Series 3

Series 3

Children's animation. Chuggington is a special place where all the trains talk, think and don't need drivers

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Gold Wheels

1. Chuggington: Series 3, Gold Wheels

Vee rewards Hoot and Toot with a gold wheel, but they get greedy.

Special Helper Wilson

2. Chuggington: Series 3, Special Helper Wilson

Wilson tries to do everything himself, with disastrous consequences.

Hodge Can't Wait

3. Chuggington: Series 3, Hodge Can't Wait

Hodge breaks down on the way to the rolling stock show.


4. Chuggington: Series 3, Chug-o-flage

Wilson camouflages himself as a parrot and scares all the animals.

Koko's Game

5. Chuggington: Series 3, Koko's Game

Koko gets hooked on a computer game trying to beat Hodge's high score.

Magnetic Wilson

6. Chuggington: Series 3, Magnetic Wilson

Wilson becomes magnetised and attracts a lot of unwanted attention.

Zephie's Star Club

7. Chuggington: Series 3, Zephie's Star Club

Zephie causes division amongst friends when she is selective about who can join her club.

Undercover Action Chugger

8. Chuggington: Series 3, Undercover Action Chugger

Action Chugger discovers that it is hard work without his superpowers.

Movie Maker Brewster

9. Chuggington: Series 3, Movie Maker Brewster

The Mayor asks Brewster to make a film about Chuggington.

Top Secret Koko

10. Chuggington: Series 3, Top Secret Koko

Koko is told an important secret and struggles to keep it to herself.

Toot's New Friend

11. Chuggington: Series 3, Toot's New Friend

Toot is very jealous of the attention everyone gives to Piper, a new trainee.

Skylar's Squad

12. Chuggington: Series 3, Skylar's Squad

The trainees compete to be in Skylar's Squad, a new rescue team.

Wobbly Wheels

13. Chuggington: Series 3, Wobbly Wheels

Piper finds out the hard way that she has a lot to learn.

Brewster's Crane Training

14. Chuggington: Series 3, Brewster's Crane Training

Brewster is not happy when Skylar replaces Dunbar as teacher.