Series 1

Series 1

Factual series about working animals with John Barrowman.

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Tinker Magician's Assistant

1. Animals at Work: Series 1, Tinker Magician's Assistant

A terrier becomes a magician's assistant and a dog works as a foster mother to wild cats.

Marigold Racing Pig

2. Animals at Work: Series 1, Marigold Racing Pig

A racing pig, a New York City terrier artist, a fearbusting python and a dancing dog.

Prathida Elephant Orchestra

3. Animals at Work: Series 1, Prathida Elephant Orchestra

Featuring Prathida the elephant drummer, a cat-rescuing dog, and flesh-eating fish.

Misty the Owl

4. Animals at Work: Series 1, Misty the Owl

An owl prepares for his first public flight and a police horse celebrates his retirement.

Tuna the Rock Cat

5. Animals at Work: Series 1, Tuna the Rock Cat

An all-cat rock band rehearses and a labrador motivates young patients to be active.

Inti the Trekking Llama

6. Animals at Work: Series 1, Inti the Trekking Llama

Inti the llama trains for his first ever trek and a hedgehog starts out in pest control.

Nok Monkey School

7. Animals at Work: Series 1, Nok Monkey School

Nok the macaque monkey learns to collect coconuts, and Sam the beach donkey starts work.

Rufus the Hawk

8. Animals at Work: Series 1, Rufus the Hawk

Rufus the hawk scares pooping pigeons at Wimbledon and an elephant artist gets creative.

DVD Sniffing Dogs

10. Animals at Work: Series 1, DVD Sniffing Dogs

Crime-busting labradors, a lifeguard instructor dog and a painting pig.

Nellie the Truffle Hunter

11. Animals at Work: Series 1, Nellie the Truffle Hunter

Truffle hunting, an extreme doggie athlete and intelligent performing goldfish.

Teddy the Community Donkey

12. Animals at Work: Series 1, Teddy the Community Donkey

A donkey starts a new job, a dog sings for animal welfare and an elephant causes a stink.

Einstein the Imitator

13. Animals at Work: Series 1, Einstein the Imitator

A superstar parrot gets ready for a contest and a bat-sniffing dog locates a secret lair.