Safari 8

Safari 8

Four British and four South African children spend a month training to be game rangers in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

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Episodes List

Episode 1

1. Safari 8: Episode 1

Four British and four South African children train to be game rangers in South Africa.

Episode 2

2. Safari 8: Episode 2

The team learn about the circle of life and have an encounter with a rare rock python.

Episode 3

3. Safari 8: Episode 3

The team assists the vets with some buffalo and an animal bush emergency leads to tragedy.

Episode 4

4. Safari 8: Episode 4

The rangers track elephants, fall out over sleeping arrangements and face a meal of worms.

Episode 5

5. Safari 8: Episode 5

The team learn how to track down poachers, and how to stay calm when a rhino tracks them!

Episode 6

6. Safari 8: Episode 6

The team are lost when their navigation skills are put to the test.

Episode 7

7. Safari 8: Episode 7

The team search for humpback whales, and face some home truths in their ranger appraisals.

Episode 8

8. Safari 8: Episode 8

The team take a trip to the coast to learn about the Zulu way of life.

Episode 9

9. Safari 8: Episode 9

The team meet a cheetah and bottle-feed an orphaned baby rhino at a rehabilitation centre.

Episode 10

10. Safari 8: Episode 10

The team organise and cook a luxurious bush banquet for some surprise guests.

Episode 11

11. Safari 8: Episode 11

Training ends with a face-to-face encounter with an elephant.

Episode 12

12. Safari 8: Episode 12

The team face their final challenge. Will they succeed in tracking all of the Big Five?

Episode 13

13. Safari 8: Episode 13

The team race against the clock to complete their final challenge.