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Please go wild for your hosts, John Bishop, Claudia Winkleman and Davina


McCall! I am loving that. Clever people


watch the telly. You made it, welcome


to Sport Relief 2016 on BBC Two, live from the Copper Box Arena


at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park! It's rare that I ask someone to turn


over when I'm on telly. Usually they just do it -


which is upsetting. That's a bad joke. I said that joke


for charity. We've got Behind the scenes


of Some Mother's Do 'Ave 'Em. Two terrific Titans -


Harry Judd and Paddy McGuinness - Now, you may have noticed a few


weeks ago that Sport Relief legend Smithy threw his hat into the ring


for the Fifa presidency. I mean, who else would


you want running football? Hello. My name is


Edson Arantes do Nascimento, or as I am known around


the world, Pele. With the Fifa election coming up,


I am here to make an announcement. I will not be running


for the position of Fifa president. Because there is a better


man for the job. A man who understands


football like no-one else. A man who lives and breathes


the beautiful game. Ladies and gentlemen,


I give you my choice to be the next Or as he's known around


the world, Smithy. Since 1888, association football has


held its head up high But now, in 2016, it seems


to have lost its way. The good name of football has been


dragged through the mud. The game I love, tarnished


with allegations, and it And what makes it worse -


even the players are letting Players taking dives,


looking for cheap penalties. But worst of all, players insisting


on ripping their tops I'm determined to


change all of that. So today, I, Smithy,


announce my campaign to become As I was saying, I want to bring


football back to its former glory, and I want to share with you my plan


for how we get it all back on track. Firstly, a lot's been said


about grassroots football, Everyone knows Astroturf


is the superior surface. I'm talking 3G, rubber


crumb, sand field. No more cancelled games


because of waterlogged pitches, guaranteed crazy,


uncontrollable bounces - who's not going to want


to watch that, right, Now, I would like to go on record


and say that the rumours of my being a stakeholder


in Chinese Alan's Astroturf company The Lawn Of The Dead


are completely unfounded. My shares have been sold


to Vanessa Shanessa Jenkins, a woman whom I am not


in a relationship with. The next motion I propose is a ban


on teams bringing out new kits Right now, Man Utd have more costume


changes than Beyonce, Under my regime, all teams must


stick with the same strip Couldn't have said it


better myself, boss. Another part of my plan is to bring


back teams recording FA Cup songs. I'm talking Crystal Palace


giving it Glad All Over, the Anfield Rap,


Man Utd's Move, Move, Move. Yes, a terrible song,


a disgrace to music, but it connected us


as fans with the players. Under my regime, every football


league club must record a song and a video full of banter


every single season. You know me, Smithy,


I'm the king of banter. All I want to do is bring football


back to where it belongs. In the hearts and


minds of true fans. And it's these fans who are being


priced out of the game. I heard a story the other day


where a ticket to watch No-one should pay a penny to watch


Tottenham, but that's how This is football


we're talking about. But we, the fans,


are the only constant. Owners will change,


managers will change, We are ones who remain


through thick and thin. As Fifa president, I will make


sure we are listened to. But don't just take my word for it -


listen to my friend, my confidante, my campaign


manager, Mr Jose Mourinho. Three of the most inspirational


leaders of our time. But I don't think any of them


could save football like Neil Smith. Please vote Smithy for president,


and make him the new special one. Look, I want to go back


to a simpler time. Bobby Moore swapping


shirts with Pele. Gazza and Vinnie messing


about on the pitch. Becks pinging in that free


kick against Greece. Sir Geoff Hurst winning us


the World Cup in '66. These are the times that


I can take us back to. Sadly, Smithy didn't


make it to the top job, of course but with those


madcap policies, no one Still, seems to work


for Donald Trump. Anyway, now the election is over


Fifa can get back to what they're good at - holding the


World Cup in mad places. Over the years, on both


Sport and Comic Relief, we've shown you a lot


of films about Malaria. But it's still a deadly disease


and it's still out there. Every two minutes, a child


dies in Africa from this We're fighting it with your


donations and the help We're also working with GAVI -


the vaccine alliance - And the fantastic news


is that The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation are going to double


