Oban Camanachd v Glenurquhart Shinty: MacAulay Cup

Oban Camanachd v Glenurquhart

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By the MacAulay Cup is up for grabs again with two unfamiliar faces


keen to get their hands on it. 1996 was the last time Open won a major


trophy. The legendary Gordon Macintyre scored. He lost an eye 18


months ago. -- Oban Camanachd. Camanachd have taken the Cup for


the first time since 1988. They are delirious. Blast of open's 5


MacAulay Cup of victories. This is their first appearance in the final


since 2002. -- the last of Oban Camanachd's. They shot Inveraray in


the semi-finals and it will want victory on their home ground. Their


opponents, Glenurquhart, are in the top division. They have only ever


made two appearances in the Macaulay Cup final. Under the


stewardship of Drew McNeil and Fraser Mackenzie, they have looked


mightily impressive this season. mightily impressive this season.


There is a home presence here at Mossfield Park for the Artemis


MacAulay Cup final as Oban Camanachd take on Clem a cart. --


Camanachd take on Clem a cart. -- Glen are cut. The pitch looks


wonderful. It promises to be a fascinating final. And this is what


they are playing for, the MacAulay Cup. Incredibly, every senior


first division side. And that is what is happening today. Joining me


for the Cup final a two gentleman who knows -- you know all there is


to know about playing for major trophies. Gleneagles was in the


side the last time Oban Camanachd won the trophy. Gary Innes played


in every Camanachd Cup final from 2003 to 2010. He also won the


MacAulay Cup in 2000. Fraser, you played in the side that picked up


two Macaulay Campsie and a Camanachd Cup. Those were good


times. Absolutely. There is a strong tradition of shinty here. It


is great to see that coming through. The boys a real chance to give all


the time a bit of silverware. Camanachd or one of the sites that


had never been relegated. How big a shock was it when they went down?


It was a massive shock for the town but the shinty community could see


it coming. Since they have gone down, they have regrouped and they


look stronger and better for it. in the Premier Division next year.


And let's talk about the other side. Incredibly, they have been around


never picked up a trophy. In is hard to believe because they always


produce good shinty players and good teams. Unfortunately, there


has always been an outstanding team around at the same time and they


have been denied silverware. This is a chance for the next generation


to put that right. I do not think anybody would begrudge them going


away with silverware. Although Oban Camanachd will feel that they


should be going away with it, too. They have the former Scotland


management team there. What difference have they made? I think


they have made a huge difference. It is OK having natural ability but


you have to be organised and committed. I think they have found


that the players have responded to it. They are hungry for success


because they have not won anything. This is their opportunity. Oban


Camanachd are a team that have been very successful. Discipline,


perhaps, has been an issue. Recently, too. Do you think they're


going to have to get on with it today? Their discipline has got


better since Fraser stopped playing. I am joking, of course. With new


management, they have brought in a different standard. I think they


will overcome the discipline problems. They have been better of


late. You mentioned the new management team. Gussie Campbell is


the new manager of Oban Camanachd and I spoke to him earlier.


Could you believe, 17 years ago, when you were here as a captain,


that you would now be here as a manager and you have not won the


trophy since? It does not take too many people to bring that up. I


have reminded the players. Hopefully after today they can tell


me that is wrong. I cannot believe it is 17 years. This is our trophy.


We should have had this. 17 years is too long. I am proud to have it,


but not for 17 years. And you're going into this as a first division


side against Premier League opposition. Does that put the


pressure on Clent, as opposed to you? They are starting as


favourites. -- Glen. I would say that our team are Premiership


standard, but playing in Division One. Week-to-week, they're playing


top-class teams. They have had a good run. That is going to help


them in preparation. Fraser, in a final with Glen, you must be


delighted. Your other favourites. We're certainly delighted. -- You


are the favourites. I would not say we were the favourites. We were


only -- Oban Camanachd were only relegated by home advantage. We


have no injuries and we are looking forward to it. There are only a


couple of points in the goal difference between the Premier


League teams. It is very tight so hopefully we can do it today.


were here in the final, but preparations have not been


brilliant so far. We left dead 9am, and we got past the castle and the


bus stopped. It just broke down. So we were waiting for 10 minutes. The


bus driver managed to push a button and it started again. Not ideal


preparation. You must be feeling good going into it, you have had


some big scalps. We are feeling quite confident. We have had some


good results. What other strength of the team? Hopefully, on the big


picture, we can strengthen our legs. -- stretch our legs. Hopefully we


can run round them. You got to this have been fine form, with four of


the last five Premiership games you have one. You have momentum for


stomp we have. It was important to get that. We found a penalty-taker


that could actually score and that happens to be our goalkeeper.


Everything is going well in the build up. Everyone is very excited.


How big a deal would be for you to be the first ever Larnaca at


captain to win a trophy? It would be absolutely massive. --


Glenurquhart. For the rest of the boys as well. For all Glenurquhart,


boys as well. For all Glenurquhart, it would be huge. And this is


confirmation of how the teams got to the final, starting with Oban


Camanachd. They beat Glenorchy 1-0 away. In round two, they played


Bute. Andrew MacCuish with both goals. In the semi-final, and


incredibly victory -- incredible victory over Inveraray. It was a


sensational win 40 side. Glenurquhart were in the first


round and dispatched to their opponents of four-to-one. Then they


beat Kingussie in round two. James McPherson got the third. 3-0 Way at


McPherson got the third. 3-0 Way at Fort William. -- a way. Gary Innes


has headed back up into the commentary box. Fraser Ingle's are


still with me. Let us talk about Glenurquhart. The preparation they


had this morning, the bus broke down. Very unfortunate. A fortnight


ago, Inveraray's bus crash on the way to the final but they went on


to win. While we're talking about Glenurquhart, the fact that they


have never won the trophy before. Fraser was saying an interview it


was so important that they tried to pick up some silverware because


they have had a long and illustrious history. They have


indeed. It shows how ambitious they are. The fact that they have


brought the two managers in, who are not natively floor on -- from


Glenurquhart. They want to be successful and they want to be in


the finals. So far, Glenurquhart had never manage to get their name


ofs on a trophy. -- their names on a trophy. The High School pipe band


have started up behind us. I hope you can hear us. It is a good noise


coming from the band. Where will this match be won and lost, do you


think? It is interesting because Oban Camanachd have a good forward


line, full of natural ability but their defence and midfield need to


build a platform to allow the forward line to perform. They


cannot afford to give away soft goals. They have to win at least


50-50 in the midfield. If they do that, they will have the ability to


take goals. Glenurquhart a slightly different with good natural players.


