her chance on the last leg to bring the baton home. One of the


greatest 100 metres in history. The double 100 metre gold medallist,


Shelly and raise the Price, she leads of for Jamaica. -- Shirley-


Ann Fraser-Pryce. She was slow to rise. She gets a way to a good


start but so does the American. She is flying into the back straight.


The changeover is good. There goes Allyson Felix. They're being chased


by the Jamaicans. The Americans are really going well. On the third leg


for the USA, she will hand over to Carmelita Jeter. It looks like the


USA it all over the dead. Kerron Stuart can do-nothing. -- -- it


like - as rabbit it looks like the USA it all over it. A new world


record. They have beaten the record set by the East Germans in 1985.


That is one of the longest-lasting world records ever. It takes East


Germany off the record books for ever. That was incredible. Just to


remind you, what a quartet for America! A solid quartet. I was


screaming when I saw that time. 40.82. The USA did some very slick


baton changes. They were confident and happy to extend. I still think


there could be more to come from this team. Incredible, absolutely


phenomenal. Jamaica cannot complain. Four to 1.421, a new national


record for Jamaica. -- 41.421. America has come here today in the


final. There will be a big cheer if Steve Lewis goes cheer -- Claire.


It was so close. It would have put him in the lead in the pole vault


final. We are in for some drama in the next half an hour. Steve Lewis


has brought his best form into the Olympic Stadium. You can see, from


the look on his face, a little glance towards his coach. It was


not far away. Maddison is absolutely lightning. So it is


Shirley-Ann Fraser-Pryce. It was a great exchange. We knew Sherone


Simpson would have a hard time trying to deal with Allyson Felix.


Another great Exchange tonight. They have Carmelita Jeter on the


last leg. She really was not going to mess about. They had excellent


times in the qualifying rounds. They knew they could do something


special. Carmelita Jeter brings the United States home to renew record.


If you divide 40.825 four, it is 10.2 seconds for each of those legs.


That is turning. Just a word on the Jamaicans. They ran the third


fastest time in history for their new national record and the silver


medal. Talk us through the last changeover and the form of


Carmelita Jeter. No messing around. She wanted this. She knew they were


capable of it and, boy oh boy, aggressive always through. She was


pumping her arms very quickly and pointing to the clock with a big


smile. Straight in the hands and no messing about. Look at this! Then


these are pumping high. Kerron Stuart of Jamaica working hard.


Knowing that their team was going well also. There was no mistake as


she got close to the clock, there changeover! She loved that, two


individual medals in the sprint, now gold for Carmelita Jeter.


Allyson Felix, another gold medal for her, part of a brilliant


quartet to just set a magnificent world record. They did not just


beat the old world record, they absolutely listed. What a final,


USA get the gold medal, 40.82, a superbly for a new national record


Well, the world record had stood for 27 years, an Olympic record for


32 years, from the days of the East Germans. Michael, you were cheering


them home big-time. That was an incredible run, just fantastic, the


speed was what that was all about. The exchanges were not great, they


were not as crisp as we saw yesterday. But I think that his


team, after yesterday's performance, 4th fastest time ever, knew that


bringing in Allyson Felix and Carmelita Jeter, God medallists in


the 200 and silver in the 100, they had incredible speed. -- gold. They


decided to go with slightly saved and not. Madison has been on fire


this year, Great out of the box, great starter. This exchange year,


not great. A little bit dangerous there. Allyson Felix, gratefully


back stretch, 200m runner, this is exactly where you want her. This


one is a bit tricky, Bianca Knight ran an incredible bend yesterday


and did the same thing today to put them in an incredible position.


Carmelita Jeter, that was not great, but very safe, which is what you


want when you have been disqualified so many times, as the


USA has been. So this is a great result for the US, who have had so


many problems with the baton exchanges over the years, men and


women disqualified in the gate Olympics. So to smash the world


record here, that is an incredible time. Carmelita Jeter, no God in a


100m, but a world record and gold here in the relay, and the reaction


she gave afterwards was just great. -- no gold. That was great to see


for that team, having had so many problems in the past. And it feels


the fire of the great American- Jamaican rivalry. Terrific


competition in the pole vault, genuine medal contender for GB.


certainly do, Steve Lewis just sitting there, thinking about 5.85,


his first attempt. He is in equal fourth place at the moment, just


six athletes left and the medals showing why, brilliant from the


That is a competition that is boiling, and we will keep you in


touch all way through the evening. You can probably see Dame Kelly


Holmes is here, how are you? Very well, how great is your view?!


