20/08/2011 Shinty: MacAulay Cup


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But they are shinty's Original Old Firm will stop they have a host of


cup runs and league championships between them up. In the 1970s and


early 80s they won almost every competition going. Almost every


contest is fondly remembered. But in the more modern era, they have


not been more dominant, neither side has lifted this famous trophy


since the 1980s. Now, both teams are on the rise. Newtonmore or won


the Premier League last season. They were in the final of the


Camanachd Cup. Kyles Athletic are unbeaten this season and have


But who is going to be dancing in the streets of organ tonight? Kyles


Athletic face in Newtonmore or four at the McAulay Cup, a trophy they


have both lifted nine times before it. Hello. A warm welcome to this


fantastic final today. Kyles Athletic verses Newtonmore. We will


meet some of the guys in the dressing room. First double Kyles


Athletic. Who is in here? Duncky Kerr is the captain. You have had


it good season so far. You must be pretty confident. We are pretty


confident but we are not over- confident. We take every game as it


comes. Hopefully if we play well today we will lift the cup. Your


team are playing well and confidently, what do you put that


down to? Just the team that being together for a couple of years. We


have managed to win a lot of games this season. Give us a sense for


the audience but home of the rivalry between Kyles Athletic and


Newtonmore. We get reminded of it quite often but it is not as big


nowadays as it was back in the day. It you are meant to say it is very


big! His big to Roddy Macdonald. I am sure you will be happy to score


another nine goals today? I do not care who scores as long as we get


the win. It is about being in the right place at the right time.


dad is in goals for you today. He was there in 1996 when the team


lost, will he be trying to make amends? I think he has only got one


winner's medal in all the time he has been playing, it would be nice


to give him one more before he jacks it all in. I knew playing


where you are to get away from them? I certainly do not hear as


much from him when I am upfront! have missed a few matches through


university and jobs but the team are playing well this season. We


have formally lost one match so far this season, unfortunately it was


in the Camanachd Cup. You have just graduated as a doctor, hopefully


your skills will not be called on today? Hopefully not! I will be


turning the other way! Now let as head into the Newtonmore her


dressing room and see what they have to say. What I are they going


to do today? Scott Campbell, the captain, the first thing I have to


ask is what has happened to you, look at your face. I had an


accident when I was caught in the eye with the stick. That is only


the training and that is the kind of injury you get! Kyles Athletic


have done well and have come back into the top of the game, but you


have done well this season too. have really gelled together this


season. Kyles Athletic at the team to beat. Hopefully this will be a


great spectacle. You won the Mick Tavish last year and another trophy


at the beginning of this one, are your team getting back to where


they should be? I think so. We are competing in two national finals


this year and we are getting back to where we should be. Norman


Cameron, I know you have had a few problems of injury but I understand


you are back to full fitness question my act yes. It just comes


with the old age in shinty, I should not worry about it. Your


only conceded one goal against King you see on the way to this final,


you will be up against some fast boys today? Yes indeed, Kyles


Athletic have some thick lads up front. You are a defender and you


have already played against them in the league this year and it was a


drop, you expecting this to be a tight one? Absolutely, whenever we


play against Kyles Athletic it is tight. Hopefully it will go well.


Danny MacRae, you have scored in every round of this competition,


what would you give for scoring four or five today? Air by score or


one or two I will be absolutely delighted today! The team are going


well so we will hopefully keep that going. You are carrying a battle


scar on your mouth, how did that happen? That was in the semi-final


last week against in Bury. Hopefully I will be quicker today!


Has your dad giving you any advice? He always gives me advice, he says


try harder and score goals will stop try your best. Have a


fantastic final. The boys are looking and sounding pretty calm


looking and sounding pretty calm before this final. This is how they


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


I am delighted to say that beside me is a man who knows this pitch


very well. He played for Oban Camanachd, Kingussie and Scotland.


Fraser, let's talk about how important this game is, a team from


the North against a team for the south and they are both playing


very well. They are both very consistent this season. We probably


could not have more contrasting styles either. Tiles and a fast-


moving team who like to move the ball quickly and run with the ball.