the money we give to malaria We're guaranteeing ?3 million


and they're going to double that We're guaranteeing ?6 million and


they're going to double that In Africa, child dies


from malaria every two minutes. The simplest way to prevent


this happening is for children to sleep under


a treated mosquito net. And yet in Sierra Leone,


less than half of children Seven-month-old Mariatu has been


brought in by her mum. She is suffering from severe


malaria. The temperature is soaring. It means she can't be


breast-fed and is becoming But the sores in her mouth


make it hard for little With barely enough money


for food, for Mariatu, it meant there was no mosquito


nets to protect her. With every breath, this little girl


is fighting for her life. And with every moment that passes,


all her mum can do is wait ?5 buys two malaria nets,


?5 could save two lives, He's over in the Velodrome -


the scene of historic triumphs like Sir Chris Hoy's


and Laura Trott's golds, I can smell the


testosterone from here. OK, well maybe it's


the sweet smell of success for either Paddy McGuinness


or Harry Judd, as they go head Hello and welcome back to the


VeloPark. The crowd are ready because we are about to see two


prime cuts of human man go head-to-head on the wrestling mat.


Before we get into it, let's remind you of the scores in Clash of the


Titans. It couldn't be closer. Team Flintoff on six, matched by Tim


Redgrave also on six. It is level, you devils. -- Team Redgrave. This


is the final chance for both teams to get an extra point before the


team triathlon. This, everybody, is freestyle wrestling. If you are


ready, let's get grappling. Wrestling, one of the most ancient


competitive sports on planet Earth. It requires strength, technique and


determination. Tonight, this really is a Clash of the Titans. In the red


corner, Harry Judd. The man lives in the gym, he's got an eight pack.


Paddy is taller, bigger, heavier. I don't get scared.


Apparently today they have found somebody a similar sort of build as


Paddy for me to train with, so... You got him down! We are going to be


doing Olympic freestyle wrestling. The rules have been simplified for


us so it is two points, three points for a take-down, and four points if


you paint your opponent to the mat. He is killing it back. Good, good.


Soup legs and all that, none of that. That is it, yes. You didn't


think you would have Paddy McGuinness laying on you this


morning, did you? I'm trying to learn some tricks to negate Paddy's


height advantage. There we go, I am getting the hang of this. The plan


is to hurt him quickly. Stop what you are doing, this is


going to be unforgettable. Let's head to the commentators. This


is the first time for wrestling on Sport Relief. We were really looking


forward to it, as you should be as well. Awesome athletic entertainment


for you and two incredible athletes. Harry Judd goes against Paddy


McGuinness and the way to school, two points if you push your


opponent out of the mat, and if you force them onto the mat it is three.


If you get them onto their back for the pin, it is four. I think the


athletes are almost ready so it is back to the mat. He is spry and from


McFly. Put your hands together for Harry Judd!


Here comes Harry Judd, looking very composed. The former drama from


McFly, can he put eight foot down on Paddy McGuinness? To be honest, I


think he's got the advantage. I am only five foot three and, when I


competed in judo and wrestling, it really helped me.


Judd, time to get a jolt on, he is from Alton. But your hands together


for Paddy McGuinness! Paddy, the Big Daddy, McGuinness. Looking solemn in


the undertaker's arena. It's all about intensity. It's all about


wrestling here. Who will be the finest freestyler? It's big Paddy,


Big Daddy, McGuinness. He's on the move. For points for dancing. It


will be read against blue this evening.


Shake hands. Eyes down, look in, it's time for wrestling.


Straightaway, both men over anxious. Paddy McGuinness and Harry Judd. You


could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Both men's circling, the big


man from Bolton in blue. The young man from McFly, he's got the


footwork. Being the smaller, he could be the fastest. Normally you


wrestle against some believe the same weight as yourself. It will be


a bit different night. -- against somebody. It's getting tasty down in


the Sport Relief arena. Paddy, Big Daddy, is he playing for time? A bit


unfair. When I was competing in wrestling and judo I always was


against somebody the same, so it's difficult for the smaller man. Bad


small 's and -- sportsmanship from McGuinness. Impressive opening for


the man from McFly. Going forward. Good show cold from McGuinness, who


is looking strong. -- good chokehold. They need to get lower.