is not a bad place to be! We will talk about the 1,500 men is in a


moment or so, but we have spoken a lot in the last week about the


great plastic bricks debate that has been going on, people finding


themselves the Olympians by default, which is convenient because it is


the 5,000 and the 10,000, and we can go back to the Los Angeles


games that were remembered for that amazing spaceman that land in the


opening ceremony, for Carl Lewis, The 1984 women's 3000m final, Mary


Decker against Zola Budd. Solar bird from Bloemfontein, South


Africa, and now Britain, thanks to a passport delivered in


suspiciously double quick time. -- Zola Budd. Mary Decker, the all-


American Golden girl, running in Los Angeles, the film set when


nothing could go wrong. The world champion is now flat out on the


infield! Zola Budd briefly led the field but, as if conscious of the


wreckage on the infield, she slowed and to a chorus of boos from the


crowd, she finished 7th. Still well ahead of Mary Decker. Whose fault


was it? Zola Budd was immediately disqualified, but on reviewing the


incident, she was reinstated. As for relations between the two, they


would be reconciled one year later, but for the moment the Golden girl


was in no mood to forgive. She came to you and try to express their


sorrow. I said, don't bother. Well, extraordinary memories, and


she found herself in the middle of a remarkable soap opera, and she


held the British 1,500m record for 12 years, and their new broker.


1997, I remember it well, because it was the Games that inspired me,


watching Sebastian Coe and that race, and I remember the whole


story, she was just a young girl who had the opportunity to run


because South Africa were going through their problems. I remember


that she held it for that 12 year period, I broke it in Sheffield in


1997, running 3.584 star we will talk about what might happen


tonight, because we have genuine medal hopes in the 1,500m. Steve


Lewis, Jonathan, this is a big two failures at 5.85, as has


Holzdeppe, the two athletes in equal 4th with Steve Lewis. Bjorn


Otto has at one failure. Renault Ballymoney -- the Renault


Lavillenie is the only man clear, Olympic title, is he set to do the


same? Steve Lewis, we have only ever had one Olympic finalist, 6th


strides out that it was not quite there. He will have one more


It is a great event, Pol Pot. This race tonight is fascinating,


because it is wide open. For Lisa Dobriskey, it poses extra problems


about running and no tactics. Tell us, if you find yourself in that


situation, how you approach a race like this. You are right to say it


is quite wide open, I could not call it, although you will see that


the athletes with their season's bests, but the way that Lisa


Dobriskey runs it frightens me, because she holds the inside lane,


and in a tactical race like the 1,500m, you have got to be so


careful to break out at the right time. It is the shortest route, and


sometimes you get a lucky break, the inside lane will open up, but


you have to be careful. How often are people consciously trying to


block others? I do not really think that is what their intention is out


here, because they all representing Kenya and Ethiopia it is not like


there are three Kenyans, for example. It is how the race will be


run, whether Lizo or Laura has a chance. If it is slow, they both


have a great finish. Laura, her first Olympics, she has gone


through the rounds, I do not know what else she has in the tank, but


she is a fighter. Lisa Dobriskey has pedigree, championship wins,


Commonwealth champion, she is not afraid to attack, but the other


three girls have gone below four minutes this year, so if they are


out for a big race, it will be a fast time. I cannot call it, it


depends on how the race is run. The Ethiopians are so fast, though, and


the Kenyans on the last lap. intriguing three candidates minutes,


Lisa Dobriskey and Laura Weightman, opposite ends of the Experian scale,


but it is a big moment for Steve Cram, not just commentating, but


because he is Laura's coach. Enjoy a great reception, I am sure. --


two. This is a wide-open final, I think. Shannon Rowbury of the USA,


two very good Turkish athletes. Kareiva came through with the same


the Americans, and on the outside Lisa Dobriskey and Laura Weightman.


-- Morgan Uceny. A huge cheer for Lisa Dobriskey, thought the four


years ago, no defending champion here incidentally. -- 4th. Nancy


Langat did not make it through, she has had problems in the last couple


of years. For Laura, the goal was to get to the semi-final and then


who knows? To be in the final, you can tell, you can see what it means


to have. Uceny, last year was meant to be her year, tripped in the


world championship final, and his team mate went on to win gold.


Kostetskaya, much-improved Russian, former world junior champion, 400m


hurdles, believe it or not. The partner of Steve Hooker, who went


out in the pole vault final earlier. A former world champion, always


somebody to consider, Jamal, she has had Achilles problems this year.


She could still figure. Watch out for the European champion, Kharkiv


are taking -- Cakir Alptekin, there have been Turkish flags flying, the


booze might be because she served a doping ban for a couple of years.