Today really should board for a good final. We have discovered that


Fraser MacDonald will not start for Hiles, how big a blow is that for


them? -- for Kyles Athletic. He can play full-forward or at full back,


He would have been and the man to have that the back. He is a match


for the Newtonmore big forwards. They will be disappointed he is not


starting. Newtonmore are losing their man who got a red card last


week, how big a loss will he be for Newtonmore? He is a big loss. David


is probably the most gifted player they have. He has not played very


often this season so they have not got the results of him. We can hear


the pipe band from or been high school. We are delighted they are


here to lead the guys on to the pitch. Let us talk about the warm-


up. Maison Newtonmore are staying on the pitch. -- we saw Newtonmore


were staying on the pitch. Sometimes a warm-up can go on for


too long. You can lose your edge at it. But if they have been doing


that all season it will be a build up for them. Do you think they will


utilise a rolling subs today? you need the have an injury in the


first have somebody can come of awe or on. There are more tactical


changes to do. This will be the first major final we have had


rolling subs in of. Two teams at the very top of their game. It is


the 2011 Artemis the Kohli Cup final. -- Artemis MacAulay Cup


final. He has been a long time coming. It is just like all times


did the in the Cup final. Newtonmore are against Kyles


Athletic for the first time since 1986. It is in for a -2. A quick


look at Newtonmore, they were a team of the year last year, taking


the Premier League championship for the first time in 25 years. Their


manager stresses that each game as it comes now it is more important


than the last. It's was last week, it is this week and it will be the


same in the weeks that come. Fraser Mackenzie, a man who has been here


and done best, 2001 News did in these players' possessions. What is


it like being out there in the middle of this all going on? Mike


team do not get too many finals sort it was a big occasion. To be


honest, the occasion got to us on that day. We had done all the hard


work in the semi-final. The occasion in organ got two As and we


were well beaten on the day they will stop -- the occasion got to us


and we were well beaten on D-Day.. The tiles athletic team it. They


have a late addition to the team in place of Fraser Macdonald. Let us


have a look at the line-up as they You will find that Roddy Macdonald


and Grant Irvine play right up the park next to the centre line. It


will affect the formation. Peter Curry will hold the ball up and


play it into the wide spaces for Danny MacRae will come in and were


off Cameron been a much as the Ronald Ross doesn't when he is


playing on the wing. An unsung hero is Glen Mackintosh who does not get


the credit he deserves. He will be a big player for then did a. These


players can come and go as the game goes on. These players did come on


goes on. These players did come on as goalkeeper if need be. Derrick


Cameron used to be in cup finals come I he scored the fastest ever


traditional royal blue. The Hiles goalkeeper is defending the gold to


declaration of intent straight away with a shot from Glen Mackintosh.


He knows the way to go and maybe an indication of how they will play


the game. He will also see at the other end Scott Campbell's man


Scott Campbell, the Newtonmore and captain. They will be trying to put


a lot of pressure on Michael Ritchie. He has been suspended and


it did affect his game. The Newtonmore keeper has a very bright


sun in his eyes. They will be every time. The keeper had to be on


his guard. They're keen to get off to a good start. They want to make


a good start to the game. The hat to be very quick. The ball rolls.


You cannot kick the ball in the Newtonmore. It seems to be a clear


tactic. Anything within 30 yards, they will have a go. Kyles Athletic


will be playing pace into the area well Newtonmore are playing a more


Norman Campbell, picking up the ball and clearing it. If anything,


Newtonmore are making best use of a rolling substitutes, do you think


we will see a lot? The fitness and the pace of Kyles Athletic might


mean Newtonmore and may have to make a few changes but they have


plenty on the bench to commend and do a good job. -- come in and do a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Athletic at the moment. That may He will be disappointed with that


effort. Kyles Athletic seemed to be happy to allow Newtonmore to shoot


from a range. I hop -- I hope my golf coach is watching that swing,


that is what he hopes I can do. It was wind assisted of course. A


wonderful strike from Donald. That is a great ball into the Newtonmore


shepherding him out and not letting him win. They have a big job


midfield. If anything, he over hit it. Slightly long. But a very


strong midfield with Newtonmore. They may look a bit heavy, but very


for Kyles Athletic this season. can see goals coming from either


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


it have been scoring goals from sense of occasion. The hitting is


just a little bit poorer than you would think. Newtonmore can take


advantage. You can see experience from Norman Campbell pushing


forwards. A a chance for Newtonmore. A great stop. A double stop from


Kenny MacDonald. We have said it all before, there is very little to


say about Kenny MacDonald. There you have him at his best. There was


far too much time for Danny MacRae to get a shot off. It has to go


down as a good chance but a great double stop from Kenny MacDonald.


The risk of allowing Newtonmore to shoot is fine as long as he stops


top. Just over the goal line. In the first 10 minutes, the threat


seems to be on the Newtonmore side and they have little impetus here.


Experience is something that is playing its part. You would imagine


Kyles Athletic had the experience of playing a big occasion but there


is more experience in the Newtonmore team. I am surprised at


how they are letting Newtonmore take these shops. -- Take these


- grazing his flag. We know there is a stiff breeze at and it will be


a demanding 90 minutes. This is one of the biggest pitches you have got


so it will take its toll. Maybe in the second half you will see Cal


that lactic coming more into the game with fit ness. Newtonmore are


also fit but they are bigger and and he held back. I think he caught


himself in the face of there. was nothing intentional there. He


tried to hook the ball. This, I would imagine, you can see it there,


just the tail end. Trying to get the ball. If you can trust me on


this one, it is not as bad as it looks I do not think. It is one of


these little injuries at a pressure point but that it leads a little


bit more than you may expect. A big crowd on the bank, on the hill. A


fantastic feel and a great atmosphere. I suspect Kyles


Athletic have the hell at the moment. I do not know what we


should call it? They may have squatters right by the end of the


game. Some of the local fans would take delight in telling me what it


is called. It is important that Newtonmore when the centre line


battle. If Kyles Athletic feed the ball into the wider areas they will


be more of a threat. These are the trophy is. It was donated in 1947.


A lovely trophy and very highly regarded. Mr Irvine back with us,


They know how to work their way through a cup final. He will not be


happy with that. He had more time than he thought. That was a wasted


ball. It should have been a short ball. He there is an injury with or


Newtonmore player now. That seems to have been a tackle after the


original incident. A separate the tackle. Jamie Robinson seems to


have taken a knock. He seems to need to get the ball and hold it.


That is where the cows are athletic effort at the moment is falling


down. Danny MacRae is being given far too much room by the Kyles


Athletic defence. I am sure they with the ball yet. Danny MacRae is


coming in across the full forward. He is not going to have the pace


there for the full 90 minutes. is a better ball looking for Roddy


Macdonald. A big hand from the Newtonmore support for that tidy


play. Here again is another chance. Look at how quickly Newtonmore turn.


That was another opportunity. It came all the way from the back,


from Rory Kennedy. That is another opportunity. They are racking up


the opportunities now. Rory Kennedy did very well at the back there


getting the ball forward. minutes almost gone. The weight of


play with Newtonmore at the moment. There were great double saves from


Kenny Macdonald. At the other end really the goalkeeper, Michael


Ritchie, has not been troubled. He is at fairly relaxed figure at the


far right hand side as we watch the game. He was suspended last week


for his red card. Back in the team in place of Sean MacQuarrie.


