Series 3

Series 3

It's the summer term and Alfie Wickers is back as the self-styled maverick of Abbey Grove.

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1. Bad Education: Series 3, Strike

Alfie must stand by Miss Gulliver when she leads the teachers on strike.

After School Clubs

2. Bad Education: Series 3, After School Clubs

Alfie tries to attend a book group, a LARPing club and a leaving party at the same time.

Sports Day

3. Bad Education: Series 3, Sports Day

It's sports day and Fraser has hired the most inappropriate new teacher to oversee events.


4. Bad Education: Series 3, Fundraising

After running him over, Alfie and his class raise funds for the caretaker's surgery.

The Exam

5. Bad Education: Series 3, The Exam

Alfie never passed his biology GCSE, so he must resit the exam with his own class.

The Finale

6. Bad Education: Series 3, The Finale

Alfie realises he can't go on teaching without his beloved class and quits Abbey Grove.