Aregawi of Ethiopia, not like the normal Ethiopians, not part of the


system, she is based in Sweden and has taken Swedish citizenship


recently, but a running thought Ethiopia here. Hellen Obiri, very


dangerous world indoor champion at 3000m of staff Tatyana Tomashova at,


another who has had a couple of years away with suspension. Kelly


close. Oh, he is going to finish in equal 5th place, a great


performance from Steve Lewis. He will look back on this day with


pride. Great competition from Steve Lewis. And lots for the crowds to


keep their eyes on here. Gamze Bulut has surprised many, the 20-


year-old from Turkey. And then Shannon Rowbury, the bronze-


medallist from the World under way, two British athletes,


and as ever in the 1,500m, tactics can go all sorts of different ways


and bring into plays all sorts of different athletes. Immediately,


what often happens, they set off at a sprint for 100m, then they stop,


and the nerves now start to build. The brain cells start wearing! And


that is something which Lisa Dobriskey knows, you need to stay


calm, keep your wits about you and not panic, even though you are only


jogging and it is the Olympic fine of. They really are jogging, this


is tough, you are coming down the home straight, the crowds are


getting anxious, and eventually somebody is going to bolt from the


pack because you cannot stay at his pace for ever. This is not a 1,500m


race, it is a 1,200 metres race, and again no plan emerging from


anyone. This is partly to do with the Diamond League circuit, where


they get pacemakers every time. They are not used to doing it


themselves. But this is going to be made into a distance race, some


because they have just completed a lap and 73 seconds. I was guilty so


I could do that, I probably couldn't, but Steve probably could!


Debatable! Gamze Bulut stretching out a bit now. Jamal on the inside.


Shannon Rowbury just boxed-in mayor, Kostetskaya outsider. The two


British athletes are really in the right position, you just need to


sit and watch when it is like this, give yourself a bit of room if


anything takes off, stay close enough. It is OK being where Lisa


fifth place at the moment. And Uceny, the very quick American,


going well at the moment. They have spent so much time getting here


that it is a different kind of strength, test and race. We thought


Gamze Bulut might do some pace. Lisa Dobriskey is in a decent


position there but she has now got to become really conscious of every


move. She has got to be getting herself closer. It doesn't matter


which lane, just stay on the outside. She is looking for gaps on


the inside and that will not always deliver for. She always does that.


She has done a fantastic job getting here and she is


experiencing an Olympic final, which is beyond her wildest dreams,


but she has done so well. I don't like where Lisa is at the moment.


She has dipped through on the inside. Per and then look! Dear me!


Is that Uceny again? It looks like it. She fell last year. And now we


have got a sprinters' race. The Ethiopian is now attacking and


where is Lisa Dobriskey? She has found herself a gap but she has a


problem now. She is really going to have to work to try to close it.


She would have been able to work up a good pace, Dobriskey, but I don't


know if she can keep it up for the last lap. Maryam Jamal, can she


summon something again? Gamze Bulut is trying to get there and they are


fighting. It is Turkey at the front! And the European champion is


going to become the Olympic champion. Gamze Bulut takes the


silver. And that will be Turkey's first ever Olympic athletics gold


medal. Men are or women. B58 last lap. -- a fifth D8 last lap. This


was not a race to sue Lisa Dobriskey. It did not sue the


British athletes. -- it did not suit. As I said, well, somebody who


has had her problems with the authorities. She has served a band.


Never nice to say that but we guess she will say, I have served my time.


But what do you say about her? Uceny goes to the ground, and that


is what is going to happen when you have too many athletes. And Lisa


Dobriskey, giving herself so much to do. And here comes the former


world champion. She has accelerated really quickly down the back


straight. Lisa Dobriskey has so, so much to do. The gaps are huge now.


Absolutely no chance that she can come back now. And a brave attack


from Maryam Jamal coming around the outside. That 400 metres around the


bend was 14 seconds and that is why they were struggling to get there.


She is in second and suddenly it goes completely. Gamze Bulut in


second. Maryam Jamal is exhausted, too. A very disappointing race from


every point of view, I would think. But you're going to say that Asli


Alptekin gave a great tactical race. You are in the middle of a crowd


and you don't know what is going to happen behind or in front, and


therefore accidents do happen. But Asli Alptekin of Turkey wins the


race. You can see there, her legs complete debacle. And the other


Turkish athlete, they come racing on through to get the. A doping


suspension in the past four Asli Alptekin. And the athletic


fraternity will be a bit disappointed with that. -- in the


That was a messy final Volikakis yes, really messy. -- really messy?


I found I did not really have it there. But Graham pleased I have


come into an Olympic final, a major championship. -- but I am really


pleased. You have been through the whole gamut of emotions? I am


bruised but I loved it out there. The crowd of brilliant and I have


loved it and I cannot think everybody enough who has supported


me. And Steve as well, who is probably listening to this. And you


are hungry for more? Yes, I believe there is much more in the future


and this will push me on now. you so much, Laura. Let's bring in


Lisa. Again, you have the marks down your legs. I was expecting it


to go a bit earlier than it did. With the fall I found myself in the


wrong place and I left myself far too much work to do. You need to be


on it to be with the girls and I was too far back. Ahead of the race,


many of us were talking about you as a medal hope. Were you going


into that with that confidence? Definitely. It would have been a


tough asked to get a medal but have always believed I could so I feel


dejected and a bit disappointed now. he has got it! Five metres and 91.