MacArthur is striking the ball well from the touchline. The two manic


Kyles tactic. One man to deal with it and one man to set it off. That


is about foul to give away there. did not see a great deal wrong with


it, to be honest. There speaks a defender! Appear she in the back.


Robbie Macleod is taking it across. -- approve should then be back. --


a push in the back. A decent opportunity for Kyles. I Bury shop


of the crowd in the background. -- I debate shot of the crowd in the


background. -- a great shot. Do you think Kyles are finding it


difficult to play into the wind? think it is more and that


Newtonmore are putting them under pressure, making it difficult for


them to play. Too many people up there today who are not here. All


the stars of the 70s and 80s I see here. Many are encouraging their


sons in many cases. Untidy play from both sides just below as here.


A good opportunity again for a Kyles to pick something up. They


have come from Tighnabruaich of course. This is a team on the rise,


without a shadow of a doubt. They have won a cup in the bag this year


already. Maybe just a little bit direct, but that has given the


tiles fans a lift. They have not had too many chances in the last


week while. They are trying to play a mobile forward. Michael Ritchie


is very careful on his post. 20 minutes gone, Kyles Athletic in the


blue shirts, Newtonmore in the blue and Whyte hoops. No score it.


Plenty action. Plenty of thought for the Newtonmore manager. He of


all people has been here and done it. He just needs to be able to do


it again and where it counts. Pushed back to Roddy Macdonald.


Kyles attack is around him like a swarm of bees. Newtonmore are


looking at bit ragged round the back. He did as simple flick out,


that was all it needed. A chance, and a Saviour! Michael Ritchie,


goodness me! -- a save. I think that is exactly what Michael


Ritchie needed. An absolutely cracking save. That is what he


needed. Thomas Whyte with the best chance yet. He was up to speed on


it. That will have given them a lift. Just below as is a PC


midfielder. He will want to be doing more of this. He got the shot


off, it was a fantastic save. Given that he has been suspended it will


give his confidence and a great boost. The keepers are matching


each other save for save at the moment. That keeps the scoresheet


blank unfortunately for us but it does give us plenty to talk about.


There is an indication that Kyles are beginning to get a grip of the


game. Just getting a bit of guidance. The goalkeeper does not


like to be crowded. He likes to see the ball coming at him. That man


cleverly got his body between the tiles player and the ball. We have


an injury in midfield. Zavaroni has gone down in the middle of midfield.


I am not sure where that was sustained. The tackles were so far


apart and the ball was transferred so quickly he did not seem to catch


anything. He seems to have got and knock on the ankle. He is a player


they will not want to lose. He has been a big part of the success


Kyles have had this season. He does a lot of hard work. I think he is


OK. Just a little not there. Zavaroni is on the fringe of the


Scotland pool. There is a very pleasant breeze. Shirtsleeves and


sunglasses. No midges so far. Sandy Macvicar had to be very, very


careful the air. He was under pressure all the time. I Newtonmore


were stick got it. Derrick Cameron has given the corner to Newtonmore.


Again as save from Kenny Macdonald, he got his boot to that. Derrick


Cameron has given another corner. Another save from McDonald. They


have given Danny MacRae too much time to get a shot off. It is only


a matter of time before he makes these count. Kenny Macdonald has


saved them all so far but Danny MacRae being given an enormous


amount of room here to pick a spot really. You can spend 90 minutes


all-over tiles and Kenny Macdonald can absolutely break your heart


because he is such a top quality goalkeeper. -- Kyles. You have to


make one of these steps. We have seen it before. In the Camanachd


Cup Kyles were three down and they clawed their way back. Roddy


Macdonald gets a corner. 25 minutes gone and still no score. It is


pretty even. Kenny Macdonald has made at least three good saves.


Maybe for it. An ambitious corner fired across Michael Ritchie's play.


-- maybe four. That was not far away! You said earlier there are no


goals in this team from midfield, that is a good example. That is


exactly what they will do, they will bomb up and down the pitch


will be, they have got the pace, the speed and the threat. Michael


Ritchie looked cool dealing with that, I do not think I would have


been quite as confident. He had a better view than any of us and I


suppose. Roddy Macdonald beaten that time. Roddy Macdonald looking


for or Irvine. He has drifted away out. Here is the midfield, Robbie


Macleod again. He has won a corner. They are a bit attacking threat for


Kyles. -- abate attacking threat. - - big. Picked up in midfield.


Irvine, quick as a flash. He fired it into the heart of the defence


and Roddy Macdonald could not quite get there. On the sidelines with


John, are you happy with the way things are going? We were not


getting to the balls quickly. We have managed to turn it around a


bit. We are starting to dominate more. The forwards are getting more


chances. Now we have to convert those and score at will. You are


forcing some saves out of the keeper which must please you?


have got to test the keeper all the time. If we can keep a winning the


first and second balls then hopefully if we can get a goal it


usually takes a lot of pressure of the boys and they can start playing


better. Thank you very much indeed. Duncan Kerr did not really have his


eye on the commentary team. A chance like that when his manager


is being interviewed! A snappy chance, have the chance, but these


are the ones they need to convert. One of these teams must make the


breakthrough. The first goal could be very important, it might not


decide anything in the end but it could give us a clue where the game


is going. Without a doubt, there are calls to come in. -- goals.


the start Newtonmore were at the top but the need to take their


chances when the and on top of the game. It will be interesting to see


how Kenny Macdonald hits against the wind in the second half. Norman


Campbell reels on it. The wind is holding it up in the middle. Here


is Currie. Just a bit ambitious with that. Not getting the ball


before he could reach the ball There is no excuse for that. That


was just too quick from Sandy Macvicar. He was off his feet.


Again, the ploy of using two defenders is working. Again, he did


not even look. He meal with the goal was. Should he have stopped?