Fraser Heath. They are more of a grind you down and takeover kind of


team. They will do that, similar to what they did in the semi-final. If


Oban Camanachd can build from the midfield and bring their natural


player has the ability to go on and attack, it is not beyond them to


win today. And Gussie Campbell is now looking after Oban Camanachd.


What has he done to change the side? I think he has brought in the


sensation of having been there and won it, telling them that they can,


too. He has been brought up with them and he stays close by. He is


no different to what they are. He said he was good enough to win it,


and saw you. That belief is very important. We have two teams that


do not necessarily -- usually get a finals and belief is a big thing.


If you can think, we can win this, then that is a big thing. You have


then that is a big thing. You have won it, as have Gary Innes. Gary


Innes is inside the committee -- is in the commentary box along with


Huge Dan MacLennan. Very few of us would have guessed


that Glenurquhart would have been featuring not one -- in not one but


tonight national finals before the end of the season. Here we are. It


is Moss Field Park, the home of Oban Camanachd, and it is the


Macaulay Cup final. It has been played at Mossfield Park off and on


since 1947. Oban Camanachd provided us with another big moment or two


in a pulsating 4-3 win over Inveraray to get themselves here.


They were one man down for part of that game. The usual pleasantries


at the start of the game. Daniel Cameron, the Open captain, in his


change strip. Both teams normally play in red and black hoops. The


leader of the cancelled is leading the charge on the handshakes.


Alongside Donald Skinner. I can tell you that that is Isabella


Skinner, the granddaughter of Donald Skinner, currently the


president of the Macaulay Association, and a well-known


figure in his various roles in the association. The clever part


captain, Stuart McIntosh, more of them later. -- the Glenurquhart


captain. Eddie Tembo, we will look at his haircut later on. In


magnificent setting today. Four seasons, we have had. Everything


except from hailstones and snow. Now we have glorious sunshine,


similar to last week. Not quite as warm as it was last week. That is a


blessing to the players. Drew McNeil and Fraser Mackenzie. And we


understand that Oban Camanachd will be playing towards the golf course


and, left to right as we look at the teams. -- golf-course end. The


teams completing their preparations. The teams today, Oban Camanachd


first of all. Serial under- achievers at national level. But


they are here on merit. A balance of youth and experience. Five


Macmillans in all. It is a good next. It gives them a good platform


to build on. Absolutely. Cameron is very experienced, as is Evans. He


picked up a Scotland cap last year. He will be a huge part.


Glenurquhart have never won a National Trophy. There have been


some changes. James Macpherson is on the bench. John Bach is at full-


back. Neale Reid may be doing a summer for sold or two if the


gettable. -- somersault or two. Stuart McIntosh, the captain, who


scored a penalty recently against can I see. He had been struggling


recently. Stuart McIntosh found the net. It will be interesting if they


get a penalty today to see him. is rolling substitutions. Three


from five may be used and there are plenty of options for both teams.


Three from five. And you will be seeing them coming and going. And


this is the man who will keep charge of it all, David Mitchell


plane from left to rue right. From the Town End to the golf club. The


traditional red and black colours of the glen. It is a cliche, but


the opening minutes in a final are going to be crucial. Yes. Berrer


only two players out standing -- there are only two players out


the goalkeeper who was Man of the Match in the semi-final, very


careful, guiding the ball past his post. Not all the trappings of the


Olympic hockey players, but taking some precautions and quite a few


key strength they have is the defence and how quickly they closed


down. Oban Camanachd are very difficult to score against. But


with Ian McMillan... Sorry, David Smart, they have a lot of firepower.


Ian Hay as ever. A magnificent surface. No excuse for the players


but both hands must be on the stick in shinty. No hand must touch the


back. Shoulder to shoulder. That is formations. Some of the numbers are


out of place. Glenurquhart have also had difficulty with this trip


preparations. He was a little bit flat footed in the middle. Well,


that is some haircut. It is a cracker. He has been to the


barber's earlier this morning. He is the housewife's favourite as


nerves, they are affecting the hitting. A stray foot against the


ball. The pace of the game, I have mentioned the playing surface, but


there is a wind, and the conditions are perfect. It is immaculate, the


field. There is a tiny slight breeze, but there will not be an


advantage to anybody. Possibly the sun an advantage to anybody, but it


is brilliant, Great conditions for tackling. The Oban Ford gets past


McLennan, and he is brought down. - Glenurquhart defence. Each player


is trying to calm themselves down. The first couple of minutes are


always a big thing and until you hit a good ball, both teams tried


to get themselves into their stride. Give us a sense of the size of the


pitch. It looks enormous for anyone who is not used to the scale of it.


Mossfield Park is the largest initiative. There is a huge, wide


area, which is fantastic. It is raised by a tough -- spectacular


There is some evidence there of some of the tensions beginning to


break in. Davy Mitchell has to come down on this. He's trying to clear


the ball, and MacIntyre trying to get the ball off him. Two hot-


headed players. They are hard on the challenge. That will be a


tussle all day. We will see more of that during the day. Billy


Witherspoon, the touchline official, and, traditionally, it is a


magnificent day, and they are populating the hill. Again, the


tackling getting a little bit edgy in midfield in the tequila. It was


McMillan, he came across... That is getting Lewis back for taking him


Absolutely fantastic. A great strike. It is Cameron with his 5th


goal. This man was working in Houston, supplying a rocket from


the Glen. Look at that, beautiful. You can't ask anything of that.


gave the goalkeeper not a chance. Robert Dunnings has no excuse. But


the fate -- pace of that, it was they couldn't have asked for a


better opening. What a great goal to score in any cup final. It is


just the start they wanted. It is the first direct shot they have. We


believe it was Rory Cameron who scored the goal. We can confirm


that. It was. The action raging onwards because they will want to


up to the centre line in the face of a stiff breeze. You can see it


on the flag. They are trying to step it up having taken the


advantage. This is how Cameron put them ahead. He just steadies his


wing, catches it perfectly. He leaves the keeper with no chance. A


beautiful stop gunning us, he was close to it. With the pace of the


ball, he wasn't quick enough. a goal from Cameron that separates


these teams. This is bound to be an historic occasion for both teams.