Forte brilliant performance. Bronze medallist in the championships in


Helsinki and a junior champion in now his team mate, Otto. His first


attempt at 5.91. He was second in Helsinki. He has got it, too. And


an even better clearance and his team mate. And now comes the


Frenchman, Lavillenie. He was in first and now he is down in third.


A big, powerful man. Execute perfectly. Will daylight there


between him and the bar. -- real daylight. Under more pressure now


than he has ever been thus far, Lavillenie. And it shows. So, at


the moment it is Holzdeppe and Otto. A Turkish one, two, gold and silver.


They have never done that before. Maryam Jamal coming through for a


gutsy bronze ahead of Tatyana Tomashova. And then Lisa Dobriskey


and Laura Weightman in 10 and 11. And how dreadful must Morgan Uceny


be feeling? It wasn't the most enjoyable 1,500 metres, was it?


Unless you are Turkish! We're going to leave that for a moment because


we have a very special guest with us. David Rudisha, welcome and


The first man to go under one:41. How do you feel? I am still very


surprised. I can't believe what I did. You are watching the women's


1,500 metres there, and they are going so slowly that you were


shaking your head. You just went all the way away from them? Yes.


When you want to run macro I fast race in a championships like this


you have to do something special. - - run a fast race. You have to have


good tactics. It certainly was. Before the race, did you think to


yourself, not only do I want to get the medal but I want to break the


record? Well, coming into these championships I was very confident.


My main aim was to break the Olympic record since 1996. But


coming here, we have the perfect conditions and as I was going for


the Olympic record, I couldn't believe when I crossed the line and


saw I had broken the world record. Describe your emotions at that


stage. Not only a gold butter a world record? -- but a world


record? Well, I think of my father. From 1968. I always wanted to win


and to get the gold medal was fantastic. When I cross the line, I


was very happy. That was the first Because when I cross the line, I


wanted to see if I had got the stadium record but then I saw the


world record and then I was like, wow! Because the 800 is


unbelievable to break the world record without pace-setting.


Normally we need somebody to do the fast lap. And always nice to get


one over on your dad! This year, I was very confident that this time


was possible. And I still have the final competition in Zurich and I


pray I get the perfect competition and see if I can improve my half a


second or even better than that. But below 1:40 is possible. I have


been running in races like the Diamond League and smaller races,


running fast. But to do something like this in the Olympics is


something special because a lot of people over the world are watching


because many people love sport and the Olympics especially. And I


think today, while I was walking, everybody knows me now! Yes. Your


coach said it was the performance of the Games. You have followed him


so that must mean a lot. You will get a great reception when you go


home to Kenya? Yes. I received a phone call from Kenya and some text


messages and they were very happy, excited. They were watching at home


and it is just unbelievable. David, it was a privilege to watch you and


thank you so much for coming to the studio. Thank you so much. We will


hand you back to the Olympic Stadium.


JOHN INVERDALE: The record had been held by the East Germans for 27


years. And we have another race coming up, the men's for by four.


But Lisa got caught up in an extraordinary race that was 20


seconds outside the world record. How do you explain that? I think it


was a very disappointing race. It is such a slow race to run. People


were chopping and changing and we had a fall. But when it starts


picking up, unless you are in contention on the break, you are


never going to pick it up. I would like to have seen Lisa to go for it


a bit more. But people are fighting for their place once the pace gets


quicker. And then there our legs and arms everywhere! I am a


complete novice with the 1,500 metres. Why on earth would Lisa not


taking it on when she sees the pace? I am sure after the first lap,


people were saying, Lisa, take it on! Yes, but it is hard when you're


in there because you don't know when it is going to go. Lisa would


have known that with 700, 800 to go at least. Actually, it is a slow,


gradual wind-up. A four minute 800 is... The gradual build-up will be


good for the likes of the Kenyans and Ethiopians because they always


have a race like that. I am just surprised Lisa done thing to run up.


She prove me wrong in the first bit because she ran on the outside. But


if you are not used to running like that, you cannot take that mould.


