Wolfblood Uncovered

Wolfblood Uncovered

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Super Senses

1. Wolfblood Uncovered: Super Senses

Bobby looks at a wolf's amazing sense of smell, fantastic eyesight and incredible hearing.

Speed and Stamina

2. Wolfblood Uncovered: Speed and Stamina

Bobby explores why wolves can run long distances without ever seeming to get tired.


3. Wolfblood Uncovered: Intelligence

Bobby explores wolf brain power.

Strength and Agility

4. Wolfblood Uncovered: Strength and Agility

Bobby explores the super strength and remarkable agility of wolves.


5. Wolfblood Uncovered: Territory

Bobby finds out about the land where wolves live, hunt for food and raise their family.


6. Wolfblood Uncovered: Hunting

Bobby Lockwood discovers the huge range of skills wolves use to hunt their prey.

Pack Life

7. Wolfblood Uncovered: Pack Life

Bobby takes a look the tight-knit family unit where most wolves spend their lives.


8. Wolfblood Uncovered: Communication

Bobby looks a wolf's howl, finding out why and how they develop this skill.

Man vs Wolf

9. Wolfblood Uncovered: Man vs Wolf

Bobby explores why wolves have featured so heavily in our myths and folklore.

Face To Face

10. Wolfblood Uncovered: Face To Face

Bobby investigates why wolfbloods have such incredible capabilities.