Failure to secure trophies in the stronger of the two. They have


started the shop top of the two sides. There should be no surprise


to us, any team that was produced by freight -- Fraser MacKenzie is


going to be well organised and fit. Having played under this manager, I


know his expertise and house serious he takes the shinty. So


they will have their team prep. Fraser MacKenzie was pacing out the


length and breadth of Mossfield Park last week. That is the sort of


good refereeing. He let it go and played the advantage. Good crowd in


the stand. But a crowd around the barrier and behind us on the hill.


Way in excess of last week's semi- final. The breeze you see on the


presence. This is where the game is won and last. It is pace that might


decide it. Cameron, we saw what he They seem to be adopting a shoot on


sight policy. They are patient but willing to shoot. That has come


from from McNeil, one of the managers, who adopted that. Be


patient, but when you get half a chance, let it go. They want to add


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


to that as quickly as possible, moving in twos. Is that a tactic?


It is a tactic that most managers opt for. You have one in front and


one behind. So Fraser and true, they would have prepared their


players to do that. Oban seem to be using the middle of the field


rather than as the wings. That is it up the middle and mishit it. He


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


has given it to the forward and he Dan Ings got to stick to it. A


dangerous ball. Six inches over the top. It was a great idea.


Desperately difficult ball for a strong points at the back, Corrigan


and McLennan. Mackintosh, also very experienced. But if Glenurquhart


really want to start moving the ball, they need to get it down to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


eight in MacIntyre. Plenty of pace drawing out John Barr and grating


that space. He is very experienced overstepping the mark. It will be a


question now of how David Mitchell, how far he will allow this to go


before he starts dispensing yellow was the first time all been played


down the wing. John Barr has not clear did very well. Dickie got the


shot away. A very deliberate tactic. Making the keeper player to along


the ground, almost like a hockey pass. It is in the danger area but


have heard a lot about this imbalance between the Premier


League team and the Division One teams. At the moment, if you did


not know which was which, you could not work it out. Not at all. It is


quite harsh to call Oban Camanachd a first division team, because


until last season they were in the Premier League, since it started.


Most of these players, if not everyone, will have played at


Premier League level. There used to this. They have not lost a single


game this season. There used to winning. I think the winning


mentality will help them today, to was a good opportunity, it fell to


Aden MacIntyre. Should he have taken a step forward? He is a very


experienced player. He knows what he's doing. He took the shop and it


just went wide. -- took the shot. He certainly knows where the net is.


block. That was a crucial mark. That was more than half a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


or carelessness? You do not want to give away the ball when you get


that far. Do I definitely not. As you can see, the Oban Camanachd


player has put his hand on his back, but he has tried to protect himself.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


The end result, Gareth Evans can second goal for the Glen. A second


goal. It is Neale Reid. Well, if the first goal was a peach, I am


lost for words on the second one. Goodness me. If this was in


shinty's top 100 goals, I think we are looking at two of them.


Absolutely beautiful. It was a great ball. He knows where the


target is, and have a bit of that! I have only done that four or five


times myself(!) The goalkeeper, again, the stick was there or


thereabouts but that is not good enough. It shows the accuracy, how


hard these lads are hitting the ball. Robert Dunnings was close on


altercations. It will not be doing his confidence any good. Only two


shots on target, but two fantastic ones. Sometimes you have to take


you're hat off and say, it might just be Glenurquhart's day.


minutes on the clock. If you are from the Glen, you could be dancing


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


most damage, the wings. Oban Camanachd seemed to be panicking,


putting everything down the middle, and it is not working. This is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


something that Gussie Campbell I am not sure what that was four.


It will be interesting to see in the replay. Here we go. Just a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


little kick. Was it a kick? makes McIntosh play the ball. That


more direct. On the backhand, he has made Stuart Mackintosh have to


push the ball. With a CBE Glenurquhart captain and keep it


there, be easy with that one. -- we can see the Glenurquhart captain.


And some of these players have international caps. Certainly, the


younger balls cancers -- younger players can take a lot from those


guys. It is one of those things, sometimes the ball does not drop.


You cannot have their game you want. That is when we need the players to


step up to the mark. Ali MacKintosh Glenurquhart got to the Camanachd


Cup final and, unfortunately, meant -- met Kingussie. Maybe that is a


tactic, long-range stuff, with the wind. Possibly. This might be why


they have been going down the middle. It does seem quite


match against Fort William, Gary. I'm too busy watching this replay!


He is saying to Daniel Cameron here, "Getting about it," and you can see


he has tried to get his players your confidence is high, why not. -


- that was an ambitious effort. The players taking a breather at the


moment. Half an hour gone. One bench will be happy. Eddie Tembo


the spectators. The energy has dropped the last couple of minutes.


Possibly the heat, everything coming down a little bit. They seem


to be a little bit more or substitutions? Each manager has


their own tactics. And it depends on who you have on the bench as


well. I think it is too early before managers start thinking


about that. I have not seen a position that is being broken down


quickly as they should. Clock about playing advantage, he should have


let that go. Oban get the free hit, but it goes back. The issue there


is Oban still had the ball and if the whistle has gone, you cannot


pull it back. He blew the whistle quite quickly for the Protection of


the player behind. But he was far enough behind that it posed no


Mitchell's role in the middle. We would leave it to the big man.


heat has gone out of the early exchanges and he is coping well.