He is dangerous. He is a dangerous threat. He gets all over the park


and he just missed that one. He is a threat for Kyles Athletic up


front. That is almost the same spot where he got a call in another cup


final. There was the goal that some people thought went through the net


go through the net or not? It looks like an obvious thing that


Newtonmore are doing. They are They were letting Kyles Athletic


get into the game. We chose to go into the wind to start with. It is


a tough game, both sides are at the top of their game? They have been


scoring a lot of goals but our defence has been strong. Things are


pretty even put up chances for both sides. Is the message more of the


same? Maybe a couple of changes. They have only conceded one goal in


this tournament. That is all in the The substances are warming up. John


MacKenzie is getting ready for that whether he will be brought on or


better. This is good. Newtonmore are driving forward. Kenny


MacDonald could do that all day, there was no pressure on him when


the ball arrived. That was good play from Jamie Robinson. Kyles


Athletic had possession and he regained possession for Newtonmore.


There was a scoring opportunity out going to go behind Kenny. Danny


MacRae is getting his opportunities. He was not far off target. It does


look as if Newtonmore are going to make a substitution. It is a little


surprising. But the rolling subs can be used as a tactic. It looks


as if John MacKenzie will be coming on. It'll be interesting to see


what that means for the way Newtonmore are playing. This is


driving towards the goal. A desperate lunge. That was


interesting. Norman Campbell diving in, going off his feet. He could


have been pulled up for that because if you're off your feet in


a tackle it is a foul. Play at the other end now. It is out of play.


The subsidy it is coming on. John MacKenzie is coming on for


Newtonmore and leaving the field is a Akie MaCrae, Number 10. What do


you make of that? I am not sure what the thoughts are in doing this.


I thought Akie MaCrae was doing well. Maybe he has had a knock or


rolling substitute situation. He was the what MacArthur makes of


it. He has given it. He has given it to Irvine and his back out to


Roddy MacDonald. There was nobody there, unfortunately. It is left to


a Scott Campbell to try to clear it. He of the black eye which was there


at the start of the game. He picked it up in training on Thursday night.


He will be up for winning this, coming from Oban. John MacKenzie


with plenty of O'Brien connections in the Newtonmore team as well.


Michael Ritchie, that was on the post. Scott Campbell will be


disappointed with her that. He had the shot on target again. Good


saves at both ends. The keepers at He worked it well to get it off but


he did not capture it quite right. Norman Campbell could have


deflected the ball but there was a feeling he had to pull the stick


back. All these players would be set themselves up there when you


want to move it on quickly. Perhaps a player can be a bit more


instinctive of up he just had the feeling he changed his mind halfway.


He is hitting the ball an enormous when it arrives. Spectacular


intervention there. I think it worked in Newtonmore's favour. Good


defending from the Kyles Athletic again. What can they make of this?


It is just not going for them at found any. He turns. David Zavaroni


had to go an awful way back and he is far old eventually. -- a foul.


Was a Dane End in the back? I would like to see Glen Mackintosh getting


more into the game. He seems to be frustrated because he is not


getting too much of the ball. Mackintosh is the hat-trick man. He


is even used to knocking goals in standing quite far off each other,


they and not marking each other. It will fall either way for those.


is like tennis at the moment. Big spaces in midfield. The referee


could have played an advantage there. He decided it was worthy of


a free hit. Newtonmore have a chance to create something. A poor


a hit. That has given Kyles a chance to move to the other end. An


enormous hit against the wind. That will be interesting to see how


Newtonmore adjust to having the wind in their favour in the second


half. This is a chance. John MacKenzie scores the goal. A


dreadful mistake and a wild swing. The first goal would be crucial and


it has fallen to John MacKenzie. absolutely fantastic finish there.


An opportunity to play it through to Danny MacRae just before that. I


thought the opportunity had gone but John MacKenzie concern and that


is a cracking finish. A poll would have to put him on just before that


though he will be delighted with that. If Newtonmore and take the


kept the manager will claim his up time because of the head knock


sustained by Grant Irvine. Newtonmore will want to steady the


first but they would love another There is too much time for Donald


Irvine to play these balls down the just before half time. It'll be


interesting to see the a reaction coaching team. -- father. Norman


Campbell with a diving save on the goal line! Ritchie, a bald people.


Richie in one of his moments. -- of all people. What a save by Norman


Campbell! Good cover by Norman Campbell. It is what you want your


full back to do. That has kept Newtonmore ahead without a shadow


of a doubt because they were within a foot of an equaliser there. A


desperate lunge from Norman Campbell as Ritchie jumped over it.


That will play on his mind now. That is the danger. Again we have


one minute left. A chance for Kyles to get the ball back up to the


other end. Perhaps one more chance in this first have which has burst


into life in the 44th minute. MacKenzie and leashes an


unstoppable shot. -- unleashes. There is only one place the


Newtonmore will pit -- the new two more defenders will put the ball


low and it is not on the pitch. McDonald. They knew it had come of


the stick of Ronnie McDonald. Kennedy is probably one of the best


up-and-coming shinty players. Richie going for length, making


sure the ball went as far as he could. He got it out of play. He


has given it to Kyles, though. Yet another chance for quite. -- Why


eat. Derrick Cameron says enough is enough. -- Whyte. Danny MacRae


getting far too much room but then the breakthrough came when John


Mackenzie unleashed a fantastic shot. The way we have it that have


time is Kyles Athletic Mill, It has been something of a first


have? Tiles came into effect. They got a lot of good chances then John


Mackenzie scored that fantastic goal at half-time to give


Newtonmore the advantage. Now Newtonmore have the wind. There


were some chances early on for Danny? Yes, unfortunately for him


Danny? Yes, unfortunately for him he did not make the most of them.


