Series 2

Six children are transformed into Hero Squad Cadets and undergo a rigorous training programme alongside real-life, life savers

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Ski Rescue

1. Hero Squad: Series 2, Ski Rescue

Six new recruits become Hero Squad Cadets and start a rigorous training programme.

Island Rescue

1. Hero Squad: Series 2, Island Rescue

The cadets travel to Campbeltown in the highlands of Scotland.

Rubble Rescue

2. Hero Squad: Series 2, Rubble Rescue

The cadets attempt to rescue a casualty who is buried under a collapsed building.

Quicksand Rescue

3. Hero Squad: Series 2, Quicksand Rescue

The Hero Squad cadets are in Morecambe Bay where they must navigate sinking sand.

Fire Rescue

4. Hero Squad: Series 2, Fire Rescue

An explosion at a refinery means two Hero Squad casualties are trapped in a building.

Helicopter Rescue

5. Hero Squad: Series 2, Helicopter Rescue

The six Hero Squad cadets work with London's Air Ambulance.

Mountain Rescue

6. Hero Squad: Series 2, Mountain Rescue

When two climbers fall on a dangerous ledge, the cadets are called out to help.

Water Rescue

7. Hero Squad: Series 2, Water Rescue

The cadets attempt to save two young people from a freezing cold lake.

The Story So Far

9. Hero Squad: Series 2, The Story So Far

The cadets meet in Cornwall and are split up into three groups of two.

Ultimate Rescue

10. Hero Squad: Series 2, Ultimate Rescue

The cadets put all of the skills they have learnt so far to the ultimate test.