Series 3

Series 3

Show in which children get the opportunity to pull pranks on their friends or relatives

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Football Crazy

3. Prank Patrol: Series 3, Football Crazy

Barney Harwood and the Ninjas tackle the target on the pitch.

Space Spoof

4. Prank Patrol: Series 3, Space Spoof

Barney Harwood helps Joe to prank his best mate with an out-of-this-world experience.

Rodent Revenge

5. Prank Patrol: Series 3, Rodent Revenge

Barney and the Ninjas cause a rat-astrophe.

Ghostly Gallery

6. Prank Patrol: Series 3, Ghostly Gallery

A day out at the museum turns out to be far from normal, more paranormal for one target.

Fishy Business

7. Prank Patrol: Series 3, Fishy Business

A prankster tries to convince his target that there is a scary lake lizard on the loose.

Delivery Disaster

8. Prank Patrol: Series 3, Delivery Disaster

There could be an explosive situation in the warehouse full of dozy delivery drivers.

Bollywood Bedlam

9. Prank Patrol: Series 3, Bollywood Bedlam

Prank Patrol's newest recruit wants her best friend to believe they're in a music video.

Car Chaos

10. Prank Patrol: Series 3, Car Chaos

The prankster gets behind the wheel of a prank that drives his best mate mad.