He was not really a threat to Kenny Macdonald from that distance but he


is getting the opportunities and he was probably the more dangerous off


the Newtonmore forwards in the it is a goal. Kenny just getting


his foot to it and putting it by. Danny will be disappointed he did


not take one of his chances, but his key man in front so he will be


happy. Tiles came back into the team game and created their own


chances? The first chances fell to their winners. This comes off


Richie's shoulder and then comes of the post. A fantastic shot and a


fantastic save. Out for a corner. Best opportunity sees a couple of


men being beat. He takes a have he and pushes it wide. It was a good


chance. Peter Currie had a chance as well, didn't he? He does possess


is Norman Campbell. He heads the shot and Michael Ritchie does well,


he comes out. Ritchie was fortunate. This is another chance for Peter,


it is a badly taking shy and Michael Ritchie is a week to stop


it at his near post. I spoke to Norman MacArthur two thirds through


the path and I asked if there was any chance of a change and he said


he might make one or two. John Mackenzie is the man who came on


and he did make a difference. confident. At this scramble Kyles


were failing to get the ball away. You will not hit the ball any


better than that. Sandy Macvicar should have got his feet to that.


To beat Kenny Macdonald from that distance takes a good shot. There


goes the shot heading to the roof of the net. Just that one mistake


was enough to pick the team behind at half-time. You know when you hit


it well it is goal-bound but it could have been won all except for


a diving save by Norman Campbell? Ritchie came out here and misjudged


the flight of the ball a little bit. Norman Campbell used dollar of his


experience there. -- used all of his experience there. He was


experienced enough to get it off the line. Newtonmore or were


involved in the semi-final of the Camanachd Cup last weekend, they


were up against in Bury, here at the two semi-finals. The Newtonmore


manager said this was their most important match in 25 years. His


players did not let him down, it took them less than 10 minutes to


get ahead. Every ad had not just turned up for the event. Sean


MacQuarrie in the Newtonmore all made a horrendous blunder. It was


pretty even for the whole game thereafter until the one hour mark


a. A fantastic flick from a very narrow angle pit the boys in yellow


ahead. Newtonmore were back into it in 70 minutes by equalising 2-2.


Five minutes later there was an unseemly tackle. Scott Robertson


hit bedecked. It was a straight red card. Then again Newtonmore were


keeping it hard, pressure, unit Murdoch under pressure and again


the referee stepped in. UN mate Murdo in extra time. It was


Newtonmore are who took the advantage. Glen Mackintosh getting


his second. Then his second in nine minutes to complete his hat-trick.


Finally, just on the whistle, the icing on the cake with Newtonmore


as death to put them through to yet another Camanachd Cup final. -- 5th.


It was difficult for Kilmallie to get to have time with no score they


were to find out how big the mountain in front of them was


because King newsy went ahead in the first minutes of the second


half. They looked to have the bit between their teeth. -- Kingussie.


In UC got a second goal with the Kilmallie defence in disarray. --


Kingussie got a second goal. There was a great move on the forward


line allowing dos and to slip the ball into the net for a 4th goal


for Kingussie. Fraser Munro went on a waltz through the Kilmallie


defence and got Kingussie's 5th goal. Ronald Ross had a speculative


shot into the heart of the Kilmallie defence, another goal for


Ronald Ross and another Badenoch You can join us for that on


Saturday 17th September. Fraser Ingles is with as who formerly


played for a king you see and Oban played for a king you see and Oban


Camanachd. -- Kingussie. Newtonmore or have a good chance in the week,


the ahead here today, you would have to say they are on the


ascendancy. It is a big, big game. It certainly is, on 17th September,


but let us talk about today's game. Tiles had dominance through the


middle of the first half but Newtonmore are being brought back


in. With Newtonmore's strong hitting you would think they could


end Kyles back. This is a big pitch, Kyles are a fit and fast running


teams. Newtonmore are hit the ball much further and are more physical.


How do you think the match is going to turn out? I think Newtonmore are


the favourites. Kyles have to get there are good guys on the end of


the chances, they must finish them. If they get chances taking the


could come right back into the game. Thank you very much indeed. Let us


the action. The teams are. The referee has been the coolest person


on the park so far. He is getting the second half under way. The team


in the hoops took the lead in the first half. The Norman Campbell


saved on the goal line kept Newtonmore ahead just before half


time. Both teams are as they were in the first half. Newtonmore are


looking for a penalty but there are no takers from the match officials.


It will be interesting to see how the wind is used to Newtonmore a's


advantage from left to right as we watch it. There is another shot.


Kenny Macdonald had to look lively. It is that man making the again.


Fraser Mackenzie has caused a lot of trouble since he came on. He has


had another opportunity. They have got the goal advantage and the wind,


there is a psychological advantage for Newtonmore now. The need to get


another goal because there are been in the wars. I nudge in the


next. He took an head knock in the first half which needed a bit of


their heels at the moment. They need to up the pace. The need to


try something different. As we look at the pitch, we can see the


Newtonmore half-backs are right up to the halfway line. They have


back to midfield. Andrew King gets it away. We have not really seen


Grant Irvine at his best to to today. A few glances perhaps but


not enough to push David Zavaroni forward now. They have made a


tactical switch. David Zavaroni has moved forward. You will see a the


red head-in the middle. If they can just move the ball quicker against


and awaiting his time. He has the strength to do that. He is a big


and strong player. There was an opportunity to play through.


Whether he knew it was there, I am not sure. They are looking stronger


at this stage. That was a fifty- fifty ball in the air. The player's


momentum, nothing in that. Not at all. There was no intent. A few


years ago they would have been plenty of intent, but not now.


look for from Roddy MacDonald. On the ball at pace driving into the


defence. He will drive on from the centre line. Another thing that is


part of the change, Jamie Robinson has been lined man of the match so


Richie clears it well. This could have been a very expensive mistake


but Norman Campbell, being a good full-back, came to his aid and


found his own man. That was a solid challenge but he is up straight


away. The Roddy MacDonald, on his feet straight away. That is


marvellous athleticism to see someone take a tackle like that and


be up straight away. He will take a knock and get back up. He is an


outstanding player. The ball moved a good 20 or 30 yards after the


tackle and he was after it like a forward. Danny MacRae with a swipe


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


above his head that and the Mary flexible player. He can play


shout for a cake and no flag. Interesting. An interesting call


for Kyles Athletic. I think it came off a foot. Kyles Athletic begin to


trying to hold him back. This was the incident. Just a little mad.


