Series 1

Series 1

Six children are transformed into Hero Squad Cadets and undergo a rigorous training programme alongside real-life, life savers

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Sea Rescue

1. Hero Squad: Series 1, Sea Rescue

Six children are transformed into Hero Squad cadets in a rigorous training programme.

Cave Rescue

2. Hero Squad: Series 1, Cave Rescue

The cadets attempt to rescue two cavers who are trapped deep underground.

Accident Rescue

3. Hero Squad: Series 1, Accident Rescue

The cadets get hands on experience of some serious power tools.

High-Speed Rescue

4. Hero Squad: Series 1, High-Speed Rescue

The cadets try to locate and rescue two exhausted kayakers.

Cliff Rescue

5. Hero Squad: Series 1, Cliff Rescue

The six cadets learn how to direct a helicopter to a safe landing.

Fire Rescue

6. Hero Squad: Series 1, Fire Rescue

The cadets join forces with the Dorset Fire Service and learn the basics of fire rescue.

Mountain Rescue

7. Hero Squad: Series 1, Mountain Rescue

The cadets scour a large area of Dartmoor to find an injured walker.


8. Hero Squad: Series 1, Lifeguards

The cadets respond to an emergency call about an injured wind surfer.

Mud Rescue

9. Hero Squad: Series 1, Mud Rescue

The Cadets try to rescue a man trapped in the mud flats.

Search and Rescue

10. Hero Squad: Series 1, Search and Rescue

The cadets are put to the ultimate test in their final challenge.