Incredible Edibles

Incredible Edibles

Food adventurer Stefan Gates travels across Britain on a mission to make mealtimes memorable, serving up dishes kids can only dream of and ingredients from their wildest imagination.

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1. Incredible Edibles: Bromley

Some brave volunteers in Bromley get their mouths around ox tongue.


1. Incredible Edibles: Basildon

Stefan's intrepid volunteers get a mouthful of duck tongues in his Mystery Meal.


2. Incredible Edibles: Newport

The gang try and power a rocket with everyday ingredients.


3. Incredible Edibles: Huddersfield

Stefan and his hungry volunteers chow down on frog's legs in the Mystery Meal.


4. Incredible Edibles: Tring

Stefan fills a football with milk and kicks it into butter.


5. Incredible Edibles: Bolton

Stef and his audience sample some dung beetles.


6. Incredible Edibles: Swansea

Stefan uncovers the gory ingredients in a doner kebab.

North Lanarkshire

7. Incredible Edibles: North Lanarkshire

Stefan visits an abattoir to see how animals are slaughtered for meat.

East Lothian

9. Incredible Edibles: East Lothian

Stef attends a deer cull to see where wild venison comes from.


10. Incredible Edibles: Crawley

Stef horrifies his audience by showing them what goes into an average economy burger.