Now the players are getting on with the business at hand. For Oban,


time to get back into the game with 10 minutes or so in this first half.


It is important for them to get at least number-one back. It will beat


is never ever over. And if Glenurquhart keep pushing and find


a third one, it will be difficult into the face of a reasonable


breeze. That was a poor hit under the circumstances. That is a bit of


an embarrassment. He will not be happy with that one. But he was


still in the right position for the Glen to do something. The Glen at


the moment have a grip on the midfield which is allowing them to


control the game. And Oban have nothing to offer at the moment. It


is difficult forced -- for Scott using the wings. Let's listen to


the referee. He will have a word Don't do that again. You hear the


whistle, you stop. I will not warn you Wigan. Well, no Afters.


Helmut has come off him and John has, obviously, swung for the ball


and they are having a tussle. John Barr, he has a Helmut on because he


has a week's scull, believe it or change a few things. He has no


option. Tembo fires it in. Scott McMillan, he needs to be 40 yards


further forward if Oban Camanachd want to make an impression.


Sometimes you get sucked in a specially in the middle of the


field. When the lads are trying to dominate the game and go everywhere,


but they are getting sacked him. it is 3-0 and it is not even half-


time. We have had some mismatches, and it was difficult to tell which


team was the Premier League team and which was the Division One team,


but it is fairly obvious now. picking up cards that make Alter or


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


complaining that he has been harshly treated. It needs a little


bit of steel and nerve and composure, that Oban Camanachd have


not yet shown. It needs more in midfield. I'm pretty sure that


Gussie Campbell's chat at half-time will be exactly that. Straight down


the middle again. In shinty, you need to use the wings. The Premier


clubs use the wings and try to stretch out the defence. This is


where Oban Camanachd are failing. Straight down the mouth. But the


16 goals in all this season. Four of them in the Camanachd Cup. He is


finding today that taking one or two of John Barr is not the same


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


Three minutes left. This would be a impression on David Mitchell or the


sure he was being smart. He was trying to get the ball away as


casually as possible. Stuart Mackintosh has looked the livelier.


Just a little bit in the last five minutes that Oban Camanachd has


stepped it up a bit. One of the two happened, we are looking at Oban


Camanachd and they are getting themselves organised. That was the


dragging of the food. There was maybe a case for a foul. Not


according to David Mitchell down came in a, he saw the ball and went


for it. That was clever play by him. He gets to hold the ball up for


longer. Now, Cameron, close down by getting the breaks. That tends to


happen when you go behind. Yes, and Paul Andrew, stuck his stick out a.


It has gone for a Glenurquhart dice for Oban, but that was a poor


throw. That was a good strike. Too high, may be too little, too late.


But that will give them a lift. They are starting to come into this


game in the last couple of minutes and that is a great effort from


Scott McMillan. He has seven goals enough. That was the first half of


this Artemis MacAulay Cup final which sees us reach half-time with


Oban Camanachd zero and Fraser MacKenzie, a happy man. It


is going well for you. Not bad. We are against the wind and we have a


lead as well. But we are not happy with the last five minutes of stop


the game is not over by any means and we let ourselves slip. One goal


and they are back in the game so we need to watch what we are doing but


I am happy with the first half. dynamic and when you get a chance,


you are taking it. Cameron is doing well. He scored a cracker. I am


really happy with his performance. Some good movement up front. We can


always improve on it. We might change our shape as well. I am sure


you have some words to say to the boys. Thank you for driving us. So,


3-0, you are a happy man, they are playing well. Would you change it?


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


at him, but too, that tangle with at him, but too, that tangle with


that speed, he had no chance of saving that shot. And that was just


six minutes in a. To think that affected the way that Oban


Camanachd came into the match? you concede a goal as early as that,


suddenly you start to think that maybe you are not good enough. If


you lose a second goal, you are starting to panic. The teams have


come back against the wind. Oban Camanachd are not out of it but


they have to change their tactics. Putting the ball up the middle is


not working and that comes up from Glenurquhart pressurising them.


Clanked -- Glennon could have competed well today. The


differences they have put in clinical finishing. And one of


clinical finishing. And one of those finishes was from Neale Reid.


Another peach. A cracker. David Smart broke forward. He came onto


the ball. Oban Camanachd struggled. Neale Reid is in space. He turns on


to his preferred side and hits it. When we see the second clip, you


will see how much the ball moves. You see the swing? Robert Dunnings


has no chance of saving that. The ball probably move to two or three


feet in the air. That is remarkable feet in the air. That is remarkable


shooting. Can you ask questions of the Oban Camanachd defence? They


had some time. He did. After he conceded the first goal like that,


you would think that you must have to go and shut them down. Neale


Reid fountain -- found himself all on his own. And they paid the price.


To and they paid the price again. To and they paid the price again.


Cameron, in another beauty. could not fault that. Look at the


space. That came from a bad shy. James MacMillan took the shine. He


did not make a great job of it. Robert Dunnings did his best.


There's the shot. Into the top corner. You will not C3 better


corner. You will not C3 better goals than that. To be fair to Oban


Camanachd, Glenurquhart are really taking their chances well but you


cannot give them that amount of space. And we will expect to see a


different Oban Camanachd side in the second half. Gussie Campbell


has not experienced as a manager at this level but he is experienced as


a player. He will be thinking, what can I do to change this game? He


has some options on the bench. Perhaps he will try to bring some


guys on. You can put someone on and take them off again. If Oban


Camanachd get an early goal, Glenurquhart might start to get


jittery. If they get another one, it is game on. But if Glenurquhart


get a 4th, you have to think their get a 4th, you have to think their


name is on the trophy. Oban Camanachd had their chances. They


created some pressure. This was not a bad chance. Eight in MacIntyre


got the chance. The ball came in from midfield. Gussie Campbell


plays it wide. He went across for the far post, and he was unlucky.