And just before that, we showed Mary Decker falling and then the


American bites the dust. We haven't had this conversation almost a tour


through the Games but the sport does not want a drugs offender to


be Olympic champion, and that is what it got there? Yeah, but we


think in this situation, and I am not sure of these circumstances


around her drugs suspension, we have talked about different people


having drugs offences in the past and the different circumstances, so


as much as we like to put them in one category there are different


situations, so I am not sure about this. She served as suspension so


she is allowed to run. She is back in the sport and she will be tested


tonight. -- served her suspension. It has been very good news in this


Games that we have not had any news, at least then the athletics, of any


Let's get a good look at this. This is history before our eyes. The


East German world record for many years. You got the team off to a


flying start. Yes, I wanted to get off to a flying start. Did you


always believe a world record was possible? We knew that it was


possible. I was thinking an Olympic record but then I thought, Oh my


gosh, is that the world record, it is crazy! When you realised the


record had been set, what was your first reaction? I ran another


hundred. I knew we could get the Olympic record a world record, I


did not see that one. It was just a surprise, a big surprise. What a


collection of records you have got from this, a world record puts the


top hat on it and your face was a picture as you cross the line.


knew these women were all going to run their lead. I had so much


respect for all these women. I knew they would do their job. I was not


worried. All I had to do was bring the stick home. I am so happy for


us and so proud of us. I knew we were going to come out and run fast.


You did not just beat the world record, you obliterated it!


Congratulations! Thank you. The last track event of the evening


well to reach this final. Trinidad and Tobago, Gordon won a bronze


medal in the individual event. He leads them off. Then great Williams.


Conrad Williams has gone on to the first leg. Martyn Rooney is a


veteran from four years ago. The Bahamas were of silver medallist


four years ago. Chris Brown leads them off. Then the favourites,


going for a hat-trick of victories. Angelo Taylor is the veteran 400m


hurdler who has won the Olympics twice. Potentially one of the best


teams here, Belgium. And a very good Cuban Quartet. Right on the


inside, this team did not finish in the semi-finals yesterday. They got


obstructed by Kenya but then they going for taekwondo bronze on a BBC


Three, if you are a taekwondo fan but this is the men's 4 x 400m


final. Great Britain have got a good chance but they have to run


the race of their life. They are in lane five. The USA are 16 times the


deafening. Conrad Williams has got Chris Brown to chase. He is one of


the best lead-off runners in the world. The Bahamas won the silver


medal four years ago and they are giving nothing away on this first


leg. Conrad Williams going well for Great Britain. We will not get an


idea of what the differences are on the legs until the end. Cuba are


going well out in lane nine. USA coming through, upon the shoulder


of Belgium. Come on, Conrad, keep it going. He will hand over to Jack


Green who ran brilliantly in the semi-finals yesterday. Chap will


have to work hard to get Great Britain in the medals match. It is


Bahamas and the USA, as expected, setting the pace. The guy running


for Cuba on this leg ran a fast time yesterday. The Cuban is moving


through. He has already passed a two people. Jack Green has to get


with him. There are gaps developing. Jack Green is flying. He is already


level-pegging with Russia. Bahamas, the USA, Trinidad and Tobago. Great


Britain and Northern Ireland are back in 5th place. The next runner


for Great Britain is Dai Greene. He has got to run a fantastic 400m


here. Dai Greene has been brought in. What is his flat speed of


light? Cuba have pulled up. There is a big, big gap. Look at the


ground which has been eaten up by Jonathan Borlee. Can Dai Greene at


least give Martin really a chance on the last leg? The USA, behind


those in the second, Trinidad treading water. Belgium have got a


fantastic run on the last leg. The USA changeover first, then the


Bahamas, then Trinidad and Tobago. What has Martin really got on this


last leg? He is in 5th place at the moment -- Martin Rini. The US they


are going for title 17. Angelo Taylor has a huge amount of


experience. Martyn Rooney is Delyn with a shout of a medal. He has


Trinidad and Tobago and Russia ahead of him. The Bahamas are


challenging the United States. Martyn Rooney is into 4th. Can he


make third? The Bahamas are going to be the champions. USA second.


Great Britain are just out of it for the bronze medal. It was a


silver medal four years ago for the Bahamas. Today, they will be


absolutely jubilant to have won the gold. Champions for the very first


time. They cannot believe it. The last leg runner must have run an


incredible time. Martyn Rooney and his Quartet certainly ran the race


of their lives. It was so, so close. We did not expect that result.


Michael. Did not expect it completely but I said before I


think the Bahamas smells blood. This was a weakened US team. Dai


Greene they're trying to challenge one of the ball Lees -- one of the


Balti brothers. This is also a weakened Great Britain team. He


should have made a move right here on the back stretch. I would have


made a move here. I think he thought he would have a bit more of


on the anchor leg. He is making a move here on the kerb. Trinidad was


just too tough. They always knew they would have a tough team. That


was a good finish from Martin Rooney, an incredible race. Here


was a race between the Bahamas and the US. Angelo Taylor with


incredible experience. He feels that this point he does not have


much left, you can tell. He did not look very swift down the back


stretch. The Bahamas to go over at this Ivan Dychko. 16 times, the US


has won this event and the Bahamas are the Olympic champions. The team


was weakened when... The Bahamas took advantage. Now they are


Olympic champions. -- the American team was weakened when Lashawn


Merritt went down. Well, what a race. The Bahamas have their first


ever medal in track and field events. USA are weakened but they


will not get the hat-trick of victories they wanted. Trinidad and


Tobago get the bronze medal. They are just 1.3 seconds ahead of Great


Olympic record height. Or so of Germany went clear. -- Bjorn Otto


went clear. He has got it! Absolutely brilliant! He is the


world leader. That could be the world -- gold-medal winning jump


for Renaud Lavillenie. Everybody expected him to win and there he


was, his final attempt a five final attempt. He is guaranteed a


medal. Not to be. He has had a brilliant competition. He finished


third in the European Championships and he is third here in London.


