Series 2

Series 2

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Swimming Gala

1. Bad Education: Series 2, Swimming Gala

It's the Abbey Grove swimming gala and Alfie's class compete in the synchronised diving.

The American

2. Bad Education: Series 2, The American

Alfie is shocked when a charming new American teacher takes over his class.


3. Bad Education: Series 2, Funeral

Abbey Grove is rocked by the news that deputy headmistress Miss Pickwell is dead.

Valentine's Day

4. Bad Education: Series 2, Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, Mr Fraser plans a special Take Me Out to help shy kids find love.


5. Bad Education: Series 2, Drugs

Mr Fraser organises a guest speaker for Drugs Awareness Day, to Miss Gulliver's annoyance.


6. Bad Education: Series 2, Fundraiser

When Abbey Grove is plunged into financial ruin can Alfie come up with a plan to save it?