That is the difference, when you had the ball wide to have more


space. It was not far away. That is more direct. A see how a a a and


through the middle? -- a see how it went through the middle. It is


asking questions of Stuart McIntosh. If you put it on target, he has to


deal with it. And towards the end, Scott McMillan had a chance. It was


high, but it shows you that open can put pressure on. He has a


powerful shot. He hits it well but it is rising too high. They have


got to do that, they have to take got to do that, they have to take


chances. Fanie de Gaulle and they have to push forward and try to win


this game. -- they need a goal. Oban Camanachd are going to have to


do something in this final. Next month, we have the biggest prize in


shinty, the Camanachd Cup final, live on BBC Two Scotland. We asked


highlights of the semi-final. -- we highlights of the semi-final. -- we


have highlights. Given that Kinlochshiel were making


their first appearance in the Camanachd Cup semi-final and the


opposition was Inveraray, well- versed at the penultimate stage,


the opening was always going to be difficult. It was worse than


Kinlochshiel could have imagined. Gary McPherson's writing in just


two minutes. It was accomplished finish from Inveraray's most lethal


striker. Two minutes later, Kinlochshiel had a bigger mountain


to climb. Kennedy in the net had no chance at all. Credit where it's


due, Kinlochshiel refused to buckle. Keith McRae made the most of poor


goalkeeping at the other rent by Graham McPherson to make it 2-1. --


the other end. Macpherson will not want to see this one again.


Experience at the end. It was Gary Macpherson he effectively closed


the game out with another good finish for Inveraray, making it 3-1.


And they were heading for another of blue-and-white just like the old


times, many people's picked for the final itself. Tom White netted in


32 minutes. It came from no more than a have a chance. The ball


eventually broke to White. 10 minutes later, it was the long arms


and legs of Roddy Macdonald of Kyles Athletic. Mike Richey made it


2-0 with half-time beckoning. Kyles Athletic looking at comfortable.


Once again, the ball broke into the Newtonmore or box. Ritchie was


flat-footed. Almost inevitably, Danny McRae got Newtonmore back in


range with one minute to go before the interval. From 30 yards. He


gave Kenny MacDonald no chance. Truth be told, it was never enough.


Kyles Athletic controlled the second have, coming into the final


to play Inveraray for the first time ever.


It will be an aura -- all Argyll Derby in the Camanachd Cup final.


Inveraray going head-to-head with Kyles Athletic it is the first time


the two teams will have met in the final. Join us here for live


final. Join us here for live coverage on what should be a


cracking match. It is a cracking match here this afternoon. The


final of the MacAulay Cup. Camanachd Cup against Glenurquhart.


Glenurquhart are a 3-0 ahead. Fraser Inglis is a former player


and he is with me. The think Gussie Campbell will have sorted that out?


It was an important chat. It is an important chat. Oban Camanachd have


important chat. Oban Camanachd have nothing to lose. They can show --


throw caution to the wind, start getting the players into the


mentality, play the ball wide. the work to do for Oban Camanachd.


Enjoy the second half. Oban Camanachd in white playing


from right to left. There is a huge mountain to climb. Two magnificent


strikes. They have made a change at half-time, taking David Macmillan


on at number 13 in place of Alastair Gunn. The Glen with their


first attack, a better clearance from Robert Dunnings. He was blame


was under three goals, we could not fault him. Three exceptional goals.


You will mossy three better. He will be glad to get a stop. He has


not had a lot to do. He is a young lad. He needs some confidence from


this. This is the man who was man of the match in the semi-final


Campbell talking to at half-time. Slicker passing. The shot, not


which is more encouraging for here, if the head is used


deliberately, it is a foul but if it is a deflection, there is


nothing much Gareth Evans could have done. Let's look. I think he


actually pushed his head up towards it. We will see it coming back in.


This is the dispute. Yes. He has definitely given away the file. He


has put his head towards the ball. Complete with Helmut. -- helmet.


Had the ball hit him accidentally, it would have been fine. But if he


does direct his head towards it, he has made a deliberate attempt at


heading the ball, which is a file. He was preciously close to the edge


of the box as well. Two steps back and that would have been a penalty.


By absolutely. Possibly because he has the helmet on he feels safer


doing it as well. We will see what they are we to do here.


Glenurquhart, may be too close to net. He was trying something sneaky.


He was planning to get to a deflection off the goalkeeper. He


didn't catch the ball as sweetly as he would have liked and it goes


straight into the net and Robert Dunnings lets it go in. Good


goalkeeping, good knowledge of the rules. He couldn't not allow the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


deflection which would have it. David Smart is down. That was


not in an effort to get the ball. Just a cloud in the side of that


date and the names of the teams. Or one for the collector's item.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


This is the man who could turn the to play as a sweeper when the ball


comes through like that. It is a last line of defence and he has


come out and done well, Robert Dunnings. He deals with it very


the Glenurquhart substitutes Dunnings, he's keeping them in it


It has got to that stage were Oban have to give everything and that


has been great play. Robert Dunnings is up to the task once


again. Dunnings might be a candidate for man-of-the-match even


though he has conceded three goals. Now, that is much more positive. If


they could have more of that. Andrew seems a bit absurd for


themselves. -- upset with himself off. This is a lot better from them


are, they are looking a lot sharper. They are keeping underneath the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


into the game. There was a shout themselves back into the game.


but that they are still having to shoot from such a distance because


the Glen are working them with the back four being solid and they


hardly have put a foot wrong all day. The smartest management team


half-back line. -- for Oban. The whistle has gone. It needs to calm


down a little bit, it is getting edgy. Yes. Evans, he has gone in


hard, and it is a loose stick. On some occasions, the whistle has


gone, and he has hit the stick away as well. He needs to calm down.


referee making that point, nose swinging after the whistle has gone.


brilliant stop. He lined it up, and nearly finished it. And that was a


beautiful dummy. That was great. The young man getting some


conference behind his goalkeeping. He has had some more work to do.


the back hand, he would not have seen that until the last a second.


