Series 2

Series 2

Children's animation. Chuggington is a special place where all the trains talk, think and don't need drivers

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Koko's New Look

1. Chuggington: Series 2, Koko's New Look

Koko and Zephie paint each other's faces using the paint car.

Frostini's Meltdown

2. Chuggington: Series 2, Frostini's Meltdown

A power failure threatens to melt all of Frostini's ice cream.

Babysitter Brewster

3. Chuggington: Series 2, Babysitter Brewster

Hoot and Toot find Brewster's teaching methods too boring and make their escape.

Lights, Camera, Action Chugger

4. Chuggington: Series 2, Lights, Camera, Action Chugger

Action Chugger is making a movie, and Emery lands the job of assisting on set.

Chug of War

5. Chuggington: Series 2, Chug of War

When Wilson is stuck underground, he uses Speedy's advice to get himself out.

Hodge Sails Away

6. Chuggington: Series 2, Hodge Sails Away

The wind lifts Hodge high in the air, sailing him all round Chuggington.

Stop the Press Emery

7. Chuggington: Series 2, Stop the Press Emery

Emery goes to an interview with the famous magician, the Magnificent Mysterioso.

Hoot vs Toot

8. Chuggington: Series 2, Hoot vs Toot

Hoot mixes up a delivery of red tomatoes and green apples.

The Brewster Booster

9. Chuggington: Series 2, The Brewster Booster

Dr Ling is experimenting with a new invention that can help chuggers increase their speed.

Quizmaster Hodge

10. Chuggington: Series 2, Quizmaster Hodge

Hodge volunteers to be quizmaster on quiz night, but breaks his axle.

Wilson and the Dinosaur

11. Chuggington: Series 2, Wilson and the Dinosaur

Wilson is given the job of taking photos to be used on a poster promoting Chuggington.

Snowstruck Wilson

12. Chuggington: Series 2, Snowstruck Wilson

The trainees learn how to use their snowploughs but have yet to experience real snow.

Heave Ho Harrison

13. Chuggington: Series 2, Heave Ho Harrison

On a snowy day, Harrison tries to plough a huge snowdrift.

Scrub a Chug Chug

14. Chuggington: Series 2, Scrub a Chug Chug

Wilson tries to use a new invention called the Scrub-A-Chug, but he makes a huge mess.

Next Stop Space

15. Chuggington: Series 2, Next Stop Space

Hoot and Toot try to return a meteorite to space.

Chilly Chuggers

16. Chuggington: Series 2, Chilly Chuggers

An ice storm hits Chuggington and Eddie and Emery get stranded out in the cold.

Stunt Brewster

17. Chuggington: Series 2, Stunt Brewster

Koko uses her new stunt training skills when she saves Brewster from a runaway wagon.

Wilson's Icy Escapade

18. Chuggington: Series 2, Wilson's Icy Escapade

Wilson and Koko take a shortcut through the ice cave, but Wilson gets stuck.

Rolling Reporter Wilson

19. Chuggington: Series 2, Rolling Reporter Wilson

Hoot and Toot try to help Wilson make his news report, but they get lost in the ice cave.

Zephie and the Bees

20. Chuggington: Series 2, Zephie and the Bees

When Zephie knocks a beehive out of a tree, she and Speedy search for a new home for them.

Brewster Meets the Mayor

21. Chuggington: Series 2, Brewster Meets the Mayor

The newly reopened Border Bridge seems to have become unsafe again.

Chugger of the Year

22. Chuggington: Series 2, Chugger of the Year

Koko tries to impress the mayoress, so she can win the Chugger of the Year award.

Fault Finder Emery

23. Chuggington: Series 2, Fault Finder Emery

The defect detector is malfunctioning, so Emery tries to takes its place.

Hodge and the Chugnav

24. Chuggington: Series 2, Hodge and the Chugnav

Wilson becomes stuck on the track lift after Hodge tries to fix it.

A Pat on the Paintwork

25. Chuggington: Series 2, A Pat on the Paintwork

Koko tries for the high-speed badge, while Emery plays a game with Hoot and Toot.

Toot's Tall Tale

26. Chuggington: Series 2, Toot's Tall Tale

To get out of track inspection, Toot pretends she isn't feeling well.