Series 1

Series 1

Children's animation. Chuggington is a special place where all the trains talk, think and don't need drivers

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Can't Catch Koko

1. Chuggington: Series 1, Can't Catch Koko

When Harrison breaks down, Koko volunteers to replace him on the night shift.

Wilson and the Elephant

2. Chuggington: Series 1, Wilson and the Elephant

Wilson is taking Ebo the elephant to his new home in the safari park.

Clunky Wilson

3. Chuggington: Series 1, Clunky Wilson

Wilson and Koko have lots of fun racing each other, until Wilson damages his wheel.

Koko and the Tunnel

4. Chuggington: Series 1, Koko and the Tunnel

Koko goes off to explore a tunnel and fails to tell anyone where she is going.

Breaking Brewster

5. Chuggington: Series 1, Breaking Brewster

Wilson and Brewster are sent to get stone from the quarry. Brewster is in a hurry.

Hodge and the Magnet

6. Chuggington: Series 1, Hodge and the Magnet

Part of the track is out and there is chaos in Chuggington.

Koko and the Squirrels

7. Chuggington: Series 1, Koko and the Squirrels

Koko delivers timber to the paper mill, but she goes too fast.

Wilson Gets a Wash

8. Chuggington: Series 1, Wilson Gets a Wash

The trainees must learn how to make difficult emergency stops with leaves on the rails.

Brewster Goes Bananas

9. Chuggington: Series 1, Brewster Goes Bananas

Brewster returns from the safari park unaware he has a naughty monkey stowaway on board.

Bang Clang Wilson

10. Chuggington: Series 1, Bang Clang Wilson

The trainees learn how to use ice-cream cars and they get tested on their skills.

Old Puffer Pete's Tour

11. Chuggington: Series 1, Old Puffer Pete's Tour

The Chuggers come across a ghost town.

Late Again Eddie

12. Chuggington: Series 1, Late Again Eddie

Hodge and the trainees set out to find a new home for Eddie in Chuggington.

Wilson's Smooth Moves

13. Chuggington: Series 1, Wilson's Smooth Moves

Wilson struggles to drive smoothly, but Eddie has an idea that just might help him.

Cool Wilson

14. Chuggington: Series 1, Cool Wilson

Wilson is excited to learn that Frostini needs a helper for the school holidays.

The Chugger Championships

15. Chuggington: Series 1, The Chugger Championships

It is time for the annual Chugger Championship Race, and Koko is sure she can win.

Action Brewster

16. Chuggington: Series 1, Action Brewster

Brewster is excited about seeing the new Action Chugger movie.

Koko's Puppy Training

17. Chuggington: Series 1, Koko's Puppy Training

Koko finds a lost puppy and wants to keep it.

Zephie's Zoomaround

18. Chuggington: Series 1, Zephie's Zoomaround

Morgan fits Zephie with a siren for emergencies when she gets lost on the way to the farm.

Koko on Call

19. Chuggington: Series 1, Koko on Call

Twiga the giraffe is having a baby. Koko is given the job of keeping watch overnight.

Outward Bound Olwin

20. Chuggington: Series 1, Outward Bound Olwin

Olwin takes Brewster, Wilson and Koko on an outward-bound training course.

Brewster and the Dragon

21. Chuggington: Series 1, Brewster and the Dragon

A storm leaves the safari park in chaos and some of the animals escape.

Wake Up Wilson

22. Chuggington: Series 1, Wake Up Wilson

Koko challenges Wilson to see if they can stay awake all night.

Brewster Knows Best

23. Chuggington: Series 1, Brewster Knows Best

The trainees do a sign-reading exercise and they are promised a surprise at the end.

Koko Pulls it Off

24. Chuggington: Series 1, Koko Pulls it Off

The trainees must take their passenger test and Mr Simkins arrives to examine them.

Wilson and the Ice Cream

25. Chuggington: Series 1, Wilson and the Ice Cream

Wilson is asked to take refrigerated cars to the ice cream fair.

Wilson's Wacky Tour

26. Chuggington: Series 1, Wilson's Wacky Tour

Mtambo is training Wilson and Brewster to help out as guides at the safari park.

Hodge's Secret

27. Chuggington: Series 1, Hodge's Secret

Hodge longs to prove to Eddie he can carry out his duties on his own but makes a mistake.