Forgetting we have cameras, we can MacRae doing his share of the hard


is as a result of training. It is a beauty. A good ball into the middle


now. Cows have let the need to pick footballer as well. You can see


that in his tactical approach to to the midfield. It is probably as


well for Fraser Mackintosh that he missed that. If he had brought it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


down, Grant Irvine was lurking put he has put in a great and solid


performance. He will play until he drops. He is almost playing like a


sweeper at the moment. It is a tactical change they had to make.


They try to play through Jamie is the second time I have seen


Norman Campbell off his feet. David Cameron has allowed them to --


derrick Cameron has allowed them to That had to happen some time.


not think John MacKenzie did a lot wrong there. He tried to block.


That was fine, it was the after. That must have been irritating in


temperament get us the better of him. We may see some changes soon.


All around the pitch, tap -- for Newtonmore. He is going to the


4th official on the halfway line. He is coming on. Interesting to see


the whole they will take off for Newtonmore. It is not immediately


obvious to anyone. Here we are. It is Jamie Robinson. A As we thought,


the legs are tiring a little bit. He possibly have run out of a bit


of steam but he put in a cracking take one or strike. Goals in


abundance but none has so far this afternoon. This is where fatigue


heat. Are we are beyond the hour mark. Less than half-an-hour to go.


It is punishing out there. Very, very warm. The wind has died down.


Conditions are perfect for shinty. I do to tackle by Zavaroni. He


blasts a ate up the wing. There is a little bit much on it. The


referee is having a word with a Zavaroni. I am not sure what that


is about. He might have said something to the official on the


Goodness me! Goodness me! No steps? Mackintosh should get away from


there. It is getting a bit wild. It is getting a bit ragged in the


middle of there. Eventually derrick Cameron has called a halt. Derrick


Cameron has got to calm this down. Let us see what derrick Cameron is


making about this. Boys. Pan down. I know, it was nothing. Get on with


it. -- calm down. I think the referee to have dealt with that


right at the start when the player was standing over the ball. He


could have stopped play there. Obviously somebody was going to


come in and take a swing. A bit of pushing and shoving but not a lot


in it. You see that in all the towns at the weekend. Cameron wants


everyone to get on with it. So do we. No surprise there then. The


coolest man on the park. I thing he will have more have to deal with


before the end of the game. Piles have to react. They are 1-0 down. -


- Kyles have to react. The referee dismissed it as handbags.


minutes gone. Newtonmore one, Kyles That is what we have to call him at


the moment. It has been the only goal of the game and it was a


beauty. No quarter given or asked at this stage. We would not expect


it to be anything else. Excellent from Cameroon Bennie, cleaving his


line. I am with the Kyles coach on the sidelines, it is getting a


little bit testy out there? Things are becoming more physical. We are


becoming involved in the physical side of the game rather than


sticking to our plan of getting to Ball's first. We need to get back


to the basics like we were doing in the first half. At the moment the


forwards are getting very little of the ball. Getting drawn into a


physical game with Newtonmore, they will win it? Maybe they could be a


little bit stronger with the physical side but we need to start


getting to the Ball's first. It is what it is and he is looking to the


referee to give his players a little bit of protection. We will


maybe come back to that. The ball is on the run. This time again the


strength of a Rory Kennedy for such a young player is fantastic.


Mackenzie lets fly. Looked at in trying to get at the ball. He has a


won at corner. John Mackenzie has had a fantastic impact on the game,


even above the goal, he has worked hard to put pressure on Kyles.


Absolutely. I thought he might have got a penalty there but he did not.


An ambitious big hit. It did not work for John Mackenzie that time.


That was as likely wasted chance. - - a slightly wasted chance. Norman


McArthur the Newtonmore coaches with me on the sidelines. You must


be fairly pleased with the way it is going? They are obviously the


effect her side but I think we are stronger. We need to get that


second goal at to tell the game off. -- Celt the game off. Do you think


the game needs to be stronger? Certainly not. Shinty is a man's


game. In the first have you said you might make changes and you get,


that man came on and scored the goal, any other change is coming


up? No. An interesting analysis. It is a man's game. I think he is


right about the referee. Far too many referees these days what they


at all! It is a physical game and Norman MacArthur is right. You are


maybe making an bit too much of it. There was an incident earlier than


the referee could have dealt with. There is a McDonald's down the wing.


He has been well pleased today. Steven MacDonald, a clever move. He


is hearing down the wing. He is running out of puff now. Zavaroni.


A bit of creativity in midfield, Zavaroni. Irvine of. A spare man in


midfield from Kyles. Good play from 10. The keeper had to put his hand


to it, it is blocked! A chance for Kyles but it is out. That was a


good chance. They are getting these chances. Richie should have


possibly just not that wide. Even the match officials are having


trouble in the sun now. Kyles are looking for a throw-in. Here it


comes. Into the heart of the defence. Acute, good chance for


Kyles. It was Irvine. Irvine was unlucky. He was unmarked at the


back post. That should have been on target. That was room enough to


fill stop it needs to count. 10 has got his second win now. That is a


good intervention. Irvine at the back. He looks like getting it away


but he has got no help. They play and unlucky with the way it came


out. In the middle of the field there is some cramp. Cameron Vinay


is beginning to feel in the pace. He was down stretching his muscles.


about today once it is all over, no doubt it. Mackenzie getting at


topping two from derrick Cameron. - - talking to. The temperature is


getting to John Mackenzie. This is then the best traditions of the


Newtonmore and Kyles clashes. It is then no means over. The call came


from John Mackenzie in 4-4 minutes. hated that goal coming in at his


feet after what happened in the first Taff. It is not the ball he


would have wanted to deal with but he dealt with it well. The sun was


at his back rather than in his eyes, I think that made a difference.