The Glen, again, stepping up again. Firing again. It is Dunnings


against the rest. And they have a got a corner. It was possibly off


Cameron. He was sliding into Daniel, but he was not endangering himself,


so it is not a foul. So, Tembo goes out into the corner. They are


queuing up in the middle. It is not bang on a Helmut. It was hard to


see. It is difficult to see who was hit but the Helmut has protected


them. It was the Oban captain. A bundle of substitutes coming from


Dunnings standing between them and another goal. A very good save.


Another good shot. They are hitting He has been off and now he is


coming on. He swapped at half-time for David McMillan. Nobody seems to


be coming off at this point. Maybe this is their new tactic? It is


Gareth Evans going for Oban Camanachd. He could come back. Oh...


It is a goal. He thinks he has someone else, but it is Reid. 4-02


the glen. It was a brilliant goal. Robert Dunning as his left with not


a chance of stopping this one. -- Robert Dunnings. That was the


winner. He must have been told not to do the somersault because that


was an ideal opportunity but we get the Usain Bolt. The Glen are making


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


finals, I don't think we will hit that kind of school this afternoon,


but Oban will be desperate not to concede any more. That was a great


hands to the pumps. 1,000, we were surprised he was on the bench.


has been extremely good. With the first touch of the game, he could


have put that in. Unlucky, nonetheless. Every sympathy for


Oban who might have just under half an hour of this to sustain if they


will try to make anything of it at it was going to the far away corner.


He had to take it. Another corner to Glenurquhart. The Oban manager,


perplexed about what he can do to change things. At the moment, the


this area, the halfway line, there Camanachd are trying to work


themselves in it, they are stepping back and leaving nothing in the


middle, so when the ball is pushed in the middle, there is nobody


there. This was the celebration, Reid. I wonder where he saw that.


That is not very original. I've seen that done before! The two


people we have seen do that have got gold medals. That is the way to


get the gold. That is the way it is Glenurquhart. Of no silverware. I


think there will be some party! least they have got a decent


Glenurquhart. The referee is stepping in here. You do not react


like that or you will beat off. Think about it. David Mitchell is


trying to avoid reaching for the book. It wasn't sure what was going


He is staking out a good claim for man-of-the-match, Cameron, with two


goals, working hard. He has been in goals, working hard. He has been in


the thick of it all afternoon. is so low on the ground he is


difficult to stop. He is hard to that they can take pot-shots, --.


Neale Reid going off for the time edged opportunity for James


Macpherson. He would have expected him to convert that. Or certainly


hit the target. He has taken a snapshot and he has not landed on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


the tall. And either they should be, 4-0 up. -- stress at all. There is


only one way for Camanachd Cup -- Oban Camanachd to get back into


this game and that is to secure position and gettable. Another


substitution. No. 17, Craig McMillan. Eight in MacIntyre,


number 11, is coming off. -- 8 in MacIntyre. He never made an


impression today. He is an outstanding player and I think he


will be disappointed. I have been here myself and you want to give


100% and if the ball does not drop for here, or moves away from you,


there's nothing you can do. It seems to be that way for him today.


Eddie Tembo getting the treatment from the trap -- from the stand.


They did not just turn up here for the day, they wanted to win the Cup.


If they pull it off, it will be remarkable at the stage. -- at this


it was James MacMillan. I'm not sure there is a lot wrong with this.


He comes in, and that is the claim a good player. There was nothing


wrong with that challenge. -- Glen market player. Adie came from


behind, so there is an argument that he would not have seen him


words are defending up at the very forward areas of the field. -- For


stop the ball but it was certainly is searching for that hat-trick.


Each time at the ball moves forward, it looks like it is coming more and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


poor. James Macpherson with a long- pulls the ball. He goes for the


shot and the stick comes round. But David McMillan should not be doing


that. There is an injury in the middle. Lots of water bottles


flying around. You know something of this young lady. Yes. She was


hour physio at Fort William. And when Drew McNeil left for


Glenurquhart, she followed suit. It is good to see she is still part of


the game and heavily involved with the Under 21 squad. Good to see her


here looking after the boys. has not had a busy day, the couple


of injuries in the heat. There is number two. Stuart Reid is coming


on for the Glen. And then Neil Reid, about. Neale Reid is on, as is


Stuart Reid. Limping casualties MacMillan. He made up a huge amount


of ground there to get back. Yes, he did. He has thrown himself at


this ball, and that is a sliding tackle. I think he has done well.


It is a foul. Here we go. It's a mistake! A double save. He didn't


know much about the first one but he got the second one. It goes down


as a wonderful double save but the first one, I think, might have been


a mistake. It was a long-range effort and that people so -- the


keeper saves. It bounces up and he does not manage to get it in.


think the original shot took a deflection. It came straight off


his stick. Dunnings had the luck of the ball coming straight off the


Dunnings has had an amazing afternoon. He has been seeded four.


None of those he could have stopped. He has saved at least four if not


camera, but James and David Macmillan are having a word with


Camanachd in the defence. No. 12, Ian MacMillan going off. Possibly


15 minutes since we have seen an attack from Oban Camanachd.


Glenurquhart are absolutely dominating. The ball is just not to


get past halfway. -- not getting manager's son. -- wins the fouled.


ball is at the end of the field that Oban Camanachd wanted to be.


Especially with the weather today, it has been ragged, their second


half. That is a big swing. As is his wont, he is never the shyest


player. This is imminent. He came in 100%. I'm not so sure he died in.


-- dived in. He is away with that But the referee is a better person


enough to see it. -- better person going, he has tried everything.


is usually so prolific. He will be disappointed. He has had three good


tonight. Absolutely. Not one but two sons in a winning side that he


played for all his life. Of course, with Stewart, the captain, his boy


as well. Very proud. I expect there might be a tune composed at the end


of the doll. -- the end of it all. I think you may have to wait a few


days before Stuart will be thinking David Mitchell will reach for the


book. He is. Well, it is the first booking. Andrew Matt Kuchar is the


first name in the book. The referee has got that right. To be fair, he


has allowed the game to flow and you could have taken action before


this, but this is a clear booking. The play is away from him. That was


desperate and wild and guilty as the middle of the field and look


how far forward years. That tells its own story. -- how far forward


the game. Glenurquhart have been solid at the back. Some


inexperience Frank Gehry Lord and it confirms that the booking. The


first and only yellow card. clever ball down the wing. Spare


that was technically a very good block. Perfectly safe when you go


in with your block in the right place. There is trouble here. There


is trouble here for Oban, James MacMillan. He threw the ball away.