Frostini's Fruit Fandango

28. Chuggington: Series 1, Frostini's Fruit Fandango

Wilson is helping Frostini create a new flavour of ice cream for the mayor's banquet.

Zephie Ace Reporter

29. Chuggington: Series 1, Zephie Ace Reporter

Zephie is given the job of transporting newspaper reporter Rag and photographer Snap.

Famous Emery

30. Chuggington: Series 1, Famous Emery

When a TV crew makes a documentary about Chuggington, Emery sees his chance for stardom.

Watch Out Wilson

31. Chuggington: Series 1, Watch Out Wilson

The trainees try their wheels at pulling and rolling stock around an obstacle course.

Brewster's Hobby

32. Chuggington: Series 1, Brewster's Hobby

Brewster introduces Wilson to his new hobby: people spotting.

Zephie's Monkey Business

33. Chuggington: Series 1, Zephie's Monkey Business

Zephie takes the vet, Dr Gosling, to give the animals at the safari park their check-ups.

Poor Old Puffer Pete

34. Chuggington: Series 1, Poor Old Puffer Pete

Brewster thinks Pete is destined for the scrapyard, so the trainees do his work for him.

Inspector Emery

35. Chuggington: Series 1, Inspector Emery

The inspector is on his way to Chuggington and the chuggers try to get everything ready.

Nurse Wilson

36. Chuggington: Series 1, Nurse Wilson

Nurse David from Chuggington Hospital teaches the trainees how to use the ambulance car.

Mtambo's Amazing Adventure

37. Chuggington: Series 1, Mtambo's Amazing Adventure

Mtambo longs for some adventure in his life so that he has new stories to tell.

Rock-a-Bye Chatsworth

38. Chuggington: Series 1, Rock-a-Bye Chatsworth

Chatsworth wants to take a nap but everything and everyone conspires to keep him awake.

Helpful Hodge

39. Chuggington: Series 1, Helpful Hodge

Koko challenges Hodge to a competition: whoever does the most jobs that day wins.

Brewster to the Rescue

40. Chuggington: Series 1, Brewster to the Rescue

When Chatsworth gets into trouble in the mountains, Brewster must ride to the rescue.

Wilson and the Paint Wagon

41. Chuggington: Series 1, Wilson and the Paint Wagon

The trainees learn how to use the paint wagon but Wilson has trouble concentrating.

Eddie Finds Time

42. Chuggington: Series 1, Eddie Finds Time

The depot clock is broken and the schedule is in chaos. Eddie tries to fix it.

Mtambo's Royal Tour

43. Chuggington: Series 1, Mtambo's Royal Tour

The King of Buffertonia plans a tour of the safari park with Mtambo as his guide.

Wilson and the Wild Wind

44. Chuggington: Series 1, Wilson and the Wild Wind

Dunbar has a new training device, but Wilson messes with the controls and creates a storm.

Old Puffer Pete's Firebox

45. Chuggington: Series 1, Old Puffer Pete's Firebox

Puffer Pete's firebox is completely worn out and he cannot move without it.

Jet Pack Wilson

46. Chuggington: Series 1, Jet Pack Wilson

Wilson decides to try on some jetpacks and learn to fly.

Brewster's Little Helper

47. Chuggington: Series 1, Brewster's Little Helper

Zephie overhears Brewster's jobs for the day and decides to do some of them for him.

Bubbly Olwin

48. Chuggington: Series 1, Bubbly Olwin

A magazine photographer is coming to Chuggington to do a feature on steam trains.

Koko Takes Charge

49. Chuggington: Series 1, Koko Takes Charge

Koko is keen to show how responsible she is but hasn't listened to her instructions.

Wilson's Paper Trail

50. Chuggington: Series 1, Wilson's Paper Trail

On his way to buy some paper, Wilson finds a broken pipe gushing water.

Puffer Pete's Big Show

51. Chuggington: Series 1, Puffer Pete's Big Show

The mayor wants to commemorate Old Puffer Pete's 150th anniversary with a special show.

Training Time Harrison

52. Chuggington: Series 1, Training Time Harrison

The Chuggers race to get the job of pulling the Prince of Buffertonia's royal carriage.