The lower they get, try to get the single leg take-down. WHISTLE


It doesn't get any more intense than that. Slight marginal lead for Harry


Judd. Paddy Big Daddy Magennis looks like he's breathing heavily as he


heads back to his coach and training partner. It's a difficult time, if


you were the coach in the corner, what would you say to Paddy? They


are both standing to hide, to be honest. I would go lower, try to


take the single leg, try to get down on the ground. They stood up for the


whole round. They perhaps need to fight on the ground and try to get


the pin. That's where you get the most points. Standing up, you don't


get as many points, get on the ground, get the pin, get as low as


you can. Both men engaging in some kidology straightaway. Paddy


McGuinness from Bolton in blue, can he put the pressure on? This is the


penultimate event. Points make prizes for the big battle here. A


slap to the head from McGuinness. Perhaps thinking back to his karate


championship days. They need to get lower, stop standing up. There is a


push out. Wonderful strength and skill from McGuinness will stop he's


feeling the effort there. Three points to blue. Checking his


shoelaces. It was strength and technique, but I think it was purely


body weight, strength and height. It was a bit like sumo wrestling, not


freestyle wrestling. Good tactics from McGuinness. Finding a loose


shoelace and buying himself some precious seconds of respite. Harry


Judd, 12 years younger than him. Trying to get low. This is good, but


he's holding on. What Paddy McGuinness is doing is holding on,


holding his points. And killing the clock, successfully. The referee is


hot on this. There is a push forward there. Tries the sacrifice of throw,


Harry Judd. He's got the points! The small man wins against the bigger


man. In the last seconds, Harry Judd pulling it back. Time for the


result. Harry Judd! CHEERING Indeed, Harry Judd, wonderful


victory. Down for the reaction, tremendous comeback. Let's hear the


thoughts. Paddy, did you catch Harry on the


nose? I have a bad knee, tendinitis into elbows. And the lung capacity


of a 57-year-old, so I did all right. Harry is the champion.


Illegal shot, I talked the referee. He rushed me! We saw how much that


meant, you secured the victory in the last few seconds. I didn't


realise in Wesley Newton punch people in the face. That was a


surprise! -- in wrestling you could once people. Well done, Paddy. Tags


get confirmation from the commentators. -- time to get.


We had to the ultimate final event. One more event to go, the team


triathlon, before we crowned one of these two as a Clash of the Titans


winners for 2016. Truly memorable scenes,


although I do hope I forget them That means Team Flintoff have 8


points and Team Redgrave Team Flintoff have a one second


advantage. Now, we've all been


there when we forget where we are in the middle


of a sentence - happens to me And don't even get me


started on the TV remote. But for some of us,


these are the early signs I'd like you to meet a really,


truly wonderful woman called Jo. The first inkling was when we were


watching television, and it happens to everybody,


I would say, oh, look, it is that bloke there,


you know, what's his name? So I made an appointment


with the GP. And she said, unfortunately,


you have got early-onset... The diagnosis was


a kick in the guts. But you can't, you can't


dwell on it on it, But you can't,


you can't dwell on it, because it just doesn't


do any good at all. Jo was only 57 when she was


diagnosed, and she is not alone. In the UK there are over


40,000 under-65s who are I was driving to my daughter's


and I think two or three There was a sort of bit of an oops!,


should not have done that really! And I realised that I was not


a safe driver any more, Jo's life has changed dramatically,


but she is getting the help and support she needs


to deal with those changes. Just around the corner,


there is a project, funded by your donations,


that is making a real difference. That first time I went


to a support group, everybody knew exactly what I


was going through. It doesn't matter if we start


or absolutely farm at, because we have forgotten


where the sentence Erm, and it is erm,


you are totally normal again. Jo, if you're watching,


thank you for talking to us. I'm so glad you've found


support from that project. You see, talking to people


about things like this Feeling part of a group, belonging,


knowing you're not alone. It really does make all


the difference in the world. ?100 could run a three-hour support


group for 20 people suffering That's 20 people who won't


have to feel frightened 20 people's lives made


better when their future I'd be so grateful if you'd call


and support this important work. Standard geographic charges from


landlines and mobiles will apply. Or please donate online


at Now, you know earlier,


when you saw what you thought was Michael Crawford,


a 74-year-old man, flying round the Velodrome,


hanging upside down off a fire engine and cycling


on the roof of a moving car? Well, we can reveal that really


was Michael Crawford. Yes, that's right - we made an


elderly man do that for your That's got to be worth


a donation, hasn't it? Here is Behind the Scenes


of Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em. I can't believe after 42 years that


I'm actually bringing Frank back. That it's such a great cause. It was


irresistible. The first thing he said to me was, I will only do it if


I can do all my own stunts. For a man in his early 70s, it's


absolutely incredible. Everything we do is risky, but I don't get scared.


