Nelly & Nora

Nelly & Nora

Cartoon following the adventures of two Irish sisters on holiday in a caravan park

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Blown Together

1. Nelly & Nora: Blown Together

It's a very windy day, and Nelly and Nora have to work together to get home.

Hot Foot

2. Nelly & Nora: Hot Foot

When the sand heats up, Nelly and Nora hotfoot it around the beach.

Stick to Trees

3. Nelly & Nora: Stick to Trees

Nelly and Nora try to stick the autumn leaves back on the trees.

New River

4. Nelly & Nora: New River

Nelly and Nora find a thirsty flower that needs water.

Making Clouds

5. Nelly & Nora: Making Clouds

On a frosty day, Nelly and Nora discover their breath is making clouds.

Fallen Cloud

6. Nelly & Nora: Fallen Cloud

Nelly and Nora find a fallen cloud and try to get it back into the sky.

Hide and Sheep

7. Nelly & Nora: Hide and Sheep

It's a perfect day for the beach, if only the sheep would get out of Nelly and Nora's way!

Lost in Fog

8. Nelly & Nora: Lost in Fog

It's very foggy in the camping park and the girls use sound to find their way around.


9. Nelly & Nora: Rainbows

Nelly and Nora make rainbows for everyone.

Cold in the Bed

10. Nelly & Nora: Cold in the Bed

Nelly's sick and in bed, so Nora tries to cheer her up.

Blown Away

11. Nelly & Nora: Blown Away

It is too windy for umbrellas and hats, but not too windy for Nelly and Nora.

One Boot Off

12. Nelly & Nora: One Boot Off

Nelly and Nora help Oliver rescue his boot from a muddy puddle.

Frosted In

13. Nelly & Nora: Frosted In

Nelly and Nora figure out how to walk around without slipping on icy patches.

Smelly Breeze

14. Nelly & Nora: Smelly Breeze

Farmer Joe is spreading seaweed on the field, and the smell drifts over to Nelly and Nora.

Raindrop Music

15. Nelly & Nora: Raindrop Music

Nelly and Nora gather rainwater so they can make their own raindrop music.

Spring Sheep

16. Nelly & Nora: Spring Sheep

It is spring, but the sheep cannot take off their hot winter jumpers.

Stand Up Comedy

17. Nelly & Nora: Stand Up Comedy

Nelly and Nora try to make the cows stand up so that Dad won't think it's going to rain.

Ship Ahoy

18. Nelly & Nora: Ship Ahoy

It's so misty in the camping park that Nelly and Nora almost need a boat.

Family Photo

19. Nelly & Nora: Family Photo

Nelly and Nora try to take the perfect family photo on holiday.

Moon Path

20. Nelly & Nora: Moon Path

On a cloudless night, Nelly and Nora help Mrs Bonner search for her cat Morris.

The Trail Runs Cold

21. Nelly & Nora: The Trail Runs Cold

Nelly and Nora try to work out who made the tracks in the snow.

If A Tree Falls

22. Nelly & Nora: If A Tree Falls

Nelly and Nora go exploring to find out what made the big noise in the forest.

Mobile Phones

23. Nelly & Nora: Mobile Phones

Nora tries to make a tin-can telephone call to Oliver.

Rain Dance

24. Nelly & Nora: Rain Dance

Nelly and Nora discover the animals dance after every rain shower.

Hot Dog

25. Nelly & Nora: Hot Dog

Nelly and Nora find a very hot and thirsty dog lost on the beach.

Snow Flurry

26. Nelly & Nora: Snow Flurry

When Mr Flurry gets trapped in his mobile by the snow, Nelly and Nora help get him out.

Cooking Up a Storm

27. Nelly & Nora: Cooking Up a Storm

Nelly and Nora must get everything indoors before the storm arrives.

Sun Spots

28. Nelly & Nora: Sun Spots

Nora turns Nelly into a sunflower.

Snow House

29. Nelly & Nora: Snow House

Nelly and Nora want to make an igloo but there just isn't enough snow.

Too Hot

30. Nelly & Nora: Too Hot

It's too hot for Nelly and Nora. If only they could make it rain...

Windmill Girl

31. Nelly & Nora: Windmill Girl

Nora has great fun speeding up and slowing down with the wind.

Sand Monsters

32. Nelly & Nora: Sand Monsters

Sand Monster Nelly and Sand Monster Nora love to knock down sandcastles!

Rockpool Rescue

33. Nelly & Nora: Rockpool Rescue

The sun is drying up the water, so Nelly and Nora make a rockpool rescue.


33. Nelly & Nora: Frozen

The pond has frozen over, so Nelly and Nora help the ducks find the water again.

Sunset Picnic

34. Nelly & Nora: Sunset Picnic

Nelly and Nora want to enjoy a sunset picnic, but annoying midges won't leave them alone.

Sunny Spotlights

35. Nelly & Nora: Sunny Spotlights

The sun shows special things to Nelly and Nora.

Foggy Zoo

36. Nelly & Nora: Foggy Zoo

On a cold morning, Nelly and Nora have fun drawing animals on the foggy windows.

Nora's Plant

37. Nelly & Nora: Nora's Plant

Nora wants to find the perfect place to grow her little plant.

Farmer Christmas

38. Nelly & Nora: Farmer Christmas

Nelly and Nora see a man with a white beard and a red coat. Could it be Father Christmas?


39. Nelly & Nora: Thunder!

Woof is afraid of the thunder so Nelly and Nora try to calm him down.

All the Talk

40. Nelly & Nora: All the Talk

On a windy day, Nelly and Nora discover that everything is talking, even the clothesline!

Sunny Glasses

41. Nelly & Nora: Sunny Glasses

It is too sunny! Nelly and Nora put on their colourful sunny glasses!

Kite Surfing

42. Nelly & Nora: Kite Surfing

It is a perfect day for Nelly and Nora to fly kites, their way!

Nelly's Hair

43. Nelly & Nora: Nelly's Hair

The humidity makes Nelly's hair puff up so Nora helps her to calm it down.

Spring Snow

44. Nelly & Nora: Spring Snow

In the winter forest, Nelly and Nora discover a little tree that thinks spring has come.

The Shadow Castle

45. Nelly & Nora: The Shadow Castle

Nelly and Nora build a sandcastle good enough for the sun.

Stormy Seagulls

46. Nelly & Nora: Stormy Seagulls

The seals are sheltering from the storm, but the seagulls are being a little rude.

Night Time Sun

47. Nelly & Nora: Night Time Sun

Nelly and Nora discover that the sun at night-time is a very special present.

Music Show

49. Nelly & Nora: Music Show

It's a very hot day, and everyone is playing music with their windows open.

Flash Dance

50. Nelly & Nora: Flash Dance

Nelly and Nora use the lightning flashes to play a new game.

Harvest Feast

51. Nelly & Nora: Harvest Feast

Nelly and Nora organise a feast to celebrate the good summer on the farm.

Lunar Eclipzzz

52. Nelly & Nora: Lunar Eclipzzz

Nelly has to help Nora stay awake long enough to see the lunar eclipse.