Series 4

Series 4

Children's animation. Chuggington is a special place where all the trains talk, think and don't need drivers

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Rescue at Rocky Ridge

1. Chuggington: Series 4, Rescue at Rocky Ridge

When Koko finds herself in peril, Wilson rushes to her rescue.

Wilson's Forest Flare

2. Chuggington: Series 4, Wilson's Forest Flare

When Emery breaks down in the forest, it's Chug Patroller Wilson to the rescue.

Stop Koko Stop!

3. Chuggington: Series 4, Stop Koko Stop!

Hanzo teaches Koko to control her new engine booster and how to brake at high speed.

Runaway Koko

4. Chuggington: Series 4, Runaway Koko

Koko's speed booster malfunctions, and she speeds around Chuggington out of control.

Brewster Makes Tracks

5. Chuggington: Series 4, Brewster Makes Tracks

The Chuggineers are demolishing the old cooling tower and Brewster can't wait to watch.

Chief Wilson

6. Chuggington: Series 4, Chief Wilson

Wilson takes a test to assess his new skills, but he forgets something important.

Back Up Brewster

7. Chuggington: Series 4, Back Up Brewster

A collapsed bridge traps Zack. Brewster must use all his craning skills to rescue him.

Track-Laying Brewster

8. Chuggington: Series 4, Track-Laying Brewster

The Chuggineers get trapped by a flood, and Brewster uses his new skills to help.

Explorer Koko

9. Chuggington: Series 4, Explorer Koko

Koko gives the mayor an amazing tour around Chuggington.

The Old Silver Mine Line

10. Chuggington: Series 4, The Old Silver Mine Line

Brewster and Koko go exploring and get stranded down a disused track.

Brewster Leads the Way

11. Chuggington: Series 4, Brewster Leads the Way

Brewster is given the task of transporting the huge tunnel-boring machine.

Park Patroller Wilson

12. Chuggington: Series 4, Park Patroller Wilson

Wilson helps out when Old Puffer Pete goes sleep-riding around Chuggington.

High-Rise Rescue

13. Chuggington: Series 4, High-Rise Rescue

Hodge gets stuck high up in the air, but Wilson's clever thinking saves the day.

Fearless Wilson

14. Chuggington: Series 4, Fearless Wilson

When Brewster slips into the river, Wilson must get there superfast and help his friend.

Winter Whiteout

15. Chuggington: Series 4, Winter Whiteout

The chuggers make preparations for the Winter Parade through Chuggington.

Special Rescue Team

16. Chuggington: Series 4, Special Rescue Team

The Chug Patrollers rescue Eddie from the side of a bridge using a banner as a sling.

Deputy Chug Patrollers

17. Chuggington: Series 4, Deputy Chug Patrollers

When Chatsworth is stuck in a tunnel, Koko and Brewster become deputy Chug Patrollers.

Snow Patrol

18. Chuggington: Series 4, Snow Patrol

Fletch is trapped in a snowdrift in the mountains and Wilson must rescue him!

Blazin' Wilson

19. Chuggington: Series 4, Blazin' Wilson

When he runs out of water, Wilson has to think on his wheels during fire training.

On Track Brewster

20. Chuggington: Series 4, On Track Brewster

Brewster has his first chuggineer test, and Wilson is on safety patrol.

We Are the Chuggineers

21. Chuggington: Series 4, We Are the Chuggineers

Something goes wrong when the chuggineers are building a bridge.

Team Trainee

22. Chuggington: Series 4, Team Trainee

Speed Fleet, Chug Patrol and the Chuggineers compete in the Track Dash fun race.

Record Breaker Koko

23. Chuggington: Series 4, Record Breaker Koko

Koko tries to break a speed record at the Chug-a-sonic Speedtrack.

Tootington Tunnel

24. Chuggington: Series 4, Tootington Tunnel

Brewster and Cormac chase a runaway circular tunnel entrance through the countryside.

Iron Chuggers

25. Chuggington: Series 4, Iron Chuggers

The Chuggineers compete with the Steam Team for the coveted Iron Chuggers title.

Roundup Wilson

26. Chuggington: Series 4, Roundup Wilson

During training, Wilson and Chug Patrol must evacuate animals from the safari park.