Eight minutes to go, don't do anything stupid. I am pretty sure


he has booked him. James MacMillan, all of a sudden, there are two


bookings. That is just losing the plot completely. He doesn't know


what else to do. He hit the referee in the head with the ball. He is a


lucky man to stay on the field. The referee has give them him the


benefit of the doubt. In any other circumstance, the referee did say


don't do anything silly, but he has just done it! They are testing him.


Anyone throwing the ball at the referee, David Mitchell has done


It might be funny, but it isn't funny... What a chance! That could


be the Glen have gone up. Delight on a hill behind us. It is No. Four.


The 18-year-old who joined the club from Inverness this season, what a


good signing and he can scarcely believe it. I'm sure he came to the


Glen to win things, and that is the way to seal it. What a great goal


for the young man. What a way to finish your debut Cup finals.


Glenurquhart home and dry. Absolutely certain now there is no


way on earth that Oban Camanachd can retrieve anything but a bit of


pride here. It would be nice to see them get a goal now. The way they


have been supported and this season they have had, as well. The season


is not finished because defeat of today is a step on the way to


returning to the Premier League. They will meet each other again


very soon next season, no doubt. Possibly, this is a good stepping


stone. All credit to Andrew McNeil and Fraser. And now they are five


players -- 5-0 up. The Glen, their finishing has been of the highest


order. Perhaps the Oban defence gave them chances they would not


get against other teams. Some days, it happens. We have a bit of


hustling here. Another yellow card. This time, David Smart. That is the


referee's hat-trick. He is not very happy with that. That is for some


tetchy reaction. This is what happened. A little bit of sticks


flying. A little bit wild with his stick. A tired-looking hit from the


captain. Four minutes remaining. It would be something of a triumph if


Oban Camanachd tried to snatch one. Now, this was just a shoulder to


shoulder. It looked like a fat old... Here's another chance for


the Glen. Oh, it is No. 6. And Oban Camanachd's day is complete. It is


Lewis McLennan. He studied in defence, and here he he is. -- he


started in defence. He made no doubt about what he wanted to do


and finished well. Oban Camanachd's misery is complete and you cannot


take anything away from Glenurquhart for doing the business.


They will be winding their weary way home after the reception and


everything else. I shudder to think when they will get home. Wednesday,


I read can. -- I reckon. Make no mistake, this is a huge stake in


their history of Glenurquhart club. It is their first ever national


trophy. They have an injury to the right. It is the Oban defender,


actually. Aaron Donald has come on in place. What is, McDonald making


of the man-of-the-match? Well, what another card. It is Scott McMillan


this time. It is the 4th yellow- card. Three for A-road. When they


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


go behind, it is frustration. resigned to the fact the game has


finished. The Glenurquhart midfielder, number four, is Man of


the Match. He has worked very hard. It is all over bar the shouting. It


is for David Mitchell to call a stop to the game. He is looking at


his watch. There is Fraser Heath, -- Daniel Cameron. It is work in


progress. And they have to admit they came up a much better team on


the day. And a team that was finishing in absolutely spectacular


style. Where has David Mitchell found the extra minute from? What


an irony it would be if O'Brien find a goal in this extra time?


Glen. I have been waiting to say it of the day, off the bar with a


third. What a tragedy in many ways. This sums up their day. Even when


they have the chance, they cannot decide who is going to hit it and


the chance has gone wasting. It is not their day. Their preparations


in the last few minutes than in the for Glenurquhart to get their hands


on any meaningful senior silverware. What a day for Glenurquhart. Oban


Camanachd's day will come. Fraser Heath, man-of-the-match, in the


middle. Glenurquhart players are To bus loads of fans as well, they


came down from Inverness. Commiserations for Oban Camanachd.


Sporting handshakes from everybody. It got a bit ragged in the end.


There was a flurry of bookings, four in the last 10 minutes, but


then the game was completely over because Oban Camanachd had given up.


The three sublime goals in the first half, followed by another


peach and then tiredness had taken its toll and they conceded two.


didn't start for them. When you start getting goals of that quality,


you are up against it, and Glenurquhart were on fire. The


there would not have been many teams like this to come away with a


win like this. All credit to Glenurquhart. This is a historic


day. We will remember this and enjoy it without question. It has


been a tough day for Oban Camanachd. It has been a joyous day for the


boys of the Glen because the final score of the MacAulay Cup final is


another achievement for Glenurquhart. They have won the Cup


and they will take it home having Jubilant scenes. The first time the


boys have won a trophy in 107 years of clan are cut. You are happy boy,


Fraser. Absolutely delighted. Everybody is delighted, over the


moon. By sportier at half-time and he said it wasn't over. He


certainly managed to add to your advantage and dominate. I don't


think we started the second half brilliantly but reopened the play


up quite well and started playing some neat stuff. I thought Fraser


Meath was just outstanding. As a group of lads, I am over the moon


for them. Robert Dunnings in the goal for Oban Camanachd was making


some amazing saves. He is a good keeper. Unfortunate to be on the


losing side. It is a good side coming through. They will be a


tough team next season. But today was our day. I am just chuffed to


bits. Fraser has joined us. Your man-of-the-match. And you are going


to be part of the first team to win a trophy in the club's history.


Words don't discredit. So happy to get to a final. I cannot say much,


I'm just so happy. You seem overwhelmed. Everyone is invited.


