Series 1

Series 1

White Gold is the story of a double-glazing showroom in Essex in the 80s, led by charismatic Vincent Swan alongside his unscrupulous sales team, Brian Fitzpatrick and Martin Lavender.

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Salesmen Are Like Vampires

1. White Gold: Series 1, Salesmen Are Like Vampires

Vincent tries to convince an old colleague to join the double-glazing business.

Sexy Rollercoaster

2. White Gold: Series 1, Sexy Rollercoaster

When the team meet some men from another company, alpha male hackles are raised.

Close Encounters

3. White Gold: Series 1, Close Encounters

A trip to Southend doesn't go exactly as planned.

The Widow Maker

4. White Gold: Series 1, The Widow Maker

Vincent and Lavender discover that Fitzpatrick is a CB radio enthusiast.

Smell the Weakness

5. White Gold: Series 1, Smell the Weakness

Vincent is sliding into the abyss, but absolution appears in the most dangerous of forms.

The Secret Of Sales

6. White Gold: Series 1, The Secret Of Sales

Vincent concocts a spectacular plot to return to his rightful place in the world.