Great Britain 4th in that relay team. A good time. Martyn Rooney


44.1, one of the fastest last legs ever by a British athlete. They are


downstairs talking to Phil. Paul, they certainly gave it everything,


Conrad you had a switch of duty from yesterday, why was that?


think we needed somebody in the first leg who held their nerve.


Nigel did a great job yesterday but I am used to back leg. That is what


it was, to give these guys something because we knew it would


be almost a record to win it. put Jack in a good position.


Looking at that, I feel I should have got the crew -- Cuban and


Trinidad guy but we were in a good position to get a medal. We ran


well but I think I had more to give and I apologise to the guys. Sport


can be cruel sometimes and two fourth-place finishes for you here.


Yes, it is the worst place to finish, it has happened twice now.


But as a team, we ran faster than we did yesterday. Unfortunate, we


did not quite finish in the medals but I think we did a good job.


have got to proud of what you did. Martin, 44.1 for you on the last


leg, you could not have done much more. The guys ran amazing today.


It was unfortunate, it was the one Russian who was twice the size of


everyone else, otherwise I would have gone past him on the back


straight and I could attack the Trinidad guy. We clashed a little


bit. 4th place again in an Olympics is a gutting feeling. I am proud of


the guys how they ran. I am also proud of how Great Britain 400m


have improved. I think the groups that a here, Linford Christie's


group, our group, I want to shout out all those guys. Thank you very


Lavillenie go clear. So at the moment it is Lavillenie in gold.


Otto is in silver, and this to move into the lead. Not too bad.


Lavillenie is the Olympic champion. But Otto very clearly happy with


the silver medal. And Holzdeppe with the bronze. Well, there


certainly has been drama all the way in the hammer. Tatyana Lysenko,


leading from the first round. It took her five rounds to improve.


Very close to the world record figures but the former world


record-holder herself improved to 78.18. Anita Wlodarczyk. This is


her closest rival, and she gave it everything. Just about half a metre


short. 77.60. So that looked as though the medals had been decided.


Wenxiu Zhang, the Chinese-Asian champion, reckon she had got a


bronze medal. But a very long throw was then disallowed. The British


officials came back and gave her an extra ago. Heidler argued that toss


with them but a very good British official said to her, actually, we


did measure it and we know we measured it incorrectly. We have


got the measurement right now, so all of a sudden, China would be


heartbroken. But Betty Heidler was delighted. That happened in the 5th


round. So let's just check on the result. Tatyana Lysenko, who,


earlier in the day had been disqualified for a drugs


infringement, comes back with a new Olympic record. Anita Wlodarczyk


got the silver and Betty Heidler at last gets the bronze, after waiting


for its Rat the competition. Sophie Hitchon, the British record holder,


12th place, which is a great, great performance. I know a few people


who have said we have been partisan but we obviously thoroughly


objective! -- we are obviously. And just now, I asked Colin, who won


that race, the relay? And he said, USA! It shows we were just not


watching! We were watching a totally different race! Do you


think he was given too much to do? He said he had to get down the back


straight but he said he could not move because the Russian guy was


just a way to strong and too big. He needed to keep his energy for


the big kick and he had a race plan but it was altered. And you could


see it on all their faces. They were really frustrated with their


performance. You didn't know who won either? I was only focused on


one race! But they ran brilliantly. I am sure everybody was on the edge


of their seeds. The relay never disappoints. But not to take


anything away from the Bahamas? They ran a great race. They knew


they had an opportunity and that they will weaken and the USA team.


LaShawn Merritt was out, though. No men representing the US and that


spells disaster for the US team. They had a go at Angelo Taylor, who


looked really tired. He has run much faster. Unfortunately, he was


not able to, so 16 times in a row, the US has won this event at the


Olympics, and this, their first loss. It sends a signal to the West


that something has to happen when you don't have any body in that


race. No medal in the 200 and it is not looking very good at all.


women are about to receive their medals and this is how the table


looks at the moment. The US they are at the top, so we are not going


to feel too sorry for them! We are for. Thank heavens for Super


Saturday, because since then, we have just had a silver and a bronze.