Fraser Macdonald, who failed a late fitness test, is standing on the


touchline. I wonder if we will see them. Irvine at speed, into the box,


of what a tackle from Fraser Mackintosh! A brilliant tackle!


Maybe he should have hit it first time? That was a chance, he might


live to regret that one. I great clearance by Fraser Mackintosh.


long arms save Newtonmore there without a doubt. That is dangerous


territory. That is what cost Kyles their goal. Currie. Again and again


at chance for Kyles. Bad marking. Have effect. That was another


chance they're, the need to take one of these. Just unlucky. They


are getting chances now and the need to take them. The chances are


clearly coming for Kyles. They are putting the pressure on. They are


standing as close as they can in front of the keeper trying to put


him off. This is all part and parcel of the game. It is an


interesting tactic, they feel they can put pressure on the Newtonmore


goalkeeper. A hit from MacArthur, Duncan Kerr gets it into the danger


area but Norman Campbell knows what to do with that. Here is Irvine at


the other end. Man of the match in the Camanachd Cup final two years


ago. Here is a chance for Newtonmore are at the other end!


Benny to not take it. There that have been Danny MacRae, who knows!


Just our poor ball from Irvine. It has not worked for Grant Irvine


this afternoon at all. MacArthur looking for a Mackenzie. Cameroon


Benny will not get a greater chance to possibly kill the tie. --


Cameron Binnie. Attire differ from field. He has been in many


positions. There has been a shift throughout the team. They make move


him again. They have been quite flexible with the way they move


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


anyone who takes on Kyles Athletic. It could all come down to a mistake.


Could it go to extra-time and penalties? There is some poor hit


ting now. The heat has got to some of the players, it is sapping their


around. A Porsche there. There are many tired players. John McCain


also looks tired. The boys are getting cramp in the back. Bottles


of water flying everywhere. There is a fitness man in the middle who


looks like he could do another 90 for Kyles Athletic to find a goal.


Some injury-time, but very little. There is one goal in it at this


stage. It was a strike by John defence. A great tackle again. It


looks as if Callum Binnie will be this quickly. The skipper on the


attack. He turns it in. He blasts it and he had options but the


striker's instinct took over. tried to work it back. He would be


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


opportunity, they have not managed to be on target. They may regret


these at the end. A good block as difference of opinion with Kyles


Athletic was that they cannot give him a piece of paper with the


player's name to get him on the field. It appears they have not


brought their substitutes card. We have found a bit of paper.


Meanwhile, Ritchie is under is Danny MacRae. He had men wide.


still being done. The Bank of England is crashing and the economy


is best. Carrots have let it do not have a bit of paper to put their


the head knock. He has not really got into the game. I cannot


understand that one. He is one of their key players for that he is


not happy coming off. He is still one of the players you would look


at to get back into this game. He that twice. He had to look smartish


Athletic to retrieve what looks increasingly like a lost cause.


They have less chance of forcing us They have had opportunities. 3 1/2


minutes left on the clock. The skipper from inside a of the box.


Was a player offside when the ball went in? The answer is it does not


matter because the goal has been given. A couple of minutes of


injury time left and three minutes left on the clock. Here we go again.


The famous Kyles Athletic revival. On the bench, one of their great.


Probably as excited as anyone on the pitch at the moment as to what


happened in the last minute. You could not make a debt of up it


makes for a great game. There has to be a reaction from both sides.


The Newtonmore bench absolutely time and even penalties in the


distance. Once, it took 17 penalties to run beside this final.


Here is hoping we do not go minute. The chance looked to have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


gone. He had a chance but then he of regular time. Perhaps three


minutes added. Very few injuries in the whole game. The whole game


played in Great spirit. Now, they have to dig deeper than ever. Poole


has got the bottle? John MacKenzie goes in. The captain leading from


stolen the final. It has gone home to Kyles Athletic. He does very


well here. It shows how quickly a shinty match can turn. To will my


right, they are ecstatic. To my left, Newtonmore at stand. Goodness


me. We have maybe a couple of minutes left. Kyles Athletic have


to defend this and Newtonmore have to throw the kitchen sink at it.


What a result this is going to be. They have already clinched a kept,


the Glasgow Celtic society Cup. The legs are going. The game has gone


from Newtonmore and Kyles Athletic have taken the Artemis MacAulay Cup


in a most dramatic fashion. Kyles Athletic, a mixture of relief and


enjoyment and excitement. How on earth did they pull that off?


tough to pick one word for that but it is unbelievable. There were


opportunities at both ends. Possibly, Newtonmore were at


fatigue in the last 10 minutes. Kyles Athletic net in to take it at


the end. Fantastic scenes. I said before today that they would be


dancing tonight. Maybe not in Newtonmore. Are bitterly


disappointed after a great tactical That was Calum Millar, Fraser


Macdonald. A wonderful, wonderful match settled in the most dramatic


fashion by Roddy Macdonald and Duncan Kerr who gave Kyles the two


goals that is going to take the McAulay Cup home. A glorious


afternoon in the organ. Newtonmore one, Kyles Athletic to. -- a


glorious afternoon in Oban. What an incredible comeback from Kyles


Athletic. They made a remarkable recovery today. Dr A team of


tremendous character. Kyles might be the team to dominate for the


next few years because they are young and the have the ability.