I would have too much fear and I wouldn't do it at all. It's an


honour to be working with a living legend. Let's hope he's still living


at the end of the day! Action! The bus scene is an homage to a very


famous scene in the 70s. I've got some change this time. I can't do


any faster than that. Let's try one more. We had so many wonderful


people who joined us, not least of which was Paul McCartney, who was a


friend from wage, way back. Sorry! Bloody kids! Excuse me mad,


would it be possible to borrow your helmet? It's an absolute privilege


to do something with Michael Crawford. He's a hero. Do you live


locally, do you have a place of work? Have you just arrived in our


country? He last big stunt in the sketch is with Sir Bradley Wiggins,


which took a lot of training to get right. Hello, Mr Wiggins. It's Sir!


We did about seven laps, that's it until tonight is now.


Have you seen Jessica Spencer? Know, get off! I don't know who was more


scared, me telling a 74-year-old man or him hanging on to me a week


before the World Championship. We had such an amazing team. When we


finally got it, there were tears in everyone's eyes and it was the most


wonderful moment. It was really wonderful.


And, I am so very excited to say this, here he is in person -


the man beneath the beret, Mr Michael Crawford!


Thank you. Just before Debbie Matts speaks to you, she is your biggest


fan, we all are. We were all stood backstage and Michael was there and


we were... What was it like getting back with Michele Dotrice to play


that part of Betty? A great treat. We were together so long ago and we


have stayed friends. I call her regularly and we have a lots of


laughs. She is a tremendous girl. She is as lovely as she seems when


you see it on the screen. We giggle too much, but... Nothing wrong with


that. And your own stunts, that is crazy. What was the scariest one? I


suppose the Bradley one was, because it was in front of 6000 people and


they had just been watching the world cycling championships, so you


came out there dressed in a beret and... And they were not sort of


expecting you to appear. So you had to make friends very quickly. When


they saw the speed we started to go, it was quite... They joined us and


they were very enthusiastic about it. But, to be going 30 kilometres


per hour behind a bike, I needed new Lycra afterwards, for sure! You have


been an inspiration to everybody. Everyone here would like you to take


Boris Johnson's helmet every week. I think it is very important. If you


haven't had your fix of Frank, don't worry, because you can download the


full length version and our brilliant package with loads of


other Sport Relief items on the BBC store.


Michael, just before you go, I know you wanted to say


The reason that we brought the sketch back is the same reason


that each and every one of these guys are up on this stage tonight -


and is the same reason that The Hell on High Seas team, Greg James,


Eddie Izzard and Jo Brand pushed their bodies and minds


to the limit - to help change the lives people


For every one of the heartbreaking stories they have told us,


there are hundreds more, just like them.


But, we can make a difference, and, if we come together as a nation


and stick together as a team we can help right these wrongs.


And then, who knows, maybe in a few years time the likes of Greg,


Eddie, Alex and Jo won't have to do these madcap challenges and an OAP


won't have to roller-skate off the back of a moving bus!


Seriously, thank you to everyone who has donated so far tonight


and if you haven't yet, please don't put it off.


Life, as we've seen, is too precious.


Please go online to donate at


You're a legend. CHEERING


Since last Sport Relief, comic relief funded projects have helped 7


million people living in some of the poorest countries build a better


future for themselves. Next, I want you to meet an amazing little boy


called Russell. Russell is one of many children in


Dakar who have to fend for themselves.


But the streets hold greater dangers. Russell and his friends are


sometimes chased and beaten at night.


These children go through this struggle every single day. With no


one to care for them, they only have each other. Imagine your child is


going to bed like this tonight. Please, give what you can to help


children like Russell get off the streets. Call us or go online. Thank


you. We've been talking about children


who live on the streets a lot tonight, because it's


a huge global problem, and we are committed


to making a difference. ?5 would give 25 children


a hot nutritious meal. Before you do anything, go upstairs


and kiss your kids good night and then call us.


Okay, we're about to say goodbye to BBC2...


He is expected to be armed, and is extremely dangerous.


No-one's put forward credible evidence that I acted unlawfully.


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