At we starting to have an inquest? We have got to look to Mo tomorrow,


because he is up against East Africa, as usual, but we have to


look into add to the medal table. But for Ethiopia and Kenya, job


well done. The target was between 5 and eight set by UK sport. Charles


thought it might be eight. Our athletes have not quite hit the


mark. With it is pressure, high imitations, this is what it is. --


weather it is. But it is down to Mo. Yeah, she is on at 7:30pm. -- he is


on. Let's go back to Gary for the In a short while, we have boxing


for you. Amir Khan is with me. He has a Taibach will? Yes. He will be


nervous. -- he has got a tough battle? But if he sticks to his


game-plan, I am sure he can get through this. Yesterday, nice, calm


and collected. He has to listen to his corner and go from there.


Freddie Evans, THE world champion, so a terrific fight and a wonderful


atmosphere. -- Freddie Evans up against the world champion. Penises


sustain I sent calm because he is fighting the world champion. -- he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


welterweight final. The world went number one of the Ukraine about to


meet the world ranked No. Two, Freddie Evans, for a place in the


gold medal bar. Here we go. A three-minute round between the


boxer wearing red, representing Ukraine. The reigning world


championship gold medallist and the tournament number one seed and


ranked world number one. And his opponent, representing Great


Britain, Freddie Evans. From Wales. And he is the reigning European


down, get behind his jab and get into a rhythm. A thing the


Ukrainian, who has not looked his best in this tournament, -- I think,


he will need to stop quickly. But the crowd are loving it. -- he will


gold medal bout. In the second contest, the quarter-final stage,


he prevailed by the slimmest possible margin on the countback


against the two-time Olympian. A contest that many thought he was


fortunate to prevail in, and he was far from his best. Evans has got to


target the left hand here. He drops his right hand ever-so-slightly as


he is attacking. There he is again. Missed the opportunity. But his


where Evans has got to come back, with that fast hand. He hasn't been


and he prevailed over the Lithuanian as well. Then he


switched off somewhat in his next fight. The scores tied at 14-14. At


the end of that first round... A round of applause. Great Britain's


Freddie Evans has his nose in front there. -- good start. He tends to


switch off when he is told he is a few up, like he did last time, so


now he has got to stay on the ball. A straight right hand there. They


will be pleased. But a long way to this second round. The winner will


progress through to the gold medal fight. The reigning European


champion is leading the reigning world champion. The number one seed


and world ranked number one, the Ukrainian. The score at the moment


- a 4-1. The tempo of this second round, you would expect the


Ukrainian to come forward a bit more. Evans just has to keep his


timing. Bring his feet in. Concentrate on his punches. Ukraine


were the top nation, coming away with the silver as well in


Azerbaijan. And sinking in there, just above the belt. The pace has


certainly suited him. This looks fine from where we are sitting. And


a left hand there from Evans. Blazing speed from that left hand


from Evans, but Ukrainian boxes almost in a tumultuous fashion. --


but the Ukrainian. Now at the halfway stage of this second round


and concentration will be absolutely crucial for Freddie


Evans, who tried to walkaway macro from it right jab. -- who tried to


walk away from that right jab. Evans is planting a right jab of


his own. That's nice from Evans but what we need to see is a one, two


second round, and he is being cheered on by this home crowd at


the excel -- the ExCel Centre. He will be attempting to unload his


own punishing shots. Yes. Important to keep his opponent off balance.


Step in there and then, with that right hand, just counter-attack him.


Just keep coming forward and keep him off balance, push him back now


continues to block his way forwards. It is really effective as we


approached the bar of the second round. At the end of the second


round, it remains a three point advantage, scored in an even round,


four points apiece. Fred Evans straight jab. Right jab through the


guard from Fred Evans. That was He just drifts away. This kid will


come strong now, this world Do you want are being that final,


Fred Evans? Into the third and final round we go. You heard in the


encouragement being issued by his coach. He stands three minutes away


from a place in an Olympic final. He gets a good right hand of his


own but Taras Shelestyuk, the reigning world champion and


tournament number one seat is sure to mount a furious rally, in an


effort to book his place in the gold medal bout. Evans is being


encouraged by the crowd. The tempo set by Evans has suited him down to


the ground. He has got to keep it going. He must respond to his


corner. He is fresh enough to do this. It is up to him. He has got


to step on the gas. A minute gone in this third and final round.