John Mackenzie came on from -- for Newtonmore in the first Taff and


got them the advantage. -- first half. He made no mistake. It went


into the roof of the net. At that time of the match it was a great


One player was saying that Kyles were being drawn into the physical


game. They have great character about them, they are never beat.


There were a few incidents where there was a bit of heat but it all


canned down again and they kept plugging away. It proved that


Duncky Kerr was a dangerous player and Roddy Macdonald, the chances


fell to them. Roddy Macdonald, come in and speak to us. You must be


pretty chuffed with that. Yes, it was amazing. I am speechless will


stop I thought it we kept going we might get a goal and we got it


right at the death. Yousef you're that had only one winner's medal in


his long career and you have delivered another one for him.


delivered another one for him. was a team effort. Top as the Rue


back handed it into the back of the Our heads never go down. We are a


tight bunch of boys, we are all friends and I think it shows a


commitment to the team's Bennett. What does this when they mean to


you? It is too long since we have been winning things, hopefully we


can bring a premier-league home now too. Can that relations, an


excellent effort. Let's now have the presentation. It has been too


long he said, it was 1989 to be precise since this beautiful trophy,


D MacAulay Cup, donated by Mrs Flora Macaulay of the Macaulay


times, first played for in 1947, They are calling on the captain to


come up first. His team today had no failures. Michael Ritchie, the


goalkeeper, Norman Campbell, the disconsolate Newtonmore or players.


It is very, very difficult to go through this part of the ceremony


when you have given everything and made no mistakes really. They lost


their to a fantastic finish and maybe one of these days they will


not begrudge it. There is a great respect between both teams. John


Mackenzie who got the goal in four to four minutes. That, for such a


long time, look like it would get the trophy to Newtonmore. They


still have the lead to look forward to. I would not write them off yet.


They have the Camanachd Cup final on 17th September to look forward


to. The losing captain is being presented. Now the referee, who had


a splendid game. The up-and- coming referee of the year, he will


forever treasure that title. He's certainly proved today that he can


handle the biggest of occasions. He has done an international match


already. There is more to come from Mr Cameron. Quite rightly so.


Robbie Macleod of Kyles is the man of the match. It is difficult to


argue with anybody chosen to Dave really because there were a lot of


people who excel. Robin Macleod maybe not one of the biggest names


in the Kyles team but he did have power of work in the midfield. Now,


the captain, he is not getting his hands on the trophy just yet. Kenny


Macdonald it. -- Kenny Macdonald picking up his medal. Donald Irvine.


The rest of the defenders. Every man on tired legs, I can tell. They


are quick enough to be able to step up on to a little stage that has


been created. It doesn't stop Grant Irvine who was disappointed when he


was taken off in no doubt. That is not the last medal he will get. The


substitutes who did not get on, unfortunately for them, they did


not get a game, but at the end of the day the substitutes were used


well. Now the big moment. Dumping her lips D MacAulay Cup for a Kyles


Athletic. -- Duncan Kerr lifts D MacAulay Cup for Kyles Athletic.


Our floor manager is a hard man. This man wants to go and celebrate


but he has been brought to us. How does it feel? Unbelievable, I


cannot describe how did it is. got to Newtonmore it had the match,


you were getting drawn into a physical battle, but you manage to


pull it out the back. We were struggling but we managed to pull


it back and get the goals in the end. The showing designs in the


Scottish Cup final when they came back to making it the each and were


unlucky to lose it for a-3. They have got the trophies to show what


they can do. To be honest I thought our chance had gone because I was


then and had messed, the ball came back out and went through a few


players, I was glad to see it hitting the back of the net. What


does it feel like to win that trophy, undoubtedly your tea man on


the up, you must have great confidence going forward. -- your


team are on the up. It does give us confidence but we have a small


squad compared to other teams. To have got so far is unbelievable,


but we will keep fighting to the end. I will let you go back to your


team to celebrate but congratulations. Well done.


Excellent effort. What can you say about Duncky Kerr? A little guy up


against big men in Newtonmore. He turned it around a do get them back


in the match and it was that 2-1 victory. Now, the man-of-the-match,


how does that feel? It is great. We dug in and tell the end and did not


give up. We thought you were out of this. We just did not get up, we


got going right to the end and got what we deserve. You were a wee bit


smash-and-grab at the end but that does not matter, it will go down in


the end that you guys won the trophy. I thought we thoroughly


deserved it. What about your goalkeeper? He has been around for


a long time. He just keeps doing it, he keeps going, he to be here


another year yet. Do you think Quest at work he puts the average


age of the team up! He is still fabulous, as he has still got it,


still as the eye. Well done. Let us put this in context. With that


young team doing so well, two trophies this season, a great


future for them? They are very bright. Sometimes you get the


ability and not the attitude but they have got it all going for them.


There they can keep showing the discipline and key their fitness up,


then it is all the it for them to take. Now let us get Kenny


Macdonald in here just now. Congratulations. We believe it is


your second winner's title in a fairly long career? Two in 30 years


is not very good! I am glad to get that today. It did not look like


coming on a long while but I thought it be to get one goal there


would be a chance. And you live is the one who got the winner. He is


fairly good at that I have to say. I was never did at getting yet in


the net. You are certainly good at keeping it out. Congratulations.


Thoroughly deserved. Well played. Did man. Newtonmore, the Camanachd


final is coming up, defeated finalists here, will that make them


more determined? I think so. They got beat today but they are in the


finals against their biggest rivals and they still have a chance of the


week. They still have a lot to play for this season's. Do not forget


the Camanachd Cup final is coming up on 17th September. It will be


live here on BBC Two Scotland. The defeated finalists today take on


their great rivals Kingussie will stop right now, however, you can


turn over to BBC One Scotland for Sportscene and today's football


results. In 15 minutes here on BBC Two it is Scotland's last warm-up


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