Series 4

Series 4

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Flog It!: Series 4, Torquay

The experts visit Torquay on the lookout for more dusty but valuable antiques.


Flog It!: Series 4, Sheffield

Something to delight the silver lovers as Flog It! visits Sheffield.

Great Yarmouth

4. Flog It!: Series 4, Great Yarmouth

In Great Yarmouth, Paul Martin scours a Suffolk beach in search of pieces of amber.


12. Flog It!: Series 4, Weymouth

Experts Susan Orringe and Mark Stacey dig up some gems for the sale in Weymouth.


18. Flog It!: Series 4, Colchester

A Troika vase gets temperatures rising in a Colchester auction house.

St Austell

26. Flog It!: Series 4, St Austell

Paul Martin values antiques and collectibles in the Cornish market town of St Austell.


32. Flog It!: Series 4, Telford

Paul Martin visits Telford for more attic clearance surprises.


39. Flog It!: Series 4, Weymouth

Weymouth is the setting as experts Susan Orringe and Mark Stacey dig up some gems.

Tunbridge Wells

51. Flog It!: Series 4, Tunbridge Wells

Paul Martin visits the Kent spa town of Tunbridge Wells in search of antiques to sell.


58. Flog It!: Series 4, Cardiff

Paul Martin meets up with experts James Lewis and Philip Serrell in the heart of Cardiff.


61. Flog It!: Series 4, Stockport

Paul Martin and experts Nigel Smith and Thomas Plant visit Stockport.


65. Flog It!: Series 4, Chippenham

Paul Martin inspects the restoration at Marlborough's Merchant House.