Series 1

Series 1

A comedy series about the worst teacher ever to grace the British education system.

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Episodes List

Parents' Evening

1. Bad Education: Series 1, Parents' Evening

It's parents' evening, and Alfie is under pressure to mark his mock exam papers.

Sex Education

2. Bad Education: Series 1, Sex Education

Parents are worried about the impending arrival of the French exchange students.

Self Defence

3. Bad Education: Series 1, Self Defence

A new computer game craze hits Abbey Grove School, affecting both pupils and staff.

School Trip

4. Bad Education: Series 1, School Trip

On a school trip, Alfie and Miss Gulliver take their pupils to a petting zoo and a museum.

Football Match

5. Bad Education: Series 1, Football Match

Alfie steps in as coach when Abbey Grove takes on the local public school at football.


6. Bad Education: Series 1, Politics

Pickwell has designs on getting Fraser's job, and it is election time at Abbey Grove.