What does this say for a resurgence in shinty in your home town?


still have a bit to go. We have done very well and I hope this is a


stepping stone to the Camanachd Cup. The club deserves it. It is a well-


run club. This is my first year with the team and they make me feel


really welcome. I am proud to be here. Delighted. You have done a


great job. Stuart McIntosh, the captain of the club. You were not


bad busy today. I don't mind that a tall! As long as we get the victory.


By one to the penalty. But absolutely delighted by the win. It


will be a great night tonight. voice seems jiggered! There will be


more singing later on. You must be delighted with the team performance.


I am very proud. I am over the moon. It is the start of things to come.


Gentlemen, congratulations. 86-0 victory. We will be coming to the


presentation shortly but for the moment, congratulations.


Amazing. Fraser Ingles, let us talk about how fantastic that was. How


sensational for Glenurquhart to dominate that game in the way they


did. It was a phenomenal performance. The goals they took in


the first half, and then totally dominating the second half. The


second three goals were fantastic. That was one of the most complete


performances I have seen for a long time. Camanachd Cup -- Oban


Camanachd are a good side and when occured went over the top of them.


Disappointment for them, but jubilation for market. -- Glennon


good. This is the presentation in the company of Huge Dan MacLennan.


That is the famous trophy donated by the Oban Times in 1947. And that


is what the loss means to Oban Camanachd today. As we have said


before, their day will come. We are sure they will be back in the


Premier League, where they should be. That is where all Benen needs


than to be. -- the town need them to be. The presentation is being


conducted by Donald Skinner, who is president of the Macaulay


Association and managed this great event. All was a great day. They


seem to be able to fix the weather. You would not believe what a buzz


like this morning. Everyone in their shirtsleeves. There are


children playing on the pitch. There are celebrations and


commiserations. APPLAUSE.


And these are probably the saddest of all, the Oban Camanachd players


brought in by their captain. Ruddy McComish, the leader of Argyll and


Bute council, presenting the medals. Donald Skinner. And there is a man


who has a great future, Dunnings, man of the match in the semi-final.


He was like the Dutch boy with the finger in the dyke at one point


today. The substitutes, all of them used. Three out of the five, as


were allowed to play. These medals will mean precious little at this


point but one of these days they will look on it as being a big step


forward for the club. Andrew MacCuish... The match officials


next. David Mitchell, up the referee, first up. He caught up, I


suppose. A flurry of yellow cards unavoidable at the end. It got a


little ragged. The man-of-the-match, an 18-year-old, Fraser Seif. --


Heath. An absolutely outstanding performance. Quite overcome, he was,


in the post-match interview. We will be seeing a lot of them, I


think. -- a lot of him. And the captain, Stuart McIntosh, will call


his players up before he gets his hands on the trophy. His brother,


Ali MacKintosh. All the McLennans and all sorts. Most of the Midlands


were on the Oban Camanachd site, of course. -- Mark Lennons. Eddie


Tembo, here becomes. -- Here he comes. Fraser Heath, A medal, and


men of the match. -- man-of-the- match.


Corrigan, with a bottle of champagne. John Barr. Well, it is a


great honour for him to be part of the team. His father is part of the


club, and also a vice president of the Camanachd Association. But the


real deal, Stuart McIntosh, captain of Glenurquhart. Accepting the


first-ever national shinty trophy. And the champagne is on its way. I


hope they have more than one bottle because they're going to need it.


They might not will be singing in tune, but these are fantastic


scenes. And let's go down and join Dougie Vipond.


Thank you very much indeed. Glenurquhart, obviously very happy


indeed. Gussie Campbell, obviously not very happy, the manager of Oban


Camanachd. It was not your day today. It certainly wasn't. Must do


better comes to mind. I feel sad and I feel as if I have let the


town down. It was not our day, sorry. Glenurquhart played really


well. Three-0 up at half-time and you were still in the game.


thought we came into it more in the second half. The sad thing for me


today, to be honest, we did not prove why we got to the final. We


did not come to the races. I feel gutted for the town and the boys.


You have nothing to be sorry about. By ensure the town is happy with


you. Thank you very much indeed. Commiserations.


For razor, you played for Oban Camanachd and you know the


disappointment. -- Fraser. Let us talk about when market. --


Glenurquhart. As much as he is disappointed, they played a team


who played the game of their lives today. Before they knew it, the


game was gone. To be fair to Cannock, they will be back again.


Hopefully, they will be back again. Gary, you have been in the


commentary box. Fair play to Eddie Tembo, he has gone for the occasion


and it has paid off with an outstanding final. What goals. It


has been an incredible game. Let's has been an incredible game. Let's


have a look at the goals. The second half in particular,


absolutely fantastic. Neale Reid. The power degenerates from


backswing is amazing. It was a good quality ball. Robert Dunnings


didn't even see it coming. That was topped the mission. There they are,


absolutely loving it. -- Top finishing. The man-of-the-match,


what a great game. Absolutely. To have such a great game and a great


final, it's brilliant. The keeper had an outstanding game as well.


What a fitting way to finish a man- of-the-match performance. He was


quite emotional at the end there. The thing about Fraser, he is only


18. I saw him two years ago, and I thought he was a good talent. He


has proven today that he can play the big occasions. And this was the


cherry on the top. McLennan is also a very good full-back, as well as a


forward. He had the composure to wait until the goalkeeper committed


himself. What does it say about the fact that Glen are Kurds have been


around for a long time? -- Glennon card. Can they go on to bigger and


card. Can they go on to bigger and better things? I think you could


ask them, if you ask them to start next season right now, they would.


They have a belief and confidence. They had a difficult patch in the


middle of the season but as we can see today, they had been


outstanding and they deserve to win. And now they can put it in the


history books. We asked what Fraser and Drew McNeil brought to the team


and clearly they have brought them a trophy. Managers can only do so


much. Players have to go and perform. The players went out and


performed to the top of their ability and you have to give credit


to the players. Managers can only do so much. They have two very good


managers but the players have to bring that on to the park. In it


has been absolutely sensational today but we have something to look


forward to next month. It is the forward to next month. It is the


final of the Camanachd Cup, and all Argyll affair between Inveraray and


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