Taras Shelestyuk is continuing to try and find a way to land his own


shot. A beautiful finish from Evans. Excellent work from the young man


from Wales. Taras Shelestyuk is closing his man down. Evans is


concentrating in this third round today it. He was in the third round


against Custio Clayton in the quarter-finals and allowed the


Canadian to grow in confidence and get back into the contest. No such


laps in this point in the third round as we have just passed the


halfway stage. Evans has got to keep the movement going. The


gumshield came out there. He has got to keep it going here. Then he


must stand momentarily and fired two or three shops. That will keep


the referee happy. Taras Shelestyuk chasing shadows as the movement of


Fred Evans continues to leave him out of punching range. We


approached the final minute of this third round. Fred Evans first


walked into a boxing ring at the age of four. He runs into a right


jab. No time for Fred Evans to be losing concentration of getting


ragged. His concentration must remain absolute. He must remain


concentrated on the task at hand. One, two, Wright took is the order


of the day. He has got to come back with the right hook. Keep going,


you can do this, you can beat this world number one. What a momentous


victory this would be. Taras Shelestyuk will continue to press


right up until the final bell. Fred Evans must remain focused. The


crowd are on hand here, beginning to count down the closing seconds


of this third and final round. As the bell sounds, Fred Evans raising


his hands in celebration because he feels he has done enough and surely


he has done enough to book his place in the welterweight gold


medal bout here at the Games of the 30th Olympiad. A wonderful


performance. He receives an embrace from his coaches in the blue corner.


How richly he deserves this because everybody knows about the


extravagant gifts that Fred Evans possesses. Sometimes he can be


guilty of switching off but no such danger of laps in concentration


tonight. That was a better round from him. He got caught with the


odd shot, defraud, but he worked throughout the round. Look at the


coach's. They have done their job and their boxer has done his. He


has won it this contest. Just awaiting the official announcement


that will surely confirm Fred Evans as a welterweight finalist. Ladies


and gentlemen, the winner in the blue corner, Fred Evans! He has


done it. Great Britain's Fred Evans has booked his place in B69


kilogram welterweight final and in doing so, he has defeated the world


number one, the tournament number one seed, the reigning world


champion has been eliminated by Great Britain's Fred Evans, after a


Now he begins to enjoy the applause from the crowd. He skips back to


the blue corner before a hasty exit from the boxing ring. He will be


back on Sunday cook on -- to contest the gold medal bout and


possibly be crowned Olympic champion. What a wonderful moment


for Fred Evans and for the Great Britain coaching staff. They played


their part in strategy rising this contest. The world number one, his


Olympics is over but the prospect of gold remains very much alive for


Fred Evans. Well done, young man, you're an Olympic finalist. If you


did not know the name Fred Evans, you do know now. This chap is in an


Olympic final. I had a game-plan. I thought I had a point. I stuck to


my game plan and it when good. won the first round 4-1, you must


have been aware of the crowd. crowd give you a lift. It is


unbelievable. Against plating you switched off a little bit but


tonight you maintain your composure and your concentration. -- against


Clayton. I did not take him too much as a big name. But you have to


be spot on all the way through. you believe you are in an Olympic


final, when you step in a ring as a kid aged four, did you believe you


would be in an Olympic final on Sunday? Not at all. It has always


been a dream, now I am in the final, I cannot believe it. Your family


are coming to support you, your friends are here. The support is


unbelievable, unbelievable. Good luck on Sunday. Thank you.


Britain has another finalist. We were entertained last night by J


Jones, now we have had a cracking fight from Fred Evans, guaranteed


at least silver, he was brilliant. He won the first and second


comfortably. He started to tell in the third round but the way he put


his punches together, the combinations he was throwing,


catching and beating the world champion, I think he did a


brilliant job. I think that was more of a final for him, beating


the Ukraine world champion for us at going into the next round, he


needs to keep his nerves nice and calm but I think he can go all the


way and win the gold medal. It is important to make sure he does not


think the hard work has been done? He has to stay focused and not let


the occasion get to him. The occasion can easily get to when he


beat the world number one. He needs to stay calm, stick to his game


plan, go back to the room and chill. It must be hard having fights so


close together. What is the secret between fights? The secret in


between fights his you have to fight five times in the two weeks.


The secret is to chill-out and relax and not think about anything,


just focus on what your job is. Your job is to win the gold medal


and you just need to, you need tunnel vision. The only person to


speak to is the train and your team friends. That is what I did in


Athens. Great news. Before we switch channels, let's remind you


of the day's headlines. Ethiopian Meseret Defar deprived her team-


mate Tirunesh Dibaba of a second successive Olympic double by


claiming the 5,000m title which she won in 2004.


Turkey won their first ever Olympic gold medal in athletics as Asli


Cakir Alptekin won a slow 1,500m race. Her compatriot Gamze Bulut


earned silver. USA it star studded sprint relay


team shattered the twenty-seven- year-old world record previously


held by East Germany. Carmelita debtor and could the team.


The Bahamas upset defending champions USA to win the men's 4 x


400m title. Great Britain were in agonising 4th for the second


successive Olympics. Another botched baton exchanged by


the sprint relay team cost them a place in the Olympic final. It is


their 5th failing in the last six championships.


Renaud Lavillenie a set a record to win the pole vault gold medal.


Britain's Stephen Lewis was joint 5th.


No gold medals for Great Britain today but they are still well up on


the leaderboard. A couple of silvers and bronzes and more medals


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